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Education / Training Webley Junior – Part 2

Webley Junior – Part 2

by B.B. Pelletier

Update on Tom/B.B.: I spent several hours with Tom on Monday evening. He continues to make nice progress. Happy days are here!

Part 1

On to today’s blog about the Webley Junior’s accuracy and velocity tests.

This turned out to be quite a collectible and a very interesting pistol.

Although most Juniors are smoothbores, the barrel on our gun looked like it was rifled. To check, I pushed a pellet through the barrel. The rifling would have engraved itself on the thin skirt, enabling me to count the lands and grooves and check their pattern. But to my surprise, the pellet showed no signs of any rifling. Another look through the bore revealed that it was, indeed, a smoothbore, but when there was oil present, it tended to look like it was rifled. Maybe the barrel was originally rifled and the factory reamed them smooth because they were earmarked for Juniors. Or, maybe the appearance of the rifling is simply an optical illusion.

Webley Junior pre-war model
72-deg. F – 10 shots – Muzzle at start screen

Chinese blue label wadcutter, 7.6 grains
High………………..347 fps
Low…………………319 fps
Average……………336 fps
Extreme spread……28 fps
Standard deviation….8 fps
Muzzle energy……….1.91 ft-lbs.

RWS Hobby, 6.9 grains
High………………..355 fps
Low…………………306 fps
Average……………331 fps
Extreme spread……49 fps
Standard deviation….16 fps
Muzzle energy……….1.68 ft-lbs.

Accuracy has never been the Junior’s strong suit, nor even Webley’s for that matter. A Senior or Premier will group inside an inch or just a little larger at 25 feet, and our Junior did the same at 15 feet. Because of the lack of rifling plus the relatively slow velocity, a pellet with a pronounced diabolo shape is preferred. You need all the stability you can get from the high drag of a flared skirt for any semblance of accuracy.

A real find!
To American collectors, the most desirable Webleys are those imported and sold by the A.F. Stoeger firm. Better known for their publication Shooter’s Bible, Stoeger was a big importer of quality Europeanguns like the famous Luger, whose name they eventually purchased the rights to. When it came to airguns, they sold the best, and, of course, this included Webley.

A Stoeger gun will be marked with the company name, as this Junior is. It will also command a premium when it sells, much the same as a Winchester-marked Diana airgun. It’s not any more scarce than other Webleys, but it’s more desirable because of the recognized American name associated with it.

As far as condition goes, it’s hard to locate a steel-gripped Junior that doesn’t have a trace of rust or pits somewhere on the thin grip panels, or at the very least the blueing will have turned plum. This example is no exception to the rule. Collectors should take this into account when grading a gun, much as they do for early 1950s Daisys that have warped and shrunken plastic stocks.

Stoeger marked their guns prominently, as this photo shows. A gun with these markings commands a premium on the American market.

You can still find this air pistol at reasonable prices by attending one of the better airgun shows. Expect to pay top dollar for the pre-war gun in excellent condition and with the Stoeger name. Juniors usually go for about half what Seniors bring in the same condition, so let that be your guide.

The Webley Junior is as well made, if not as expensive, as its larger siblings. If you want to collect the brand, you can’t overlook the smallest member. But, even if you have no desire to get them all, there might be room for this one in your gun cabinet.

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Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

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  1. Just took a look at the new blog and I noticed, on the main blog page, there is an error in the coding in that within the tags there is a spelling error “PyarmydAir – Blog”.
    I didn’t check the individual pages.

  2. I’ve been shooting my Bronco some more. It is accurate! I have three other springers (Ruger AirHawk, IZH-61, Gamo Recon)and the Bronco is the best 10m shooter of the bunch by far. It is shooting eMatch scores comparable to my 953 and Talon SS. My best score so far with the Talon is 269 out of 300. The Anschutz 800 guy gets in the 280’s, 290’s (he must be shooting sewing needles 🙂 ). Yesterday I shot a score of 264 out of 300 with the Bronco. I do like the crisp second stage of the trigger. I wish all my guns had that trigger. However, I don’t see the value in the first stage part of a trigger. I don’t mean just the Bronco, I mean any rifle. Experts like it though so it must be of some value.

