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Marksman 2004 single-stroke pistol

by B.B. Pelletier

Here’s a sporting pellet pistol that can also be used for informal target shooting. It has fully adjustable sights, a single-stroke pneumatic powerplant, a nice trigger and it sells for less than $50. It’s the Marksman 2004 pistol!

Marksman’s 2004 single-stroke pneumatic pistol is a direct copy of the HW 40 PCA/Beeman P3.

Made in China
Let’s get this out in the open from the start. This pistol is made in China for Marksman. Marksman is based in Southern California, where they build many of the guns they sell. The Marksman 1010 spring-piston pistol is the oldest and most famous of all the guns they make. Some day I’ll write a report on the 1010, but today we’re looking at the 2004.

One more thing to reveal. This gun is a close copy of the Weihrauch HW 40 PCA, which Beeman sells as the P3. And, Marksman owns Beeman. As far as who did what to whom or is the 2004 just as good as the P3, I am not qualified to say. Yes, there is a lot of intrigue in the airgun business, but I try to stay out of it if I can. I’m just interested in this pistol on its own merits.

It looks like high quality!
Don’t underestimate the Chinese as manufacturers. If they have a good design to begin with, and if the factory can overcome some cultural hinderances, they can make products as good as those of any other country on this planet. Where they fall short is in a cultural belief system (no doubt the result of Communism) that “good enough is all it takes.” When that belief system runs the show, things go downhill fast. Some Chinese airguns are so laughably poor that they are a comedy of errors and deserve the scorn they receive from the rest of the world for making those airguns.

In other areas, the Chinese have now set the world standard. Optics, for instance. Most sport optics (scope sights, lasers, astromonical telescopes, dot sights, etc.) are now made in China. Most of the world’s finest cameras are either made there or their lenses are ground there, because the Chinese lead the world in lens production. The Europeans and Japanese set them up in that business in the 1970s, and they’ve been expanding the market ever since.

The 2004 pistol I have looks more like a fine camera than it does a typical Chinese airgun. Whoever is in charge of making it is doing things right. There are no voids in the synthetic body, the corners and lettering are crisp, the plating on the bright parts looks even, the pins are all the right size and length (they’re solid, not rolled), all the screws fit and are undamaged, and the lubricant doesn’t smell like a slaughterhouse! These are all the visible indicators that a typical Chinese airgun would get wrong. The only way to tell if the barrel is any good is to shoot the gun. The way to test the powerplant is with a chronograph.

I chose two target wadcutter pellets I’ve come to trust for this test. The JSB Match Diabolo is a world-class target pellet, and the Gamo Match pellet, while less expensive, often performs just as well. I shoot 10-meter air pistol competitively, so my experience with both pellets is first-hand. I find pumping the 2004 a little hard, which is probably due to the length of the top part of the gun that’s used as a pumping lever. This is not a gun for youngsters. On the other hand, the pumping effort became smoother and somewhat lighter as the shots increased. Pumping the gun automatically sets the safety – a feature I detest but understand in today’s litigious world. There is no dry-fire feature.

The trigger-pull is slightly creepy (that means you can feel the movement of the trigger through stage two of the pull) but very nice and light at 1-1/2 lbs. The only feature that would make it nicer is an overtravel adjustment. There IS a small screw of some kind in the trigger blade but no corresponding access hole in the triggerguard for the Allen wrench to fit through, so I was unable to make any adjustments.

The front sight is a wide square post that is too wide for the rear notch. It was difficult to obtain a precise sight picture because of little light on either side of the front post. Nevertheless, I managed to group five shots inside three-tenths of an inch at 25 feet when I did my part. That answers the big question about the barrel. This one is very good! The rear sight adjusts in both directions, but the screws lack detents. Pay attention to the scribe marks around the elevation adjustment screw and the orientation of the screw slot on the windage screw to see how far you’ve gone. They move the shot group very precisely.

Marksman says this gun shoots 410 f.p.s. JSB Match Diabolo pistol pellets averaged 411 f.p.s. with a 3 f.p.s. total deviation over 10 shots. Gamo Match pellets went an average of 406 f.p.s. with a 9 f.p.s. variation for the 10-shot string. All shooting was done in 58-degree (F) weather. I’d say the 2004 is right on the money!

The Marksman 2004 pistol is a $150 value selling for less than $50! It’s that good. I cut this gun no slack because of the pistol it copies, but this one needed no apologies. If I were Weihrauch, I’d be concerned.

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Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

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  1. Matt,
    I agree with BB about the M 2000 for the most part. I have one and I have enjoyed its power and accuracy but only after correcting some initial irritating problems. The hinge pins tend to get loose and even fallout if you are not careful but you can correct that with a little Loctite or even Super Glue. The rear sight tends to creep but that also responds to Loctite.
    The major problem(s) I had was a failure of the “o” rings. The small one that seals the breech fell out and was lost. The pressure seal failed and also had to be replaced. Fortunately, all these things are fairly easy to correct if you have a little mechanical ability and a source of “o” rings.
    I’ve been shooting the gun now for several months without further problems and truly the gun is a real bargain.

  2. The Marksman 2004

    Accuracy, Price, Value – a great air pistol! I think that the trigger is simply fantastic and awesome for an inexpensive air gun. – I LOVE THIS PISTOL!!

    After doing quite a bit of research on this air pistol, I purchased my Marksman 2004 from Pyramyd at reduced price (it has minute scratch in handle). An additional 10% off during Thanksgiving Holiday online discount sale (Thanksgiving 2005).

    Minor Things:
    The hammer locking pin backs out a bit. Easily fixed with allen set screw on each side (the holes are already there) or Loctite. Elevation adjustment screw loosens (up another candidate for Loctite). These issues are frequently noted in reviews and forums.

    **Issues/Questions? (BB timed his article perfectly!)
    1. Put air gun rifle scope on and discovered a “small puff” of gas on my face when firing? I had not noticed prior since the escaping gas does not blow towards hand (coming “up” from around hammer/latch?) but does towards eye held to scope.
    There does not appear to be any movement of barrel front to back (checked by loosening screws & set plate holding barrel). Gasket is in place with no apparent damage where meets barrel when closed.
    Could this be normal?
    2. After cocking if pull back on hammer/latch top (barrel) pops up a bit? Anyone else?

    Worth Checking Out:
    A painstaking and excellent review of Weihrauch HW40 by Todd Cooper. It includes helpful tear down photos and parts diagrams which correspond to Beeman P3 and Marksman 2004:

    History if interested:
    During 1992 Richard Kazmaier Jr., president of Kazmaier Associates Inc. of Maryland, was interested in the purchase of the Beeman company. The Kazmaier company reportedly owns Bike (athletic clothing), S/R Industries (sporting and recreation equipment), and other holdings. S/R Industries, in turn, owns Marksman Products. Mr. Kazmaier was interested in adding the high-end specialty, dealer distributed products of Beeman to S/R Industries, separate from Marksman, to help provide a balance with Marksman’s economy level, mass-market products. April 1,1993 S/R Industries purchased almost all of the operations and assets of Beeman Precision Arms Inc. and the Beeman trademarks.

    I believe S/R Industries is listed on side of both the Beeman and Marksman versions.


  3. I agree totally with all that has been said. In fact, this little gun has great potential for accuracy. I mounted a rifle scope on it and put the pellet through a 1/4″ mark at 30 yards (of course I had the gun on my knee and my back braced, etc.-I’m not *that* good). For the $40 I paid at Wally world it is excellent! I had to turn the scope back in as the 3″ eye relief was not enough. It was a BSA 3-9×20, a really nice adjustable scope, and only about $30 for the scope. Unfortunately, the only handgun scope I’ve been able to find anywhere near as nice is closer to $200. The only (relatively) inexpensive handgun scopes I’ve been able to find are 2×20. 8-( Anyone have any suggestions?


  4. If you don’t mind paying $120 or so, Simmons has a nice 2-6X pistol scope. Pistol scopes don’t start out as cheap as their rifle brethren, I think it’s the eye relief.

  5. Ray,

    What a comment! I went to Todd Cooper’s report and found it superb, as promised.

    At the SHOT Show, I saw that the Beeman name is now on the pistol instead of Marksman. Apparently the company feels it will sell better that way. It may take some time for this change to be seen in stores.


  6. I agree that the M2004 is a super value. I don’t think mine was much over $30 at Walmart. It is because of its good virtues, that its short-commings seem all the more irritating. With just some minor design tweeks, it could be even better. For example, the safety should be on the right side so that with just a flick of the trigger finger, the gun is ready for shooting. The top rear of the receiver where the shooters hand pushes down while cocking should be more ergonomic so that all those sharp edges arn’t cutting into ones hand.



  7. I just purchased my Marksman last week after reading the article. It shoots great and the velocities are right in line according to my chronograph. I do have a problem though; every so often it will not discharge with a normal trigger pull. It sometimes goes off on the release of the trigger or other unexpected times (like maybe the second or third release of the trigger). This is a very unsafe condition. The problem seems more pronounced with my red dot mounted on the forward area of the rails, I have no idea why. Has anyone else experienced this? Should I send the gun back to Pyramyd or is there some adjustment or repair I can make?



  8. Just a quick and probably silly question for anyone. Is the M2004 a single shot? Does one require loading a round each time or does is hold multiple rounds?

