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Education / Training The Benjamin Sheridan Super Streak – Part 3

The Benjamin Sheridan Super Streak – Part 3

by B.B. Pelletier

Part 1
Part 2

Pyramyd AIR now offers Air Arms pellets, and JSB makes them! They already have an excellent reputation in the UK, and I’m thinking they will do just as well over here. Check them out! I plan to.

Subsequent to activating the Whisper Gas Spring report report, I learned that the gas spring is filled with pure nitrogen. I had answered Vince that I thought it was filled with air, but it’s not. However, there is no liquid nitrogen in it. That would take a NASA-grade unit that nobody could afford.

There’s no provision for the customer to pressurize or depressurize the gas from this spring, just as Theoben removed that feature years ago from their units. It caused too much chance for over-pressurization, which quickly ruins the gun.

Today, I’ll test for accuracy, though I knew from earlier testing that the Benjamin Super Streak can SHOOT! I used the factory-installed 4-16×40 CenterPoint scope that adjusts for parallax down to 5 yards. I checked the sight-in at 12 feet because I’d already sighted-in the rifle. It was still on, so I went back to the 21-yard line.

Using the new artillery hold
Remembering that the backs of my finders are more stable than my palm, that’s the way I rested this rifle from the start. Initially, I rested the rifle just in front of the triggerguard, but this rifle is so front-heavy that it crushed my fingers. And, the groups weren’t as good as I thought they should be.

I got two pellets in the same hole then two more in another hole a quarter-inch away and pellet No.5 went a quarter-inch below both those holes. That’s indicative of a rifle that wants to shoot but something is wrong. At first I thought it might be the pellet, so I switched from JSB Exact 8.4-grain domes to Crosman Premier 10.5-grain “heavys”. But they didn’t give the same good indications of grouping tight.

Then, I tried Gamo Raptors, just because we saw how well they performed on the velocity test. But they were not accurate. Groups were about a half-inch, which is not bad for a cheap rifle but not what I expected from this big Benjamin.

By this time I had experimented with different resting spots for the forearm, including directly on the bag, which didn’t work well. But, then, I discovered that the Super Streak wanted to be rested further forward, where my fingers were under the cocking slot in the forearm. And that’s when the rifle started shooting.

The right stuff
Instead of being rested at a spot where it’s front-heavy, the Super Streak wants to be balanced on your fingers – or at least my rifle did. The results spoke loudly. Pellet after pellet passed through the same hole. Group sizes with JSB Exacts were less than 0.20″ at 21 yards. That’s the exotic territory inhabited by TX 200s and finer spring rifles such as the Beeman HW 97 Mark III – not screaming 20-foot-pound .177s!


Once the hold was right, the Super Streak grouped like this! I needed an adjustable scope mount to move the group to the center of the bullseye, but that’s nothing more than mechanics. This gun will shoot well no matter where it’s pointed.

The best group measured 0.169″ c-t-c for five shots. I won’t say that it’s easy to shoot that well, but I will say that if you follow the technique and relax before every shot, the rifle does the rest. You’ll notice that my group is at 9 o’clock on the bull. The scope was adjusted all the way to the right and the erector tube was floating, so I had to crank in some left windage to get tension on the return spring. I would remount the scope in a B-Square adjustable mount. But don’t buy one until you try your rifle first. Each rifle will be different in that respect.

Neither the 10.5 Premiers nor the Raptors improved that much with the new rest, so I’m not reporting groups from them. Doubtless, there are other pellets out there that group well in this rifle, but I would get some JSBs, if they have them when I ordered the gun. Perhaps order some Air Arms pellets if the JSBs aren’t in.

The trigger is still loooong and creeeepy, just like an old Gamo trigger. If I had a second GRT III, I would install it and fix that right away. In all other respects, the Benjamin Super Streak in .177 is a heck of good air rifle. I can’t wait to try the .22!

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Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

110 thoughts on “The Benjamin Sheridan Super Streak – Part 3”

  1. BB,

    I have just bought myself a new air rifle. I went for the gamo cfx royal this time. In your review you said that it’s a rifle that likes to be rested directly on a sandbag or rest. now i’ve got a problem. If I shoot it from a rest (even when my hand is underneath) it shoots 3 to 4 inces higher than when i shoot offhand or the FT seating position. Is this the case with the synthetic stock version also? or could it be that this is because this stock is made of wood?? or am I doing something wrong. The not hold senstitive aspect of this rifle was the main reason I bought it… can you help??

    greetings from holland

  2. cfx from holland,

    Try positioning your hand (or the bag) under the rifle at different places. Try just in front of the triggerguard, at the rear of the cocking slot and near the end of the cocking slot. One of these places should be more neutral than the others and the groups should be the same as your FT hold.


