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Best Bullpup Air Rifles

As an airgun shooter, you want the best performance you can get out of your rifle, sometimes that means a longer barrel, but you don't want a rifle that is 5 feet long, what are you to do? You want a shorter gun that is easy to maneuver, balances well, and gives you the performance of a full-length rifle. You need a Bullpup.

A Bullpup PCP air rifle is a design that gives you the benefits of the longer barrel of a regular rifle, but it sets the action further back into the stock, so it is an overall shorter package. Sometimes they just take the action from a regular rifle, fit into a bullpup-style stock, and call it done.

That means the bolt action or side lever action is still at the rear of the action, and therefore at the back of the gun. For some shooters that may not be a problem, for others they want the cocking mechanism to be over the trigger area for ease of operation and speed of follow-up shots.

Changing an existing full-length rifle design to a bullpup stock design with the cocking lever forward of the action involves a slight increase in cost for the extra parts, and design changes, while other rifles are designed as a bullpup from the start and have many of the desired features built-in, but they always are more expensive than the others.

No matter which you choose, a long rifle action converted to a bullpup configuration, or a model that was designed from the ground up as a bullpup, both have the same basic advantages of a longer rifle but are more compact, and the weight is centered more to the rear for better balance.

Bullpup rifles are perfect for:

  • Hunting Bullpups are available in all of the popular calibers including big bore airguns, so they are perfect for hunting any size game, as long as you choose the correct caliber for the correct size game.
  • They are perfect for hunters wanting maximum performance from an airgun but in a smaller package.
  • Bullpup PCP air rifles are great for hunters traveling in off-road vehicles, hunting from blinds or other confined spaces because of the shorter overall length.
  • The design is great for hunters on long hunts because a bullpup stock rifle will feel lighter than a long gun when it is shouldered because the weight of a bullpup is at the rear of the gun.

With hundreds of options to choose from it's difficult to narrow down our top picks, but here is where we would start.

Table of Contents
  1. Top 10
    1. FX Wildcat MKIII Sniper
    2. FX Macerick VP
    3. Hatsan BullBoss QE
    4. Air Venturi Avenger Bullpup
    5. Hatsan Blitz
    6. Benjamin Bulldog
    7. Walther Reign UXT
    8. Benjamin Akela
    9. Hatsan Flashpup
    10. Kral Arms Puncher Breaker Silent
  2. Common Questions
    1. What is a bullpup air rifle?
    2. What is the best semi-auto PCP bullpup?
    3. What is the most powerful bullpup air rifle?
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Top 10 Best Bullpup Air Rifles

1. FX Wildcat MKIII Sniper

Number # 1 Top 10 Best Bullpup Air Rifles -FX Wildcat MKIII Sniper
Product Details

Always the innovator, FX Airguns of Sweden, has brought us the latest update to the Wildcat platform as the Wildcat MKIII Sniper.

The upgrades to the gun start with the state-of-the-art 700mm Superior Smooth Twist X barrel, which gives the latest accuracy enhancement that FX airguns are known for. The second upgrade is a user-selectable 7 position dial that allows you to choose from 7 preset hammer tensions to choose the power you want with the turn of a dial. But they have added an 8th position, that allows you to adjust the hammer spring preload to your personal setting, and have it available in addition to the 7 preset ones.

They have also added a second pressure gauge to show the regulator pressure, in addition to the gauge that shows the air tube pressure. The air tube holds 300cc of air and fills to 230bar (3300psi) which will give you over 90 regulated shots in .22 caliber. The AMP regulator is externally adjustable so you adjust the rifle to your preferred level of power, from backyard plinking to bone-crushing hunting power.

The bullpup pellet rifle is a compact 33.75 inches long, and a trim 6.75 lbs. The rifle is fitted with a 1/2 UNF fitting ready for you to install the sound moderator of your choice. The Wildcat MKIII comes in a fitted hard case and includes 1 magazine and a fill probe.

Why We Like It

The Wildcat MKIII comes standard with the newest Superior STX barrel liner system, allowing the user to change calibers with ease. It uses the same Side Shot magazine as the Dreamline and the Crown rifles, and the new magazine more than doubles the capacity of the previous magazine.

The MKIII now has a larger plenum, and an improved valve system giving you more power, and better shot-to-shot consistency, which means better accuracy. The AMP regulator is externally adjustable.

The rifle comes with a 3-year manufacturer's warranty and is available in .22, .25, and .30 caliber.

