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Education / Training AirForce Edge – Part 3

AirForce Edge – Part 3

by B.B. Pelletier

Part 1
Part 2

Today, I’ll look at the velocity of the AirForce Edge. That includes recording a total shot string on one fill of air.

Why the rifle is sold without the rear sight
Before I begin, I want to comment on how the rifle is being sold. The Edge is sold both with sights and with a front sight only. The front sight has to come with the gun because of the proprietary way it attaches to the gun. There is no other front target sight (or any other kind of sight, for that matter) on the market that will attach to the Edge. You may notice that the front sight is very tall. That’s so the rear sight, which is mounted on a raised ramp on the receiver, will align with the front sight. While it’s possible to mount different rear sights on an Edge, each of them will be adjusted differently than the AirForce Adaptive Rear Target Sight the gun was designed for. Only the AirForce rear sight is recommended for this rifle. This will undoubtedly raise some questions in many buyer’s minds as to why the gun would be sold without sights.

There are thousands of shooters who do not shoot their target rifles in competition. These shooters like to mount scopes on their target rifles and shoot targets and other things in the privacy of their homes. They can buy an Edge without the rear sight for less money and remove the front sight. They can then mount a scope on the rifle.

Using a hand pump
A couple days ago, a reader named Ron asked me how difficult it is to fill the Edge from a hand pump. I’d like to answer that here. And you will note that I have linked you to the Benjamin hand pump instead of the AirForce hand pump for two important reasons. First, because as of this writing, the Benjamin pump is in stock, while the AirForce pump is not; and second, the AirForce pump does not come with a hose that connects to the Edge, while the Benjamin hand pump does.

The hand pump becomes difficult at different pressures for different people. The resistance climbs as the pump compresses to ever-higher pressure. It doesn’t matter in the slightest what gun is being filled. All that matters is the pressure that’s being compressed.

For me, the pump starts to become hard after passing 2,500 psi. But I have coached hundreds of different people through the process and have seen them stall out at different pressure levels. One woman started noticing the increasing difficulty at 1,600 psi. By the time she got to 2,000 psi, she was finished. I can still pump the pump with one hand at that pressure. I’m not bragging; I’m saying that the hand pump will feel vastly different for every person who tries it.

Here, however, is the difference between the Edge rifle and the Air Arms S410 Ron was comparing it to in a blog comment. Ron gets 25-35 good shots from his .22 caliber S410. With the Edge, he’ll get over 100. When he shoots the S410, he’s plinking. If he were hunting, he wouldn’t complain about pumping for so few shots because he probably wouldn’t shoot those 25-35 shots in a full day of hunting. Hence, we know he’s plinking. Also, the S410 reservoir is probably three times the volume of the Edge reservoir, so it takes many more pump strokes to fill.

With the Edge, he’ll probably be shooting at paper targets. It will take him 90 minutes to shoot all the shots he has in the gun. Once again, no time to notice how difficult it was to pump for the three minutes that it took.

But even if Ron were to plink with the Edge, he’d still be shooting for a half-hour at least. It took me that long to complete the shot strings for today’s test, and that was only because I now have a printer doing half my work. So, my answer is “no,” the Edge is not a hard gun to fill with a hand pump. But there will be something like 10 to 20 strokes that will be hard because they’ll be the ones climbing from 2,500 psi to 3,000 psi or wherever the difficult part kicks in for you. The Edge has the reservoir volume of an air pistol, and no pistol shooter I know complains of the difficulty of filling the gun because they know the effort is brief but the shooting will be long.

The test
I tested the rifle with both RWS R10 Heavy Match pellets made for rifles and with H&N Finale Match Pistol pellets. By “test,” I mean I shot full strings from 3,000 psi until the gun fell off the regulator. What follows is the shot-by-shot velocity recorded from the Finale Match pellet test.


dnr = did not register
* = slowest shot in string
** = fastest shot in string

Analysis of string
The string shows clearly that the Edge has exceeded its 100-shot criteria. I drew an arbitrary line after shot 108, but a shooter on the line would not have a chronograph to record all the velocities like this. So the shooter is safe if he stops after shot 100. If he does that, the fastest recorded shot went 530 f.p.s and the slowest went 518 f.p.s., a difference of only 12 f.p.s. across 100 shots.

