by B.B. Pelletier

Part 1 – Under $25

Here’s a link to Pyramyd Air’s official Gift Guide.

Sorry to rush things, but tempus fugit. Today’s post will include some airguns.

For those who are not familiar with these guns, here are a few pointers.

1. For target practice, the velocity can be very low–350 f.p.s. is all that’s needed.

2. None of these airguns are recommended for hunting, but a few that get up to 750 f.p.s. have limited use in pest elimination.

3. BB guns such as the Red Ryder and the Crosman 760 shoot steel BBs that bounce back from hard targets. Be sure to get safety glasses for everyone who will be in the vicinity of the shooter. Get a good BB trap that will stop the BBs without letting them bounce back. Lead pellets do not bounce back, but they still require a good pellet trap for safe shooting.

4. In this price range, the CO2 guns will not last as long as more expensive CO2 guns. The most reliable guns are the spring-piston BB guns like the Red Ryder.

Air rifles and BB guns
Crosman 760
Pink 760–just a dollar more
Daisy Red Ryder
Pink Red Ryder–50 cents cheaper!
Daisy 880
Daisy 840

Air pistols and BB pistols
Beeman P17 pistol
Crosman 357 revolver
Crosman C11 pistol BB gun
Daisy Powerline 15XT BB gun
Daisy Powerline 693 BB gun
Tanfoglio BB pistol

Airsoft guns
Tactical 1911 CO2 pistol
Tactical M92 CO2 version
UHC 132 revolver 6-inch
Crosman Pulse P70
Walther P99 Special Operations
M14 Sniper Spring airsoft rifle combo
Crosman R71

Other stuff
Beeman swinging silhouettes
Gamo 50″ padded rifle case Fits a longer scoped air rifle up to 49″.
Plano rifle case, single scoped Fits a single scope rifle up to 52″ long. Hard case.
Blue Book of Airguns 7th Edition Every airgunner needs this book.
Daisy pellet trap Perfect for low-velocity pellet guns that don’t shoot faster than 650 f.p.s. Not for steel BBs.

Next week, I will do a guide for gifts of $100 and under and the last guide will be for gifts of all prices.