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Education / Training 2014 SHOT Show: Part 2

2014 SHOT Show: Part 2

by Tom Gaylord, a.k.a. B.B. Pelletier

Part 1

Here’s our second look at what’s new in airguns for 2014. Last February, while I was having dinner with Hans Wonish of Umarex, he told me about the upcoming Broomhandle Mauser I’m now testing. After we discussed that for a bit, Herr Wonish asked me if there were any other handgun models that I though might be well-received by airgunners. Several crossed my mind, but the one that really stuck out was the Colt Python! This year, I saw that revolver in the Umarex booth!

Umarex Colt Python CO2 BB revolver
BB gun shooters are going to love the new Colt Python .357 from Umarex. It uses real shells to hold the BBs!

Another new rifle from Umarex is going to have a lot of hunters excited because it offers something they’ve been requesting for a long time. The new Umarex Fuel breakbarrel spring rifle (with Reaxis gas piston and SilenceAir technology) has a bipod built right into the stock! That’s right — there’s nothing more to buy. Just pull the legs apart and rotate them down to make a solid field stand. Or flip them back up, and they’re just part of the stock.

Umares Fuel air rifle
Built-in bipod makes the Fuel spring rifle stand out — and up!

Umarex Fuel air rifle
When not needed, the Fuel’s bipod folds neatly back into the stock.

Edith and I went snooping over in the German pavilion. In the Diana booth we saw a gun that hasn’t been seen in the U.S. yet. It’s the 340 N-TEC Premium, a breakbarrel Diana with a nice silencer on the muzzle and a beautiful walnut stock with deep checkering. That’s all pretty usual fare for Diana, except this rifle has something new. A gas spring that’s 100 percent German made!

Diana 340 N-TEC air rifle
The Diana 340 N-TEC Premium is German’s first rifle to have a German-built gas spring.

We’re fortunate to have Herr Michael Mayer (of Mayer and Grammelspacher — the owners of Diana) show the gun to us. He was justifiably proud of the craftsmanship of this beautiful rifle and told us we may start seeing them in the U.S. by June of this year.

AirForce Escape nets big sales on first day!
Remember the Escape rifles I showed you 2 days ago? Well, AirForce sold their entire first 3 months of production on the first day of the show! The reception was overwhelming for this rifle; and like I predicted, people who aren’t traditional airgunners were buying them, too!

Remington gets back into airguns
They haven’t made airguns since 1929, but Remington Arms is revitalizing their airgun selection in 2014. Leading the effort is Dani Navickas, the lady who served many of us at the old Beeman organization for so many years. She has spent a lot of time teaching the Remington staff about the airgun market, and it looks like it will pay off this year.

The first offerings are guns made in China, but don’t make a face. When I saw them, I was shocked. The quality looks as good as anything that comes from Europe these days. Each model is patterned after a popular Remington firearm, and the guns should be available to the U.S. market by early summer.

Remington Express air rifle
The Remington Express and Express Compact are 2 new air rifles from Remington. They say I can test an Express very soon!

Reminton also has a neat 1911A1 BB pistol. It has blowback and can fully disassemble like the firearm. I’ll test that one as soon as possible!

Remington 1911 air pistol
New Remington BB pistol has blowback and offers full disassembly. The grip safety really works!

Another new product from Remington are some great field targets with features I haven’t seen before. They offer killzone reducers that are permanently attached and just flip in and out of position! And some of them are resettable with a second shot — ending the need for long cords that can tangle and break.

Remington field targets
Killzone reducers simply flip in and out of place! And reset the target with a hit on the bottom paddle!

With Dani at the helm, we can count on Remington to enter the airgun world in the right way. I hope they realize how fortunate they were to get her to lead their efforts!

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Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

123 thoughts on “2014 SHOT Show: Part 2”

  1. BB

    I hope you and Edith packed your Sketchers, and are having fun despite the workload.

    I am not much of a BB pistol shooter, but that Colt Python is the coolest. I hope that it comes in a nickel version, I can then pretend to be Rick Grimes!

    That new Diana is also interesting. I like the lines of that stock. Conventional, but not traditional? Or vice versa.

    I hate to be the jerk to point this out, but as interesting as that Umarex Fuel is, the fact that it is a spring powered break barrel rifle would seem to negate the utility of the built in bipod, other than for a stand. But we shall see, won’t we? Hmmm, maybe you could set the thing on a skateboard to get the artillery hold effect.

    Keep up the good work.