I continued to shoot after it became obvious that the gun had fallen off the regulator to show you what that looks like. When a gun has reached the point at which the reservoir pressure drops lower than the pressure the regulator is set for normal operation, we say the gun has “fallen off the reg,” which means that the reg remains open and all subsequent shots will diminish in velocity, just as you see here. The actual spot where it fell off was probably following shot number 106.

Performance with a heavier pellet
The H&N Finale Match pellet used for the first string weighs 7.56 grains, nominally. I also tested an RWS R10 Heavy Match pellet more suited to match rifles. It weighs 8.2 grains, nominally. I won’t give you every velocity for this string, though I do have them, but the average velocity was 487 f.p.s. across a total shot string of 105 shots. The fastest shot went 511 f.p.s., and the slowest shot went 480 f.p.s.; there was a variance by 31 f.p.s. across the entire string. That’s a large difference from the tight spread turned in with the lighter Finale Match pellet. It suggests that this pellet may be too heavy for the best performance in the rifle, but there’s no way of knowing that for certain without shooting it for accuracy. At just 10 meters, a difference of 31 f.p.s. is probably not enough to show a difference on target.

What does this test show?
This test shows the consistency of the Edge through the entire fill. It does not tell us anything about accuracy or potential accuracy. What we’ve learned for certain is that the Edge regulator works as intended, and that the rifle has all the shots necessary to shoot a sporter-class match with a generous number of sighters in each position.

What’s next?
The next test is accuracy, but there are still some features I need to show you. So, the accuracy report will be expanded a little to cover some things on the trigger and how the action operates. Then, I have a surprise for you that will have to come in a later report.

62 thoughts on “AirForce Edge – Part 3”

  1. BB,Thanks for the great reviews/reports! I'm ordering the gun today! Can't wait for more of your information,on the rifle.I have a few questions that I hope Pyramyd,can answer,while I'm on the phone with them. Ron

  2. Ron,

    I'm glad this report helped you. I thought of you and your questions as I wrote it yesterday.

    A word of caution on your order, though, The Edge is still is short supply and Pyramyd is working off a large list of backorders. It may take some time before they can get one to you. But the sooner ordered, the sooner delivered.


  3. Sir,

    Some time ago you wrote (at least I think I read it here) that all regulators eventually will fail.
    What life expectancy should you take into account with this rifle, and how complicated (or costly) is it to replace?

  4. B.B.,

    The consistancy in that first shot string is to lust after for us non regulated PCP shooters.

    Do you think AirForce will make a regulator available for their other guns?

    We're all glad you're enjoying the printer. Thanks for the pictures of your cats.

    Mr B.

  5. Mr. B.,

    The AirForce sporters are not well-suited for regulators, because of their design. The reg would have to be in line with the butt and would therefore increase the pull by an inch or more. I wouldn't think they would ever make one for them, but I've been wrong before.


  6. I'm back in the big City. Hope everyone had a great holiday.

    It never ceases to amaze me how much information is exchanged on this site during an average week.

    Nice to see some new names come out of the shadows and post some great comments and info. Ron struck a chord with me. A man of obvious impeccable taste since he owns an S410E and plans on ordering an edge. I'll bet when he turns his S410E to the lowest setting that he gets 100 good plinking shots as well. ;^)

    Sure enjoyed the article and many comments about unusual things people do with airguns.

    Didn't realize how many cat ranchers read this site.


    The optional weights you wrote about in part 2 on the Air Force Edge is a smart innovation for ten meter shooters for ease of installation and options for placement. Does Pyramyd AIR plan on carrying these? If they carry these weights I couldn't find them on the site.

    I typed in "air force weights" in the PA search box and got 1313 hits. They may have been among the 1313 hits but I gave up looking after 20 items. I also looked under "accessories" when viewing the air force edge but didn't see them either. Did see that PA suggested buying a tee shirt though.

    Has everyone been keeping an eye on Pyramyd Airs Echo Monday specials? The Evanix Renegade rifle or carbine is $439.99!!!!


  7. Kevin,

    The Edge weights have not reached their final design yet. Pyramyd doesn't list them because they aren't a product yet.

    That's one of the risks in reading my stuff. Sometimes I'm a little too close to the development.

    John McCaslin now tells me he's thinking of making the weight plates heavier, so it takes fewer of them. I think he may offer both the thin ones I showed you and the thicker ones.

    Now, pry my latest secret out of me! Here's a hint. Think of a Theoben Fenman for a third the price.


