Date: 24/3/2019 14:21

Video: Diana Bandit .177 PCP Air Pistol

A streamlined PCP Pistol that offers quiet, single shot or magazine fed operation, AND is affordable? The Diana Bandit .177 PCP Air Pistol is so great it should be outlawed!

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  • Kris from USA asked:

    Is the Bandit pistol grip interchangeable with the Chaser pistol grip? I could create a Bandit PCP carbine and a Chaser CO2 with a wood grip and a moderator

    • Tyler from USA:

      Not without modifying the chaser grip sadly. I've heard whispers that Diana is working on a carbine set up for the Bandit.

  • Karl from USA asked:

    I've seen several mentions of the use of a "barrel-band" to reduce barrel vibrations to increase accuracy, but I can't determine what barrel band to use as no dimensions are provided. What barrel band did you use?

  • Lee from USA asked:

    Has anybody removed the barrel to add the barrel band, if so how is barrel removed

    • Tyler from USA:

      There are set screws on the top of the front half of the breech that need to be removed. Then the barrel can be pulled free. Some of the barrels are very tightly fit, so you may need to lock the barrel or action in a vice to separate.

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