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Explore a diverse range of handgun ammunition tailored to meet the unique needs of every shooter. Whether you seek target practice perfection, self-defense confidence, or competitive dominance, handgun ammo offers a spectrum of options to match your ambitions. Choose the ammo weight and caliber that fits your shooting style.

Handgun Ammo FAQs

What is the best caliber for self-defense?

When choosing ammo for self-defense, several factors come into play, including stopping power, recoil control, capacity, and personal preference. Some of the most popular calibers for self-defense include:

  • 9mm - widely available and affordable with a manageable recoil for fast follow-ups, and it has a higher capacity in most handguns with effective stopping power.
  • .40 S&W - offers a balance between capacity and stopping power. It has a slightly larger diameter than 9mm with a bit more recoil, and it's widely used by law enforcement.
  • .45 ACP - best known for its great stopping power and ability to offer single-shot knockdown. It's a large caliber with a heavy recoil, but it has a proven track record for effective self-defense.

How does bullet weight affect performance?

Bullet weight affects performance by influencing recoil, penetration, and stopping power. Heavier bullets typically offer deeper penetration and more stopping power, while lighter ones may have more velocity and a flatter trajectory to travel farther.

What is the difference between FMJ (full metal jacket) and JHP (jacketed hollow point) bullets?

FMJ (full metal jacket) and JHP (jacketed hollow point) bullets are two common types of ammunition with distinct characteristics and purposes.

  • FMJ - are encased in a jacket typically made of copper or another metal, covering the entire bullet except the base. The jacket protects the core of the bullet, usually lead, preventing it from deforming too much on impact with the target. It is generally used in target practice and for military use because it is known to penetrate deeply and break through barriers.
  • JHP - have a hollow tip that is designed to expand on impact with the target. This creates a large wound channel but makes breaking through barriers much more difficult. It is commonly used for self-defense because it causes great damage to soft targets, improving its stopping power, but is less likely to penetrate hard barriers like walls and doors.

What is the significance of muzzle velocity and energy with handgun ammo?

Muzzle velocity refers to the speed at which the bullet leaves the barrel. The greater the speed and heavier the bullet, the greater the energy the bullet carries with it to impact the target.

How can I prevent ammo corrosion and ensure longevity?

To prevent corrosion, store ammo in airtight containers, avoid exposure to humidity, and rotate your stock so that the older ammo is used first.

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