  8. There are low magnification lenses for peeps. Like 1.5 X and so on. Nothing as powerful as you mentioned.

    For more info on the Edge sights, read the three-part report I did on them a year ago:



  9. BB,
    Another very fine post! What a cliff hanger this post is, too! Actually two cliff hangers: the accuracy test and the pending surprise.

    Based on the number of dnr's you got for this reported string I think I know what we should get you for next Christmas. However, that depends on if you've been good or bad.

    I'm still a little confused as to whether the scuba fitting I have for my Talon SS will fit the Edge? If not, please tell me there is an easy, cheap conversion to the fitting so that I do not have to remove the one for the Talon. With the tight threads it came with that puppy is on there to stay.


  10. B.B.,

    One of the great benefits in reading your articles is that you are so close to the development in many cases. Refreshing to read the facts not speculation. The Air Force Edge is a prime example.

    "…. a Theoben Fenman for a third the price." Alright you've got my undivided attention
    Ever since I read your high praise of the Fenman I've kept an eye out for one. Came close on an auction site about ten months ago but lost out.

    Pry it out of you. Hmmmm. In the spirit of the holiday season we didn't tell you everything about your gifts. Seems the time has come…

    I'm glad your printer is working so well since we had an aftermarket modification done prior to shipping it to you. I promise not to activate this self destruct mode we had installed on your printer if you spill the beans.

    BTW I hope that your printer interfaces with your computer so you don't have to type these long chrony strings.


  11. Chuck,

    There is no way your AirForce adaptor will fit the Edge. What you need is a hose that ends in a female Foster quick-disconnect fitting. PA has the right fittings. You need to find out how they can adapt them to whatever filling solution you use.


  12. Kevin,

    My give up!

    The funny thing is, a reader asked me about this very gun a couple weeks ago and I didn't know what he was talking about.

    Then last week Ed Schultz of Crosman told me they had developed a Nitro Piston for the UK and the entire picture snapped into sharp focus.

    Crosman has created a 12 foot-pound gas spring breakbarrel. It cocks with about 15 pounds effort! I know because Ed sent me one to test, even though they aren't sure they're going to sell it in the U.S. (Sure they are! I just have to whip up some grassroots excitement for it.)

    It shoots like a cloud fart! Oh, and it's as quiet as a mouse changing its mind.

    There! Are you satisfied? Look what you made me do!


  13. B.B.,

    Wow! That gun sounds like a home run for Crosman.

    They're not sure if they will market it in the USA? Are they crazy? Because it's only 12 fpe?

    Do they realize the huge market in the USA, especially by seasoned/experienced airgunners, for an easy to cock, quiet, low powered air rifle? This is in the league of R7's, old HW50's and diana 27's!!

    The excitement for this type of gun already exists it doesn't have to be created. I want one if it's accurate.


  14. BB,
    It looks like a fair 100 shots. I'm still on the fence about the Edge, but if it pushes more PCP makers to add regulators, I'm all for it. I can't understand why people put up with the lack of a regulator, especially in the pricier rifles aimed at precision uses.

    Glad you are enjoying the 1077W — it sounds like fun.

  15. The Edge/Challenger 2009 wars should prove interesting – and while I understand the reluctance to seen arms race in Sporter class, I think the competition will be good for the category.

    I recently bought a Challenger (got tired of waiting for the Edge, and liked the Challenger's "standard" look), but it arrived broken.

    Sent it back to Crosman, and I'm still waiting for it to arrive.

    Nothing's quite as inaccurate as a gun you can't shoot…

    Here's to some honest competition in the category…

  16. BB,I ordered a Blue one,and the adapters to fit the pump. Also some H&N pellets in 7.5 and 8.2gr. weight. I called my order in so I could ask about the adapters(thanks,for the tip). They had 2 Blue ones in stock,and they are shipping it out over night air,so it should be here tomorrow morning. The shipping charges kinda hurt (OUCH!) but I couldn't stand the wait for it to arrive. Should I "lube" the pellets for this gun? Thanks again! Ron

  17. BB,
    Is that 12fpe gun you`re talking about the benjimen legacy? If not, the two have to be alot alike. Crosman even had a free Legasy giveaway recently.