    I found that the Bronco is very forgiving of the artillery hold. During one session I shot it hugging it to death just to see what would happen and still shot 9’s. I even managed a couple 10’s.

    It also likes a lot of pellets. It likes JSB Exact, Hobby, H&N match, R-10, Meisterkuglen, just about everything in my armory. I did the best with the Hobby yesterday but I’m still playing.


    • Chuck,

      With only one stage, one of two scenarios would remain:

      1) Adequate sear contact, resulting in a very long stage with an unpredictable release.
      2) Inadequate sear contact, resulting in a very short and predictable (instant) release, at the cost of greatly reduced safety.

      The second stage gives the shooter a defined release while the first stage is necessary for providing sear travel that preserves the element of safety.

      – Orin

  3. B.B., Edith

    You can call me a conservative, but despite all the obvious advantages, I cannot get used to this new blog engine 🙂
    Anyway I’m glad that Tom is improving 🙂


  4. Edith,
    I still vote for Blogger, or at least the Blogger layout. The layout on this thing is hard to follow, for both articles and comments. Back in the old days, i.e. last week, I used to read the article when I woke up. Now on just day 2 there is so much going on on the page that it feels like a chore to find the article, so I waited for mid-morning break after being too blurry eyed to figure it out in the time I had.

    Making comments is easy, once you find the right thing to click on, but following them is extremely time consuming, and it still feels like I’m probably missing something. I like the ability to reply to a comment, but what it gives in clarity, it gives up in terms of ease of use.

    Please, do a comparison b/t an old blogger article and one on here. This one for example:
    Isn’t the blogger layout far superior in terms of clear division and visual accessibility? It may not be as glitzy, but it is much more obvious what is going on, at least to me.

    • BG_Farmer,

      Have you tried the RSS feed link for the comments in the top right-hand column? It gives you a chronological listing of all comments.

      This place is still a work in progress and will require some additional fine-tuning. Please don’t give up on it yet. I’ve been using and testing it for a week or so before it went live, so I know it takes some time to get used to it. It’ll happen.


    • Haven’t had mch experience with this format but I know I can’t get it to come in on my phone which I could the other one. Sometimes I don’t get to read unless it’s on the phone.

      I will certainly keep trying.

      Hope Tom is still improving!

      Al Pellet

  5. Programmer dude,
    If I click the little orange button in Internet Explorer the font increases nicely, however when I go to the comments it shrinks again. Do your magic and we will not need to add a second way point.

    Bg farmer,
    I have called in a psychic and they see Kevin running in an old building holding the FX Cyclone. Clearly a man of his experience and talent will not be contained for long. He is in that building at the top of the page, somehow sucked in to his PC ala the matrix. At least he grabbed his best PCP before going in. I will need to strategize on a plan. Once released, sadly he will have no memory of the event.

    On the photo at top,
    As my Mom would say to her parents, stop that, you are in America now. Someone needs to get rid of that and rotate photos of the US. Start with the Alamo. (Not the car rental place).

    • Volvo,
      That picture gives me unpleasant flashbacks to my sojourn at the University of Toronto.

      My psychic said the same thing regarding Kevin:
      “short legs pumping under Romanesque (debatable) stonework, watch out for rotten wood…place of learning, horror, high-pressure air, Ja…freedom outside leaden window…Port Orford man watching…

      Its up to you — I’m baffled on this turn of events.

  6. Bg farmer,

    When I was working for a large builder that is among the top five size wise in the country, they purchased software for sales that turned out to be a disaster and they knew it. However, due to the investment in time and money there was no going back. Just like here, they did not solicit the folks that would actually be the end users. We will need to simply work around it. My thoughts are we continue to post every comment at the end of the page. It is insane to think on a weekend with two hundred comments you would need to scroll threw the entire list to see what is new. Such a format works on the yellow, but that is a whole different animal.