  9. I’m itching to get one of these, but they are VERY hard to find. Pyramidair is on backorder, no retailer stocks them anywhere in the USA that I can find. The current models of Marksman being sold in stores are pathetic plastic toys compare to this gun.

    What gives?

  10. I know some of this was in the article, but…

    I am debating on whether to buy the Beeman p3 or the Marksman 2004. I have heard good reviews from both, but some say the m2004 is a cheap P3 ripoff and falls apart, and also it has a lower velocity. I want to buy an air pistol that has little maintenance, high velocity, and does not require CO2. Also the fact that the M2004 is $45 while the P3 is $189 makes you think that the P3 is better quality, but maybe the m2004 is just manufactured really cheap, but works fine.

  11. To tell the truth, the Marksman 2004, which will henceforth be called the Beeman 2004, is just as nice as the Beeman P3. In fact, Weihrauch repairs both guns in Europe!

    I know quality when I see it, and this Chinese pistol has good quality. I have heard that some of them had seal problems from the start, but if you buy from a reputable dealer, you will be spared that problem.

    Keep your gun oiled properly and it should last a long time. If it doesn’t, for some unforseen reason, you are out a lot less money.

    I often ask dealers to lend me guns to test, but I bought this one. I own a Beeman P2 and an IZH46, so I know what a high-quality single-stroke should do, and my Marksman 2004 does it all.


  12. I just got my model 2004, and on the first day one of the seals failed. I can’t believe it broke on the first day. I only fired about a dozen shots when I heard a noticeable air leak. The power fell drastically. Any repair ideas would be gratefully accepted.


  13. From what I’ve recently discovered and read, I believe that the $50 Marksman 2004 is the EXACT same pistol as the $150 Beeman P3! Had I known about the Marksman pistol and its price several years ago, I would have NEVER bought the Beeman back then. I must say that this pistol (P3)is a great shooter though… light trigger pull, no recoil, and awesome accuracy. I went out and bought a $20 3×9 BSA rifle scope (I was told by another shooter that this was a ‘cheesy’ set up, but hey, who cares) I can shoot Beeman hollow point pellets (the best shooting pellets I’ve found for this gun so far) within the same hole practically at 10 yards, and quarter inch groups out to 20 yards all day long… and I’m just an average shooter. The open front sight blade is too wide for the guns accuracy potential, as one blogger mentioned previously. I noticed only about a 1 inch point of impact difference between 10 and 20 yard distances when I sighted the scope, which for a pistol rated at only 410fps, seems pretty flat-shooting to me. I sighted my scope in for 20 yards and ‘Kentucky aim’ from there. I’ve even used this gun to cleanly dispatch several large pesty black birds at distances from 15-25 yards away, with the open sights… I guess it doesn’t take much power when you can basically decide head or center-mass shot placement. Gun is HIGHLY recommended… I just wished they made a folding, detachable butt stock for this gun… so long as it’s not sold under the Beeman name. Don’t get me wrong here, I have an R1 and a .25 Kodiak (which are awesome), I just feel I got ripped ($$) with the P3 thanks to the name game. And I could care less if it’s made in Germany or China… if it’s the same thing! Hope this helps someone.

  14. No, the Chinese Marksman 2004 isn’t the same gun, but Beeman has muddied the water so much that it might as well be! And now that the Beeman name will be on the Chinese gun in the future, the P3 might not exist much longer.

    Weihrauch is now repairing Chinese-made guns (only in Europe) to keep their own brand from being tarred with the same brush. I do believe they are looking eastward for their future, as all European companies seem to be, but there is a difference (for now) between these two guns.

    That said, the difference isn’t large.


    • if you drill a small hole (1/8″) in the barrel (pellet insertion end) and insert a tiny cylindrical neo-d magnet with super glue, your pistol becomes a BB gun. shoots pellets and bbs…. great. same accuracy as far as I can tell. faster velocity. very easy to load, just drop a bb down the barrel until the magnet catches it. eventually the bb’s will wear out the barrel….maybe after 30,000+ shots. no big deal.

      • The problem with steel BB’s is they’re imperfect, so high spots can press into and the smash lands causing a bad spot for pellets. If it hits perfectly on a land it will press it down and widen it. If in a groove it will push the edges of the lands on each side up like a snow plow. Either way you have a bad spot. Once a lead pellet hits that spot it will leak air from that point on and no doubt upset it’s aerodynamics. Many BB’s will have such a high bad spot that they will jam in the barrel. Basically cruising up to full speed then skidding or locking to a stop, and the lands take the brunt of that. Not the end of the world since it’s a cheap gun, and if you don’t care then nobody else will, but fyi to others it can cause damage. Speaking of air leakage, Steel BB’s leak the entire way down the bore. They make lead BB’s which are better in every way, it’s really just a matter of price.

    • Yes it will. I’m assuming you mean those Marksman darts with either the puffy hair like tail or the plastic tail type. They do have metal bodies so not “good” for the rifling, but I doubt it will hurt it enough to notice.
      The ones I had were from decades ago and hardened blued steel, certainly harder than the barrel. So yeah I’d be ok with using them, but maybe as a precaution I’d lightly grease or oil the barrel.

  15. i dnt kno but i was wondering…im having trouble cocking this gun because a friend let me have it and i have no idea how to cok it….can sum 1 please comment back?!?!?

  16. Poor speller,

    Cock the Marksman 2004 by first pulling back and down on the silver hammer at the rear of the slide. The upper part of the slide can now be pulled away (up) from the lower part. Swing it up and as far forward as it will go.

    Now load one pellet into the rear of the barrel with the nose going in first.

    Close the upper part of the slide by rotating it back down until it locks shut. Watch your hand when you do this, as it is easy to get it pinched between the two slide halves as they come together.

    The gun is now cocked, loaded and ready to fire. The safety went on automatically when you opened the top part of the slide, so push the silver button on the left side of the gun forward and you are ready to fire.


  17. Hey guys,

    In my opinion and experience,(I own 2 2004’s and one P3), There really is no comparison between the 2004 and the P3. The P3 blows the 2004 away! It really is worth the extra bucks to have the P3 instead. The main difference is in the trigger pull. This trigger is amazingly sweet, just about the best I have encountered (next to my Feinwerkbau) in an airgun. It really has to be experienced to be believed. Cabelas here in Texas sells them and I was allowed to test fire it there.(nice salesman!) I plunked down my cash on the spot. It put the triggers on my 2004’s in their proper place as the cheap Chinese copies that they are. Because the trigger is so excellent, I think the P3 is a perfect starter gun for anyone interested in giving target air pistol a try. All the problems you have heard about with the 2004’s are non-existent with the P3. I have a Simmons 2x pistol scope on the P3 and regularly shoot 5-shot one-hole groups at 10 meters off a rest. If you don’t believe me, get down to Cabelas and check that trigger out! I have a high regard for German craftsmanship and it really shines in the P3. I guess a decent salary and 6 weeks of vacation can make a difference in fine work; at least at Weihrauch it does.

  18. “Seals on my sample failed within first hour of ownership. Junk in my opinion.”

    As a follow up to my previous post, after returning the “Junk” Marksman 2004, I purchased a Beeman P3 because the design concept is obviously sound. Put quite simply, the P3 delivers 100% on all expectations. The trigger is very nice for a pistol in the $150 range. Accuracy is very good. The only complaint I have is that loading pellets into the breech is a bit awkward.

    Why throw away $30-40 learning the hard way that you should buy a P3 instead???

  19. Had awful seal problems with the Beeman 2004e. Had to return it 3 times to have the gun replaced as seal kept giving up within the first week!!!!
    Finally decided I’d had enough of this, Changed from the 2004e to the HW40.

    Waiting on the HW40 to arrive.
    Hopefully I’ll have better luck with it than the 2004e!

  20. Actually, Weihrauch also repairs the Chinese gun in Europe. The seals are idenical, according to Hans Weihrauch.

    I understand being angry about the low price of the 2004, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a well-made airgun. At least Weihrauch thinks so.


  21. I bought a Beeman P17 which looks identical to the Marksman 2004, Beeman P3, and Weihrauch HW40. It developed an apparent seal problem, giving low power and a funny double report when dry fired, as if the air was coming out in two pops.

    I took the pump off and removed the valve and the O-rings were fine; HOWEVER, the valve was full of emulsified oil! Cleaning it out and reassembling it made it shoot like new! I don’t recommend taking it apart unless you are very mechanically inclined like me. BTW I had never oiled it and only had 50 shots thru it. They overdo it at the factory.

    • I too have a Beeman P17. appears to be exact same gun as M2004. Was thrown in on a yellow forums trade as a freebie because it was defective. Piston seal was bad and replaced. Works great now. Very accurate and nice gun. However, if cocked and left overnight, leaks down. Valve seals are harder to replace, so what the heck? Solution? Shoot it when cocked . Velocity then is factory specs!

      • PCP4me,

        All single strokes are supposed to be shot within 5 minutes of being charged. Their seals are very soft to work as they do (both the inlet seal and the piston head) and they cannot hold air for long.

        Don’t leave one charged like that.


  22. RE: P17:
    That’s what it’s called on the “sportsman’s guide” website. The deal was too good despite the tech info I get for free on pyramydair.

    I tossed the box and can’t find the instructions right now; the gun itself is not marked with any name.

    I believe SG may buy up short runs and things like that.

