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Education / Training Walther CP99 Compact – Part 2

Walther CP99 Compact – Part 2

Part 1

by B.B. Pelletier

Yesterday we looked at the pistol, today we’ll see the downrange results.

Gas consumption
I loaded a fresh powerlet and shot the gun without a magazine to see how many shots I’d get before the slide stopped blowing back. After shot 80 the functioning became intermittent, sometimes working and others not. The slide wasn’t blowing back far enough to cock the hammer. Since the gun is single-action only, it would not fire. By shot 90, it no longer cocked the gun on any shot, though there was still gas left in the powerlet. This is not quite as good as the CO2 version of the PPK/S, which I attribute to the somewhat greater velocity of the CP99 Compact.

To load the stick magazine, you first compress the follower spring and lock it in that position. Some guns do not lock reliably, leading to a mess when the follower releases. I’m happy to say that the CP99 Compact magazine follower locks reliably.

An odd quirk!
While shooting, I noticed that every time I pulled the trigger on a loaded but uncocked gun, a BB would fall out of the muzzle. I can hear a mechanism moving inside the gun, so apparently this pistol uses a mechanical bolt to push the BB from the magazine as the blast of gas hits it. It’s a new one on me, but I thought you should know about it. Remember, every time you put the safety on, the hammer is uncocked and has to be recocked by pulling back on the slide when the safety is taken off.

Because Crosman literature accompanied the gun I tested, I used their Copperhead BBs exclusively.

This is a minute-of-pop-can gun, not a target shooter. That said, it did respond well to a target pistol hold, with 15-foot five-shot groups shrinking from 3″ to about one. The rear sight notch is too wide for the front post, so some of the group size may be due to imprecise aiming. The sights are not adjustable, though I found them to be generally right-on at that distance.

The average velocity on a 68-degree F day was 300 f.p.s., with a spread from 292 to 311. There was evidence of the cooling effect of CO2, as the velocity did drop toward the end of the string, despite my waiting 10-15 seconds between shots. On a very hot day, you can expect these numbers to be higher by 20-30 f.p.s.

There are two safety points I wish to raise. First, when the gun is cocked, there is a red indicator visible at the rear base of the slide. I am colorblind, so the red dot has to be in bright sunlight for me to see it (Umarex, are you listening?) but it shows clearly in the photo I took. The second issue is that the slide locks in the open position after the last BB has been fired. You are prevented from firing an additional shot, just as with the firearm. This means that when the slide is forward, you should assume the gun is both cocked and loaded.

When the gun is cocked, the red signal appears under the rear of the slide.

Slide locks open when the last shot is fired.

I found the CP99 Compact to be a wonderful fast-action BB repeater. It’s just as much fun as the PPK/S and a close copy of the firearm it imitates. Airgunners should know that there is a choice between the pellet-firing CP99 and this pistol. This one’s a true semiautomatic.

82 thoughts on “Walther CP99 Compact – Part 2”

  1. B.B.

    I’m going to get a condor. I put a list together and I want to make sure that I don’t need anything else to get it working. Here is the list:






    again, would I need anything else to get the gun shooting? I already have a scope to put on the gun so thats nothing.


  2. Lama,

    You don’t specifically NEED the 1/8″ to 1/8″ quick disconnect adaptor. The AirForce U1010 is also a 1/8″ adaptor, so anything the QD will screw into the AirForce unit will, too.

    Buy the 15.9-grain JSB pellets, too.

    You do notice that this iem is temporarity out of stock?


  3. Hi BB,

    I had one of these for a short while earlier in the year, and you’re right, the safety is a real pain… I also noted the bbs rolling out of the barrel. I tended to squeeze the trigger a little, feeling for that vague let off point as I lined up the target. If I eased off and re-sighted I would have a bb roll out of the barrel, or sometimes if it didn’t roll out it shot two at a time. I thought it was a fault with my gun, but obviously its a design “feature”


  4. Alright thanks, that helps a lot. One more question, when you say the 15.9 grain jsb’s, do you mean the Straton Diabolo pellets? And yes, I know they are out of stock but thats not a big deal.