Things to Consider

The Wildcat MKIII is set up for a right-handed shooter, left-handed shooters will not find it comfortable because of the magazine placement. The rifle fills to 230bar (3300psi) while it can be hand-pumped, a small portable high-pressure air compressor is suggested.

There are no provisions for sling swivels or Picatinny rails on the stock for mounting bipods or lights and accessories. The rifle only comes with 1 magazine and uses a fill probe that you have to keep up with instead of a standard Foster quick disconnect fitting.

2. FX Maverick VP

Number # 2 Top 10 Best Bullpup Air Rifles - FX Maverick VP
Product Details

The FX Maverick VP has a lot of features in common with the latest generation of FX airguns, including the Superior Smooth Twist X (STX) barrel and liner system that optimizes functionality for different ammo types and weights, dual pressure gauges, the smooth side lever FX guns are known for, 2-stage adjustable match trigger, and an external rear power adjustment knob with 7 preset settings and additional personal adjustments possible with an adjuster bolt in the hole of the 8th position on the dial.

But it also has its own place in the FX lineup with features like an 89cc power plenum, a 400cc bottle that fills to 232bar (3365psi) that gives an outrageous 160 shots per fill in .22 caliber. The Picatinny optics rail has a 20 MOA down angle to allow for longer range shooting with slugs that this rifle was intended for.

The Maverick VP also has dual AMP regulators, the first regulator steps down the 3365psi from the bottle to a lower pressure you can set, and the second regulator steps that pressure to an even lower user-adjustable level that will give amazingly consistent shots, which equals greater accuracy and control over your velocities and power levels.

Why We Like It

There's a lot to like about the FX Maverick VP, the match-grade adjustable trigger, the increased air capacity for more shots per fill, the larger air plenum for more power, the 20moa long-range rail, the dual regulators for more consistent air management, and AR15 platform grip compatibility to allow you to change the grip to your liking.

The best thing is the Superior Smooth Twist X (STX) barrel and liner system that lets you change calibers and barrel twist rates, coupled with the adjustable power selector at the rear of the rifle allows the user to tailor the power and accuracy to what you are using the rifle for that day.

The fact that it uses an industry-standard Foster quick-disconnect fitting instead of a proprietary fill probe is a huge plus while out in the backcountry. The rifle is also covered by a 3-year manufacturer's warranty.

Things to Consider

The rifle ships with only 1 magazine and the styling of the rifle will appeal to some shooters, the "skeletonized" or minimalist design may not appeal to everyone. Because of the magazine placement, the rifle is right-handed only so left-handed shooters will need to look at other models.

With a weight of 7.5 lbs without a scope, some owners think it is heavy for the less than 32-inch rifle, but there is very little plastic on this gun, it is all aluminum and steel other than the pistol grip.

3. Hatsan BullBoss QE

Number # 3 Top 10 Best Bullpup Air Rifles - Hatsan BullBoss QE
Product Details

When the Hatsan BullBoss QE was introduced it set a new standard as to what to expect out of a bullpup pellet rifle and the price you should have to pay for a list of premium features. Though relatively short and compact at just over 36 inches, the BullBoss hides a 23-inch Quiet Energy suppressed German steel barrel that delivers velocities as high as 1170 fps using lead pellets! (1170 fps - .177 cal / 1070 fps - .22 cal / 970 fps - .25 cal).

Some of the features are a removable air cylinder so you can carry extra ones while in the field and not worry about carrying an air pump, the renowned Quattro match-grade trigger, and an extremely accurate Quiet Energy barrel that has an integrated suppressor. The stock is ambidextrous so is left-handed shooter friendly, it comes with sling swivels for the hunters, and also includes a Picatinny rail under the forearm for mounting bipods, lights, or lasers.

But the features don't stop there, the Bull Boss comes with 2 detachable magazines and also incorporates an anti-double feed mechanism, so you will not accidentally load 2 pellets into the barrel. The scope base is also a hybrid, it has both 11mm and 22mm mounting systems so it will accept dovetail or Picatinny scope bases.

From hunting in the backcountry to plinking in your backyard, the Hatsan Bull Boss is ready for any adventure.

Why We Like It

The Hatsan Bull Boss has an adjustable ambidextrous stock, a match grade adjustable trigger, removable air cylinders, and it ships with 2 magazines, and comes with sling swivels, and a Picatinny rail on the front of the stock to mount a bipod, light or other accessories.