  7. Volvo,
    That was one of the two options I proposed, in lieu of a sort option. But everyone would have to play along. It won’t happen. Besides, the thread concept is nice, if only we can sort at will, to have the best of both worlds.
    I have not yet tried Genghis Jan’s Google Reader suggestion.

  8. I see Kevin is still persona non grata!!! That means we can trash talk him with impunity, lay waste his persona! Tee hee! Kevin, where art thou? Can’t wait to hear what you think about the new blog. And oh yes, your wisdom here is missed… a little!

  9. Hello Edith and BB good day to you.

    BG-farmer,Volvo and AlanL.
    This new comments format is a very tough call.
    a political site I visit changed to this format last year.
    The guy does about four posts a day and gets between 200-400 comments a post:(
    Nightmare to digest.
    The good thing is that a commentator can run a thread within the greater list of comments.
    The bad thing is that a commentator will often then only read his own thread and added comments and not a lot else.
    Missing another guys opinion on a political blog is different to missing a useful bit of information in a comment on a specialised forum such as this.
    As a suggestion,using a colour to highlight the commentators name may give a visual clue as to when comments start.
    That visual que along with the indentation may also help when quickly scrolling through as to when to stop and read anything new.

    • Reply to myself lol.
      I forgot to say.
      That on that political site every comment is numbered and framed within a box.
      If the thread gets bigger so does the box and each new comment within it has a number also.
      For example,comment No1 can have comment No201 in the same box because they have added to the same thread.

  10. Morning all, I think the print and legibility of this new blog is lightyears ahead of the old Blogger software. I haven’t downloaded the new Google browser, preferring Mozilla so far. I have played a bit with RSS but I find that I am adjusting and find a easier way to sort through the comments. I can now ignore those threads that don’t interest me (all the talk about sex, drugs and rock and roll). Second, by noting that I wrote this at about 10:50am Eastern Time, I’ve reviewed all comments prior to that time so by checking the times of the comments entered when I come back, I just look for later times. Simple.

    Also, for those of us whose eyesight doesn’t begin to focus before 9AM, if you’re using IE7 or later or Google, hit “cntrl +” and viola, the print on the screen will increase. “Cntrl -” makes it smaller.

    BB, looking forward to your return home. Better hurry as Wayne is still plotting to get the USFT!

    Fred PRoNJ

      • Interesting but AlanL, that second comment, the one right above yours, is not mine. Not that it matters. I’m sure others have never heard of Chrome, let alone Firefox and their e-mail reader/news reader Thunderbird. Lets not forget Eudora, either as an e-mail/news reader.

        Fred PRoNJ

  11. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again: Go to the comment RSS feed and you’ll see all the latest comments without having to scroll & search for anything.

    I’ve posted this under Volvo’s comment and now here at the end of the latest comment for those who won’t scroll up and look for the other one.


  12. I would like to thank GenghisJan (or was it Atilla the Jan?) for his suggestion about using Google reader as a means to view the comments in the order in which they were posted. I had trouble at first because I was cutting and pasting the blog address into my reader subscription page, instead of clicking on “Comments RSS” under Airgun Academy Links in the top right box like a smart person. Now it is working just dandy.

    When I first visited this blog about a year ago I found the format to be confusing. I was reading all these ‘orphans’ or comments that were replies to earlier posts that I had never read. Then there were the crazy off-topics coming out of nowhere. ‘What article am I reading?!’ Try that anyplace else, and you get flamed. I even wrote a long post laying out all kinds of half-cocked schemes for making the blog easier to follow.

    Stringing replies to the comment that inspired them was one such scheme. The thing is, new visitors to the blog usually want an answer to a question, or maybe some advice, and that is about it. They are not interested in reading a long-winded, convoluted, bunch of blabbering from SlingingLead (but then again who is?) The stringing works well for this group of users.

    Then you have the sickos like me, who return to the blog several times a day, just to see what kind of wacky hijinks all the other sickos are up to. The embedded replies don’t work so well for us, because we can’t just go to where we left off last time without missing posts that were replies to other posts. This is where Google reader comes in.

