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    By Airgun Papa from USA on 2018-07-16
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    Things I liked: Other than its initial outward appearance, nothing.

    Things I would have changed: The "slide" is fixed and completely non-functional. I knew it was not a blow-back, but the slide does not even move manually. The "hammer" is non functional and is not the actual hammer. I thought at least it might be cocked and fired single action but the visible part that represents the hammer is a limp impostor. The actual hammer is concealed. The "magazine release" is just half of what is needed to remove the magazine. After pressing it you must manually pull on the lip to get it to begin coming out. The "magazine" is also mis-named as it does not function as a magazine other than to resemble one. It is actually a double pellet loader that functions as a revolver. Both of these loaders has a different effect on trigger pull as they rotate during the pull so that the trigger feels different depending on which one is in place at the time. The controls with the exception of the magazine release button are all non-functional including the non-moving grip safety. The POA is not the POI.

    What others should know: Pass on this one. 99% of my reviews are positive but this product simply has no real purpose. If you want a 1911 replica there are many that have the function, appearance and quality to meet that desire. This one has only a dim resemblance once in hand, and is nothing other than a revolver in function and that function is not very good. If you want a revolver you might as well get one that will please you with the appearance and function of a quality revolver. The shortcomings of this gun are not worth the additional investment of putting a laser sight on it to correct the Point Of Impact to agree with the Point Of Aim. It groups reasonably well despite the lack of a decent trigger pull but I have scores of pistols that I enjoy shooting; this one is a labor and chore to shoot. There is no enjoyment in that.