    • SL,

      I thought the same thing about bipods on breakbarrels when they first came out. However, the coolness factor convinces people to buy them. I think they buy one like that and then either don’t use the bipod or they don’t mind the inconvenience.

      We know other people who have very painful feet from standing/walking all day long. I told someone yesterday that by the end of the day, my feet & legs feel so good that it’s as if I’ve been in bed all day. I own 11 pairs or Skechers Shape-Ups and don’t wear anything else.


    • That Python is pretty cool. I’m surprised that Colt doesn’t bring out a limited edition of the original classic. The airgun connection is real. B.B.’s lavish descriptions of the SW 686 pellet guns motivated me to get the firearm, and it’s one of my very favorites.


  2. I like the Diana gas spring rifle. They didnt mention cost or cal. by chance did they?

    And it will be interesting to see if they have diferent technology than what we are use to in their nitro piston design. And their sound deadening device. I wonder how quiet it will be.

    And I like the field target also. Did they say how much?

  3. Hello Fellow Airgun Addicts
    Thanks BB for these glimpses at 2014 Shot Show. I was looking forward to today’s offerings from the Shot Show, and I wasn’t disappointed. If only for the picture of the Diana 340 N-TEC Premium air rifle. What immediately caught my eye were the flowing lines of the stock. I’m a true fan of wood and steel, and this Diana had my name written all over it. Of coarse it would be foolish to judge a rifle’s performance on looks alone, and this is where the 125 year reputation of Diana comes into play. They make, and have made, some of the best airguns you could hope to own. For example, look at the model 34 and its legion of loyal fans and owners. This 340 N-Tec Premium may just be my first Diana.
    The two Remington’s pictured here also caught my eye with their classic lines. The fact they are made in China comes as welcome news. It might be the Chinese have truly been listening to our gripes and complaints about quality and workmanship. As airgunners, we only stand to benefit. With all these new airguns assaulting my senses all at once, I may have to buy a couple and put the blame on temporary insanity. Now I just hope my wife accept my defence.

  4. B.B.

    I just can’t stop thinking about the new Airforce Escape SS. What a fine gun & the power and accuracy has blown me clean away. I so wish I could own one. When will they be available & how much will they cost?


    • Errol,

      I think AirForce will start shipping very soon, as in earlier than April. The difficulty is they are getting so many orders that the supply may be very tight for awhile. SHOT is for dealers to see the new products and place orders, and that’s what’s happening. I don’t know if Pyramyd AIR got their order in on time, but we’ll see.


  5. How much more excitement can there be left at the show for us to see?

    I will just ask.

    BB are we there yet. You know the end of the trip, Umm, I mean show. Oh you know what I mean. Is there still more to come?

    • BB said this in Part 1 of the Escape.

      “It’s true, some redesign of the valve was done to make the new rifles even more efficient”

      I hope that’s what you were looking for.

      • I guess what I was wondering was how a stock escape .25 was throwing more fpe than a stock condor with the long barrel in .25. I might be a little fuzzy here. I thought the condor .25 was 75 to 80 fpe and we are hearing that a stock escape in the same caliber is pushing 100?

        I am just a hack in pcp–I haven’t put the time in to do anything but shoot and maintain. But could someone shed some light on the energy output of the two guns?

          • Thank you sir, my hunch was correct. I just bought a new condor valve for my .25 condor tank. I should have waited a week! I bought the .25 for maximum punch, and have a condor SS 12″ barrel .22 with the sound loc kit and a talon tank for when I want a little less noise. Do you recommend the new valve to ad fpe to the Condor. I’ve been shooting the heavy 42 Eun Jins in the .25

  6. I’ve had one of those types of resetable targets for years now, and they are really good if truth be told. The only thing i used to find odd when i first started using it was if i was trying to get a certain rifle to hit the 40 mm kill zone and it wasn’t always doing it, i would have a harder job trying to reset it by hitting the 30 mm reset paddle. Happily those days are mostly over as my accuracy, wind, and trajectory calculating skills have improved a lot, but if i am using particularly objectionable springer i usually take a PCP to reset the thing.

    Must say that i love the stock on the new Diana, that’s the sort of shaped stock normally found on nice PCP’s i admire. In all my many years of air gunning i have yet to shoot a Gas Piston type, I would like to try one but i suppose I’ll have to wait till one of the UK airgun mags review it to hear what it’s like. One last thing though and that is about the built in bi pod on the Umarex break barrel, and that is this on looks very big and powerful so wouldn’t the bi pod hinder the recoil?