The anti-double feed pellet mechanism is something that is not found on guns costing a lot more. The German-made shrouded barrel with integrated sound moderator reduces the muzzle blast by over 32%.

Things to Consider

With a weight of 8.6 lbs before mounting a scope, the Hatsan Bull Boss is a little heavier than others on this list, but it is well made, and lives up to the Hatsan USA slogan: Serious, Solid, Impact.

The rifle requires a fill probe that you must keep up with.

4. Air Venturi Avenger Bullpup

Number # 4 Top 10 Best Bullpup Air Rifles - Air Venturi Avenger Bullpup
Product Details

Air Venturi introduced the Avenger rifle at SHOT SHOW 2020 and was an instant success. In 2021, they released the wooden stock Avenger rifle with a wooden stock that appealed to buyers that like wooden stocks, and they improved the valve system in the gun giving more power, and more shots per fill.

In January 2022, Air Venturi released the Avenger Bullpup, it is another home run. It has all of the upgrades and advantages that the proven Avenger rifle has, but has put them into a more compact package.

The Avenger Bullpup is a regulated precharged rifle, the Avenger's list of features reads like a wish list for airgun enthusiasts. The rifle is accurate, powerful, relatively quiet, has adjustable power, an externally adjustable regulator, a good adjustable trigger, side-lever cocking, and uses a removable magazine.

Until the Avenger came to market, that list of features would have cost you over $1000 in a bullpup configuration.

The Avenger Bullpup is available in .177, .22, and .25 caliber, and is capable of over 1000 fps with lead pellets. The Avenger is at home both on the target range and in the hunting field.

Why We Like It

The Avenger Bullpup PCP air rifle has an externally adjustable regulator, you can adjust the power and shot count to your preferred level for maximum power, maximum shots per fill, or anywhere in between.

The rifle is very accurate and capable of shooting sub MOA with ease. It is not pellet picky. It likes both inexpensive Crosman Premier pellets, and the more expensive JSB or FX pellets for best accuracy at longer ranges.

The all-weather synthetic stock is very solid and comfortable, has an adjustable cheek rest, an adjustable butt pad, attachments for sling swivels, and 3 Picatinny rails out front for attaching accessories like bipods, lights, or lasers.

With an overall length of only 33 inches, it is a compact package that is easy to carry in the field, or hunting from the confines of a blind.

Things to Consider

The rifle fills to 4351psi, (300bar) while it can be hand-pumped, a small portable compressor would make your precharged life much more enjoyable. While it can be shot and operated left-handed, the controls are really set up for right-handed shooters.

It does not come with a scope or mounts, so you will have to provide them.

5. Hatsan Blitz

Number # 5 Top 10 Best Bullpup Air Rifles - Hatsan Blitz
Product Details

The Hatsan Blitz is a select-fire PCP bullpup semi auto air rifle that is available in .22, .25, and .30 caliber. It was the first fully-automatic commercially available airgun that shot .30 caliber pellets.

The Blitz has a new design rotary magazine and a fully-shrouded QuietEnergy barrel capable of 730 feet-per-second of muzzle velocity with 53 foot-pounds of muzzle energy in .30 caliber. For some shooters, the biggest draw to the Blitz is the addition of a Full/Semi selector switch above the grip, with the flip of a switch, you can go from semi-automatic hunting or target shooting to full auto fun mode with a rate of fire of over 1000 rounds per minute.

But the Blitz has a serious hunting side, It is one of the few bullpup air rifles that also offer a carry handle with integrated open sights that are adjustable for both windage and elevation. The carry handle is removable to access the hybrid scope rail that fits both 11mm and Picatinny mounts.

The 580cc bottle fills to 3625psi (250bar) and gives you over 100 shots per fill, and it has 3 Picatinny rails surrounding the bottle for attaching accessories or a bipod. All of this is in an all-weather stock with a textured rubber pistol grip, an adjustable comb, and buttplate.

If you are serious about your hunting, and serious about your fun, all with the same gun, the Hatsan Blitz is the rifle for you.

Why We Like It

The Blitz is available in the 3 most popular hunting calibers, .22, .25, and .30 caliber, and can give over 100 shots per fill in any of the 3 calibers. The selector switch takes the Blitz from a serious hunting/target rifle to a full-auto fun gun with the flick of a switch.