    But it was just jam packed with what looked like light brown mayonnaise. I never oiled it!

  23. Okay,

    I went to Sportsmans Guide and checked it out. That gun is the Marksman 2004. Several companies asked Beeman (who also is a part of Marksman) to have the Chinese put the Beeman name on the gun, because they felt they would have better sales under that name. It’s not a short run – just a re-labeled box for the 2004.

    Since Beeman is the importer of this gun, you can call them and request a new owner’s manual. Even though the gun isn’t marked, Sportsmans Guide sells it as a Beeman, so they have to take care of it for you.

    714/890-4800 or 800/227-2744 (Orders Only)


  24. RE: P17:
    My writing was unclear. The gun says “Beeman” in electroless nickel. It doesn’t say the model. I am sure the gun is the same as the others but by “short run” I mean maybe they were planning to call it “P17” but changed their mind and dumped the few boxes they made on SG. It certainly is not some kind of custom gun. SG carries irregulars and stuff.

    I have a manual but could not find it when you requested info on the model.

    The gun is fine now but I will bear your advice in mind if it goes wrong again.

  25. BB,

    Who is angry about the price of the 2004? It sounds to me like you need to get your hands on a P3 to check out the difference for yourself. Granted, I think the 2004 is o.k. for the money (I own two of them), but it is no P3. The notion that the 2004 and the P3 are the same gun will not hold water anymore once you have actually compared them. The 2004 may be alright for the price, but the P3 is a steal.

  26. hey guys. Those who have the new P17… can you tell if there is any upgrades in the P17 from the Marksman 2004?
    Or it is just only a name on the gun what differs.

    Thanks. It has been very intersting reading.


  27. Robsalguz,

    The P17 is the same gun as the 2004. Beeman was asked to put their name on it, in hopes it would sell more guns. That information comes from Beeman.

    Marksman and Beeman are owned by the same holding company – SR Industries.


  28. The two airguns are very different. The 2004 is for target use only. The 1377 can be used for small pests and targets.

    Get the 2004 if all you want to do is shoot at paper targets. Get the 1377 if you waqnt extra power for shooting rats.


  29. First, I don’t know jack about guns, air or otherwise. I was going to get the the Beeman P17 from the Sportman’s Guide until someone said you can only shot one BB at a time!! To me that’s ludicrous. Can someone recommend a pellet pistol that allows more than one shot to be fired at a time, but also has good power similar to 410 f.p.s.?

    If you could, respond to my e-mail as I probably won’t be able to find this site again. Thanks!

  30. I bought the 2004 today and thought the name was the year it was made *shrug*

    Fantastic piece of engineering.
    Is there anything the Chinese can’t replicate and mass produce? Oh yeah, porn!

    Feel like a kid on Christmas morning all over again today, only bitch is I paid $100 for it @ Canadian Tire. And the dimwit sold me a case of 25 CO2 catridges that I later refunded.

    P.S. Hey B.B., jus wondering, do you have a girlfriend?? LOL

  31. I was thinking about getting a single shot pistol that doesn’t use CO2 for shooting mice in my garage and maybe some pigeons too. I don’t want to spend a whole lot of money on this, so I was thinking the 2004 might be a good gun for my money.
    I’ve given the Crosman 1377 some thought too, my only problem with it being that I would rather a little more compact job and I don’t really like the multi-pump part either.

  32. I don’t know what you are looking for. Accuracy? Then the Marksman 2004 is a good buy. Howeverr there are those who would advise getting a Beeman P3 instead, because it isn’t made in China.

    A Crosman 2300T is a good buy if accuracy and power are important.

    A Benjamin HB22 is a great pistol for the money. Good power and decent accuracy. Nothing wrong with the HB17, either.

    You see how difficult this is? You asked for the best air pistol under $200 and I gave you five choices. You must decide what YOU want.


  33. Hey there.

    I bought the Marksman 2004 a little while ago and it is a grand air gun. I shoot pigeons and black birds as a hobby and this gun does just the job. I had a rather large problem with the seals though. It happened pretty fast. I took it apart and I am looking to put it back together. If you could tell me if there is a diagram on the internet or something that would be very appriciated. Thank you. I also run a Diana Model 20 rifle with a 200$ rifle scope and I have never had a better gun in my life. I recommend it to anyone. Had it for years, still shoots 495 f.p.s. and straight as an arrow. Dead hit every time. Even from 100 ft. away.

    Thank you, Isaac.

  34. I just bought the last one at an online site last week for $34.95 and spent about an hour firing away with no seal or trigger problems. Its now called the “Beeman Sportsman Series P17”. I fired my buddies P1 for a couple hours a week before and can tell you that its accuracy is not consistent with the p1–at least not with me. I think the weight and the fact that I’m still sighting the gun may have something to do with it. The craftsmanship is good but the trigger is not as smooth as the P1. I can’t vouch for the p3 but have no doubt that it’s an excellent pistol. Buying the P17, howver, is a no-brainer when you consider that you’re buying something very close in accuracy to the P3 for roughly 5 times less than what some people are selling it for.

    • You can’t compare the P1 and the M2004/P17! Totally different. P1 is like 10X the price, more powerful, better made, and spring powered. The P17 is a SSP. I own both and both are equally accurate. Which means more accurate than most can shoot. The P1 is a good firearms trainer with some recoil, making hold and technique important. The P17 is recoiless, and much more forgiving.

  35. I was given a M 2004 a couple years ago by my neighbor. He had goats that roamed free, and when I complained he bought me the pellet gun and told me to shoot them in the butt and run them off! Well, anyway, this pellet pistol is very accurate. I have a lot of carpenter bees around my shop, and they will zoom around and then hover in one spot for a few seconds. They make for a very challenging target, but I have nailed quite a few of them with it. I also shoot wasps that land on the building, and spiders too.
    The only thing I don’t like about the gun is the rear sight gets loose, and I had to shim under it to sight it in. But the gun shoots great, and it was free! I have also shot a piece of metal about 1 foot by 1 1/2 foot with this gun at around 75 yards. Don’t know where I hit it, but I heard the pellet hit.

  36. Cabela’s online offers a Beeman 2006 with red dot. The description appears identical to the Beeman P17/Marksman 2004. Can anyone tell me if it is the same pistol? Anyone tried it? Have the seals improved? Thanks for your help.

  37. what type of velocity can i expect from this gun with a magnum pellet meant for hunting. im assumming if 7.6g match pellets average about 410 than a heavier hunting pellet would average maybe 375 fps, correct me if im wrong. last, im a little bit curious about the kodiak extra heavy pellets. what kind of velocity would the m2004 deliver with a kodiak extra heavy. if i took a guess id say somewhere between 300 and 340 fps. (im not looking to hunt with this air pistol, in fact i would feel terrible for the animal i shot, im just a bit curious with pellets and velocities)

  38. thanks for the quick reply as always bb, but you are missing my point a little bit. personally, i am not a hunter, just a recreational shooter. i was just curious as to what type of velocity this airgun would deliver with different pellets so i can get an idea of its power level in comparison to my crosman c11, even though this only shoots bbs. for example, what type of velocity would this gun deliver with a kodiak extra heavy, which weighs 10+ grains, correct? if you have any rough estimate, that would be greatly appreciated. thanks.

  39. how do you know if a seal is failing. i have fired about 30 rounds with this gun that i got from cabelas, and i hear what sounds like air escaping the chamber when i pull back the slide. however, it doesn’t seem like the power has dropped since it shed through 140 pages of thick paper. i really like the gun, but once i heard the air which i think i did not hear at first, im starting to get nervous. i don’t want to have to return the thing. however, some say that the seal problem is fixed which makes me feel better and also there doesn’t appear to be any drop in power. the good thing is i have a whole year to return the thing if something does happen by then.

  40. thanks alot bb. i must say, even if the seal failed (which it didn’t since it is the identical seal to the p3)the gun is amazing. same exact thing as the p3 just one hundred dollars less. why anyone would be upset with the price of this gun is beyond me. i personally am very glad i bought one – i trust your word that you know quality when you see it!

  41. I am also wondering what the deal is with the Beeman 2006???

    I saw it at Gander Mountain today for $40.

    Seems exactly like the descriptions/pictures I’ve seen of the Marksman 2004 and Beeman P17, except it includes the red dot sight…

    My other question about this series of air guns:
    How quiet are they? I’ll need something quiet enough to shoot in my apartment…

    Thanks for any info,

  42. Pull the hammer back and lift the top of the gun. Rotate the topo forward until it stops. Put a pellet in the rear of the barrel, point-first (you can use any type of pellet).

    Close the top until it locks shut. Take the safety off and shoot the gun.


  43. I purchased three of the Beeman 2004 from Sportsman’s Guide last week. They advertise it as a Beeman Sportsmans P17. One of them started to lose compression within two days. I was going to give the others as gifts, but was afraid that they might also be faulty. I then took the other two out of the plastic packaging they come in and cocked and loaded them and let them sit for several hours. They seemed to hold their charge okay. I would like to know if leaving them with compressed air is a proper way to test the seals or is it possible to damage the seals by doing so? Thanks for all the good information.

  44. You should never leave a single stroke pneumatic airgun pressurized for more than 5 minutes, according to all the owner’s manuals. They do not have an inlet valve, so the pump head serves the purpose. It is flexible and leaving it compressed can ruin it.


