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    By Will from USA on 2017-01-23
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    Things I liked: The finish of this gun is one of the best I have seen on a 1911. Comparing it to the real 1911 it is modeled after it is a pretty accurate replica. The gun has some serious weight to it, and shoots pretty accurately for a blowback 1911. If you own any of the other blowback 1911's its about the same. The grips are nice for the gun. As best as I can tell they are pretty close to the real guns grips. They are made out of plastic and I suspect that this part of the gun will wear first, likely leaving white plastic exposed underneath.

    Things I would have changed: I wish the rail of the gun was more like the actual gun, extended back to the trigger a bit more and deeper rails, but I'm just nitpicking now...

    What others should know: The lettering on the right side of the gun are close to the real deal. I'd say the font is slightly smaller on this gun. There is 4 serial numbers on the gun, one that ends in EGA just like the real gun (Standing for Eagle Globe and Anchor) Another ending in CQBP (standing for Close Quarters Battle Pistol) which is cool! The QR code on the side of the frame will bring you to Cyberguns facebook page if you scan it with your smartphone. The magazine from my other 1911 blowback guns work in this gun. I also have the 4.5 steel BB Colt commander and was able to swap out the barrel and magazine and it still functioned. I'll leave it in the original airsoft form but still nice to know you can switch it over if you please.