    Anon.(I know, I`m always asking about this gun.:))

  18. BB,thanks,for the information! I'm hoping the H&N's work out,but if they don't I'll just have to shoot more pellets to find the one's it likes best. Another excuse to shoot more:)!Ron

  19. Anyone,

    I am cleaning a Crosman Model 44 Peacemaker. The seals in the gun are pretty dry and need to oiled, but i don't have any pellet gun oil. I do have some Hoppe's firearm lubricant. Could i use it? Or would it not be good for the rubber seals? The gun is powered by Co2. Thanks.


  20. Thanks for the blog, really looking forward to see just how well this puppy shoots. I wonder if it would suit our field target shooting out to @60 yards, and our 3P 25 yard indoor shoots we do.

  21. Hi BB,

    I haven't had time to do much extra recently while working with my family to figure out the best care for my parents (my mom has alzheimer's and my step-dad has congestive heart failure). However, I noticed the great prices at Pyramyd this season and might be able to make a purchase!

    What I would like to know is your impression of the Air Venturi Halestorm vs the Evanix Renegade.

    The items I like on each are:
    -the double/single action option of the Renegade and its power
    -the open sights (yah, I will scope it, but open sights can put off that purchase), exchangeable tank and noise level of the Halestorm.

    I am looking for enough power to dispatch coyote although that is unlikely. I will also be doing some longer range shooting so 50 yard accuracy is desireable.

    From what I've read in your reports both of them will fit the bill, but which one did you like better? Also, your report on the Renegade says it is a two stage trigger while Pyramyd's description says singe stage – which is it?


  22. By the way, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    We have a black and white cat that looks very much like Punky, but his nose is all black and he is 15 years old! He has been keeping me company while I've been sick this Christmas. I enjoy yours and Edith's cat stories!


  23. When can we expect the head to head comparison of accuracy and features between the Edge and Challenger 2009? Notice I said accuracy first 😉 Oh, and toss in how they compare to the Avanti's too.

    I was interested in an Edge this time last year, life happend and I didn't pull the trigger on a basement training rifle. Now I'm back shopping. Impatiently waiting more blogs from testing the CH2009 and Edge. Might have been a good thing I waited, except it's now decisions, decisions…

    I've learned a lot of good info from your blogs.


  24. The Hoppes gun oil is not somthing I`d suggest. I oiled my 953 and a crosman black diomond and both developed air leaks. The diomond leak can be explaied because it was pumped twice but I don`t think the 953 had any reason to leak.


  25. BB,
    Thanks for your reply, however, it should help someone else. I made a great mistake in my air fill comment earlier. I really am confused I guess (and embarrassed).

    Maybe I have too many guns…no not even close. I believe someone on this blog said if you know how many guns you have you don't have too many.

    The air hose I have on my scuba tank is for the Marauder (I know, DUH!!!) and will work with the Edge, right?

    Isn't it strange that the Benjamin pump fits but not the AirForce one? Anyway, it would be great if all mfgrs would standardize on the Foster and maybe that is where AirForce is headed.


  26. BB,
    Re: Cloud-Fart gun

    Come on, you're pulling our collective legs, right?! You don't need to whip up excitement, you just started an airgun-quake that will result in an airgun-tsunami. Wait a minute…just how much does a Theoben Fenman cost?

    Can I replace my grandkids 61's? Ok, realize they are ready to move up a bit in the airgun food chain. The question is is granpa's check book ready?


  27. Jbomb,
    Get Pellgun oil or the 20 wt non-detergent!!! I know it's cold out and the snow is a blowin and you got a bottle of 30wt in your garage but get down to any automotive store, K-Mart or Wal-Mart near by and get the 20 wt non-detergent. Don't fool around with anything else. Too much is at stake.


  28. Chuck,

    You might as well stick with guns. America's great business minds have figured out how to suck every last dime out us, no matter the hobby. You'd probably find crocheting would take just as much time and nearly as much money in the end.

    Of course if you like crochet, go ahead and switch 😉


    Word verification – "biongas" – must be a new powerplant for our future guns (and paychecks).

  29. TedV,

    I don't do comparisons between guns. Instead I report on the features and performance and let the reader decide. I've covered the Challenger PCP and now I'm doing the Edge. You will have to decide which rifle meets your needs the best.


  30. A.R. Tinkerer,

    The Halestorm versus the Renegade? Wow, I'll have to re-read the reports on both guns.

    The Renegade is more powerful and, although I shot five-shot groups with it and 10-shot groups with the Halestorm, it appears to be slightly more accurate.