  45. Dear B.B.
    Thank you so much for the reply about not leaving these pistols pressurized. I gave one to my brother after his Webley Hurricane started shooting erratically.(A foot higher than before at 10 meters) He is having a ball. Does anyone know if it makes financial sense to have a 20+ year old Hurricane rebuilt and who might be able to do the work? Thanks.

  46. Dear B.B.

    Thanks again for the information about whether or not to repair the Hurricane and who may be of service. Oh, by the way I went back and reread the brief owner’s pamphlet (a sheet of folded paper) and it said “do not leave cocked if storing for long periods of time.” So, you can see how confusion on this matter might arise. Thanks for the warning on not keeping this gun pressurized.

  47. Dear B.B.

    I am very tempted to purchase the marksman/beeman 2004e, but prior to purchasing the gun, what kind of maintenance procedures should i be aware of? I know with a one stroke puematic gun requires different maintenance steps than a spring and co2 gun. Thanks in advance.


  48. hello everyone i was wondering since i read a few lines above i see it is not recommended that you use BOLTS OR DARTS for this gun so can anyone recommend to me the best gun to use for a bolt set that i use in my gameroom?? I WOULD PREFER A GUN THAT DOES NOT USE CO2 BUT DOES PACK ENOUGH POWER TO GET ACROOS THE ROOM WITHOUT TEARING UP THE CORK BACKING THAT I USE

  49. You need a smoothbore air pistol. At one time they were plentiful, but today, Marksman and Webley are the only companys who make them. Look at the Shootin’ Darts II. he Wenbley Singer is not in stock currently, but it’s the other one to look at.


  50. hi! i recently bought a marksman 2004 air pistol. i just want to know what type of scope mount(red dot)can i use for this gun? is it dovetail? is it weaver? please advise.


  52. Bill,

    I do not know the loudness of the Beeman P17, but I suspect it is quieter than the 15XT, because that is a CO2 gun.

    The 747 is probably below 94 decibels.

    That’s measured on the A scale of an impulse tester 10 feet to the side of the muzzle.


  53. Thank you for the quick response B.B. You are my major source of info on airguns and I consider you to be a very valuable resource. I ordered my P17 from a Canadian affiliate of Pyramydair and expect to receive it next Tuesday. I am guessing that the P17 would be around 97dB which would make it half the perceived loudness of my 15xt which should do for my needs. By the way, I started shooting my 15xt through a tunnel as you suggested in an earlier article and I find it really does help. But it is not really convenient and I look forward to a pistol I can shoot freely in my apartment.

  54. I dryfire my pistols perhaps more than I actually shoot them and have read that the Beeman P17 is safe to cock and discharge without a pellet because it has no mainspring. Is this true? can I dryfire to my heart’s content without risking damaging my new gun?

  55. wow! this was a great read. I thought that my next gun would be the 747, but I’m going to buy the Marksman 2004 (it’s a good deal at my local daeler).
    Thanks for all the great info BB (your patience is astounding 😉

  56. I am looking to purchase an inexpensive yet robust-quality BB or Pellet airgun with high muzzle velocity and decent accuracy. In addition to the Crosman 1377c and the Marksman 2004 what other air pistol models would you recommend?

  57. does this gun have rifling – I’m wondering if i can fire round lead pellets, but i highly doubt it if it has a rifled barrel – esp. since this is a target pistol. but what the heck, worth the chance of asking.

  58. How loud is this gun on a 1 2 3 4 and 5 point scale because… well… it does not say even though there is a review can you please answer because i am woundering if it is quiet enough for an indoor shooting

  59. Hi, I got my Beeman P17 Model 2006 from Cabelas in PA with red dot scope for $40. I worked great without the scope (had problems to adjust it, so I took it off) for about 400 shoots. Than suddenly after 7-8 sessions in course of 10 days, I started hearing air hissing out when I put the barrel back. The hissing sound lasts for 10 seconds. If I fire it instantly after loading it, I get different pop sound than if I wait fir the hissing sound to stop. I believe that also the power got decreased.
    Is this seal problem? I don’t know what to do since I don’t know where I put my receipt.

  60. Pajo,

    Of course this is a seal problem. You have diagnosed it correctly.

    Here is something you may try. Put a drop of CROSMAN PELLGUNOIL (nothing else) on the hole in the air cylinder. It’s on the bottom of the cylinder as you open the gun. Put the drop there before the cylinder opens to accept air. You can hear when this happens at the end of the opening stroke.

    The oil will be sucked into the compression chamber and hopefully get on the seals inside to lubricate them. That may stop your leak.

    I would do this three times in a row, just to be sure.


  61. Pajo,
    I bought the Beeman P17 2006 from Cabelas in PA as well and after shooting about 2 or three dozen pellets I started getting the same hissing sound. I thought “Oh great, the seal is bad already?!?” and I live 6 hours away from Cabelas (was visiting the in-laws). Fortunately, I dry fired the gun about three times and it sealed up again and has been fine since. It may have had some foreign matter get into the chamber that prevented a good seal.


  62. These two guns are so identical that Weihrauch (the maker of the Beeman P3/HW40) repairs the P17/2004 in Europe.

    Beyond that the difference gets down to formulas for plastics and dimensions that don’t really affect the funtion of the gun.


  63. I bought a Beeman P17 last earlier this month and have put around 500 rounds through it thus far. I had been using the open sights and found the accuracy amazingly accurate (by my standards), grouping under a dime, but I did have to use RWS pellets. Cheap pellets just don’t seem to group very well, i.e. Crossman and Daisy. A couple of days ago I bought a red dot sight and sighted it in. The results, again, are amazingly accurate. I paid about $40 for the pistol and about the same for the red dot sight. I hope I don’t encounter any “sealing” problems as mentioned above. I’m considering buying two or three more of these air pistols because they seem so nice. The only other pistol that I can compare my P17 to is my Walther Nighthawk (which is co2 operated, and has the flashlight, red dot sight, and compensator muzzle). I much prefer the trigger pull on the P17 over the Walther. My P17 requires very little pressure and movement to fire, where as, the Walther requires allot of movement and I can’t tell when it’ll fire. The P17 fits the bill for me.. I can send pictures of my results, just email me at markbandy@clearwire.net if you’re interested.


  64. Hi B.B.

    The above comments were my first ever on any forums because I’m puter illiterate.

    It does sound like you’re quite knowledgable about air guns. Do you have an email address?


  65. B.B.,

    I understand about not having an email account. No worries.

    Do you know of any other brands of pneumatic pellet pistols that I can research? I’m mainly interested in single pump types of pistols.


  66. Mark,

    Take a look at the HW 75. It’s a good medium-priced gun that shoots like a 10 meter pistol. Don’t overlook the Gamo Compact and thw IZH 46M, either. They are two budget-priced 10 meter target pistols. The 46M shoots at 500 f.p.s.


  67. Thank you B.B. for the recommendations of other pneumatic pellet pistols. I will look for info about them.

    I have another question/s regarding the Beeman P17. Where can I obtain spare parts? And is an assembly/disasembly manual available for the P17; if so, where do I look for it?

    Shortly after my 1st post, my P17 loss all power. To make a rather long story short I was able to locate the problem and repair the problem. Turns out the compression “o-ring” stopped functioning (this happened after I put a couple drops of oil in the compression chamber). I ended up “shimming” the compression o-ring with dental floss and low and behold full power was restored.

    Incedentailly, while my P17 was non-operational, I ordered 3 more P17’s. My plans are to prepare each one with a different type of sighting system for shooting in all types of lighting conditions. I have found that my red dot sight is just about worthless in bright daylight; therefore, open sights (which is what I really prefer) would be ideal for day time target practice. Perhaps I’ll try a pistol scope on one of the P17’s.

    The other day, just for fun, I brought out my Walther Nighthawk and put several rounds of pellets through it. I found it that I got to the point where I could shoot it about as accurately as my P17, but much quicker because it is a CO2 operated pistol. Additionally, I can shoot the Walther day or night because the red dot sight paints the target well during the day and the mounted flashlight works at night.

    I wonder if I can mount a flashlight on one of my P17’s? LOL


  68. An update to my previous post about my leaking Beeman 2006 (P17). It had started working again intermittently but now after about 100 shots it is dead! Won’t cock at all, feels like the mechanism to cock it is slipping. What a pain! It’ll cost $8 to ship it to Beeman and then there is no saying it won’t develop another issue after this one’s repaired. $8 each time it breaks inside the year warranty will really add up. Idon’t think I want to dump money into this thing. Buyer beware.


  69. i was real happy with mine until today, after cocking it, flip safety off, then peeewwooooof. It leaks now, if i dont shoot after 4 seconds, air is gone. BB, can i buy new seals for this? own this less than a month!

  70. hi, i have a beeman 2004, sounds like the same problem as the last fella, after about 50 shots or more it lost all pressure when firing. Feels like its pressurizing when cocking but nothing. You mentioned “Pellgunoil”, will this work for mine? How much should i put in? And where should i put in?
    Any help would be great as when this pistol did work it was great.
    Cheers Luke

  71. Luke,

    On the 2004 You can do 2 things. Smear some Beeman M-2-M grease around the end of the pump piston and let it get spread into the compression tube by the action of the piston. You can see the piston move in and out when you open the gun all the way, then flex the topstrap/lever back and forth, as if you were about to pump the gun.

