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Education / Training Desert Eagle: The first blowback pellet pistol!

Desert Eagle: The first blowback pellet pistol!

by B.B. Pelletier

Here is a pellet gun you can’t buy for a couple of months, but I’m showing it to you now. Am I bad or what?

The new Desert Eagle pellet pistol from Magnum Research, Inc. is a full-sized handgun with realistic blowback action – the first for a pellet pistol.

Shown at the SHOT Show
The Desert Eagle from Magnum Research, Inc. is an ultimate big boy toy. It may not be the baddest pistol, there’s always something bigger in the wings, but the Desert Eagle Mark XIX in .50 Action Express is a heckofa big gun, nevertheless. Now it’s a pellet pistol, as well. And not just any pellet pistol!

The world’s first blowback pellet pistol!
That’s the claim, and I can’t remember any other PELLET pistol with blowback. There are now several BB guns with blowback and many airsoft pistols, too, but this is a first for pellet guns. Blowback means the slide comes back with every shot, cocking the hammer as it goes. That lowers the trigger-pull weight needed to fire the gun. The 8-shot circular magazine will still be advanced by the trigger, so I’m not expecting a pull as light as the Crosman 600, but it should beat all guns that are double-action only.

Realistic recoil!
Let us not forget that with blowback comes the feeling of recoil. This is one of the greatest attractions for BB pistols like the PPK/S and the CP99 Compact. It’s also a reason green gas airsoft pistols like the KSC G26C are so popular. Shooters LOVE that feel of recoil! Well, the Desert Eagle also has that feel – the first time in a pellet pistol!

Made by Umarex
Like every other realistic action pistol these days, this .177 caliber airgun is made by Umarex of Germany. They have made a name for themselves by creating the most realistic pellet and BB pistols that are exact copies of famous firearms. The Desert Eaqle has been popular in 6mm airsoft for a long time, but the advantage of a pellet pistol is greater accuracy at longer distances. Most Umarex air pistols, including this one, use metal 8-shot circular magazines.

I’ve had good luck with Gamo Match pellets in all Umarex airguns. They ‘re still a bargain in the 500-pellet tins, so get a couple if you buy this pistol. The RWS Diabolo Basic looks like it’s worth a try, too.

You’re probably going to run through a LOT of these with the Desert Eagle, so I would stock up with a BIG box of powerlets!

Although the Desert Eagle isn’t available yet, now is the time to order. Pyramyd AIR is taking orders now, so you can get in line when they hit these shores. They will probably sell out of the first shipment right away, so don’t wait if you want one.

24 thoughts on “Desert Eagle: The first blowback pellet pistol!”

  1. BB,

    I´m wondering how many shots I will get with one powerlet. Due to the blowback system which may need as much CO2 as the shot itself, I expect 20 to 30 shots per 12 grams.

    Where is the opening for the magazine? Is it seated in the moving slide?


  2. I’ve noticed that the velocity (315fps) of the pellets for the desert eagle are slower compared to other Umarex pistols (CP99,Cp88, Beretta). Just a guess, but since the velocity is slower (might be due to CO2 being used for the blowback action) shots might still be around 50 to 60 shots per powerlet? Correct me if I’m wrong B.B.

    Markus, check out the Umarex website, they have a good animation of the desert eagle which shows how the pellet clip is inserted.



  3. I’ve done some research on the internet about this gun and read a couple reviews from reviewcentre. Seems like there’s a lot of plastic on this gun. Personally, I would rather spend $200 on another umarex pistol with more pellet velocity, more metal, and better craftmanship. Even though the other Umarex pellet pistols don’t have blowback action, my philosophy is… less moving parts = less things to potentially break.

  4. Everybody,

    I don’t know about this pistol yet. I wouldn’t write it off before I get a chance to test it.

    I don’t know when I’ll get that chance, because the gun is expected to ship in August. How anyone else got to test it is a mystery to me because outside the factory there aren’t any, as far as I know.


  5. BB,
    I’ve read all your articles for several of the Umarex pistols, including the Beretta XX-treme, CP88, CP99 Compact BB gun, S&W revolver, and this post about the desert eagle. I enjoy reading all your articles, however, I do have a request though. Will you be doing an article on the CP99 pellet gun, or CPSport pellet gun which is very very similar to the CP99, or maybe the walther nighthawk? It might be a redundant request, but I figure it wouldn’t hurt to ask. (i’ve read some of the comments around about the CP99, but they’re somewhat vague). Just a thought though… are you able to get a hold of the CP99 and CPSport pellet guns? I’ve been doing a lot of research between the two and it seems like at first sight, they look very very similar but have a huge price difference (but not to be mistaken for the CP99 Compact BB gun). I have been saving up to either get a CP99 (due to the SA/DA and metal slide) or a walther nighthawk (at the cost of DA only and plastic slide) which is based on the CPSport w/ a lot of accessories similar to the beretta xx-treme, but it’s hard to decide between the two. An article about the CP99/CPSport/Walther nighthawk would definitely be of great help. And even a difference analysis between CP99 and CPSport will help a lot of new airgunners around who are interested in walther air pistols. Even if you don’t decide to do an article on the walther pellet pistol copies of the real steel P99, your thoughts on the CP99 or walther nighthawk on the comments section will be greatly appreciated.
    I’m a fairly new airgunner and currently own a gamo CF-X and crosman 357 and am enjoying my new hobby very much. I like the looks of the walther P99 pistol and wanted to get the pellet gun version mainly as a collection item (since it’s a good quality german made pistol) and for fun plinking.

