Date: 22/10/2017 1:38

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Find Affordable Air Rifle Repair

Rather than purchasing a new air rifle, it is often more affordable to repair one. Among the parts that may need to be changed on occasion are springs, washers and pins. Those who are comfortable disassembling their air rifles can purchase the repair parts they need at low prices. This can increase the lifetime of any air rifle, so it will not need to be replaced for many years.

Purchase Barrels to Repair and Upgrade Air Rifles

In addition to purchasing parts to repair guns, owners may also choose to purchase parts to upgrade them. Among the changes they may make are:

  • Replacing the barrel that comes standard with an affordable rifle to obtain superior performance
  • Purchasing separate barrels for shooting BBs and pellets from the same rifle, providing greater accuracy than barrels that are capable of firing both types of ammunition
  • Replacing a barrel that has been damaged while hunting or target shooting

Buyers who are looking for high-quality air rifles for hunting at affordable prices may consider the models available from Benjamin, like the .22-caliber Benjamin 392. Benjamin also offers dual-fuel models like the Benjamin Discovery for additional convenience, available in both .177- and .22-caliber models.

At Pyramyd Air, we carry the parts air rifle owners need to repair and upgrade the models they already own. You can also find many models for plinking, hunting and pest control that you can add to your gun lockers.