    One problem I do see is that each reply gets indented further, which eventually could make a post look much like


    As far as the format of the articles, I find it very similar to the way it was before. The homepage has many articles on it. Click on the name of the article over to the right and it shows the specified article with all the comments. The only problem I have encountered is that on the homepage, it is not immediately clear where to click to jump to the comment form. This link needs to be made larger in light of all the other links that are at the bottom now (facebook etc.)

  13. Edith,
    I just subscribed to the RSS Comments feed via Google reader. That is somewhat better, and I may get used to using two different pieces of software for what one arguably did better before, given my choices:). I know you have more important things going on right now, so I’m going to shut up and quit whining about it.

  14. There’s at least one unmentioned side-benefit of forcing everyone to use the Comments RSS feed in order to see things in chronological order: we’ll now have basically everyone able to see comments added to older blog posts! This means that they’ll get a larger audience and “we few, we merry few” can stop hectoring new folks to ask their questions only on the current days blog if they want more than a handful of folks to answer it. Big win in my opinion.

  15. Maybe it’s a feature of the new format, but I can’t make any sense out of the comments about Kevin being in an old building. 🙂 Otherwise, I thought I remember Edith mentioning that the old blogger was not an option any more for some reason.

    Chuck, the Bronco better than the IZH 61? Them’s fighting words. 🙂 Maybe we’ll have to design a test. Now that I’ve corrected the sights, it is shooting as well as ever.

    Glad to hear that B.B. is improving. Now that he’s feeling more like himself, I have some blog suggestions. How about a history of gallery shooting since it approximates so well the type of shooting that many of us do as airgunners. Secondly, how about a review of the Savage breakbarrel that is tricked out as a sniper rifle. I’m anxious to see if the Savage quality holds for airguns. A recent review of the Mark II BV, BG_Farmer’s rimfire, claimed a five shot group of .4 inches at 100 hundred yards.

    Is Earl testing guns for us this week? If so, please convey our thanks.


    • Matt61,

      Mac is not testing guns this week. After Tom comes home from the hospital and gets settled and some much-needed rest, Mac will come out here for a week.


    • Matt,
      Thanks to the new format, I just saw your shout-out for the MkII BV. Was that the test on Chuck Hawks? I really wouldn’t hesitate to recommend a MkII based on the way mine performs, although I haven’t matched the .4MOA performance at 100 yards yet — mainly due to weather and ammunition. There is one funny thing in that review. The reviewer notes how great the safety works, which is an odd thing to notice at all — on mine the safety was mushy until I tweaked it a tiny bit.

  16. Edith

    I had an idea to save the old blog comments.

    When you re-release The Beeman R1 Supermagnum Air Rifle maybe you could publish another book: Pyramyd AIR Blog Comments: The first 5 years

    It would probably sell about as well as the Madeleine Albright swimsuit calendar.

    I didn’t say it was a good idea.

  17. Good news. Click here. Scroll down to the end of that page and click on the link to the archived comments. No one’s told me this was happening, but it looks like they’re at least testing some things.


  18. Edith

    On the new blog when a comment is posted, it denotes the author thusly:


    To me, this almost looks like the post that follows would be directed at Volvo rather than authored by him.

    I prefer the way blogger denoted the author of a comment:

    Volvo said…

    I think this is more clear. Perhaps I am alone with this petty grievance. If not, it seems it would be an easy fix.

        • OK, this might be a problem.

          There must be scores of bloggers seeking to capitalize from the good name of SlingingLead.

          Now that we have all had a good laugh, it could actually cause problems. Certain individuals seem to like to cause trouble. Posting offensive things under other people’s names would cause turmoil. There must be a way to make sure rikib is rikib and Kevin is Kevin etc.

          I have also noticed it makes no difference if I am logged in or not.
          I have been posting everything today without being officially logged in.

          It’s only a few kinks to work out. I’m not whining, like BG_Farmer. (Just kidding BG!)

            • Edith

              You mean I could have been professing my undying love for the AATX200 all this time under VOLVO’s name? Why didn’t you say so?

              I like mischief as much as the next guy. 😉


              Don’t get any crazy ideas.

