Date: 15/4/2021 19:46

Video: Umarex Legends MP40 CO2 BB Submachine Gun

This .177 caliber BB rifle promises hours of fun with a 60 round magazine and full auto capability! Powered by two 12 gram CO2 cartridges, simply select full or semi-automatic firing, and mow down tin cans like never before.


Umarex Legends MP40 Video Transcript:

Welcome to the Pyramyd Insyder, I'm Tyler Patner. Today we're gonna be taking a look at one of the legends of World War II, the Umarex Legends MP40 BB Submachine Gun. 

Alright guys it's finally here the famous World War II replica the MP40 from Umarex. This is the latest offering in their Legends line. As you guys are probably aware, they come out with some kind of new replica every year in that Legends line, and this year with the MP40 a very very exciting offering. Semi-automatic, fully automatic, you got sixty round magazine, I mean this gun has full blowback, it's a real steel feel and a gun that is obviously not made anymore and is very famous from the World War II era, so a very interesting offering, let's check out some of the features. Starting at the front of the gun we have a hooded front post sight, not adjustable, but at the back, we do have a flip-up elevation adjustable rear sight. So you can run it either with the rear tab up or down, whatever's working best for you is obviously gonna be the way you want to go. So also at the front of the gun, you'll notice that we have a front sling mount as well as a rear sling mount here if you did want to go ahead and add a very traditional looking sling and make this gun look a little bit more authentic. I'm moving on down the gun, we do have our mag release here, this guy right there, you just press in on it. Now you notice the mag doesn't drop free, which with a magazine that heavy I actually like. You don't want this to get damaged if it falls out as you press this. The magazine itself is very stout, obviously, we're gonna fit two CO2 cartridges in here with the included wrench. You simply remove this. We will show you guys how to actually load that up with CO2 later, the magazine holds 60 BB's and it is a double stack magazine, to the reliability or anything like that obviously we're gonna test it here for you and make sure it can get all sixty rounds off on two CO2 cartridges without any jams, so that's gonna be an interesting one to see. And as well there is a little magnet up here at the top so I want to know if it feeds Smart Shot BB's reliably or not, I don't know if that magnet is integral to the function or in feeding of the magazine, but obviously we'll get it on the range and find out. And just behind our magazine housing you do have your functional bolt so this is actually gonna come back every time. It's a blowback gun so you are gonna get that blowback sensation which does give you a little bit of an authentic kind of muzzle rise feel to the gun. And you'll notice on the other side or what would be an ejection port on a real firearm does actually cycle with that as well, so it's the whole housing that's moving inside the gun, which gives you that real steel feel. And flipping the gun over on the underside here you'll notice we have our safety and select fire system. The white dot in the tab in the forward position means the gun is safe, flip it back once for semi-automatic, one shot per trigger pull, and then flip it all the way back for full auto, you can dump the whole mag with one trigger pull if you want to. Pretty interesting feature but very easy to use and go between safe, semi, and full-auto. And at the rear of the gun we have a folding stock which functions off this quick depressed tab here, so you just push it in, go ahead fold that up, you're gonna want to fold this part forward, and it just goes in right like that, now you can actually shoot the gun with the folding stock, fold it up like this so you can just kind of run it like that or you simply flip it out, and that does require you to hit the button again, flip it into the position there, and you're good to go from the shoulder. Very easy. Now before we head out to the range and go shoot this bad boy, we're gonna show you how to load the magazine up. First thing you're gonna do is go ahead, take the included Allen key and remove the screw at the very bottom of the magazine. You simply pull that out set it aside. Next, we're gonna take two CO2 cartridges, go ahead and little drop a Pellgun Oil on each of them. Just enough to keep everything lubricated inside the gun. And then we load the first one in face-up like that, and then the next one in we go ahead and load it back in first, right like that, and then we go ahead and put our end cap back in. Screw it all the way in and we can hear it pressurize there. You just want to make sure that this is all the way tight so that both of the CO2 cartridges are pierced. And just heard the second one go there, so we're good. It will pierce both, there's a piercing cap from this end and at the top end here that's gonna pierce both. So now that we have our CO2 loaded into the gun, we're gonna go ahead and load up some BBs. Now, this is probably the hardest process in operating this gun in general. When you go ahead and pull this follower back here, now you can see I'm using the end cap from a pen, you can also use the included Allen key or a smaller one if you want. But you're simply gonna go ahead and press this all the way back. It does not lock in place, this is one of my biggest gripes, not just with this gun but CO2 guns in general. When they don't lock back it makes everything very difficult, so you have to keep tension on it there and then you're gonna go ahead and drop some BBs in. A speedloader is gonna be very helpful here as you can see you just get the BB's dropped in there. Kind of rock it forward so you're only gonna be able to load it a couple at a time here as you go, and then you're gonna have to kind of tilt things forward to get it all moving. And when you're done just so you guys know and you can see it, you simply release the spring tension on the magazine and it's going to go ahead and apply pressure up into the mag which will feed the BBs properly. So it's going to work hopefully very well and you can see them kind of double stacking, it's not always consistent in terms of which sides they fall on, although we'll find out if that matters as well when we go out to the range. So let's get this loaded up into the gun, head out to the range, and see what happens.

