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Find Low Prices On Air Guns Rifles

Air gun rifles provide one of the safer and least costly ways for individuals to practice their shooting. A myriad of items can be used for target practice, ranging from paper targets to small household items. In addition to target practice, air gun rifles can also be used for competitions and hunting.

Choosing Between .177-Caliber and .22-Caliber Air Gun Rifles

There are many factors that go into selecting the right air gun rifle. One consideration is the way in which the rifle will be used. Shooting organizations require that .177-caliber pellets be used in both pistol and rifle competitions. Those who are hunting, however, may find that these air gun rifles are not as effective, as rifles that use .22-caliber pellets carry more energy than .177-caliber pellets. Shooters who will simply be aiming at targets rather than hunting may prefer the .177-caliber rifles, as the pellets will be less expensive. When individuals want a versatile air gun rifle, there are some that can accommodate both .177 and .22 pellets.

Among the manufacturers that offer air gun rifles are Crosman, Daisy and Remington. In addition to rifles, those who want to shoot at targets may occasionally consider air gun pistols. These require less effort to use than rifles that must be pumped, but most are not appropriate for hunting or deterring pests.

At Pyramyd Air, we offer an extensive selection of air guns, including pistols and rifles from a number of manufacturers. Our online store also carries ammunition and accessories, including sights, targets, and maintenance and cleaning supplies.