The rifle comes with 2 magazines, and a carry handle that has adjustable open sights for shooters that prefer to use open sights. The all-weather adjustable stock is comfortable and is a pleasure to use.

The 580cc air tank fills to 3625psi (259bar) so it is possible to fill with a hand pump, getting over 100 shots per fill is a full day of hunting small game.

Things to Consider

The Blitz uses a fill probe to fill the tank, and a special tool to wind the magazines, having to keep up with both of these accessories is not good, but there is a place in the stock to store the magazine winding tool.

The full-auto mode, while fun, does fire over 16 shots per second, which can get expensive quickly using .25 & .30 caliber ammo. The rifle weighs 8.8 lbs, after adding a scope and mounts, it will be getting close to 10 lbs.

6. Benjamin Bulldog

Number # 6 Top 10 Best Bullpup Air Rifles - Benjamin Bulldog
Product Details

Airgunners are discovering the benefits of a bullpup stock design rifle, they provide all of the velocity and power benefits of a full-size airgun, but are about 30% shorter in overall length.

Benjamin has managed to squeeze a 28-inch barrel into a 36-inch long package and put a sound suppression system in as well. The Bulldog can be used left or right-handed, but the side lever needs to be moved to the left side for southpaw operation, but the list of features doesn't stop there.

With 26 inches of Picatinny rail on the top, you have room to mount larger optics, night vision equipment, or even cameras behind your scope to record video of your shots! The rifle uses an industry-standard Foster quick connect so there are no fill probes to misplace. It fills to 3000psi (200bar) so it is easily filled with a hand pump if you are away from other fill sources.

The Benjamin Bulldog is in a class by itself. It is the only big bore bullpup on this list and is currently available in .357, and .457 caliber. Producing over 450 ft-lbs of energy, it can take medium and large game animals both effectively and ethically.

Why We Like It

Benjamin puts the power of a big bore air rifle in a small compact easy to carry package, the bullpup air rifle comes with an industry-standard Foster quick fill connection, it includes sling swivels for ease of carrying while in the field.

The rifle has a manual safety and is a repeater, so you have up to 5 rounds of ammo on tap ready for use, much faster than with a single shot airgun.

The Bulldog fills to 3000psi so it is hand pump friendly, and the rifle is ambidextrous.

Things to Consider

This is a big bore air rifle, it uses a lot of air, you only get a maximum of 10 shots per fill in .357, and only 3 shots per fill in .457, (but the .457 develops more than twice the energy of the .357 rifle.)

While it can be filled with a hand pump, because of the extreme power, it is suggested to use an external fill bottle or portable compressor.

7. Walther Reign UXT

Number # 7 Top 10 Best Bullpup Air Rifles -Walther Reign UXT
Product Details

The Walther Reign is a little different than other bullpup rifles on this list, and different is good. It's accurate with a wide assortment of pellets, is lightweight, compact, and easy to shoot. It's a great gun for lefties as the side lever is easily moved to the other side, the rifle is very visually appealing, and quite comfortable as well, then there's the German quality.

The Reign fills to 3300psi (227.5 bar) so it's hand pump friendly, it's available in .22 and .25 caliber, both very solid hunting calibers. It uses an auto-indexing magazine that can be inserted from either side of the rifle.

The all-weather stock Is textured for a good grip in all the right places, sports a Picatinny rail on the front for a bipod or light/laser, and it also has a quick disconnect sling mount for a single point sling like an AR-15 would use.

The Walther Reign UXT is ideal for the airgun enthusiast who wants an unusual PCP air rifle.

Weighing in at only 5.5 lbs before adding a scope, the rifle is lightweight, and only 34 inches long, making it a perfect companion for a day in the field.

Why We Like It

It's comfortable to carry and shoot, is accurate, and looks different from other bullpups on the market. The ambidextrous magazine, stock, and cocking lever make it perfect for left-handed shooters, something not very many bullpups do.

The rifle is easily filled with a hand pump so the need for expensive fill equipment is a lot less. The included fill probe does have a standard Foster fitting on the end so you can use a normal PCP fill hose from other guns.

Things to Consider

The barrel is not shrouded, and the factory moderator does little to quiet the rifle. The moderator is not removable without voiding your warranty. The stock does not use standard sling swivels so you will be limited to the single point style sling.

It only comes with one magazine which does not have any indicators as to how many rounds are left in the magazine. The rifle uses a fill probe you have to keep up with, but the fill probe does have a Foster quick connect on it.