Alright guys so looking over our accuracy results here, we used five or six different BBs and we settled on the Air Venturi steels and the Umarex steels. Both performed about the same as their most of the other stuff. About two and a half inches here with the Umarex steels and about two inches on the Air Venturis at 10 yards. And again, these are ten shots and semi-automatic so not too bad. I was expecting honestly a little bit worse, so this is really not bad especially considering I was shooting the gun unsupported and just with the buttstock flipped out. So looking at our full auto groupings, went for 20 shots instead of 10 here, still at 10 yards, of course, and unsupported. The Air Venturi BB’s pretty good about two and a half inches, and the Umarex one's a little bit tighter at about two inches, so things stay very consistent, you know in that in that two to two-and-a-half inch range it's gonna  give you the ability to plink all day I mean. In terms of accuracy, for a BB gun this is quite good.

We use the Umarex steel BB's for a full auto shot count test, and obviously two fresh CO2 cartridges, and at 65 degrees we've got about 140 shots before things seriously drop off. 140 at 10 yards before dropping off is way more than I thought it was going to do, so really good performance out of the MP40.

Alright guys, so before we get to my final thoughts here, I wanted to show you guys what we did, we showed you guys the full auto shot count, about 140 shots. What we did off-camera though, we did semi auto shot count as well. We got 196 shots off two CO2 cartridges before the bolt stops cycling. Now obviously your velocities are gonna come down quite a bit, but you know at their peak, you're looking at about 450 feet per second you know off of fresh CO2 when you go ahead and get this guy loaded up. So pretty fast shooting CO2 gun, especially for a blowback gun, and as well a lot of shot count here, especially on semi-auto and 140 shots on full, that's a ton of shooting. So guys for my final thoughts on this MP40. Obviously, it's a ton of fun to shoot, it gets a lot of shots, reasonable velocity, and a full auto replica like this, I mean there's, you're gonna have fun alright. And that's really what this gun is about. I do have a couple gripes though, you know the fact that you can't shoot Smart Shot in this gun, we did try it and was not able to get it to feed, whether it's that magnet or something else internally going on, I'm not sure but the fact that doesn't shoot Smart Shot, I would have liked that to be a possibility with this gun. And also when we did test the capacity in terms of feeding and everything, on full auto in particular, we're only getting about 40-45 rounds before we start experiencing jams. So something to consider you're only going to want to put 40-45 BB's into the magazine if you're gonna run this gun on full-auto. Other than that guys, really impressive new offering from Umarex into that Legends line, a super badass gun that I think you guys will enjoy a lot. So check it out on, for the Insyder, I'm Tyler Patner, we'll see you guys at the next one.

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  • Richard from USA asked:

    Do you still offer the model with a sling and extra magazine?

    • David from USA asked:

      The spring on the magazine follower is not strong enough to push the BBs up when full. Even on semi-auto. you will get four or five rounds, then you have to manually push the BBs up. I've tried the Umarex brand uncoated BBs and Crossman brand copper coated, neither and better than the other. Any suggestions?

      • Gary from USA answered:

        Load 40-45 bb's and see if it helps. I always put a drop or two of silicone oil in my mags when new also. If you use a lubricated co2 couple times a year it will automatically lube your mags and gun.

    • Courtney from USA asked:

      Are repair parts available, if so where?

      • Val from USA answered:

        Umarex USA

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