                  • Edith,
                    Regarding ID’s: Impostors could (actually did) say outlandish thing as somebody else on Blogger, but it was very difficult to do for people with blogger ID’s. I.e., they could have posted as “BG_Farmer”, but they wouldn’t have the “B” blogger logo next to their assumed name. The hijackings seemed to go way down once many of us had blogger ID’s.

                    Slinging Lead,
                    I’m only whining because I love the blog, just as it was:).

          • SlingingLead
            This is a problem that needs to be address soon.

            Edith, Can you help out and direct this to the right personnel.

            rikib (yes it’s me the real rikib, but anyone can say that as well)

            • rikib, Slinging Lead & anyone else who’s concerned about stolen identities,

              This site is no different than the previous blog setup. There, you could simply use the NAME field and sign on with any identity. No registration was required.

              If we experience issues, then we’ll take a look at how to control them.


      • Dave

        You didn’t tell us you were a lawyer!
        Uh… barrister? I can’t remember what you Brits call them. Why can’t you guys just speak English? Its a trunk! Not a boot! 😉

        Cheers Dave,


        • Hold on fellas,who invented the English Language:)
          A Lawyer and Barrister are the same in any language except what we are allowed to post here.lol
          No offence to lawyers.I like them, I just couldn’t eat a whole one.
          Goodnight from sunny Britain.

          • Hope you get a chance to read this in the morning. This is just the opening, a lot more information on the internet. This came from Wikipedia’s online Encyclopedia: “English is a West Germanic language that originated from the Anglo-Frisian dialects brought to Britain by Germanic invaders from various parts of what is now northwest Germany and the Netherlands. Initially, Old English was a diverse group of dialects, reflecting the varied origins of the Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms of England. One of these dialects, Late West Saxon, eventually came to dominate.” Don’t get p/o’d mate 😉


  19. AlanL said:
    Thanks for the point to the pics. How do you know that’s a mink? I wouldn’t know, and if my wife wanted a fur, rabbit would have to do!

    It’s my photo, someone used it for there ad.


    Welcome back, as I noted you will of no memory of what just happened to you. Bg farmer and I saved you, no need to thank us. You would do the same.

  20. Hey there guys.. This is Rick the “programmer” 🙂

    It really boils down to convenience.. we could require people to register and login before posting, but you may loose a large volume of participation. I’m a firm believer of “lock it down…” If someone truly wants an answer to their questions, and would like to be part of a productive discussion, they’ll take the 3 minutes to register and login. Once logged in, you are good to go unless you clear your cookies. But that is just me and my overly sensitive, security conscience, nature.

    On the other hand, it seems that you all are “Johnny on the spot” with responding to comments and correspondence so I doubt anyone would have the opportunity to get too far before they were quickly shut down.

    In a perfect world we’d have no spammers or idiots out there that exist simply to cause other people problems. Maybe one day such a world will exist.

    Cheers all.


    • Rick
      On this identity subject. I have noticed that a space for email address is below the name. If post are made by someone using our name are you able to track them down by the address. I guess I’m just overly cautious/paranoid. Now that everyone is aware that they can do this (maybe didn’t know in the old blog).


      • Hey there,

        It is actually quite easy to track the origin of the poster… We should be able to easily identify, flag, remove and ban offenders if necessary.




      Just one small note.. the person making the choices also gets the bill at the end of the month…

      What’s your mailing address.. 😉 ?



  21. Edith,
    How do you get the really grinny smileys?
    Chuck: See? I really don’t know everything about blogging, posting, and the net… [Big Grin]

  22. I guess I’ll have to see if I can post some quotes later tonight so you’ll know it’s still me. Starting to get used to this new format in away, but don’t like swapping back and forth to RSS feed for most recent comments. Guess it will be just a learning curve.


  23. Kevin is being allowed to make comments from his cell way down in the underground gardens.

    BG_Farmer and Volvo only think they are free men.. They live in a fantasy world now.

