Date: 23/1/2021 8:35

Video: Diana Stormrider Regulator Install

Looking to fine tune the output level of your Stormrider to flatten out your shot curve and get yourself more consistent shots? It doesn't get any easier than this. Works great for Gen I & II guns!

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  • Glenn from USA asked:

    If this is installed on a bandit, will the bandit be able to exceed the listed 630fps? How high can the fps get too?

    • Daniel from USA asked:

      My gun in .22 seems to make peak power at around 140/145 bar, giving me about 10 reasonably spaced shots close within that power curve. Is it possible for this regulator to make the same power as unregulated, let's say setting a higher pressure of 150 to make up for volume loss within the plenum? Or, is the plenum just too small to achieve that? I have mine tuned to make 32 fpe with 21 grain slugs, so just curious if a regulator is even worth it in my case. Realize this is more of an opinion based question, but input is always appreciated.

      • Gerald from USA asked:

        I have a gen 2 storm rider .22 caliber. I was just wondering why you are supposed to cock the gun prior to filling. Also how much should my gun bleed down in pressure while sitting for about a week? Thanks, Jerry

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