  5. B.B. or anyone who owns a Gamo hunter 1250 in .22 caliber.

    this question is directed at owners of the gun, im thinking of switching over from crossman premiers to another pellet, possibly JSB exacts in 14.3 gr. i just want some feed back on what you guys find to be most accurate in the 1250.

  6. I was considering purchasing a BSA 3-12 x 40 scope. Then I thought remembered you saying in a post that Leapers scopes in the same price/power range are brighter, but I’m not sure if I’m remembereing properly. Have you tried the BSA in this power range, and if so do you think the Leapers are better? Thanks.

  7. non-adjusyable sights,

    This really isn’t a big issue. I own a Colt .38 Special with non-adjustable sights and it does fine.

    A BB pistol isn’t accurate anyway, so adjustable sights are a waste of time. As long as the gun shoots to where the sights are, it’s okay, and the Compact does.


  8. BSA scopes,

    BSA scopes vary in brightness from scope to scope. I don’t mean models, I mean individual scopes. It’s a QC thing.

    Leapers are all bright. Many BSAs I have seen were cloudy and dull, but I know that others are reported to be bright.

    I do believe that Leapers scopes are brighter than BSA scopes.


  9. Mr Lama,
    You might want to try some JSB preditors and some kodiaks as well. The preditors esspecially if you hunt. And BB is right you shouldn’t need that quick disconnect. Just screw that little black thing with it’s adapter into the end of your hose. But if you ever want to add another gun to your collection that quick disconnect would be really nice.

  10. Sights…Thanks, l understand the BB pistol is more for rapid fire fun. Crossman’s 1008 has the best of both worlds. By the way l also have 2 s/w model 10’s, 4″in .38 Sp. that are very accurate with service type loads. Amazing, both are right on. l’d like to know how s/w does that.

  11. I got my CP99 Compact CO2 gun one month ago. It was fun to shoot BB through it, especially the amazing blowback.

    But my gun started leaking after I shot 500 round BBs. Maybe I should use the gun oil as recommended. It was hopeless when the gas fled away, cooling my gun and heart.

    I cannot say I am satisfied since the gun broke down even before used up the first 40 CO2 mini-cylinders, actually from the 8th cylinder. Is there anyone experienced same problem as I did? Will it help if I use some gun oil?

    This is my first CO2 gun. I hope not last.

  12. Thx B.B.

    My situation is somewhat weird. Three out of four cylinders will be totally empty in 30 to 60 seconds. But the other one could work perfectly as if no problem at all.

  13. B.B.

    I am a beginner in airguns, although I own an airsoft gun and have fired it a few times, I’ve never fired an airgun before. Given my situation, do you think the CP99 Compact would suit me better or the CPSport? Thanks in advance.

  14. youzi,

    The CP99 Compact is a spray and pray BB gun like the airsoft guns you may be used to. It does have realistic blowback. The CP Sport is a pellet pistol with a rifled barrel that will be considerably more accurate. It is double action only, so the trigger pull is heavier.

    You decide.


  15. B.B. Thank you for your reply. Do the CP Compact have the same problems as the Crosman Pro77? And if I do get the CP Compact or the CPSport, other than the Pellgunoil to put at the tip of each of the co2 powerlet, anything else I should be aware of? Also, in your opinion as an expert with airguns, other than the two guns i mentionened, what kind of airgun should a beginner like me be looking at? For example I can’t help to keep my eyes off the Umarex Beretta 92FS, but i know that is too much for a beginner like me. Thanks again for reading this.

  16. youzi,

    The Walther CP99 Compact seems more robust than the Pro77. Other than Pellgunoil there is nothing that I know of, except to just keep shooting the gun.