    All you have shown today looks really cool, so thanks B. B. for an amazing report.


    Best Wishes, Wing Commander Sir Nigel Tetlington-Smythe

  7. Well, let’s see now. An NP2 which I can probably afford, another Diana that I can dream about and a resettable target to stick up beside my Kum-Bak. I don’t think I can afford much more of this trip.

  8. I wanted to order the Dan Wesson but man am I happy I waited! I want that Python! I like it a lot more, it looks much better! If they bring a nickel version I just might have to buy both.

    Those KWC 1911 seem to be quite popular aren’t they? I mean I know they’re great I own one but everyone has theirs now, maybe we can get aftermarket parts for them now?

    I love those resetable targets. Crosman also has one shaped like a zombie head (to help pretend you’re Rick Grimes Slinging Lead). Do you guys think they could be left outside? What if I made enclosure (so they have a roof over their heads LOL)?

    So much cool stuff, so little money…


    • J-F

      “What if I made enclosure (so they have a roof over their heads LOL)”

      I like that. And maybe something in there with them to keep them warm and cuddly.

      Sorry but you got me started. 🙂

  9. Good morning everyone. I like the new offering from Diana (and I’m glad to see Diana can operate independently, did I say that right?) I have four in my collection since 05. A gas piston is a welcome addition to their heritage of air guns. (I wouldn’t be upset if they bought out the rights from the former Theoben gas piston design). So much to say what about their “Exklusive” stocks? One thing at a time I guess? Hopefully it will not hurt our wallets to bad since they can import directly, or is it from RWS or Umarex, it does not matter as long as it is available to us here in the US. Thank you BB and Edith we appreciate what you do.

  10. Question when did the Remington Summit come out? (“Remington didn’t make air guns since 1929”) Was that just Crosman licencing the logo and Remington did not profit? I lived in Bridgeport Connecticut were the old Remington Arms Factory ruin still stand on Barnum Ave.

  11. I’m also confused about the Remington news.

    I understand that Remington isn’t making these airguns (they’re made in China but I won’t make a face).

    I don’t understand when B.B. says that Remington is revitalizing their airgun selections and the first models will be out in summer of 2014.

    In the recent past we’ve had Remington badged airgun models like the airmaster, genesis, nitro piston, black magic, vantage, summit, etc.

    What’s different about these Remington “first offerings”?

    Is Remington overseeing chinese manufacturing rather than Crosman or???


    • I’m thinking that too. Did Remington contract a different Chinese company? If you look at the Express features it copy some looks from R9 and different than the old B26 clone and definitely not the same as the Corsman Chinese models you mentioned. I held and shot the B26 (R9) clone I thought it was pretty good quality for price.

      • chris,

        I see more Remington lines in the new express models than Weihrauch. I really like the looks of that carbine/compact model.

        I’m also a fan of the B26/R9 clone. Years ago I bought two B26 models from MM that he tuned. Gave them to twin boys. I wrote alot about those guns on this blog. One was pellet fussy but we worked through that. Those boys have discovered girls so the guns don’t get shot as much these days.


    • On Crosman’s web site they no longer list Remington (Marlin, Benjamin, Sheridan & Crosman brands). A google search for Remington airgun brings up an actual page from Remington’s site with their express model, the action looks Weihrauch with the cross safety.

    • Kevin,

      What is different is that Remington has hired a real airgun person to manage this part of the company. Before they were just buying though a purchasing agent and there wasn’t anyone inside the company who was really an airgun person.

      Yes, these are Chinese airguns just like in the past, because they made the purchase before the current person came aboard. But I talked to Dani and she knows what the U.S. market wants. According to her, Remington management is behind her in this revitalization of the airgun section of the company.

      Time will tell, of course, but I can tell you these were not Remington Summit-grade airguns.


      • B.B.,

        Thank you. Interesting.

        So if I’m reading between the lines accurately Dani has been on board with Remington long enough to oversee/create the new Express introductions. From my biased view of Remington this is a company to keep a close eye on for their airgun introductions since Dani has a role.

        ps-my daughters name is Danielle but we call her Dani.


  12. WOW”Now I know where any extra money I have left will go”I always knew that someday Air Guns
    would finally make it in to the main stream,With the ammo shortage and air guns resembling real
    fire arms,One is now able to practice almost anywhere and with blow back keep up ones target eye.
    Even though it may take a while to see these new products I can’t wait.What a good reporting job
    both of you do,It is almost like being there myself.I can’t wait to see what’s next to come out.

