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Logun S-16Xs

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Logun S-16Xs.

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One of the few takedown air rifles on the market, Logun's S-16Xs repeater may be the ultimate hunting rifle! But, don't limit it to just that. It's ideal for field target, too!

The comfortable buttstock is a gigantic 400cc air reservoir that quickly unscrews for filling. On the other end, the shroud that covers the Lothar Walther barrel makes the powerful report hardly noticeable. Made from aircraft-grade aluminum, the body of the S-16Xs is finely finished and topped with a large integral scope base with 11mm dovetails that readily welcome almost any size scope. And, the sling swivel eyes are already attached.

The two-stage, fully adjustable trigger lets you regulate letoff and overtravel. The front of the forearm has a special receptacle that accepts a laser sight (not included).

Fill the rifle with high-pressure air from either a scuba tank, hand pump or electric compressor. The built-in manometer (air pressure gauge) keeps you informed on how much air is left in the removable air reservoir. Additional removable reservoirs are available, so you can precharge them and take them along on your hunt. Never run out of air, again! This is one powerful rifle, delivering up to 19 ft.-lbs. of energy in .177 and 30 ft.-lbs. in .22

You can even convert the rifle to CO2 with our own optional adapter and either 12-oz. or 20-oz. tanks. It's like getting two guns for the price of one! With two different power sources, you'll have a dual-power rifle!

The S-16Xs has a 16-shot clip (8 shots on one end, 8 shots on the other). Cocking is fast and easy with the Supa Speed cocking bolt. Pop off a full clip in less than 15 seconds. (Get extra clips to preload.) Remember to get a scope and rings, because the S-16Xs doesn't come with open sights.

Also known as the Sweet Sixteen, you're bound to agree that the S-16Xs is a sweet shooter!

Click on the AMMO link for a list of recommended pellets. Check the ACCESSORIES link for extra clips, spare air tanks, optional CO2 tanks and adapter, scopes and rings, targets and maintenance items.
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Caliber0.22" (5.5mm)
Max Velocity980 fps
Barrel Length14.5"
Overall Length38.0"
Shot Capacity16
Front Sightnone
Rear Sightnone
Scopeable11mm dovetail
TriggerTwo-stage adjustable
Suggested forHunting
Trigger Pull5.5 lbs
PowerplantPre-charged pneumatic
Weight8.25 lbs
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5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

By Matt from USA on 2008-12-30
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Things I liked: rarely do accuracy, power, quality, and quietness come packaged together, let alone packaged in something as handsome as this rifle!!

Things I would have changed: make warranty information and general information more readily available in the U.S. in my opinion, a product is only as good as the support structure in place for it.

What others should know: this gun is deceivingly QUIET. the first few shots i thought something was wrong causing it to shoot way under power.... BOY WAS I WRONG!!! it is sending 21 grain pellets over the chrony @ 799fps.... thats 29 foot pounds of energy!!! the cocking action takes a bit of betting used to as well as some breaking it. the only reason i can think of that people are getting jams, is that they are leaving the rifle cocked and loaded, then forgetting and cocking it again which loads another pellet. at first mine would not chamber larger pellets, it was simply too hard to push the cocking arm, but after a couple hundred shots to break it in, it will chamber any pellets that fits in the rotary magazine. finally, the customer service at Pyramyd Air is outstanding!!! my sales rep spent almost 2 weeks dealing with me and my phone calls, taking ALOT of time to answer my questions and help me make my decision on this purchase, and i couldnt be happier... both with my new "Sweet 16" and my experience with Pyramid Air!!!!


5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

By Norman from USA on 2008-11-21
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Things I liked: Quiet. Puts 14.3 grain pellets out there at 900 plus fps with litttle more than a click. Until they hit something. Great trigger once sorted out. Accuracy settles in after a couple hundred rounds. The sense of quality of the parts is very high. The thing balances on the hand grip so handling the considerable weight is very good.

Things I would have changed: The manual is a joke. The conditions for the "lifetime warranty" are absurd. Who is going to send one of these things to UK every two years for a grease job? For $180 plus shipping? Add a power adjuster.

What others should know: Looks like one has to expect some teething issues with this one. It's well worth the fussing around to sort things out IMHO. This is an utterly fantastic air gun once you know how to drive it and much cheaper than other exotics. Be sure to use the 10% off coupon! As received, the trigger was as bad as a Chinese Gamo copy. It took a few hours of guessing and trying on the adjustments to get it where it should have been from the factory. But it got there. Accuracy was terrible at first: 2" groups at 10 yards!! I was ready to send the thing back. It finally got down to 1/4-3/8" after 200 rounds or so. There is no recoil so it was not a matter of managing a gigantic spring's thrashing. It takes 220 strokes of a hand pump to pressurize the big bottle and you get about 70-80 full power shots. No leaks, though. Came with nice soft case, but PA didn't put it in a plastic bag for shipping and it showed up a little dirty from sliding around in the shipping box. Looks like the Webley group is taking over Logun so the website is useless for now. Other info suggests Webley is not much concerned with quality control. I understand this gun is made in Bosnia. I can't guarantee this paragraph! It is extremely important to be sure to get the hang of the bolt with its latch. Works great, but it's different. "Supa speed" it's not. Once the magazine is inserted, one MUST pull the bolt all the way back and push all the way forward firmly until it latches to avoid feeding problems. Do this, and it feeds all pellet types just fine, thanks. If feed doesn't work right, pull the bolt back to it's hold open position and drop the magazine out. You can tell if it has misfed, index back to an empty chamber, etc., as necessary. Good arrangement, actually.


5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

By JIM from USA on 2008-09-26
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Things I liked: It's SILENT! The only noise comes from cocking the bolt & pellet impacting the target. No more visits from the city COPS! Outstanding quality & finish. Love the air pressure guage. With a 8-30X50 NCSTAR scope & Premier hollow point pellets I easily get 3/4" groups at 30 meters, less than 1" groups at 40 - 50 meters. 70+ meters is do-able. It's a pleasure to shoot, cocks smoothly, the 16 shot mag works great, is simple to load, and my S-16 gets 80 shots per air-charge (still in the green). The Logun S-16 is silimar looking to my Airforce Condor (a very good thing) but, for me, the S-16 is more accurate, shoots 16 shots between reloads, and is very very quiet. REPEAT - IT'S QUIET!

Things I would have changed: It's too heavy. With my scope, full clip & charged air bottle it weighs 10 1/2 pounds. It's not that bad, but compaired to my Condor it's a porker. LOGUN - lighten the S-16 up! Please. If it weighed 2 1/2 pounds less it would be perfect! The SCUBA clamp adaptor will NOT FIT on low neck K valves! An easy fix by filing down the clamp about an 1/8" with a 1/2 round file where it hits the K valve. Easy, but it should fit without you needing to fix it first. PYRAMID AIR- FIND QUIET A SEMIAUTOMATIC .22 CALIBER PELLET PCP RIFLE WITH A SILIMAR DESIGN AND IT WILL SELL BIG TIME.

What others should know: I loved my Airforce Condor - but it was way too loud - ticked off the neighbors & resulted in 5 visits from the local cops (San Diego area). The Logun S-16 isn't cheap at $1000+. But, if you want a powerful PCP repeater rifle that's also super quiet - there is currently no other choice at any price. Getting 80+ shots per fill is a big bonus.


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    Item Description

    LGUNS-1622 [PY-591-1208]
    Takedown rifle with a 16-shot rotary mag, 400cc air reservoir and power to spare. Up to 30 ft-lbs!
    Caliber0.22" (5.5mm)
    Max Velocity980 fps