    I would appreciate any of our readers who own either the P99 or walther nighthawk to post their opinions too about their experience with their pistol.

    Thanks and regards,

    Walther P99 Fan

  6. Hi Walther P99 Fan,
    I own a number of Umarex Walther’s now, a couple of nickel slide ppk/s’, 2x CP99 Compacts and a CP Sport -it just kind of happened that way.
    I debated for long time between the CPS and the CP99, and finally decided on the CPS which was a WHOLE lot cheaper.
    I have a number of sites that have done direct comparisons, email me at kiwigeezer1@hotmail.com and I’ll send you the links.
    I have no regrets about buying the CPS, outstanding value for money, the same pistol apart from the slide/DA only and markings. I picked up a brand new bridge mount with a Walther top-point red dot for $US35 off a local on-line auction site, I love this pistol.
    My advice, get a CPS and a CP99 Compact, will give you the best of both worlds for only a little more.

  7. Walther P99 fan,
    I have shot the walther nighthawk and it isn’t what they make it out to be. The gun without doubt has the looks and feel of the real walther, but it it wasn’t accurate. I don’t mind it, but the red dot combo helps a little for me, not enough to call accurate . My friend has one and he can print quarter size groups at 10 meters. How I don’t know.


  8. Am disapointed to hear the D Eagle blowback is mainly plastic. If that is truly the case, then you will never go wrong with the Umarex Colt 1911, CP88, P92 Cp99 and Cp 99 compact. They are accurate. To bad they don’t have the stubby lazer for the compact available yet.

  9. Also, and not to be forgotten is the Most Excellent S&W revolver by Umarex. I own mine with 4,6,&8 inch barrels. No finer CO2 revolver to be had, bar none.

  10. CP99 fan,

    If you like the look of a gun and don’t hear BAD things about it, get it. I have tested the CP99, but have not done a posting on it. For accuracy, it’s in there with all the other Umarex pistols except for the 1911 Colt, which I find to be a little more accurate. Maybe it’s just the longer sight separation, due to the longer barrel.

    Barrel length alone doesn’t affect accuracy, but it does affect velocity. But the point is, if you like the look of a gun you’re probably going to like its operation, too. And nothing I can tell you is half as important as your own assessment when you shoot the gun.


  11. B.B. and others,

    Thanks for your feedback on the CP99 and confirmation of CP99’s accuracy. I’ve read mixed reviews about CP99. Some say they are accurate, and some say they are horrible in terms of accuracy, but since you say it’s up there with the other umarex pistols, I trust your word more. I figure, the barrel for all umarex pistols should be the same, so the CP99 shouldn’t have any disadvantage in terms of accuracy potentials, except for the shorter barrel which means shorter distance between the sights, which you mentioned in your post. I guess the main reason people are having accuracy problems on the CP99/CPS might be due to complaints about long hard trigger, which would probably contribute to tilting the gun a little if you had to work hard to pull the trigger, and thus effecting the accuracy. Since I do like the looks of this pistol, I’m going for the walther nighthawk (I saw in pyramid air a remanufactured one for cheaper price) for plinking and cool accessories (which I can use for my rifles also), then later save up and get a CP99 for the SA/DA, metal slide just to have as a collection item.
    CP99 compact is in my list too to get later =0)

    Walther P99 fan

  12. Walther P99 fan,

    I think you hit the nail on the head when you said Umarex probably uses the same barrels in all their pellet guns (except for the length). Of course they do – that’s a fundamental tenent of economic manufacturing.

    Where things will differ is when someone tries to get pellet pistol accuracy from a BB gun, or tries to shoot a short gun alongside a long-barrelled version without allowing for the greater sighting precision of the longer barrel.

    And there is the problem that everyones’ standards differ. Some shooters think any pistol that won’t bust an asprin at 10 meters is no good. I shoot target pistols most of the time, but I recognize that the Umarex pistols are made for a different level of precision – plus they have the rapid-fire capability.

    That’s why I say buy what you like. Unless I have heard or experienced bad things about an airgun, I assume it will do well.


  13. I have one of these and love it. Since the “real” Desert Eagle will run you $900 to $1500 I don’t have any problems with whatever plastic may be on this.
    I do generally get 40 to 50 good shots from a powerlet. Half of what I get from the Crosman 357 but twice the fun with the blowback. That is just awesome!
    My wife liked firing the gun but with a lack of elevation adjustment she had accuracy problems. I was able to buy an NC Star model D4B Tactical Red Dot sight at a good price. Fits the picitanny rails great. I know it is not meant for air guns but figured with the lower power of an airgun and the blowback causing somewhat (I hope) a similar kick to a weapon it should be ok. We have fired 150 to 200 pellets with it mounted and so far no problems.
    My wife can now blow the center out of the target and loves the gun. To see the center of a Shoot-N-C disintegrate one shot at a time is great. She even sometime, occasionally lets me have a go at it. 🙂
    Umarex did a wonderful job with the Desert Eagle. It is meant to have fun shooting. If you want an accurate target shooting gun buy an accurate 10 meter gun. If you want a critter killing gun buy a critter killing gun. If you want to have fun just shooting then this one’s for you.

  14. Wow! i hear that Rabbitt, i know what you mean about the lower shot cap, i also own a crosman 357 and i can plink for hours on only a few powerlets( really eats up pellets quickly tho…) but im saving for an Eagle AND I CANT WAIT!!! oh yeah and my crosman? £44 from a bootsale 2 years ago and no problems so far… BARGAIN!!!

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