The Reign is not regulated, so you will have a narrow range of consistent shots compared to a regulated rifle. If Walther would resolve these shortcomings, moderator, regulator, and magazine, it could be the perfect bullpup.

8. Benjamin Akela

Number # 8 Top 10 Best Bullpup Air Rifles - Benjamin Akela
Product Details

The Benjamin Akela bullpup is one of the newest air rifles added to the Benjamin line of what could be called an heirloom rifle. Meaning they are built to a very high standard in fit, finish, quality, and accuracy, meant to be handed down to the next generation of shooters in your family.

Available in both .177 and .22 caliber, at its heart, the Akela is a hunting rifle with an attractive Turkish walnut stock and refined craftsmanship, but is equally at home on the target range, in the backyard plinking, or out hunting. Being a bullpup, the Akela is both shorter and lighter than similar models in the Benjamin lineup.

The Akela still has up to 32 FPE of power in .22 caliber, making it ideal for small game hunting and pest control. The rifle offers both adjustability and flexibility with adjustable cheek rest, and an external power adjuster. Combined with the shrouded barrel, this airgun allows shooters to shoot quietly and accurately.

The checkered grip and thumbhole stock combine with the rubber recoil pad and included sling attachments create a compact gun that is comfortable to shoot and carry. The sliding cheek rest offers a unique method of getting the proper eye relief and cheek weld.

When filled to 3000psi (206bar), the 280cc air cylinder gives up to 60 shots, and the two included rotary magazines mean more shooting and less reloading. This rifle features a long Picatinny rail for mounting optics.

The trigger is non-adjustable, but the trigger shoe allows for vertical and horizontal adjustments. The side lever is smooth and easy to operate, and the industry-standard Foster quick disconnect fitting makes the rifle easy to fill from many air sources.

With an overall length of less than 33 inches, the Akela is a maneuverable and powerful bullpup air rifle to hunt small game. The fact that it's both beautiful and accurate is icing on the cake.

Why We Like It

The Akela exudes craftsmanship, from its finely finished wood, blued steel, and graceful lines, everything about it says quality. The rifle fills to 3000psi (206bar) so it can be easily filled with an inexpensive hand pump.

The magazine holds 12 shots in .22 caliber, 14 shots in .177 caliber, and is packaged with 2 of the magazines in the box. The barrel is shrouded to keep the noise levels to a minimum, so it's backyard friendly.

Things to Consider

The Akela does not have a regulator, most of the air rifles being sold at this time, in this price range have a regulated air supply. The trigger is not adjustable, but it is a 2 stage trigger and is set from the factory light and crisp.

There is no Picatinny rail on the front of the stock for mounting a bipod or light/laser, but Picatinny rail adapters are available that mount to the front sling swivel stud.

9.Hatsan Flashpup QE

Number # 9 Top 10 Best Bullpup Air Rifles - Hatsan Flashpup QE
Product Details

Hatsan enters the affordable PCP bullpup market with a rifle that provides some of the same quality and features as more expensive airguns.

Putting big power into a small package, Hatsan brought us the Flashpup, a compact and highly-maneuverable version of the full-sized Flash PCP Air Rifle.

The Flash PCP platform is powered by a fixed 165cc aluminum air cylinder with a 2,900psi (200bar) fill pressure. The Flashpup puts its rounds downrange at speeds up to 1150, 1000, and 900 fps in its .177, .22, and .25 calibers, respectively. This corresponds to a very capable 29 foot-pounds of energy in .177 cal., 38 fpe in .22, and 40 fpe in .25 caliber.

The Flashpup action is set into a nice hardwood stock that includes a checkered pistol grip and an adjustable cheekpiece to give you proper eye relief and a comfortable hold. Resting under the forearm is a Picatinny accessory rail for mounting a bipod, and a combination Weaver/dovetail mount for the optics of your choice.

The Flashpup also has the acclaimed fully adjustable match Quattro trigger system. The rifle comes with a single shot tray and two indexing magazines so you can spend less time reloading and more time taking shot after shot.

Using Hatsan's very effective QuietEnergy (QE) system, the Flashpup choked barrel is fully moderated to quiet your shots, making it an ideal backyard target shooter and small game hunter.

Why We Like It

The precision choked barrel with the QE shroud and moderator are precise and quiet. The Quattro match-grade trigger is adjustable and very pleasant to use. The stock is well made and feels good in the hand while hunting and shooting offhand.