    There is an air inlet hole under the compression cylinder. Put a drop of Pellgunoil on this hole (holding the gun upside-down, so it doesn’t run off) and open the gun all the way. The suction will suck it into the compression chamber.


  72. Hi all,1 week into owning my Beeman p17 pistol and i am really loving it!For the first 2 nights i slept with it by my bed so i could feel safe,when i first purchased it i ripped it out of the package in the parking lot and immediately started inspecting it…so so cool,when i got home i set up my Beeman pellet trap in my bedroom and began firing different pellets through it,and wow this ones a keeper!I noticed that the aluminum piston was starting to wear in after about 15 shots so i took it apart and polished the aluminum piston with 000 steel wool after removing the o-ring.after i polished the piston with eagle one aluminum nano polish and re installed the o ring on the piston.I noticed there was a chip inside the steel cylinder tube from the boring process…oh darn!I gently sanded the chip with 1500 grit sandpaper so it could not damage anything further!I also cleaned out the steel cylinder tube with brake cleaner fluid to remove the nasty old factory lithium grease(which was overlubed).I assembled it again with a light lube of white lithium and fired about 50 shots then a couple drops of my special oil,now it has over 300 shots through it and the piston is seated nicely,i would like to burnish and polish the compression tube with m2m paste in the future once i buy some.Today i drilled and tapped 2 holes underneath the muzzle compensator area as i will be fabricating a muzzle brake(not a silencer)into the 10mm muzzle opening.Maybe ill do some trigger work in the future,if this is still working good in a few weeks i will repost any new mods.
    GREAT GUN but i was wondering if the Breeman P3 uses pot metal on the inner parts like the p17 does,I noticed there is alot of pot metal inside that may polish up very nicely to a high shine,Also the metal around the inside of the breech seal which appears to be pot metal or cast aluminum was shaving from when the barrel was closing,it has worn in and no longer does thid though.
    Might buy another one of these.Yes i have a bad habit of taking my guns apart when new.

  73. Oh its me again..that was 0000 steel wool i used(super fine)and the 2 muzzle holes i drilled and tapped was for “set screws’ to hold my soon to be newly fabricated….ahem”compensator”

  74. Hi, Im totaly new to airgun and I always wanted one. I just ordered a marksman 2004 which seemed like the right choice to start(I havent received it yet.)But Ive been reading about all these air leaking problem and my question is, is there anyway to get in the gun and replace anything to fix it(like changing a seal) or is the gunoil drop the only solution. I will receive it soon and Ill post about my experience soon. Another question I have is: is there any single-stroke airgun that is easy to maintenance in case of a problem.

    Thank for you time,


  75. Hey Its me again I was wondering if there was any sight that does not require batteries. Correct me if Im wrong but I think that scopes are the only optic devices that dont require batteries but they are way to long to put on a M2004 in my opinion. I would like something kinda like red dot, size wise but I dont want to have to change bateries.

  76. David,

    My advice is to just shoot the gun and don’t believe anything you see on the internet about it. People are tearing these guns apart then privately asking for schematics to put them back together. Just enjoy your airgun.

    As far as a no-battery optical sight, what you want is called a ghost ring sight. It’s a red dot without batteries. Unfortunately they aren’t made to fit airguns.


  77. Easy leak fix!
    Mine leaked after 100 shots from a tear in the piston o-ring. The inlet hole wasn’t deburred which would nick the main piston o-ring leading to severe leaking.
    BUT the o-ring is really easy to replace and the hole can be deburred to fix the problem yourself.
    I even just rolled the notch in the o-ring into the groove and that worked for a while until the inlet hole took another bite out of my o-ring. I removed the piston and used a tiny file to smooth the edges of the inlet hole and clean out all the goopy grease in the barrel. Then I made another o-ring by cutting a larger o-ring down and super gluing the ends together. Doesn’t sound like it should work but it’s been holding up until I can get the right size o-ring from McMaster-Carr.

    You can follow these instructions for replacing the o-ring:
    Piston seal removal instructions:

    1 – Open pistol.

    2 – Loosen the 2.0mm allen screw located at the top of the piston rod (on end).

    3 – Push out pivot pin for piston/pump rod. It will tap out easily.

    4 – Slide piston out of chamber. A slight pull will do it.

    Now carefully look for a nick in the o-ring. Mine was huge and obviously from the inlet hole. If you see a nick or cut or even if you don’t but have leaking, proceed and report back here!

    5 – Remove o-ring located on end of piston body.

    6 – Clean out o-ring groove with cotton swab.

    7 – Apply Pellgunoil oil to o-ring and apply a drop into groove.

    8 – Put o-ring back on piston body.

    9 – Clean out compression chamber with a soft cloth or paper towel.

    10 – Smear two drops of Pellgunoil on metal piston body.

    11 – Re-assemble pistol.

    More info here: http://my.tbaytel.net/coopers/HW40Review/

    Thanks BB and everyone else for such great info and I hope this helps!

  78. Did the beeman m2m on the piston and that really helps!every now and then i wipe the excess off with a clean rag as it accumulates after pumping,500 shots and going great,i did lube as soon as i bought it though so maybe that helped as the factory lube was to much applied.
    Bought the RWS ultimate airgun pellet assortment kit to try various different pellets for accuracy,the superdomes were doing great at 20 feet,i was getting 3 out of five within the ten ring on my beeman 5 1/2 by 5 1/2 portable pellet trap,but when i moved back out to 25 feet the groups from the superdomes opened up ,i think ill stick with my lead only daisy wadcutters for the time being till i find different lead pellets to test,gun seems to like the lead pelletes better,i will keep the rws pellets for my high powered rifle.seen a weirauch hw40 that had a front fiber optic sight insert in red in it,do the hw40’s come factory like this?was thinking of inserting one in mine but i like to stick the pistol in my jeans pocket and wouldn’t want to wreck the integrity of the front sight as it requires some filing and drilling.
    This seems to be a great pistol to mod!
    thats my rant…

  79. Rob Bob,

    The gun is not more accurate than the sights allow, however, it may be more accurate than you are currently able to shoot with open sights.

    Your best bet is a holographic type of dot sight that fits an 11mm rail. Get the shortest one you can find.


  80. Easier leak FIX!

    B.B. – THANKS again!
    Ok so I advised removing the burs from the air inlet hole before but I think I found a better and easier fix!
    If your gun leaks, please follow my instructions above to remove the o-ring and let us all know if you find a notch in the o-ring.
    Then simply replace the original o-ring with a smaller width 020 o-ring (1/16″ width 7/8″ x 1″). I tried this with another new and leaky pistol without any work to the air inlet and, though this o-ring is not really the right size (019 might be better) it has been working perfectly for 200+ shots so far. It also has the benefit of pumping a little easier too.

    I think what is happening is that the o-ring groove is way too tight side to side which causes the o-ring to extrude out the air inlet hole which then shears off a bit of o-ring.

    I think I should post something in the Beeman reviews so those folks know there is a simple fix for this otherwise wonderful pistol.
    I bought 2 of these guns and one leaked after 50 shots and the other leaked on it’s 5th pump!

    I wanted to get some time on the fix before I recommended something but with the smaller o-ring even if it has to be replaced now and then it’s an easy fix for an otherwise great gun.

    I don’t know if all the leaks are due to the notched o-ring so please let us all know here if that’s what you found.

  81. I bought a Beeman P17 a lil while ago. I accidentally left it pressurized, it fired weak on the first few shots after than but now it seems to fire just as good as when I bought it. Granted, I’ve only shot it a handful of times. Would there be any way to mount a silencer on this gun, just for the look of it? Would one be able to make one himself, functional or not?
    I hope I don’t have to replace the o rings but it shouldn’t be a problem.

  82. ^ same guy as above, I also bought a laser sight which I cannot get aimed right.. Althought I can wack a pop can easily with the guns sights, I dunno why I bought the laser. I spent hours trying to sight in this laser sight I bought at canadian tire. plus it looks ugly on the gun too..

  83. Silencer,

    Your pistol already has a face compensator. Those slots on top of the front of the slide are supposed to be a compensator. Guns with compensators cannot also have silencers. It’s like asking for a quiet explosion. Compensators make the gun louder by exhausting the gas upwards to counter muzzle rise during recoil.

    Your pistol has the ability to hit a nickel every time from 25 feet. Why not practice on that instead of trying to turn it into something it’s not?


  84. Hia BB and Beeman P17 Fans,

    Well, I just had to try a Beeman P17 for my self. The opertunity arrived when out shopping in PA with my dad. The P17’s where calling me with there seductive price of $39.00 with red dot sight. My dad offered to buy himself the pistol and leave it at my house. What a deal. Being armed with all our blog information, I knew what to expect, and figured it can’t be all that bad.

    Well lets start by saying the gun is a pleasure to shoot and it shoots incredibly well at that. Dad and I went through 50+ rounds of Crosman premier target. Velocity went from a 376 FPS low to a 383 FPS high while setteling into groups less then 1/4″at 5 meters in my indoor garage range. We were both impressed, and he left that afternoon with a smile.

    I had to keep shooting, 20 rounds later I here a gulp of air rush into the breech hole upon the opening stroke, and a blast of air lets loose from the breech while closing. The problem arrived like it was programed to destruct “at that time” according to a lot the reviews I read.