  3. So the difference in stock material does not affect the hold sensitivety of an airgun?? considering it’s the same model airgun. I bought the wood version because in my opinion it looks better. Now i’m thinking I made the wrong choice.. great blog by the way 🙂

  4. cfx from holland,

    The stock material may affect how the rifle vibrates. I haven’t had much chance to test it. And you know the only CF-X I have tested is the synthetic stock.

    Try the different resting places, though. That was what made the wood-stocked Benjamin Super Streak shoot better.


  5. BB, ya think it’s worth selling my M350 (in .22cal) to get a Super Streak?

    Oh – to CFX from Holland – It has been suggested that synthetic stocked guns tend to be more consistent as weather conditions change, and therefore might be preferable for that sort of work.

    No doubt you’d find a LOT of people willing to trade you, though…

  6. Impressive. Looks like another entrant in the affordable & accurate springer wars.

    So when is Pyramyd going to put together a “Tom’s Picks” pellet sampler pack that includes the small handful of pellet models/brands everyone should test in a new gun?

  7. BB,

    I have a question since I have a chronograph on its way to me from Pyramyd. When you do your velocity tests, what distance from the muzzle do you set up your chronograph?

    I’m impressed with the accuracy you got with the Super Streak!

    .22 multi-shot

  8. Those adjustable mounts will have a hard time making up for something like breech-barrel being out of alignment or a bent barrel. You may have one poi at twenty one yards and another one at fifty if this is the case. Windage problems are usually associated with misalignment and something is way off here. You might want check to see if the barrel is bent to one side or the other. The potential for good accuracy looks to be there.

  9. BB –
    It’s been a loooong time since I took physics, but if I remember right, a liquid would not work in a compressible spring design, as gas compresses and liquid does not.
    Merry Christmas all!

  10. Ozark,

    A reader had postulated that if the gas spring were filled with liquid nitrogen that evaporated to gas to fill the spring, it would condense back to liquid as the gun was cocked and therefore never increase in effort. That’s why I mentioned that it wasn’t possible.


  11. .22 multishot: I thought for SHURE you had a chrony already !! I was pretty serious into airguns for a long time before I got mine. It is like a microwave oven once you get one you will wonder how you ever goy by without! What a WONDERFULL TOOL!!! You are going to LOVE IT!! I set mine up before 98% of my shooting sessions, witch means at least 5 days a week,I RARELY miss a day!! P.S. go to BB.s tips & tricks & click on what is muzzle energy enter pell. wt. & vel. & PRESTO you know ft. lbs. energy!! What fun!!!KEEP SHOOTIN!! Drag. Slay.

  12. BB thanks for the info & video on the REAL drag. slay 50 cal!! Have been facinated w/ this gun for some time now,, it has been on my list for over a year now, your latest info put on my SHORT list!! My handle Drag. Slay. Stems from name given to my RWS 54 (22)by members of my informal budding airgun club!! Back to the age thing my wife as well as myself really got a kick out of your responce!! Im setting up a new rws 54 for one of my newest members now& he is 60+ just this weekend another new member who is 66 years YOUNG!! He has my Pyramid air cataloug as we speak!! Wow!! 2 60+ members!! YOUR RIGHT, Im YOUNG at49!! Back to sub. I WILL HAVE a new Streak!!Get ready for my order Paul!!Thanks BB.!! Drag.Slay.!!

  13. Dragon Slayer,

    Up to now I have used a DIY sound based chronograph (http://www.seattleairsoft.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=15&page=0). It takes quite a bit of setup time so I had thought about making a more permanent setup out of it. However, you have to take the recording, pick out the pellet sounds from the muzzle blast, measure the times between sound peaks, etc.! Since I received some cash gifts recently, I decided it was time to splurge on the chrony!

    I am looking forward to quick setup and immediate readouts soon!

    .22 multi-shot

  14. By the way BB, thinking about velocities triggered a foggy memory from physics class years ago. I seem to remember that velocity was a vector (has length and direction) whereas speed was a scalar (just a value). So we really measure a pellet’s speed, not its velocity.

    .22 multi-shot

  15. 22. multi. Boy will you love it!! You are as I suspected WAY over my head with tec. knowledge, I.E. homemade chrony, WOW!!! VERY impresive!! (sounds lime not as conveinent as store bought)! Also my computer skills &typing skills are seriously lacking!! Sorry to all ,,I am learning!! Anyway as a self proclaimed “Hunter” I must admit over the last 2 years I have become an OBSESSIVE BENCH JOCKY & gun tinkerer!!! When I can make it to my first AG. show I will shurly bring my personal modded guns ie. mostly custom wood work ( furnature) .22 stock up on 9-V. batt. for chrony & pay attn. to directions as to LIGHT is what makes chrony function! Ive got some pretty redneck lighting solusions on my range ,, but I can shoot 24/7!!P.S. BB. can I have your Job??Will work for pellets!! Keep on shootin everyone!!Drag.Slay.