    You might want to look at the Marksman 2004. It’s a single shot and a very accurate air pistol.


  17. B.B. Any type of grease i can put on the slide to reduce the wear rate? I saw your video with the cp compact. The bbs you used were they Daisy Zinc plated bbs? any other kinds of routine maintenance with air pistols? Thanks

  18. Do not lubricate the slide with anything. The slide needs to be free to move. Lubrication can slow the slide down, causing malfunctions.

    When Gaylord tested the gun it looked like he used Daisy BBs. When I tested the gun for this blog I used Crosman BBs.

    Just shoot the gun and oil the tip of each new powerlet with Crosman Pellgunoil.


  19. I find this gun very accurate compared to the PPK, from about 16 feet this gun has near perfect accuracy in the sights (I can knock down each can each shot, with the exception of maybe one in every 10 cans) compared to the PPK, where at 16 feet I could empty a magazine with only hitting one (untill I realized you need to aim under the cans, instead of at it, even then its not THAT accurate)
    I assume it could have something to do with the fact that the CP99 compact is longer, therefore has more distance between the sights (more accurate for longer distances? though it could be the extra feet per second as well) but I just wanted to point out I find this gun is much more accurate then the PPK (for anyone deciding between the two)

  20. How does the CP99 Compact compare with the Gamo Px-107? Which would you recommend (for just fun and plinking)?

    also, other than price, how does this compare with the CP99? what do you get for the extramoney in the CP99?




  21. JR,

    The Gamo PX107 does not have blowback action. Other than that, it’s a good-looking BB pistol.

    The CP99 differs from the CP99 Compact in that the CP99 is a pellet pistol with a rifled bore, which the CP99 Compact is a BB gun with a smooth bore. The pellet pistol is more accurate. The BB gun is a true semiautomatic with a reciprocating slide that comes back each time you fire the gun.

    Get the CP99 for target work, the Compact for fun.


  22. Thanks. The Gamo site lists the trigger pull on the PX-107 as 11.6 lbs but pyramid lists it as 6.3lbs. Is the PX-107 single action and double action selectable, or just dbl action? and why the disparity in the numbers?

    and, what are the advantages of blowback? just “realistic” feel?


  23. JR,

    Blowback is just for realism. No advantages.

    As for the trigger pull disparity, I would tend to believe Pyramyd AIR, because they test guns individually and they also update their website more often.

    I don’t know what sort of action this pistol has, Gamo’s site says double action with no mention of single action and, since the pistol lacks a hammer and is inexpensive, it sounds like a DAO to me.

    I wish I had a pistol to check for you but this is one I don’t have.


  24. BB, Thanks for the information on the CP99 compact. I received one this Xmas and find it to be a blast to plink with. If you just understand the gun’s limitations, its pure fun. One aspect I did find to be troublesome was the processs of loading fresh CO2 cartridges into the handle. The cartridges will not pierce by merely finger-tightening the turnwheel. I must pry the turnwheel with a screw-driver to push the cartridge with sufficient force to break the seal. Thankfully, one cartridge produces many shots. Did you encounter this problem with your CP99 Compact?



  25. Fred,

    The turnwheel isn’t supposed to pierce the powerlet!!!

    The turnwheel just takes up the slack. The bottom of the grip has an arrow that instructs you to turn one way to open the powerlet and the other way to get power (pierce the powerlet) That cam is what pierces the powerlet, and there is a tool included with the gun to turn it.


  26. Thanks B.B.!

    According to your suggestions, I spread some sealant bought from Home Depot on the seal which contacts with CO2 cartridge. And it works!!!

    Although there may be a little bit leaking during first several shots of each cartridge, I can easily fire more than 100 BB with one cartridge now. Can’t stop firing it. ^_^

  27. The manual says that the CO2 cylinder must be removed everytime before storage. Does that mean that I am using up 1 whole cylinder after every use? Won’t the CO2 leak away if I remove it when it is still not empty?