The rifle fills to 3000psi (206bar) so it is easily filled by a hand pump, or quickly filled by a small portable compressor.

With 2 magazines and a single shot tray included with the rifle, you will not have to buy magazines to keep the pellets going. The extended scope rail offers room for larger scopes or scopes with night vision or camera equipment attached.

Things to Consider

The Hatsan Flashpup is not regulated and uses a traditional bolt action rather than a side lever cocking action. The pistol grip and safety are ambidextrous, but the position of the cheek rest and bolt arrangement makes it uncomfortable for left-handed shooters.

The rifle uses a proprietary fill probe that you have to keep up with to fill the rifle, and there are no provisions for sling attachments to carry the rifle while hunting.

10. Kral Arms Puncher Breaker Silent

Number #10 Top 10 Best Bullpup Air Rifles - Kral Arms Puncher Breaker Silent
Product Details

The Kral Puncher Breaker Silent retains the power and accuracy of the full-size Puncher PCP rifle while increasing its maneuverability and reducing weight. This bullpup variant features a durable, black synthetic stock with a built-in compartment to store the included second magazine. The front of the stock has a place for the included Picatinny rail to mount accessories if you so desire.

The Puncher Breaker Silent rifle uses an adjustable power system so you can easily adjust the rifle to get more shots per fill or more power but at the cost of shots per fill. The 2-stage adjustable trigger allows you to fine-tune the trigger to your preference.

The large 280cc cylinder fills to 2900psi (200bar), making it easily filled with an inexpensive hand pump. The half-shrouded barrel significantly reduces the sound of the shots and is excellent for backyard target practice and pest removal.

The .177 and .22 caliber guns come with 2 rotating magazines and a single shot loading tray. With an overall length of only 29 inches, and weighing less than 7.5 lbs. The Puncher Breaker SIlent Bullpup is perfect for confined spaces, easy transporting in vehicles, or long walks in the woods.

Why We Like It

This rifle has a lot going for it, adjustable power, and an adjustable trigger. The gun fills to a low 2900psi so it is hand pump friendly. The all-weather stock is very comfortable and durable and has a place to store the extra magazine, and a removable rail to attach accessories. With an overall length of less than 30 inches, it is one of the shortest bullpup air rifles available.

The .177 and .22 caliber guns come with 2 magazines and a single shot tray, and the magazines hold 14 rounds in .177, 12 rounds in .22, and 10 rounds in .25 caliber. The precision choked barrel ensures accuracy, and the half-shrouded barrel quiets the rifle for backyard fun, hunting, or pest removal applications.

Things to Consider

The rifle is not regulated, so as the pressure in the cylinder drops, your velocity will change also. The rifle uses a fill probe you have to not lose, and that does not have a standard Foster quick disconnect fitting, so you have to buy an adapter for the probe, or dedicate a hose or fill source to this rifle.

The cocking lever is located at the rear of the rifle, so it is not as convenient or fast to operate the side lever as would a gun with the side lever located over the pistol grip. The location of the side lever makes the gun not friendly for left-handed shooters.

Common Questions

What is a bullpup air rifle?

A Bullpup air rifle is a design that gives you the benefits of the longer barrel of a regular rifle, but it is an overall shorter package.

You get that by moving the action farther back into the stock, sometimes all the way to the rear to where the action is by the ear of the shooter, and the trigger mechanism is either moved forward, or a linkage is added to actuate the trigger from a place near the middle of the PCP air rifle instead of its normal position, under the action.

The bullpup design benefits from a shorter overall length while keeping a long barrel, and moving the weight balance toward the rear of the gun making it feel lighter, handle faster, and have better balance than a long rifle.

What is the best semi-auto PCP bullpup?

The Hatsan Blitz and the Hatsan BullMaster are two of the very few semi-automatic bullpups that are commercially available at this time. The Blitz has the extra coolness factor of having an option to shoot full auto with the flip of a switch and get a lot of shots per fill.

The airgun market wants more choices in this class of airguns, but the airgun manufacturing technology is just not quite there yet for the price point buyers want to spend, and the accuracy and reliability they demand from a semi-auto precharged bullpup.

What is the most powerful bullpup air rifle?

Of the bullpup air rifles on this list, the Benjamin Bulldog in .457 caliber is hands down the most powerful one. None of the others even come close. With up to 450 ft-lbs of energy, the .457 caliber Bulldog has the power and accuracy to take any game animal walking the planet.

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