    After their re-programing, and the Memorial Weekend FT shootout, they “shall be released”

    Wacky Wayne, MD.
    Ashland Air Rifle Range

  24. smile
    🙂 🙂 :] =)
    🙁 🙁 :[ =(
    😛 😛 :-p :p =P
    😀 😀 =D
    :-O :O 😮 😮
    😉 😉
    😎 8) B-) B)
    8-| 8| B-| B|
    >:( >:-( unsure
    :/ :-/ :\ :-\
    3:) 3:-)
    O:) O:-)
    :-* :*
    :O >:-O >:o >:-o
    curly lips

  25. Wayne,

    You know I am not one to gloat, but the fact the Kevin discarded his AA S410 Carbine much like the Diana huntress cast her bow and arrow to the ground – well, makes it tempting.

    On another note, my raised bed has become home to a bunny nest. You can add this to your advertising.

  26. RSS makes this better…..mainly faster. Subscribing brings out the most current articles etc…I like how you can catch up on all comments by RSS comments…etc and set in chonological oder.

    Too bad about the old comments…a wealth of info there. PA should offer a DL for them before they’re gone.

    Oh well, it’s like comming out of a coma and starting all over again.

    • AJ

      Edith posted a comment earlier (1:50pm) with a link to the Hy Score 801 article… with archived comments! It seems they may have worked it out. Thanks again Rick.

    • I use IE ver 8, on my toolbar there is a RSS button and after I select the feed I am able to sort by date, author or title. Don’t know if that was what you were asking or if it is of any help.


  27. Pay no attention to the man from “Port Orford”. Wayne is just jealous because I knocked over every one of those “tough” FT targets with my ’06, and Volvo saw through his cybernetic trick before he could re-educate Kevin to adore the AA s410 and ransom his wasted shell for a USFT.

    The only thing unresolved issue is possibly some 1-900 bills at Kevin’s house: Calls to psychics, mostly.

    Kevin, you might want to grab the phone bill before your wife gets a look. Also, sorry about the pool.

  28. Bg farmer,

    If that is really you, yes we should apologize for the pool incident. I guess we should use a candy bar next time we reenact the Caddy Shack scene.

    As far as the 900 numbers, I could not hold back. Every time I see the building at the top of the page I think I have been hijacked to a porn slash Viagra site and the wallet comes out quickly. The 900 numbers were to make up for the disappointment.


    I was playing with the RSS feed thing and saved it. Before I had to go to PA’ site first and would be tempted to shop. Now I just hit the Favorite tab and “feeds” which is between favorites and history.
    No need to be enticed to shop anymore. It is as if this is it’s own site.

    • Volvo,

      You said:
      Before I had to go to PA’ site first and would be tempted to shop….No need to be enticed to shop anymore.

      You are becoming verrrrrrry sleeeeeeeepy. Okay, now, repeat after me: “I will buy more guns from Pyramyd AIR. I will continue to go to Pyramyd Air’s website and spend money.”

      When I count to three, you will wake up, feel refreshed and have the urge to purchase a new airgun from Pyramyd AIR.

      Resistance is futile.


  29. Bg Farmer,

    I got it licked. You need to subscribe to the “comments” feed and it will put the newest at the top. Chances are, I am the last one to figure this out, but just in case……..


    Yawn. I’m tired for some reason….

  30. Volvo,
    I could offer verification based on our chat with the “psychic”, Ms. Leona, if that would help. At least you have a good reaction to that building — it makes me wonder what exam I’ve forgotten I’m supposed to be taking and whether I’m wearing pants.

    Thanks, I got the comments feed running through Google Reader, what did you use? Ultimately, I’m thinking I can rig up a script to reformat everything to look just like it used to:).


    I can’t help but think of the Borg and especially (!) “7 of 9” when you say “resistance is futile”. Good fictional memories:).

    • BG_Farmer,
      Thanks. I subscribed. I still have to open the Reader in a new tab though. I tried bookmarking the reader itself but the feeds once again look like they do when I bookmark them directly.

      • Bookmarking the reader with link worked for me (Firefox Portable 3.5.2)– I don’t mind putting it in a separate tab, as I usually have half a dozen open most of the time anyway:).