  28. Kaushai,

    I never remove the cartridges. I have left them in for YEARS without problems.

    Just make sure that with every new cartridge you put a drop of Crosman Pellgunoil on the tip that will be punctured. That keeps all the seals fresh and sealing.


  29. Thanks B.B. I had one more question. When my CP99 Compact is in safety mode and the magazine is loaded, bullets fall off the muzzle when I press the trigger. Is this normal, or should I send it for repair?


  30. HAs anybody tried disassembling a CP Compact yet?
    There’s a pin through what looks like the takedown lever above the trigger guard; removal of a sismilar pin on the Umarex ppks allows for field stripping. Deabting whether to punch this pin out and see what happens…

  31. I bought a CP99 Compact a few weeks ago and, boy, is it ever a blast! I’ve gone through a lot of BBs since I got this gun. I picked up four spare magazines and I highly recommend spares to anyone who buys the Compact since you’ll be shooting faster than you can reload.

    The gun feels authentic and it points naturally. One of the reasons I bought a Glock 19 many years ago was how it handles and how easy it is to pick up a target by only pointing the gun. The Compact is in the same league but it’s more fun–I can shoot the Compact in the back yard but the Glock has to go to a range. At 15 feet, I can shoot a pretty decent group with the Compact unless the gas is getting low in the cylinder. At 10 meters, acquiring the target and shooting 17 rounds as fast as I can pull the trigger, I can keep every shot within an NRA 25-foot target which is okay for combat style shooting with a smooth bore BB gun. My Gamo PT-80 is more accurate but the CP99 Compact is more fun and more like a “real” semiauto pistol.


  32. I purchased a walther Compact bb gun about a year ago, and it is still holding up fine. It is a great gun, and I take it squirrel hunting. I use it when I need a shot or two to finish of a squirrel that is still alive and squirming on the ground so that I dont waste to much ammo. But, this is a great gun, and anyone who wants to get one for plinking or backyard shooting, I would reccomend it. Also, keep this gun away from any police officers or dont carry it in public, because it is extremely realistic, and I told many people it was a .22 just to see if they would believe me, and they believed me.

  33. Is it bad that i’ve already lubricated the slide with pelgunoil?
    My CP99 works fine and i noticed before using the oil that the co2 was very slightly leaking until i put oil on the tip.

  34. I bought this gun about three months ago and put about 2000 rounds through it. After about 1500 rounds, i ran into some difficulties with the slide locking into place when the magazine was empty. Also, (i guess its due to wear and tear) i looked at the piece which locks the slide in place and noticed that it was so worn down that it wouldnt catch anymore. i absolutely love this bb gun and its a blast for the whole family to shoot, especially since i use it as a training pistol with my little brother.

    I’m kind of dissapointed that the gun didn’t last longer cause now i have to get it refunded or replaced. though it has its problems, the gun still fires just fine and on a rare note catches in place until you release it.

    on a scale of 1 to 10 in realism i give this a 11 because of the realistic weight and markings. you definately wouldnt want to wave this around any sort of law enforcement unless you feel like going to jail or being shot, so be careful where and when you shoot it.

    the gun shoots alright, not the greatest accuracy in the world but certainly not the worst. after all, that slide recoil has to make a huge difference on velocity and accuracy, but its no complaint. i love this little thing, and plan to buy one more for a bit of dual wielding fun 🙂

    take my word and everyone elses for it when i say that if you have a chance to get one of these gems, you’d be a fool not to take advantage of it.

    oh and by the way, DONT SHOOT IT WITHOUT PELLGUNOIL!


  35. Hey B.B. –

    I have been looking at CO2 air pistols for quite a while. I have pretty much narrowed my choices down to 2: the Walther CPSport and the Walther CP99 compact. I am really leaning to the CP99 compact because of its realistic blowback action. However, I do like the fact that the CP99 compact takes pellets, which I have for my Gamo rifle. Do you think that there is going to be a significant change in accuracy between the CP99 compact and the CPSport because of the use of pellets in the latter? Can I expect the same C02 consumption in the CPSport as I would in the CP99 compact?