  16. Hi BB,

    I have a legal .22 suppressor. I would like to purchase a .22 air rifle.

    Is there any reason I cannot thread the barrel of an air rifle so I can suppress it?

    The Gamo Whisper is not an option for me.

    Also, what is the minimum barrel length for a .17 and .22 air rifle? At what length are you going to lose velocity?

    Many thanks, Steve

  17. Steve, I can’t help you with how the threads would work, but here are some links, in case you missed ’em:



    14 in Fla

    P.S. Silencers would only work on Pneumatic-based airguns or CO2 guns, because spring rifles make noise from their powerplant, not the propellant.

  18. B.B.

    Considering the groups you got (very nice shooting BTW) is this a possible field target gun or is it too hold sensitive for competative field target shooting?

    Thanks, Kyle.

  19. Anyone interested in finding muzzle energy in foot pounds on a pocket calculator:

    The formula is quite simple, so hear it is:

    Velocity x Velocity (yes, velocity squared) multiplied by pellet weight in grains divided by 450240 = Muzzle energy in FPE

    Example with my Gamo CFX .22 and the JSB Exact Jumbo:

    MV = 566FPS
    Pellet Weight = 15.8 grains

    566 x 566 = 320,356 x 15.8 grains = 5,061,624 / 450,240 = 11.24FPE

    Cool, huh?

  20. Sumo,

    Are you going to stop carrying an air tank on your back and stock the gun room with Benjis?


    In the next testing of the Beeman dual caliber rifle, will you test to see whether the rifle will shoot to the same POI when the barrel is removed and then replaced?

    About every week there is a question about aperture sights and little information about how to choose a sight or mount it. A blog would be helpful–eye relief, eye piece size and aperture size and how to mount on spring guns. Even more helpful would be including suitability of aperture sights as part of the review of each rifle–I know you have a lot to cover.

    An interesting shooting experience recently. I have been shooting an HW55 and enjoying it but with groups often larger than I expected. Recently purchased a Daisy 953–with a very marginal trigger– and have enjoyed it but did not shoot the HW55–with its Rekord trigger–for two weeks. Picked it up and shot two nice round, small groups; and with every shot the rifle shooting was a surprise. Again today, each shot a surprise and small, round groups. Pretty clearly, major problems was poor trigger control, with anticipation and jerking with poor follow through.

    B.B., I truly enjoy the blogs and again thank you and PA. Until this summer I had not shot an air gun in over thirty years, and this blog was instrumental in my regaining interest as well as much very valuable information. Thanks.


  21. Farmer,

    i was suggesting that crosman (the makers of the benjamin) modified the gun for bbs review.


    did you know that daisy is for sale. The company will sell in the neighborhood of 40 million $$$. I think Gamo is most likely to buy them. Not sure. Next there will be gold t-rex bbs that can kill a 180 pound pig from a red rider. LOL

  22. About “liquid” nitrogen in gas spring.

    Critical point for nitrogen is 126 K (-233 Fahrenheit) and 3.4 MPa.

    Above this temperature nitrogen will not turn into liquid, no matter how high pressure is.

    This means that at room temperature nitrogen can only be gas.


  23. B.B.,
    Now thats what I am talking about. Not much of a flier in that group.

    I don’t think you will have troubles pointing a scope with B-Square AA mounts. The question is will you or are you moving on to the .22 version?

    I suggest if its convenient to set your left/right on the mounts at long range shooting over water.

    I would like to know how that gun shoots at 30y with Pro Magnums. It may be too light , but it would be one of my picks as a must try pellet. Its a shame we can’t get any .22 versions.

    I will assume that the reason for having the barrel at different distances from the start screen is because the amounts of gases each gun produces.

  24. Dragonslayer,

    I am getting a chronograph soon. What a multipurpose tool indeed. I want to get a silent pellet trap so I can shoot indoors , but I think I will wake everyone up. What time do you go to sleep? I can bring some food over.

  25. Sumo,

    That would be a impressive video especially on horse back.

    I think that if Gamo concentrated more on there meat and potatoes guns that they would make a strong company. There lower end guns are a good deal and easy to work on.

  26. Steve,

    Yes, you can install a legal silencer on an air rifle. Try it.

    The minimum barrel length for a springer is around 9 inches, the length of the TX200 barrel. For CO2 it is about 16 inches and for pneumatics it’s over 30 inches.


  27. Farmer,

    What purpose is there to remove and replace the Beeman barrel? If you change it aren’t you changing calibers, which would mandate a re-zeroing anyway?

