Date: 22/10/2017 19:20

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Purchase Air Rifle Scope Today

By adding a scope to their air rifles, shooters can take aim at targets at even greater distances. Many air rifles include fiber-optic sights or post globes at either their fronts or rears. While these sights can be useful, they may have limited efficacy as shooters begin to aim at targets that are farther away. Scopes can magnify targets, making it easier for shooters to attain a high level of accuracy at great distances.

Choosing an Air Rifle Scope

While many air rifles are compatible with scopes, a buyer should always make sure that the model he is considering will accept one, even if he has no immediate plans to get it. After adding a scope mount, shooters can alternate between models based on their needs. While some can magnify targets to two times their size, others offer magnification of more than 20 times.

Another consideration should be the environmental conditions in which the rifle and scope will be used. Many models are waterproof and fog-proof, allowing them to be used in a range of conditions. Customers will also find some scopes with side wheels that can be used for estimating the distance to a target. Models may also feature illuminated reticles that prove useful for shooting when there is limited light.

If you're participating in competitions and shooting .177-caliber pellets or hunting with .22-caliber pellets, Pyramyd Air offers a selection of air rifles and scopes appropriate for your objectives. We also carry .177 pellets and BBs from a range of manufacturers.