Date: 17/12/2018 3:49

Video: Air Venturi Dust Devil Frangible BBs

Leave Ricochets in the Dust with Dust Devil BBs!

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  • gary from USA asked:

    What other Umarex Legends guns will these work in other than not in the MP40?

    • Tyler from USA:

      They work in the M712, UZI, P08, Makarov....I think that's everything else?

  • steve'sdental lab from USA asked:

    How many fpe is needed to break the bb ? Can the bb be used in a rifle barrel without doing damage to the rifling ? Is the material used made out of the alloy that are used for the alloy pellets that are made for rifled air guns ?

    • Tyler from USA:

      They have been tested with as little as 140 fps and broke against a metal target. Yes, they can be used in rifled barrels without issue.

  • Martin from USA asked:

    I recently purchased this product but find that the bbs do not shatter as advertised. Have shot at brick, cast iron frying pan and close range at 2X4 and bbs just bounce off..wondering if I may somehow received bad batch. Using Umarex Colt Commander 1911 air gun for all tests. I am really interested in product and interested in any ideas anyone can offer. Marty

    • Tyler from USA:

      2x4, they definitely will not break. You have to shoot at something harder than the BB. So the frying pan should definitely make them shatter. Are you sure you are not feeling/seeing fragments come back as opposed to entire BBs?

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