    By the way, the Rekord trigger in your HW 55 isn’t the same one found in most of Weihrauch’s sporting airguns. It’s a special target version of the Rekord. I have found it to be much finer and more sensitive than even a standard Rekord.


  28. B.B.

    My understanding is that the Beeman can be easily taken down and stored in a rather small carrying case. This take-down feature becomes more valuable, I think, if the rifle keeps its zero when reassembled. So, in evaluating that feature, I would shoot a five shot group removing and replacing the barrel between shots. I think this especially important for a hunting rifle. Also important for hunting is whether the first shot and subsequent shots have the same POI, if the rifle has not been shot for an hour or so.


  29. Cyberskin, You will love chrony!! My new RWS 460 in 177 i thougt was shooting pretty good And i noticed a big drop in vel. overnight,, like about 150 fps , since I document all velocitys w/ new gun & pels. I knew somthing was wrong! I WOULD HAE NEVER known w/out chrony!! Sent back to Umarex,, back in FIVE DAYS!!! They are GREAT!!! Turns out broken main spring!!! Gun exibited no symptoms other than pronounced vel drop!! As to silent trap ,I dont think they hold up well to high powerd guns,, 500 fps ? I use a Gamo steel trap that has the insert thick paper targets & I stuff a wet dish towel in it (mutch to my wifes distain!!) But VERY quiet!! Keeps nosy neibors off my a*#!! As to your offer to come over & shoot I always welcome anyone who loves airguns like me!! P.S. after dark dont bring food,, bring box w/12 cans of any brand that somewhere includes words,,,Light Beer!! Enjoy your crony my friend!!Tim inS.C. AKA Drag. Slay.

  30. Dragon Slayer and CyberSkin,

    I do most of my velocity testing in the office using a silent pellet trap to catch the pellets. It stops pellets going 1400 f.p.s. and it stops 30 foot-pound pellets, too. Once the trap is “seasoned” with a layer of lead pellets, there isn’t much it won’t stop in the smallbore category. Maybe not a Condor or an AR6.

    Don’t exceed 800 f.p.s. in any caliber until there are a couple thousand pellets embedded in the duct seal. That’s the seasoning.


  31. 22. multi,, Did not mean to imply that chrony EATS 9v. batts. my chrony runs a LOOONG time on one!. What I meant is it is easy to forget & there is nothing worse than being just into a testing session on your/or someone elses gun & dead batt.!! I always now keep at least a couple in stock, there cheap!!I really want the accsesory lights , but have not seen them on Pyramids site??? My redneck lights work fine, but I am blinded on my walk back from targets!! Good luck,Keep shootin! Drag.Slay.

  32. Dragonslayer,

    Thanks for the clarification on the batteries. Dead batteries can be very frustrating!

    Are these the accessory lights you are looking for at Pyramyd?

    I won’t be shootin’ in the house any time soon – too many cats and people running around! Fortunately there are 5 acres outside to shoot on.

    .22 multi-shot

  33. BB. do you EVER take time off?Thank you for responce!!I thought silent traps were for 500 fps &under guns. What kind of trap are you talking about& does Pyramid have it??I think I know what you mean by SEASONED my last Gamo trap w/ wet rag was nearly flush w/ front w/ PURE lead!! It is Proudly on display & must weigh 15 lbs.!! BB. just kidden about wanting your job! YOU ARE TTHHEE MMAANN!! My wife is VERY supportive of my hobby?ADDICTION!!But if yoy lived nextdoor I think I would be in BIG TROUBLE!!!When I can figure out where to post ? I really want your advice on Aiforce Tallon SS,, I REALLY want one & wife has given me ok as long as I wait till after Xmas! (Think Im going co2 at first & upgrade to air later) Drag.Slay.

  34. Dragon Slayer,

    I have two silent pellet traps. I built the first one and it has a steel plate in the back. It has at least 25K pellets in it and it will stop a Condor.

    The other trap was given to me by Stephen Archer and it’s his silent trap. It’s virtually identical to the trap Pyramyd sells. Neither one has a steel plate in the back, so seasoning is more important.


