Date: 27/1/2021 18:7

Video: Benjamin Pioneer Airbow: Airbow vs Archery

Benjamin Pioneer Airbow: Airbow vs Archery

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  • jeff from USA asked:

    what broadhead do you use

    • Tripwire from USA asked:

      What is the actual diameter of the shaft?

      • JOEa from USA asked:

        How loud is the airbow? It wasn't listed in the descriptions or specifications.

        • Bob from USA:

          Much quieter than any firearm I've every shot or taught with, about the same as an air rifle without 5 baffles. Hand claps are about as loud.

        • Whiteleather from USA:

          Very loud. Loud enough that you should wear earplugs if shooting inside a blind. On this particular design, the noise you hear is not nearly as loud as the noise the animals hear. After the shot I can hear it echoing off the hillside opposite me.

        • Leonard V from USA:

          I have the Airbow. It does go pop. But not so loud to ring your ears.

        • Zoran from USA:

          I belive , very loud. I use the FX verminator extrem, using the arrows is very loud