  13. I for one am most excited about those new Remington targets.

    I am a big fan of reset targets that you don’t need a string for – but I also like FT style with reducers, and so far the only stuff I have seen readily available is the Gamo squirrel drop target, which requires a cord to reset.

    I will be getting a Remington reset target as soon as they hit the market – so hopefully it actually makes it!

      • I know they have been around – but as I said, “not readily available”. It would be nice to be able to walk into a outdoors shop, or wally world, and have some thing like this available.

        I’ve only seen the reset without string stuff from AOA, or custom made on line.

        • Roger that.

          Readily available to me is online. Product arrives on my doorstep.

          Don’t have to drive to the store, use gas, stand in line and pay sales tax.

          Some of the many reasons I like Pyramyd AIR and they like me. LOL!!


          • does PA sell drop targets that do not require a string/cord to reset?

            I already have the GAMO squirell target, but as I said, that requires a string to reset.

            I also have the birchwood casey “gallery resetting target” but that is not FT style.

            If PA does sell some thing like this Remington target I would be happy with that too!

    • Manish,

      From my experience springers and bipods are incompatible. Only sandbags and your hands. Gas spring is a spring too. It eliminates just side-to-side wobbling of coil springs, but not the forward-rearward kick. Perhaps B.B. knows more will give more info.


      • It seems to me the solution to using a bi pod on a springer./heavy recoil gun would be to make a sliding bi pod mount. You can even use springs on the mount to dampen the violence of the recoil. Just an idea, if i had access to a machine shop i would try making one.

  14. Manish,

    Nice to hear from you again! Hope all has been going well for you and yours. I’m not sure about the gas rams and bi pods either. We’ll just have to wait until B.B. gets and puts one through its paces.


  15. I cannot believe I am saying this about a Tom Gaylord article, but he is wrong about the Diana gas ram, very wrong. There is already a German built gas ram rifle, manufactured in Germany, including the gas ram. True it does have an English ex-gunmaker’s name on it, but Weihrauch do make all the bits themselves.

    There that has given you a clue has it not? The venerable HW90 has sported a Theoben designed ram for decades, continues to be made and sold today and still works sweetly!

    Sorry Tom, you claim the Diana is the first 100% German made gas spring, oh no it is not!

    • We all know about the HW90 aka Beeman Rx/RX1/RX2/R1Lazer tune. You said the magic word Theoben Made In England. So this might be a Made In Germany gas system. WE shall see

      • Not made in England, the HW90 was only ever made in Germany, it continues to be made in Germany long after the death of Theoben. The technology was licensed from Theoben, which is why the company name appears on the rifle. The ram is made by HW!

        • Ill look into it my guess is that even BMW, Mercedes gas struts are made in Taiwan or China. That one gas piston in HW90 does not support tooling machine cost. Weihrauch would have to sell hundred of thousands to recover the cost. the HW90 isn’t their best seller.

          • Cant find much of the origin of gas ram . But shows HW80/R1@ 1981-1982 first one to pass 1000fps and HW90 manufacture@ 1990. Best is to Email Weihrauch to see if they build the gas ram.

  16. I like the colt python but that idea is already out there with the Dan Wesson revolvers. The 1911 is already out there with the Tanfoglio Witness 1911, and I’m really not seeing much innovation on the rifle side other than a built in bipod and a German built gas spring rifle that would get lost in my collection. So as nice as it would be to have a fine German rifle, I wouldn’t buy it. The only one I’m liking is that new airforce escape Since I do not have a talon I’d buy the escape. That’s about all I got my eye on at the moment.

    • John you like to work on guns. Here is something I’m doing with my Talon SS. I was talking with RidgeRunner over on the Escape Part 1 article and responded with this comment.

      “What I have in mind for my Talon SS is to make a kit if you will from one of those gun cases that are plastic with the foam in each half when it opens.

      I plan to make cut outs in the foam for different barrels and then also a cut out so a tin or two of different pellets can be placed by each barrel I have. Then I want to get a high flow tank and a micro-meter tank also that I hope will fit in the case. Then I have all the major components stored in one place.

      So I’m sorry RR I’m gonna keep my 2 barrels I got now. And I have in my mind to take a .177 Disco barrel and do some machining work to it and add it to the barrel collection too if it works out.

      All in time and money though. But that’s my plan.”

      I know you talked before about buying parts a little at a time and putting stuff together. Maybe you can do something like what I’m talking about with your Condor. Ain’t that the AirForce gun you said you have?