    I had no problems taking the gun apart thanks to its German design. I cleaned mounds of greese that looked more like green vasoline from inside the compression chamber and inside the valve. I relubed with pell-gun oil and reassembled and shot about another 25+ rounds and the problem came back. I know all of the seals lookd very good, but its acting like the valve is staying open during the cocking stroke. After studying the trigger assembyly for about an hour or so, I found that the sear was not engaging. The inner rod that hangs down from the back of the valve/receiver tube was not contacting the sear to push it into position. So I removed the sear, hammer and lever, polished them with my Dremal, reassembled, and needed to slightly bend that inner rod towards the right, so it will engage the sear during cocking. As it turned out this was the problem. And the problem returned another 20+ shots later. This time it was a quick fix, just pulled off the right grip tweek the inner rod a little more with a small flat blade screwdriver, and I was back to shooting.

    Well last night I shot another 100+ rounds with no problems at all.

    I tested 11 diffrent pellets for muzzel velocity and accuracy at 5 meters with red dot sight.

    The stand outs:
    Crosman Premier Light = 382 FPS .073 ctc
    Beeman Kodiak = 332 FPS .123 ctc
    HN Baracuda Match = same as above
    Beeman Laser = 379 FPS .223
    Crosman Silver Eagle = 440 FPS 2.25″ ctc (wow that was bad)
    All other pellets worked well with groups around .275 – .350 ctc

    My opinion is the gun is worth the $40. If you are handy at tinkering and can get past the few problems they might have. The accuracy is by far better then any CO2 pistol I have, and its not affected by shooting in the cold.

    This gun can and does shoot well.

    Joe G in Jersey

  85. I have to agree that this gun is worth the $40.00 spent. It is WELL worth it in fact.. I was able to purchase one for the same $39.95 price, and with the red dot scope included. The scope is identical to the Crosman 290 model that goes for $15.00 so you actually get the gun itself for about $25.00!! Wow! now THAT is REALLY a deal!
    I have a Crosman 290 and see no difference at all. The knobs are not loose as some have complained about either. It works just fine.

    My Beeman P17 did the WOOOSH! on the 3rd shot, but on none of the following shots and is going strong now after over 100 more.
    If it ever does exhibit any of the problems that have been attributed to it (mostly o-ring failure), it will be easy to fix referring to all of the emails about the O-rings, the site on the Weihrauch HW40 breakdown at http://my.tbaytel.net/coopers/HW40Review/ and the tip above on the sear adjustment, etc.
    I am quite happy with it and I have started a little project involving modifying the included red dot site to improve it. (I like to tinker with “improving” stuff) This is a project that I hope to share with all of you once completed. This will take a bit of time as I keep finding new ways of accomplishing my goal the more I tinker with it. The steps should end up being easy enough for most of you to undertake, using off the shelf hardware store and Radio Shack parts, common tools, and will be very affordable (read “cheap”)
    I have only been airgunning for a few months since obtaining a Crosman 1088 for Christmas 2007 from my son-in-law and daughter. I have set up a range in the basement that gives me nearly 30ft of range and I’ve been zapping holes in paper targets and empty soda cans ever since. I guess I’ve been bitten by the Airgun Bug!!
    A lot of indoor Minnesota winter season fun and no danger of putting holes in the wall like my Marlin 30-30 lever action would do!! (Grin)

    So, don’t hesitate to buy one of these, they are a lot of fun!

    can’t login with my Google id/password, so logging in as “anonymous” I will figure the problem out later, (remember my password that is….)


  86. B.B.,

    Thanks for the Pellgunoil advice for the pressure seal on the Beeman P17. Unfortunately I had already sent it back to Beeman. They sent me a new one, it had the same problem! I sent it back as well and just received another new one last week. I have put a couple hundred pellets through this one, seems to be a keeper. Reliability problems aside, $40 for a gun that shoots like this is a ridiculous buy IMHO. Amazingly accurate, and I am in love with the trigger. One year warranty, I plan to shoot the heck out of it until then (and hopefully long after). I will try the Pellgunoil trick if I have any more problems. I love this gun! I will be investing in another one very soon!

    Thanks for all the helpful information B.B.! It is sincerely appreciated!

  87. I am kind of new to pellet gun shooting, so I was surprised by how different pellets shoot through the Beeman P17. I bought a bunch of cheap Daisy & Crossman pellets to break it in, and some Gamo ‘Power Pellets’ – the only Gamo pellets the local WalMart stocks – over $5 for a hundred! I get dime accuracy with Daisy & Crossman but the Gamo’s are all over the place. Supposedly they have 25% more velocity, maybe that has something to do with it. Oddly the cardboard backing says ‘Gamo Power Pellets’ but the little plastic things they come in say ‘Gamo Raptor’. It’ll be interesting to see how the Gamo Match wadcutters I ordered shoot….These guns are incredibly fun, I don’t think I’ve had this much fun since I was a kid. Forget the negative things people say, for $40 & a one year warranty how can you go wrong?

    Thanks again B.B.

  88. Okay, so i have been reading the things everyone has been saying and it seems like the 2004 is a good gun. I just want to clear up everything in my head even though im pretty sure about what i will be asking.

    So, the beeman p17 is the same as the 2004? There is no difference but with the prices? So they load the same, take the same ammo and everything right?

    Also, in a couple of the reviews the have some minor problems and many look the same and i was wondering if those problems are fixed?

    I am very interested in the gun so anyone who can answer my questions please do so, thanks.


  89. Jon,

    The two guns are identical except for the name.

    The reviews you refer to are individual customer reviews, and you have to remember that no all shooters have the same level of experience or skill. The P17 is extremely accurate and relatively easy to pump, but a new shooter might not know that, nor could he be expected to shoot as accurately as an experienced shooter.

    There have been no changes to the gun, so what you will buy is exactly what you have read about.


  90. Hey bb,

    I was just wondering about the p3. Is it exactly the same as the 2004 but just made better? Does it still have the same little problems as the 2004 or no? And reloading wise does the p3 have that auto-lock as well? Let me know im now interested in the p3 becuase i figured if i was going to buy a gun i should buy a better one.

    Oh and I know your going to say the price range is way different so if you have any suggestions about a gun less than $200 that is like the p3 please let me know too.

    And im looking for a target gun but powerful enough to kill maybe like a pidgeon or something but one under $200 and the p3 looked like the best choice but if you have any other suggestions let me know. thanks

  91. John,

    The P3 appears to be identical to the B17. In Europe, Weihrauch even repairs the 2004/B17, because everyone things they make it.

    I don’t think these guns are powerful enough for game of any kind larger than a mouse. If you want to shoot game, look at a 1377 or a 2240. The 1377 is pneumatic and the 2240 is CO2. Neither has a trigger as nice as the B17, but both are approximately as accurate.


  92. I bought the Beeman P17 one week ago. I am very excited about the accuracy and the trigger. Mine chronos at 408fps with Predator and at 400 with Gamo Match. Great! After 150 shots or so I heard the famous hissing sound! What a bummer! I took the compression chamber O-ring out! It had a nick, great I thought I found the problem! After replacing with a new one I still had the same problem. So I took the right grip cover off! There you could see a lot of wear at the valve assy. I lubed everything and put it back together. Worked!
    In my opinion the valve got stuck so after cocking and waiting for a few seconds the gun would leak. Air was coming out of the barrel, so I figured it can not be the O-ring. Also if it was the O-ring it would have leaked cocking the gun right away. By the way, the repair was very easy (15min) given all the information in this forum. Bottom line: Great gun for the money, but if you can, get the P3 made in Germany! Quality costs money. Next thing you do is buying a Chinese car! I will get the Weihrauch HW40 PCP as soon as I can!

  93. The P17 must be the same as the Marksman 2004. A couple of months ago, I ordered a Marksman 2004. When I got the gun, the plastic package said “Beeman model 2004” and the gun itself says Beeman P17.

    I’ve been very happy with the gun so far. It shoots well and accurately. I bought it for my 7 year old son to shoot in tetrathlon (riding, running, shooting, swimming) as an alternative to the club’s P3. After adjusting the sights to correct his low shots, he has become a very accurate shooter for a little kid. It also helps that this gun is relatively lightweight. He is not able to cock it, but that’s okay because Pony Club requires the little kids to have a loader anyway.

  94. Susan,

    Yes, the Beeman P17 used to be called the Marksman 2004. They are both copies of the Weihrauch HW 40 PCA, which is sold by Beeman as their P3.

    Apparently Beeman was going to call the gun the Beeman 2004, and changed their minds after the packaging was finalized.

    I would never have thought to use this gun for Pony Club competition, but hearing that the guns are cocked and loaded for the competitors makes this one a great choice.


  95. I just bought a P17 and the first couple of shots I was very impressed with the crisp triggerpull and its precision. But now it won’t always fire. Sometimes i have to slap (not gently press) the trigger multiple times to get the shot going. What could be the problem, and it is fixable? I’d rather not return it since I bought it online, and the shippingcost would be almost the same as a new gun..
    Thank you.

  96. Goran,

    Well, the sear is not disengaging. That’s not a common problem with this gun. It sounds like a lubrication problem – like the gun has been over-lubricated. These engineering plastic guns can’t stand excess lube.

