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Air rifle slugs are made for rifles of all sizes. With air gun slugs (or air gun slugs), you can experience a greater level of accuracy at distance than you've realized with pellets. Take more game with more efficiency using slugs. Whether you need small bore slugs, .177, .22, .25 caliber, or big bore air rifle slugs, .357, .45, .50 caliber, you can find them all at Pyramyd AIR.

Understanding Air Gun Slugs

From the whispering flight of a .177, ideal for precision target shooting, to the thunderous impact of a .50 caliber, air gun slugs (or air gun slugs) offer a diverse array of options. With a different blend of velocity, accuracy, and energy, each caliber appeals to different shooting preferences. Let's take a look at a few of our options:

.177 Slugs

At 4.5mm in diameter, .177 caliber slugs will fit .177 caliber air guns and can produce around 6.8 foot-pounds of energy. This is enough to take down pests and small game up to 2 lbs at under 75 yards. In the air gun world, .177 slugs are not as popular as pellets, but they do offer more knockdown power.

.22 Slugs

At 5.5mm, .22 caliber slugs offer a good balance between speed and hitting power. .22 caliber air guns can produce about 10 foot-pounds of energy when using slugs, which is enough to take small game up to 20 lbs at under 75 yards. This makes them a popular choice among air gun hunters.

.25 Slugs

Now we begin to get into serious power. At 6.35mm, .25 caliber slugs can take medium game, such as raccoons and foxes, at under 75 yards. Their moderate weight makes them a versatile choice for various shooting applications, but are primarily used for hunting.

.30 Slugs

The 7.62mm or .30 caliber slugs pack a punch suitable for hunting coyotes and other similar-sized game and pests. They offer the power and precision needed to deliver the hard-hitting impact that makes them popular with many hunters.

.357 Slugs

These 9.07mm slugs have impressive knock-down power and are designed for hunting and long-range target shooting. The hard-hitting .357 slugs offer exceptional accuracy and terminal performance, making them a favorite among enthusiasts looking for superior stopping power and penetration.

.45 Slugs

At 11.43mm, .45 caliber slugs, with substantial weight and energy, are ideal for hunting big game and delivering devastating impact at closer ranges. Their ability to transfer immense energy upon impact makes them a top choice for hunters and you feel the weight when you hold one in your hand.

.50 Slugs

Towards the top of the spectrum, .50 caliber slugs are the epitome of sheer force and dominance. The 12.57mm slugs are designed for extreme power and penetration, perfect for hunting large game and achieving maximum impact.

Picking the right air gun slug doesn't have to be confusing and often relies on trial and error because every gun likes certain ammo. You can also read about the different types of air gun ammo or reach out to our team, and we'll be happy to answer any questions you still have.

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