  31. Does anyone using IE 8 have a button for RSS and when you click it you have three different choices of feeds all from PyramydAir. I just select the current blog, but what is the “atom” seems like old info?


    • Not sure, RikiB. I was browsing through it last night and it just kinda seems like an odd dump of articles, both new and old. Some of the articles are repeated more than once. Maybe it’s something Rick is working on as part of the data migration thing.

      – Orin

    • If we are feeling frustrated we need to continue voicing our opinions here so they can be addressed by the people that can make changes. We don’t need to be carrying them off to other blogs. I don’t really like all the changes, but I will not go to another blog to vent my frustrations about PA.

  32. matt61,
    Why don’t you enter the eMatch on airgunarena.com and do the benchrest match with your IZH-61. I’ll do it with my Bronco. Sounds like fun.

  33. Orin,
    The first stage of the Bronco trigger, on my gun at least, doesn’t do any of that stuff you said. It’s not connected to or doing anything that I can tell. There is no resistance in it and I can’t feel it doing anything. I could live without it. But the “second stage” is sweetly crisp. Love it!

    • Oh, thanks Chuck. I’ve never experienced one of those double triggers. Is the first stage perhaps some sort of “unlock” for the second stage? In other words, can you fire the gun by pushing only the second stage blade?

      – Orin

  34. Dang it Orin! I was just getting ready to go to bed and now you’ve got me curious. I’m going to have to get Ms B out and see what will happen if I bypass the first stage.

  35. Well Orin, this is very curious indeed! When I pulled the “second stage” trigger, without touching the “first stage” one, it moved back and latched but the gun did not fire. So, I thought, ah ha, a safety feature, the gun won’t fire without pulling the first stage. Wrong!!!! If, after the second stage latches, you then pull the first stage trigger, the gun then fires. So, no, it’s not a safety feature. I’m not sure what the intent was but I’m going to try to shoot it some more tomorrow like that and see if it make a better shot. Although, it did take a lot of force to pull the first stage that way. Maybe 5 lbs. I’m guessing. Don’t hold me to that. Plus it makes for a skinny trigger since you’re pulling only one blade then and it seemed uncomfortable.

    • If, after the second stage latches, you then pull the first stage trigger, the gun then fires. So, no, it’s not a safety feature.

      That is strange. But if you have to pull both blades, regardless of the sequence, doesn’t that technically qualify as a safety feature, since neither blade by itself can fire the gun? Not “safety” like a lock-out, but definitely safer than having a single-stage hair-trigger.

      Just out of curiosity, can the first stage blade pull past the second blade and keep traveling, or does it grab the second blade at the point where they meet? Again, I have no experience with these triggers, so I’m just wondering. I looked around for pics of a Mendoza trigger assy, but couldn’t find any.

      – Orin

  36. Looking for information on the below Webley Junior 177. This belong to my Father and I believe he brought it home from the war. I am mounting it in a shadow box and would like to give it to my Great Nephew as it belonged to his Great Grand Father.

    The gun is all metal and looks exactly like the one at the top of this post. Information on the gun is:
    The Webley Junior 177
    Patented in Great Britain No 219272
    And All Principal Countries

    Made in England
    Webley & Scott Ltd Birmingham

    On the end of the barrell is 767

    Any idea how old this would be and the approximate value. I would like to add this information when I give it to my Great Nephew.

    Thank you Everyone for any information.

    • Terry,

      Condition means a lot with these older airguns. The one pictured is in about 85 percent condition and as such would bring $200 to 250 at an airgun show. If it had the original box, add another hundred, and if the barrel was flush with the end of the gun it would be the earlier model and worth another $50.

      The number on the gun tells next to nothing, as Webley made them in batches. So there will also be a letter to which the number refers.

      Some Juniors are rifled and worth more. The price given is for a smoothbore.

      Your gun was made between 1929 and 1938. If the barrel protrudes beyond the end of the gun like the one shown above, it is the last version made. After the War the gun was remade with Bakelite grips and worth considerably less.


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