    Raise the topstrap as if to cock the pistol, but only far enough to hear the trigger set. It’s a loud click The moment you raise the topstrap the automatic safety should have set. If it didn’t, that’s a clue to the problem. Now, with the topstrap about 4 inches up in back, look at the trigger/sear mechanism. Is it heavily greased? If so, that where the problem is. A spritz or two of WD-40 on the mechanism should dissolve enough of the grease to get it setting correctly again.


  97. Thank you for the quick reply B.B.
    The safety sets without any problem when I raise the topstrap, but the trigger mechanism is indeed heavily greased. I will get some WD-40 and se if it does the trick. Thanks again.


  98. After cleaning the trigger/sear mechanism with wd-40 it started shooting every time I slapped/jerked the trigger, but as soon as I pressed it slow it still would not fire. So I opened up the grip, poked around a little to make sure everything was in place then gave it a blow with the wd-40 and now it’s like new again!
    I really like this gun now. Thanks for the tip!

  99. Hi, I want to know what product i can use to clean the exterior of the beeman p17. The manual says: “to prevent rust, the exterior surfaces should be wiped down with a silicone cloth…”. Also in other blogs someone sugest to use beeman mp5 oil. The exterior is made of some synthetic plastic, so is necessary to use oil? is enought to use a cloth and water?

  100. Hi, I have a can of “break-free CLP” spray. I know it is used to lubricate firearms. I want to know if it can be used to lubricate the pivot points and pins in the beeman p17? it will harm the plastic or the o-ring?

    Thank you B.B., great blog.

  101. I replaced the o-ring and seem to have a good seal. My P-17 is loosing air through the barrel. I sprayed WD-40 around the trigger area as suggested but it still leaks. Any suggestions?



  102. Greg,

    I don’t know what you are referring to. I answer 50-100 comments every day, and you must have made the original to this one weeks ago.

    If your pistol is leaking, did you check the O-ring inside the compression chamber? There are several o-rings in the gun and you don’t specify which one you checked.

    And o-ring can also have microscopic perforations that expand under pressure, so it’s best to replace them when there is a leak.

    If the o-ring isn’t the problem, the exhaust valve is the leaker. The valve surface should be cleaned and examined under a loope, and resurfasced in a lathe if there are scratches.

    If this is too much, here is a good repair station, if your gun is out of warranty. If it’s still in warranty, send it to the dealer.


  103. Marksman 2004/Beeman P17
    DO NOT BUY!!!
    Junk! Garbage! Trash!
    Now don’t get me wrong,. I’m not one of those grumpy old men who thinks that everything is junk. There are still some real airgun values out there such as the Crosman 1377 and 2240. However, the Marksman 2004 also known as the Beeman P17 or the Beeman 2006 is a junk gun that works for about 10 minutes then starts leaking air from various places. How do I know? I tried several of them from several different stores and the end result is always the same>>>JUNK! I really wanted to own one of these that worked properly. The amount of time effort and money I have spent trying to get one that actually worked for more than 10 minutes has been incredibly exhausting. At this point, I have given up!! How dare SR Insutries who owns Marksman and now the Beeman name put the Beeman name is this junk!. Robert Beeman who stared Beeman airguns was a guy that loved airguns and cared about the quality and his customers. Later in life (I suppose to have some finances for his retirement) he sold his trademarked name BEEMAN to SR Industries who owns Marksman airguns. Now that SR Industries owns the Beeman name, they put the Beeman name on junk guns made in CHINA because they figure when people see the Beeman name that it must be a good gun. What they have done is ruin the Beeman reputation that Robert Beeman worked so hard for decades to establish.

    In conclusion, Run, don’t walk away from this gun. SR Industries should hang their head in shame for how much time, effort and money unsuspecting consumers have wasted on this lovely piece of garbage. If nothing else, I hope all of you have learned some valuable history about the Beeman name.

  104. Im totaly in accord with last comment from “Anonymous said… “
    the Marksman 2004 had fail me in every way, looks good , but verry bad quality, it leaks from every where bad choice , For the same price (110$cdn) bought the 2240 .22 crossman which is way more effective and reliable.

  105. This is mi experience with my P17.

    Fired around 1500 pellets and then started to leak. The culprit seems the o-ring, wich have a small cut. Tried to replace it various times but always the replacement was damaged with the inlet hole, until i put less oil in the groove and seated the o-ring firmly in the groove.

    But the leaking persisted. Examined the o-ring and it seems good. I suspect is something with the trigger, so i open the right side of the grip ( dont remove the left screw, it hold one big spring ) Moved some things inside and try to understand how it work. Failed miserably. (don’t know if is secure to cock the pistol and dry fire it while the right side of the grip is removed. Some things in the trigger may fly apart?)

    After some time moving things inside the trigger i close the grip and tried dry firing it. Now the leaking is worse, there are virtually no resistence when cocking the pistol. I open again the grip and tried moving the only thing i dont touch the first time i open the grip: the nut in the valve bolt. I think if there are a leak i must tighten the nut, so i turn it clockwise a little.

    Now the pistol is still working after firing 250 pellets.

    Hope this long blablabla help someone.

    P.S. This is my first airgun so no much experience, but anyway i think this pistol is very precise. I have a severe myopia but can shot the pellets in the 10 mts pistol target dark rings 80% of the time.

  106. I know you posted over a year ago, but I found this blog and need to ask a question about the Marksman 2004.
    One of my boys just found this gun in our garage and I don’t remember having it. We can’t figure out how to load the bullets. Maybe it’s old and needs to be oiled, but can you tell me? Thanks!

  107. hey everyone..i have a question in relationship with marksman, but not the 2004 pistol, it’s about the marksman rifles. 1) are they worth the $30 – $40 for bb guns? and 2) the spring pump action, does that mean that all 4 guns cock like a shotgun? ok, thanks!

  108. Whether a BB gun is worth $40 is something only you can decide. The Marksman guns you refer to are made of plastic and might turn off traditional shooters.

    As for pump-action, that was around long before shotguns first used it in 1887. The pump action is very old. And yes, it means the gun is cocked and loaded by working a sliding forearm, just like an 1890 Winchester pump-action .22 rifle


  109. Hi BB!

    Great blog … packed with interesting information!

    I am totally new to air gunning, though I have been shooting centerfire pistols, rifles and shotguns for most of my life.

    I purchased a Beeman p17 in the Bargain Cave at Cabela’s. It was $20 out the door. This is one of those buy at own risk/no returns type deals. So, I took a chance at that price. When I got the pistol home, it was awesome! It shot very well and seemed to have some power too. I was amazed at its accuracy for an air pistol. About 250 shots through it, though and I have been experiencing some problems.

    When I load a pellet and go pull the trigger, their is a very muffled pop and the pellet stays in the barrel, just as it was when I loaded it. I can only get it to fire out the muzzle when I push the pellet further down the barrel with an allen wrench … kinda give it a head start. What might be causing this?

    Also, the gun seems to vary in effort needed to cock it now. Sometimes it is as difficult as the first time, other times it takes little effort. Regardless of how much effort it takes to pump, it still won’t shoot a pellet unless I give it a “head start”.I don’t know if this is a related problem or not, but I though I would include it.

    Again, being new to airguns, I am not familiar with where to get replacement O-rings or the Pellguniol that seem handy to have. Can you advise me on this?

    Thank you for any help you may give me on these issues. I really like the pistol, but, want that performance back. I am not one who is scared to pull something apart to fix an issue, I just don’t have much of a grasp on these pellet guns. Thanks again!!


  110. Jason,

    You are asking questions but don’t seem to have the background to use the answers. Perhaps what you need is a step by step set of instructions on how to repair your pistol. I believe those are given in this comments section. Have you read it all?

    McMasters-Carr is the place for o-rings of different sizes. But I would guess that you would do better by getting the gun fixed. You paid very little for it but are now in the position of what happens when it breaks.

    You need to find a way to fix it.

    Maybe you can suggest this problem to our readers on the current blog and perhaps one of them will write a guest blog of what to do.

    Or you can send the gun to this place:


  111. Thanks, B.B.!

    Sorry for my ignorance. I did read the awesome, detailed instructions for the repair of the p17, but wasn’t sure if my problem delt with a faulty seal or not.

    I went ahead and posted my query on the current blog.

    One other question I have is (and forgive me if this is common sense) do air gun barrels need to be cleaned regularly? I was wondering if fouling from let may be causing the pellet to stick in the breach keeping it from firing. If cleaning is essential, what do I need to perform routine cleaning and where can I find it?

    Thanks again so much for you help, B.B.!


  112. Jason,

    Welcome to the world of airguns. You’ve found a great site! Lot of great information here and a lot of friendly people into airguns like you that are willing to share their knowledge. There is a search function on the right side of this site that will allow you access to enormous amounts of achived topic and comments on the topics. If you can’t find your answer doing a search please join the current/active blog here:


    Here’s a link that is linked to other links that will answer your question about cleaning airgun barrels:


    Hope this helps.


  113. Jason,

    It is rarely necessary to clean the barrel of an airgun — especially one that shoots at low velocity like this one. I have guns with over 10,000 shots through them that have never been cleaned.

    You basically clean only when the gun starts shooting with noticeably less accuracy.


  114. Frankly I don’t know. Mine never malfunctioned. But you can probably get that O-ring for about 50 cents and it takes about 5 minutes to install – so it seems you might wanna give it a try and see if that fixes your problem.