  35. Well for supersonic speed I would say the raptor pellets did quite well, no they did very well, I posted a review a few days ago about how well my gamo 890 shot the crosman silver eagal pellets which is about a hundred fps faster than the raptors, I came back and looked at that review the next day and then I was going to read it again and low and behold it had been removed. I really don’t know why as I gave very accurate statements and all the fps listing were made by my chrony, anyway if you can put 5 supersonic pellets in a target 25yds away with 1/2″ groups, I’d say there is nothing at all wrong with supersonic rds. That’s the kind of results I get wiyh my 890 all the time and all the rounds range between 1171fps and 1201fps, is a matter of fact here’s the exact fps, 1171,1174, 1176, 1171 and 1201 four of the rounds could be covered with a dime , however the 5th was about another dime high.My 890 really does shoot good If I had the use of both my hand I think I could do better, but I’m handicapprd and only have a little bit of use of my left hand and none of my right so I have to let my rifle sit on a rug I have on top of my BBQ pit, the 890 is real quite as far as spring noise etc. It’s the only one out of three that does not Twang or Buzz when shot and the cocking is very smooth and quite, the reason I wrote my review the other day was to talk about the raptor pellets, I don’t know what the big deal is my guns all them shoot much faster with the silver eagals over a hundred fps faster, so if you were using them instead of the raptors you would have been real close to what gamo advertised in the Hunter Extreme. I know you don’t like supersonic speed, but you should shoot them in the hunter extreme, I know I’m going to, my rifle is on it’s way here, I just checked the tracking # and it’s in Houston Tx. right now but it’s Christmas weekend (Saturday ) so I will get it Monday, Christmas Eve 2007. I love to here the crack the supersonic sound makes, by the way I just started shooting air guns again, i’m 61 years young, and before this year I have not shot a pellet gun for 50 years, and that was my old pump up Benjamin, I remember it was very accurate and had a brass barrel, wish I still had it today. Marvin

  36. Hey It’s me again, I just posted a comment and I was on the wrong rifle, I was talking about the Hunter Extreme instead of the Benjamin, so instead of a 1/2″ group at 25 yds using raptor pellets, it was 21 yds. which I still say is very, very good, far better than the Hunter Extreme, which is the rifle I just ordered and will be receiving Monday December 24th 2007. I will definitly try the the silver eagle pellets in it and bet I get around 1550fps. unless I get a dud. Thanks Marvin. PS. Guess I might have to order the Super Streak if I want decent accuracy shooting at supersonic speed,

  37. You tested the Hunter Extreme and the Benjamin Sheridan with several different pellets, one being the raptor, Why did the sheridan group so much better than than the Hunter Extreme with the same pellets? Whould it be the way the barrel rifleing was applied or do you think it might have been the terrible trigger on the Extreme? Marvin

  38. Buddy/Marnin,

    There is no way of knowing why one air rifle shoots better than another. They just do. And sometimes when you change pellets, that relationship changes, making the less accurate rifle more accurate. So what you do is search for the best pellet for each gun.

    The Super Streak shot a 0.20-inch group at 21 yards. That’s more than twice as accurate as a half-inch group, and accuracy is all that matters. Velocity without accuracy is meaningless, because you have to hit what you shoot at before anything else matters.

    I will be very interested to learn how your new Hunter Extreme does with Raptor pellets, and with the Crosman Silver Eagles. Please let us know.


  39. Well B.B. thanks for the reply, and yes .20 is more than twice as accurate as a 1/2″ group, but what I’m saying is the raptor is shoting a lot faster so there should be more knock down force and with all the talk about supersonic being very inaccurate, well I just can’t see it..20 might be twice as good as 1/2″, but 1/2″ ain’t bad my no means. I should be receiving my Extreme tomorrow and if the weather isn’t to bad I will chrono it with serveral pellets and post the results, I don’t know how much difference there will be between chronoing with it new and after I’ve shot 4 or 5 hundred rds. , but I’ll let you know on that part to. Thanks Marvin PS. I really enjoy reading your Blogs and comments, keep up the good work.

  40. Ok BB. I received my hunter extreme today, but it was late and I didn’t have much time to shoot it, however 1600fps is no longer fiction, I tried the skenco fist, the orange one and shot over 1500 with the two pellets I shot. Then I shot a raptor and it went 1491 and it was the only raptor I had with me, I’ll shoot somemore raptors tomorrow, I just put some in the car. I then went to the Silver Eagle and shot 1591, 1594, 1597, 1581 and 1587 for an average of 1590fps, that’s some pretty dag gum good velosity, wouldn’t you say. By the way the temperture was 56 degrees, so I know it will pick up another 50fps at the least when the temp gets back up to around 80 degrees, and this is a brand new gun, so I feel like it will pick up a little more as it breaks in, I didn’t even clean the barrel, but just as soon as I send this comment I will clean it. I had no time at all for target shooting to see how accurate it is or I am, but tomorrow is another day, I’ll keep you posted and you sure do need to suoot the Benjamin with the silver eagles just to see what it will shoot. That’s the Crossman silver eagle wadcutters by the way you said your trigger was really bad, hard to pull, mine was on the light side, I liked the pull weight, just has to much travel. Thanks Marvin