    I don't care for the double-action feature of the Renegade, but it's there and it works.

    I guess you'll just have to make a choice based on that. From what you say I'd guess that you really want to Renegade.


  31. I saw the Edge regulator disassembled at Camp Perry. They have a regulator rebuild kit that consists of a few o-rings and a seal that looked like a Nylon washer packaged in a tiny zip-lock bag. The salesman said the regulator could be rebuilt in less than 30 minutes, because you only remove 6 allen screws then replace the parts in the kit. Please hurry with the accuracy tests and thank you for the velocity string.

  32. Anonymous looking for magnification for a rear peep sight,

    Look for rear magnifying iris. It screws into your rear diopter where your disk now resides. I bought mine at champions choice. Common brands are gehmann, centra, hendsoldt, seibert, etc. Hendsoldt and seibert are no longer in business so you would have to find these used.

    Bear in mind that the magnification is to bring your front sight better into focus not your target.


  33. BB,
    I realised as soon as I sent my previou message I'm already doing my own compare/contrast between them. Sort of like your list of differences between the discovery, marauder, kat. Can't wait to see holes in paper.

    Which one has the dove tail farthest forward of the bolt? Wish I had them in hand to test myself, but don't have enough free cash to do that. Are you planing any more Challenger blogs?


  34. TedV,

    The Edge has the dovetail that goes farthest forward. I did five reports on the Challenger, so unless you can suggest something I missed, I think I got it pretty well.

    The reason I listed the differences between the Discovery, Katana and Marauder is because they are all very similar rifle from the same manufacturer. I was trying to show where the Katana fit, between the Discovery and the Marauder. And I'm not done with the Katana yet. I still have to shoot it long range with a couple other pellets.

    The Edge and Challenger, though, I am trying to compare–not with each other but in terms of similar and different features. So I think I have done that pretty well to this point, though I still have to show a few things on the Edge.


  35. BB,I've been shooting the gun this evening. So far it's pretty impressive. The manual is a little "sketchey"it could explain things a little better. It shows how to adjust the trigger,but fails to say wich direction to turn the screw,to lighten it? It also says to use "o-ring lubricant" on the chamber and bolt. I used Diver Grease (silicone)since that was what I was directed to use on the AA rifle. The craftsmanship on this gun is excellent. Fit and finnish is as good as I've ever seen. Using the hand pump for this gun,is like a walk in the park,compared to the AA410E! Keep the great info comming! Ron

  36. Kevin,the 410E has more of a adjustment range.Yes I have mine set light,at 6oz. It can be setup to shoot at 1-2 lbs,or "scary" light at, as low as 1/2 oz. The Edge has a good trigger too,it just won't go down to as light a setting, as the AA410E. I have been shooting it tonight,and fiddled with the trigger. It is "plenty" light enough for about anyone,and it breaks clean,like snaping a glass rod. I'm just guessing it is just a little over 1 pound. I need to check it with the trigger scales,but I'm so happy with it,it won't matter what the scale reads.I'm a light trigger guy too,having shot Bench Rest Comp. for over 30yrs. Ron

  37. Ron,

    Thank you for the update.

    Just so I understand your comment, The edge trigger cannot be adjusted as light as the AAS410 E?

    Are you talking about the first stage, second stage and weight (trigger pull) or just one of these adjustments?

    Happy New Year to you!


  38. BB,thanks for the report on this gun. To say I like it would be an understatment! Can't wait for the rest of the review on it! Thanks,Ron Kevin,I'm talking about the second stage pull weight. The first stage is so smooth that it isn't a problem! Ron

  39. BB, Do you think another option will be available for the Edge? If the regulator is inside the tank,would it be hard for Air Force to make another tank/valving system to convert this rifle over to 12FPE for Field Target use? That would be nice! 🙂 Ron

  40. Ron,

    I doubt they will offer the Edge in that form, but you never know. With such a small reservoir they would be dealing with about 12 shots per fill. I once competed with a Daystate that got 24 shots per fill, but I think 12 may be a little low for most competitors.

    I have an experiment coming up that may shed more light on the subject. Stay tuned.


  41. So far my gun seems to favor the "lighter" pellets (pistol) type. Is there any information on the rate of twist on this,or other barrels? I don't know if the rate of twist has as much effect on air guns,as it does on powder burners,but it really helps to "narrow" down the projectile choices before hand. Ron

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