    When I saw your original post I popped mine apart to see what size O-ring it took. I matched it up with one out of an assortment and put it back together with that one. Works perfectly.

  115. The number of failures reported here for this gun is astonishing. More than one person who returned theirs even reports their second gun failed! The percentage of lemons for the Beeman P17 must be quite high. Maybe it’s actually a $120 gun? Buy 3 and hope one works? Maybe Beeman should sell them in 3-packs.

    I wish I’d read this thread before buying this lemon. Mine failed after 150 or so shots. Not the leaky-seal problem most are reporting, however. My P17 won’t release the compressed air in the chamber when I pull the trigger. This followed a few shots with irregular pressure when cocking and irregular releases when firing.

    I’m storing it cocked open now so that it doesn’t sit with pressure in the chamber. Maybe I’ll decide to pretend it’s fun to take this thing apart and clean up after someone else’s extremely poor work. But probably not. I think the greatest satisfaction I will get from this cheap-in-every-way air pistol is the thunk it makes in the trash can when I throw it out.

  116. TJ

    Thanks for your post. Mine was doing gthe same thing and I put some Crosman Pellgun oil into the breach and it’s been working ok since. Give it a try and let me know how it worked out for you.

    By the way your post was on a blog that was written in Feb of 06. B.B. writes a daily blog, Mon-Fri, where a bunch of good people share ideas, help each other out, and all of us really enjoy our air gun hobby. Please come and join us at /blog/

    Mr B.

  117. TB,

    I am sorry you have to go through this with your pistol. I assume that you didn’t get it from Pyramyd AIR, which is why you aren’t returning it? Or did the warranty period expire?

    Please try what Mr. B. recommended and then please come to the current blog and join us so everyone can read your experiences. As a reminder it is located here:


    We have some clever guys on this blog and I bet one of them can help you turn this sow’s ear into that silk purse you wanted all along.


  118. I want to buy a lead air pistol, please guide me the best one for the price.
    I need it to look like a natural firearm.
    The range should be more, NO co2, easy availability of pellets even in other countries, should have a magazine for shooting repeatedly, should have a LOUD noise like the real one.
    Please help me by replying on to my E.Mail: Sunnyloves_69@yahoo.com
    Your help will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

  119. Anonymous,

    I don’t know of any pistol that fits what you are looking for. The no CO2 and loudness requirements wipe out all the firearm look alikes I know of. The closest might be a Beeman P1.

    Some additional information might help. What are the specific reasons for your requirements, i.e.
    what is it you want it for?

    This is an older blog entry. There are many other airgunners that follow the current day’s blog at

    You may find someone there that can answer your question better than I.

    A.R. Tinkerer

  120. A.R Tinkerer thanks a lot for quick reply. The reason is I want to gift my would be son in law.
    Please also explain me what does airsoft, blow back, BBs, semiautomatic, metal gas, gas pistol, pneumatic and spring action means. LOL.
    I am from Illinois and I cannot buy online as there is state restrictions….How to buy and local shops where.
    If I want to mail it to other country can I do it or there are any restrictions.
    Can anybody while travelling by air are allowed to carry air pistol in the baggage.

  121. Anonymous,

    Because you asked about buying a lead air pistol, I assumed you were talking about a pellet pistol. From you second question, it looks like you might be looking for an airsoft pistol so I will try to explain some of the terms.

    pellet gun – a gun that shoots metal pellets (usually lead). The pellets can range from .177 to .50 caliber (that I know of).

    airsoft gun – a gun that shoots non-metallic, 6mm bb’s

    bb gun – the definition of this term may vary. I think of it as a gun that shoots metal bb’s, generally about .177 caliber in size. However, the term could also apply to airsoft guns since they shoot a plastic bb.

    semiautomatic – a gun that cocks itself. All that needs to be done to shoot another shot is pull the trigger.

    BB wrote an article that explains the different pellet/bb gun power plants at. This is the same for airsoft except there are also electric power plant for airsoft.

    I don’t know much about airsoft or Illinois law, so I can’t answer those questions.

    There will be restrictions on shipping to other countries so you will have to check into the laws.

    You should check with the specific airline for their requirements of transporting an airgun. Some will allow it but will have a procedure for you to follow.

    I am sure there are others that could help you at least know where to go to find answers to some of your questions. You can post your unanswered questions on the current blog. Just cut and paste the following into the address of your web browser.

    Hope to see you there!

    A.R. Tinkerer

  122. I'm posting this to help others that may have a problem with it.Let me start by saying this gun is deadly accurate. I bought the P17 from Meglo-Mart and was sighted in and shooting fine.Accurate and no hissing sound.I cocked the gun and put it down for three minutes and no air.The gun had a slow leak that I never knew about.I thought about returning the gun to Beeman but that would cost $15 bucks to ship and they would send me another gun that would leak after a 100 shots or so and I'd be out 15 bucks. I figured let me give it a shot to rebuild it. I followed the instructions from Derrick and Coopers seperate instructions and Wella.NASA we have ignition!Besides leaking air, the gun also had a intermittent trigger. Went to my local Ace hardware store and picked up some american size O rings for .23 cents each.I then went to Advanced Auto car parts and they had the proper metric size for .99 cents each.Remember this gun takes metric O rings the HW40 takes american size O rings.I used the metric size rings because the american rings were slightly larger.The piston now POPS when i take it out of the cylinder with the new ring.Something it never did befor.A perfect seal!The intermittent trigger was from the small black nut at the end of the vavle body that walked it's way loose.Loctited it,problem solved.The valve has 2 internal O rings that were replaced and the spring was lubed with white lithium grease.I sealed up the copper vavle nut with white plumbers tape.I ran my finger across the factory breech seal and couldn't feel anything.The seal was flush to the breech like it was never there.I put 3 turns of dental floss inside the breech and inserted a new seal.The seal now extends out as it should have had.The green O rings would have been better but I didn't want to drive 60 miles round trip to Harbor Freight for $3 in O rings. I loctited the rear sight nut because it was walking loose from the cocking. After 3 hours of being cocked she still holds air.Let's break out the targets.The gun is now shooting high.This means to me that in the time it takes to cock & shoot(about 15 secs.),the gun was already leaking down.Not anymore it doesn't.The Beeman P17 is a good shooter & highly accurate,it just needs some TLC that the factory never gave it.Rember, Advanced Auto has these O rings behind the counter so bring the old ones with you. Thanks to Derrick & Cooper for their posting on rebuilding the P17.

  123. I bought the P17 and left it cocked for 5 min. and returned to find no air!New gun with a slow leak down.Did some research and performed every service possisble to it to avoid doing it again. Deburred the air intake hole with 1500 grit sandpaper changed the piston seal and white lithium greased every moving part and the valve seals.Thses are METRIC seals.Advanced auto has these seals.They are not american sizes but american will work.Bring the old seals with you.when you match them up,you'll want it a little smaller as the old seals will be streched.here's what worked for me.19mmx24mmx2.5,4mx8mx2m and 1 american size 1/8"x1/4"x1 1/6".The gun now makes a woosh sound when cocked from the air intake.A perfect seal.Then i had to pull the trigger 4 times to get it to fire.Took the trigger parts out and polished evey moving part with 1500 grit sandpaper and white lithium greased everything.Problem sloved.This is a great gun that just needs a little TLC.Remember this gun comes from China.It's hard to put a little pride in your work when you're making .75 an hr.No Co2's to buy & deadly accurate.I just bought another one to modify with a longer barrel and can't wait to rip it down to rebuild it.2000 shots later on the 1st rebuild with no problems.Great gun for the $ and super accurate.

  124. i just bought one today, and so far I love it, very accurate, love the light trigger pull, was hard to cock at first, and hard to load at first, but not now, I love it and yes I am amazed at the price, I have other pellet guns that cost much more, but not as sweet a shooter as this one

  125. I love this blog. Learn so much. I want to hunt with an air pistol that is powerful enogh to kill large rodents and bigger game. But I want a gun that looks like a real gun and that is not so large that it will not fit in my bluejeans and that I can leave cocked for the four or five hours I an out hunting. I dont mind to pay for this so is there such a pistol? Gene

  126. Gene,

    What you ask for doesn't exist and is impossible to make. Air has limitations that gunpowder overcomes.

    And even a firearm handgun with the power to hunt larger game will be larger than something you can tuck into your pants.


  127. I've had a Marksman 2004 since probably before 2004. I wanna say 10 years. Love it. Still functions perfectly. The trigger is the guns treat…you can spend $5000 on a match grade custom pistol and not get this good of a trigger.

  128. Well, that may be stretching it a bit… BUT the 2004 (and now P17) is still far, far better than any sub-$50 gun has a right to be!

    I often wondered why they don't dress the gun up with a competition style body and sell it as a beginner match gun. I'd think it'd set Daisy on its ear.

  129. In order for P17 to cock it has to have a click sound before you start to close the cylinder. I have numerous times failed to cock it and this usually happens after one year’s use (around 70-80 rounds daily).
    In case of air leak do the following sequentially:
    1. add oil to breech valve and piston.
    2. replace large piston o-ring with green A116 one.
    3. remove grip cover and tighten valve stem assembly end nut.
    4. If still no go, replace both small o-rings inside the valve stem assembly with M006 and M008.

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