  41. Ok BB. I didn’t make get to shoot taday because the wind has blowing 25 to 30 mph all day, so I’ll try again tomorrow, I don’t think it’s dieseling the rifles that diesel usally have some smoke associated with it and I didn’t have any smoke, also I know you or someone else is going to say , well your chrono is wrong, but that ain’t the case as I live on the Gulf coast at sea level and supersonic speed here is about 1129fps, my rifle will not crack at 1110fps, but it will at 1130, so I know my chrono is right on and by the way I’m getting those fps with my shadow sport and 5.7 grain pellets. I also think a 16 fps spread is to close for a rifle that’s dieseling. I’ll keep you posted Marvin

  42. Hey BB. I sure would like for you to retest the Benjamin Sheridan superstreak with some silver eagles, do you think you might get a chance to do that or not? Also have a question about the gas springs. Do you think in the near future that most all springers will come with gas as an option? Thanks and keep up the good work. Buddy

  43. Buddy,

    I will test the Benjamin Super Streak with Silver Eagles. You do realize that, at 4.8 grains, they are lighter than Raptors, so they should go faster? Felt cleaning pellets will go even faster, but I won’t test them. The Brits make a 3-grain all-plastic pellet, but I won’t test them, either.

    Gas springs have come and gone over the past 20 years. It’s too soon to say whether they will gain popularity this time, but I will soon publish a list of all the guns that can be converted right now.


  44. Thanks BB. I really appreciate that , yea I know they are light, but it shot the raptors with some decent accuracy so I would like to know if these pellets are going to shoot 100 to 150 fps faster and maintain the 1/2″ group you shot with the raptors, if so I’ll have one on the way the next day. Buddy. Well BB. the weather is not coraporating at all for me to test my Hunter, not only is the wind blowing but now it’s cold too. It’s suppose to be bad all next week as well, oh well I guess that’s to be expected, It’s winter. But hopefully I will shoot it somemore before the New Year. I ordered some JSB Exact 7.6 grain, so that’ll be another test as well as the 7.9 crosman preimer.BB. you didn’t answer my question about whether the scope covers are suppose to come on the Hunter scope. as mine didn’t, I contacted the seller and they said it does’nt come with them, I really find that hard to beleive as my gamo shadow sport and gamo 890 both came with covers, they were both different kinds of covers but they both had them. Did the Hunter you tested have them? or do you remember? Ok BB. I’ll get out of your hair can’t wait for your list of gas spring conversions, Thanks again and keep on Gunning. Later Buddy

  45. BB. Hey I forgot to say one thing about the wadcutters, I know they are light, but I have some old plactic 5 gallon buckets that shoot at occasionally and you know if I shoot with a raptor, or a skeenco 5.7g the pellets go straight through and you can barely see a hole looking through the scope, but when I shoot the wadcutters it blows a big ole hole that you can see really good without the scope, so even though they are light they punch quite a wallop, just wanted to add that in, just in case you were interested.I’m not sure if plastic would be the same as an animal or not, what do you think? Thanks again Buddy

  46. I would be interested in your thoughts regarding the Super Streak in .177 or .22, vs the Gamo Whisper. My primary goal is to seriously annoy the local deer, but plinking and target shooting would be a secondary consideration. Any results on the accuracy of the .22 super streak? How about down-range energy? Is the Whisper significantly quieter? Thanks

  47. new in ct,

    If by “seriously annoy” you mean kill, neither airgun is powerful enough to do it reliably, though both will kill deer if the shot placement is ideal.

    If by “annoy”you mean “spank” then both guns are considerably too powerful for that, unless you consider flesh penetration of 1.5-2 inches a spanking.

    These rifle are for killing animals – not for disciplining them.

    For accuracy of either gun, read the report. Accuracy was addressed.


    The Whisper is no quieter than the Benjamin. As reported, the silencer doesn’t work.

    Energy falls off rapidly with every gun shooting diabolo pellets. Expect to lose approximately 50 percent of the muzzle energy in the first 50 yards.


  48. B.B.
    Thank you for the thoughtful comment. Any thoughts on the SS in 22 vs 177 in terms of accuracy and energy? Will either or both require a new trap for practice (I have a Gamo flip-up trap with the center reset but am concerned the Super Streak may be too powerful)?
    Regarding “seriously annoy”, my goal is to reach out and touch the deer at up to 100 ft with a very sharp “sting”. Should I be considering a lower power rifle and if so, which would you recommend? Thanks for your advice and for your very informative reviews.

  49. New in CT.

    For the deer, here is what you do. Get an inexpensive airsoft sniper rifle like the UTG Master Sniper and pepper the deer with 6mm 0.20-gram BBs. They won’t hurt too much.

    Another readers was “stinging a deer with his .177 Gamo Shadow for the same reason and he killed it.

    I will report on that next week.

    Get the .22 SS. It’s wonderful. Later, if you still want the .177, spend $100 and buy the barrel. They interchange, you know.


