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Compare Prices And Save On Air Pellet Gun

Those who are in the market for air pellet guns, whether they are looking for one to use themselves or as a gift for a youngster, should consider the various available models carefully. It is important to find a gun that matches the shooter's level of experience, provides maximum safety and fits within a reasonable budget. Those who plan on going hunting with their air pellet guns or want to use them in competitions may be prepared to spend more than those who will be using them for plinking. They can also choose models based on the ammunition they plan to use, whether it is pellets of a certain caliber or BBs. Some models are designed to fire both pellets and BBs, giving shooters the flexibility to use the air guns for different purposes.

Styles of Air Pellet Guns

Those who want a compact air gun may prefer a pistol that uses small CO2 cartridges. These models, though, do not offer sufficient energy for hunting or pest control. For these goals, shooters should choose a rifle. In selecting a rifle, they will need to choose a model that uses the proper caliber for their objectives. While .177 pellets are used in competitions and are easy to find in stores, the .22 caliber is better suited for hunting.

When you want to compare the prices of different pellet gun models, you will find an extensive array at Pyramyd Air. We also maintain an inventory of popular accessories and ammunition, including biodegradable BBs, that will fit many models.