Date: 19/11/2018 11:32

Video: Diana Bandit .177 PCP Air Pistol

A streamlined PCP Pistol that offers quiet, single shot or magazine fed operation, AND is affordable? The Diana Bandit .177 PCP Air Pistol is so great it should be outlawed!

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  • Elias from USA asked:

    Why do I have to fill the air cylinder with the cocked gun?

    • Tyler from USA:

      When filling from empty (this goes for just about any PCP) cocking the gun is necessary to fill. If there is already air in the pistol, then you do not need to cock it to fill.

  • Delbert from USA asked:

    Just wondering why the bolt on the .177 moves with each shot while the .22 does not move. I love my .177 Bandit, but it moves just like the one in the video does.

    • Tyler from USA:

      Likely just a breech seal tightness thing, shouldn't be anything to worry about unless you're feeling air escape out of the breech when you shoot

  • Wayne Meyer from USA asked:

    Will the Stormrider barrel band fit the Bandit? I'd like to get rid of the front sight and maybe stabilize the barrel a bit.

    • Keith from USA:

      According to the techs at Pyramyd Air the Chaser rifle barrel band will fit.

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