  50. New in CT: “My primary goal is to seriously annoy the local deer” –?!?!?!? What is WRONG with you???? “Annoying” deer is also known as harassing wildlife in most states. Definitionally, it doesn’t make a difference whether you use airsoft BBs or lead pellets, it is ILLEGAL. Moreover, using lead pellets is inhumane and exceedingly cruel. I’m not soft on deer; I hunt them during legal season using humane methods. I would never consider torturing them with lead pellets, out of any gun. I hope you reconsider, or get help, whatever it takes.

  51. Doodad,

    I’m guessing that you haven’t looked at the Pyramyd AIR website, where the nickel Super Streak is shown next to the blue one? Both are scheduled to be released at the same time.



  52. Thanks for the reply. I saw a nickle in .177 but nothing in .22 is listed on the site. They show a blued .22 that will be available.

    Btw, how do they compare? I’m new to air rifles and been searching forums for answers. The RWS 350 has a following and the Super Streak is …..well chinese. A lot of prejudice against anything coming from there. Since Im new, I have no issues but I am looking for a quality rifle.

    Thanks for the time, Dan

  53. Dan,

    Opps! I overlooked the caliber. They will probably get to it, but Crosman doesn’t yet appreciate how these more powerful airguns attract shooters who want to bigger calibers.

    It may be Chinese, but it’s quality Chinese. Very accurate and easy to cock. The trigger is flawed, being a Gamo copy, but a GRT III replacement blade from Charlie da Tuna fixes that.

    You say you are new. Are you aware that breakbarrel spring air rifles are the most difficult guns in the world to shoot? They require a ton of technique to shoot accurately, while shooting a PCP is like shooting a rimfire.


  54. I understand how difficult the adaptation to springers will be. I need to practice the “artilery” hold. Im new to springers but not shooting. Gun cabinet is stocked with rimfire, centerfire, shotguns and 1911 pistols. Shoot IDPA with the pistols, clays/ducks with the pump, squirels/rabbits with the rimfires, and targets with the others.

  55. hi B.B.
    My Super Streak just broke down, I’m not sure what happened but it won’t cock anymore…. It breaks but then halfway along the normal cocking motion it gets stuck, it won’t go any further. It is like there is something blocking the spring. (???) I’ve only about 750 shots on it… Is this something I could try and fix myself? I checked the crosman site but the nearest service station is a 4 hour drive away…

  56. Dutch,

    Why wouldn’t you just return the rifle to Crosman for free repairs under warranty? But if you don’t want to do that for some reason, there are other choices.

    You have three choices. First, call Crosman and see if they will sell you the mainspring. You may also need a spring guide.

    Second, see whether Jim Maccari sells a replacement spring for your rifle


    Third, contact Charlie da Tuna and see whether he will fix your rifle.



  57. B.B.

    I shot the Super Streak in .177 this weekend. I’m waiting till the .22’s come in and will snag one. I noticed a very stiff trigger on the .177. Are the .22’s the same? Are they adjustable? I did notice a small adjustment screw but it didn’t seem to have any effect.

  58. How light would the trigger be if it was swapped with the GRT III? Will it be adjustable to a point of just smoother than the OEM?

    This rifle seems like a good long range hunting and or down range target fun rifle to have for the price if the trigger is sorted.

    Thank you in advance

  59. Can’t-shoot,

    Each rifle trigger reacts differently to the GRT-III trigger blade, but the pull weight will be approximately 2 pounds. It does have some adjustability, but the letoff is going to be a surprise. In other words, the trigger blade doesn’t pause before letoff.


  60. I have been using RWS superdome 14.5gr and have been throwing pellets all over the terget. This is the list of pellets I ordered to try and find the right one. (Crosman .22 Copperhead Competition Wadcutter (500), Caliber-0.22",
    Qty-500, Weight: 14.3 gr. 1 x $0.00
    Beeman .22 Kodiak Extra Heavy, Caliber-0.22",
    Qty-200, Weight: 21.10 gr. 1 x $7.80
    Beeman .22 Silver Sting pointed pellets, Caliber-0.22",
    Qty-200, Weight: 15.74 gr. 1 x $8.18
    Beeman .22 Crow-Magnum, Caliber-0.22",
    Qty-200, Weight: 18.20 gr 1 x $8.95.)
    The reason why I choose heavier pellets; the SS shot at 1100fps and the lighter pellets may not maintain it accuracy,is my gruss.
    There is no turning back, me and this gun must become one! So I will be bugging you until we do. So any other advise is greatly appreciated.