    Thanks very much,

  36. Ron,

    The CP Sport will be much more accurate than the CP Compact because it has a rifled barrel and shoots lead pellets.

    BB pistols are generally not accurate. They can keep their shots in a five-inch circle at 33 feet, while the CP Sport can keep its shots in a 1.5-inch circle.

    The BB gun should get more shots per powerlet, but the pellet pistol will get about 50.


  37. I have this gun, it worked fine on fire power C02 but shortly after going thought 10 Crossman C02 containers it would rapidly leak or not close all the way.

    I have the same problem as Fred, and I think what has happend is my seal is out of place. It appears to be touching the valve stem inside the gun shouldn’t it have a clear area around it? If so how would I fix this?

  38. Mike,

    I sounds like your seal is out of place, but I don’t have a gun to check it against. I also don’t know if moving the seal is possible. Sometimes they get hard after use. and might tear if they had to be expanded to fit around something.

    Why don’t you call Crosman and ask their technical support people?


  39. I dont think this is an issue with the crossman C02 I think it is just the seal, There is no way to re turn the gun (bought in the USA) and I live in Canada. So I guess I have a very expensive table piece now.

  40. Mike,

    If that’s the case, there’s no harm in trying to repair it, is there?

    I always think about the lady in the factory who assembles 100 of these before lunch. It may not be obvious, but it can be done. And you have nothing to lose at this point.

  41. BB:
    I’ve had my Cp99 compact for over a year, and within the past few months, it’s started to leak, but NOT all the time. And yes, I do the drop of pellgun oil on every cylinder (since day one).

    I think the design flaw (if there is in fact one) is between the thumbwheel and the grip knob at the bottom. They turn counter to one another.
    if you tighten it up too much, the slide will NOT cycle. If it’s not tightened enough, all the gas leaks out after the first shot.
    And the seal still looks perfect in very respect, even under a magnifying glass.

    You just have to find the “sweet spot” in order to get the full compliment of shots from a cartridge with no leaking.
    Personally, I do not like wasting cylinders, because I still have to pay for them.

    Perhaps Crosman/Umarex should go with a CO2 loading system similar to the RAM P99 paintball pistol.
    Now THAT IS easy, foolproof, and WORKS (EVERY single time).
    Other than that, the pistol is still powerful and fun (when it’s not wasting CO2 carts).


  42. I purchased this airgun yesterday, and so far, I like it quite a bit.

    However, when firing, the hammer doesn’t always recock, even when using a new cylinder. This is a pain when shooting, since it’s random for the most part, and when rapid firing, causes a BB to roll out of the barrel, or fire two BB’s when if the first doesn’t happen to vacate the barrel in time.

    When testing the occurrences of this, I found that when aiming at the ground (90 degress), the blowback is much stronger and it always recocks. The same can be said for when firing the gun upside down.

    Any ideas?

  43. Kaj,

    Your gun isn’t functioning correctly. It could be a dragging hammer or a faulty valve. I can’t diagnose it from what you have written.

    I would return the gun for a replacement or a refund.

    Are you oiling the powerlet every time with Pellgunoil like you are supposed to? That might loosen the action a bit.


  44. Well because of the way Umarex deals with warranty claims, I can’t take the gun back to the store, and I don’t feel like sending it off since I’m in college and don’t have the extra cash to spend on shipping (bought the gun with leftover Xmas money).

    The first powerlet I didn’t use Pellgunoil because I didn’t have any at the time, but second I did. I’ve only used up two powerlets in it so far, so I’m going to run a few more through it and see if it won’t remedy itself.

    If you need anymore info about the problem, just shout and I’ll give you as much as I can.