  61. “Yes” this is true, after your comments on the .177 cal I may need to try the artillery hold but, I’m not sure if I understand that position. If there’s somewhere you can direct me, to veiw that hold I will gladly educate myself on it. I have been resting the rifle on the back of a chair for support. I also placed the target at ground level in a steel pellet trap about 30 to 35 yds away. I was hitting in the grass I checked my scrope and noticed it had slip back to the but of the mount because it was not completely secured. I adjusted it back to the center and begin hitting the target parper at the bottom, while shooting center mass. I than adjusted the elevation up until it wasn’t able to move any farther, this put me on the target at the bottom. Each time I shot the pellets were spread out so wide as if I was chasing the target or jerking the trigger. I made sure I was breathing properly and if I felt as if I was not pulling the trigger back evenly on the tip of my finger I would release it, breath and try it again. No such luck, so that is why I ordered the heavier pellets to try and see if those make a diffence. I hope you can see if I’m making any other mistakes so that you can bring them to my attention. Any comments on the pellets I just order.

  62. L.L.,

    The only thing you are not doing to further hurt your chances is letting someone shooting at you while you shoot at the target.!

    Let’s learn the artillery hold. Please read this report:


    After that, we’ll talk about scope mounting.


  63. I have concerns with using the artillery hold if you are pointing the rifle up into a tree or down off a cliff while hunting? How would you support that hold while shoot down?

    I was tore between the new Diana RWS 350 Feuarkraft Pro compact and the .22 and the SS .22. The SS beat the 350 into the warehouse. could you advised me which one you thinks is best?

  64. LL,

    Use the artillery hold no matter what the inclination of the gun. It always works.

    If the SS you refer to is the Talon SS from AirForce, there is no comparison. The Talon SS is a PCP and much more accurate than the 350 Magnum – even when it’s in the new Feuerkraft Pro skin.


  65. No I was speaking of the Benjamin Sheridan SS .22cal comparing it to the RWS 350 Feuerkraft Pro compact .22 Cal. as it relates to accuracy.

    You mention you wanted to discuss scope mounting, I’m ready.

  66. LL,

    Ah, the Benjamin Super Streak. I should have got that from where you posted.

    The Super Streak will out-shoot the 350, but in all other ways I think the 350 is a better made rifle.

    Okay, on what gun are you mounting a scope? And please try to remember that I converse with about 50 different people each day. It helps to remind me of our previous conversations.


  67. Yes I have the super streak .22cal. and that how our previous conversation started about learning to use the artillery hold to control or let the rifle control itself so to stop the pellets from hitting all over the target.

    Read your April 21st blog response to me.

  68. LL,

    Yes, I remember that conversation. And you can’t keep the factory-mounted scope from slipping in the rings. Is that still true?

    You definitely need a B-Square adjustable scope mount. The rear ring needs to be elevated four full turns and the front ring one turn to preserve the gimbal action of the rings (so as not to dent the scope tube).

    People will tell you B-Square adjustable rings don’t hold their zero, but that’s not true. They just don’t understand how they work and they destroy them by over-tightening screws without setting the mount up correctly.

    Properly installed, B-Square rings will holod up on a Weblet Patriot, which is the hardest-recoiling spring rifle made.

    Here is a three-part report on installing those rings:



  69. There are a lot of mounts, so if this mount is not the one for the “super streak” than please tell me which one I need to get: (B-Square 17501 Interlock Adjustable AA 1-Pc Mount w/1″ Rings, 13mm Dovetail, Fits BSA Rifles).

  70. LL,

    This mount is NOT for the Benjamin Super Streak. The dovetail clamps are for a BSA rifle that has a wider spacing between the dovetails.

    You want this mount:


    It’s for a one-inch scope tube, so make sure that’s what you have, and not 30mm.


  71. bb I am trying to decide between the RWS 350 magnum and the super streak, which do you consider more acutate, which one is more powerful, and which one would you rather have if you had to decide between the two? I know I’m asking alot, but I guess you could say I’m a noob, and I need advice, and also do you think the super streak will hold up being made in China (what I consider to be the center of plastic junk)?

  72. i own a Weihrauch HW100S. i am asking if i can feel the reservoir cylinder from a 50ltr 200bar pressure pure nitrogen tank.The tank is tested on 300bar.I have also a 12ltr scuba diving cylinder but if its ok with nitrogen i prefer to use it.

  73. i have the nitrogen tank filled with nitrogen. i dont know if its safe to use the nitrogen to refill the reservoir of the airgun, thats why im asking your opinion. i have easy access to pressurize nitrogen than in air.

  74. The official line on nitrogen is that only AirForce Airguns is currently recommending its use in their guns. However, as everyone knows, air is comprised of 78 percent nitrogen, and nitrogen is a stable gas. So using it will probably not harm any gun made for high pressure air.


  75. B.B.

    You mentioned earlier in this blog (17-Apr-08) that the GRT-III trigger doesn't pause before let-off. Does that mean the 2nd stage has been eliminated? Is that the case with all GRT-III retrofits? Thanks.

    – Orin

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