  45. Hey B.B.
    Ive been wanting one of this sometime now and have seen various with an open ejection port my friend have one and it doesnt have the open port, he told me the others were the second generation of the gun so i was wondering if pyramid sells the fist gen or the second one, I tried contacting them but I havent gotten a reply

  46. Jason,

    The CP99 Compact is a different gun than the CP99, which is a pellet pistol. I think your friend may have confused them.

    As far as I know, the Compact looks the same as it has always looked. As you see, the ejection port doesn’t open.


  47. OK.
    I am looking at the Walther CP99 and also the Walther CP99 Compact,
    I know the CP99 is much stronger but only holds 6 or 8 BB’s.
    The Compact holds 17.
    This is what is holding me back from buying one.
    Whis one would anybody recomend?
    Any experience with either one???

  48. Ryan,

    The CP99 is not a BB gun. It does not shoot BBs. It shoots lead pellets and is completely different than the CP99 Compact BB gun.

    If you want real accuracy at reasonable ranges like 30 feet, get a pellet pistol. If you just want to shoot targets rapidly at 20 feet and less, get a BB gun.


  49. Hey BB,

    I have a CP99 Compact and its great, but recently I have noticed the outer barrel plastic is being shaved off by something. I first thought it was the metal slide rubbing across it, but the more i look that doesnt seem possible because the wear isnt extending all the way to the end when the slide would be going. So i opted to tear the gun down. (To the person many posts back, yes removing the pin above trigger like on the ppk/s allows the gun to be filed stripped).

    Anyways, I’m starting to think maybe the spring is rubbing the outer part of the barrel. If so, how would I correct that?

  50. Hello B.B.Pelletier, when loking at the CP99 Compact pistols side where the “WALTHER” is engraved on the front of slide one can see 3 pins above the trigger guard area.The pin on the right side is the trigger pin. The solid pin on the immediate left seems to go right through a piece of plastic. Then on the left side there is a hollow spring/expansion pin. Which of the two pins is drifted out to remove the slide??? I ultimately have to get at the barrel breach/seal end.

    Any other sripping info would be much appreciated. Thanks.

  51. I recently bought a new Walther CP99 Compact Recon.This gun comes with mounting rails for a scope or dot sight, and comes with a green dot electric sight.I also have a Crosman C11.The CP99 is way quieter.It's also quite accurate.Shooting with the fixed sights, I found that the gun was off about two inches high and an inch and a half to the left at about 20 feet.Groups were pretty good form a rest. Then I mounted, and sighted in, the green dot sight.With my bad eyesight this sight really lets me get some accuracy (for a CO2 repeater pistol!).I'm looking a a couple of groups shot at about eighteen feet slow fire from a rest.I've got a three shot group that measures right at 1/4", one at 5/8",another five shot group at 5/8".The open sight groups were not bad-more like an inch-just not centered.

    I am very happy with the BB accuracy of this gun.


  52. hey bb when my cp99 compact is empty with no co2 i want to know should it still turn to the power direction. im having trouble getting it to power it doesnt want to turn what should i do about this thanks

  53. If you are storing it with no empty CO2 cartridge in it, then yes, you can turn the cap to the power arrow. But if you store it with an empty cartridge in it you might be flattening the face seal. I would remove the empty cartridge before storing the gun.

    Having that lever be hard to turn is a sign that the seal is still good. I hope you are using a drop of Pellgunoil on every new CO2 cartridge.


  54. I have one of these and it is awesome except 1 thing, that is the c02. Putting the c02 in is a pain in the … it takes me 3 to 4 c02 tanks just 2 get one in right. You have 2 adjust the little circle thing in the bottom until you can’t go any further. After that you have 2 turn the c02 turner both left and right several times just 2 get it right in the gun. I like every thing but that. I would honestly recommend the pp/ks over this gun any day just for that reason. I’m not sure if my gun is like that or all of them are made that way. I wouldn’t ever purchase the cp 99 compact ever again.

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