      And what about the Escape SS or will you have trouble getting it where you live? Either way you could get different barrels and tanks as time goes on and money becomes available and have multiple options to choose from to do different types of shooting. Maybe not the way to go for you but I thought I would mention what I’m trying to do.

      • It’s certainly a good idea. I have the condor which is a longer frame than what the escape has which is built on the talon and maybe talon ss frames. So I could build something like you describe but I need a talon frame to make it happen. The idea with the escape is keep it light, powerful, and accurate for emergencies. I was thinking of getting a talon in .22 because that is what I like then wait it out for the escape tank to come out and add that to my as of yet unpurchased talon. So I’d then have a talon and an escape. Then I could either add a 24″ barrel or grab a 24″ barrel from my condor and I’d then have a talon, escape, and the escape light weight all in one gun A shrouded barrel is a bit hard to get in Michigan. It’s not impossible but just hard. So instead I’d buy a frame extender and 18″ barrel and I’d have the final escape model. So that would technically be 4 guns I could fit in a 2 gun case. If you do it all a little at a time it would be easier on your budget. But it’s a good idea if I understood it right. Then you’d have an adaptable selection of guns for whatever your need.

          • Exactly why I’m so excited by airforce offerings. I know that I can get a talon and then accessorize to make it into a dozen other guns of my liking and I know each one is going to be well made, have a lifetime warranty and it will be very accurate. And I know that they will be powerful. So when I see airforce come up with a new gun I know they are also going to come out with new parts so I can make what I got into the new gun which saves money. And I also still can reconfigure to my original gun or a blend of the two.

            • I sure don’t see nothing wrong with them.

              They are a very well thought out design not even talking about the quality of the guns. Which I don’t see nothing wrong there either.

  17. Regarding the problem with guns that get in the trade show but never get delivered to customers:

    Sounds as if air gun manufacturers have adopted the software industry’s business model, Vaporware!

    Hope you ran across the Team Rubicon guys!


  18. Just started reading your posts thanks to the e mail about the Shot Show. I am a very happy girl. I live outside of Roanoke, Virginia and thanks to your post now know we have a nice airgun show to go to close by. Have many, many friends that will be happy to know this also. Both Roanoke Civic center and Salem Civic centers have very well publicised gun shows but never heard about the airgun show. Will make sure to attend it this year. Oh happy day.lol

    • Tammy,

      I’m jealous.

      I’ve only been able to attend the terrific Roanoke airgun show once since its so far from me. It’s such a good airgun show that if I was as close as you are I’d never miss it. When I attended the airgun show the firearm show was going on at the same time next door.


  19. Nice-looking collection of guns, and it’s nice to hear more testimony of the Skechers in action. My Mom was very interested to hear about them…

    Duskwight, I’m also willing to bet that the physical laws are intact and there has been some cutting or corners and detail to work to achieve the gains of the Crosman gun.

    Saw The Hobbit last night which could also be fairly called Bowling for Orcs. It was great. You see all kinds of things including archery anti-aircraft and the most amazing collection of noses ever such that you could say that they are the treasure under the mountain. But with that, I will recommend it for your viewing.


  20. I love the looks of the Python;however, it is a BB gun. Due to my obsession with accuracy I have stopped buying BB guns. I have quite a few replica pellet pistols and I love shooting those. This leads to my question.

    What has happened to replica pellet guns? I haven’t seen one from Umarex in quite awhile. I would certainly buy the Python if it were a pellet gun.

    Also, I am concerned since I think I have read that the agreement between Beeman and Weihrauch has expired. What is Beeman going to sell once their inventory of the R Series is depleted? Or, am I completely confused about this? I hate to sound ignorant. But it won’t be the first time.


  21. BB,I have been anxiously waiting info. on the Benjamin Marauder sporting a new wood stock and the new synthetic Marauder hardware.It was alluded to in comments 2 blogs back.Is it a reality?Did I miss something?I’m interested to know what the final gun weight is and your perception of it’s balance and feel in your hands.
    So many new choices…I’m going to have to go to a weighted decision making precess or I’ll never know how to buy.-Tin Can Man-

  22. B.B. and Edith,

    I have shut my sourpuss personality out of the room! (Admitting the split personality is the first step towards recovery.)

    That Colt Python already has a spot set aside in my air pistol drawer, right next to my Dan Wessons! If I didn’t already have the Tangfolio, I’d sure jump for that 1911, too. Hmmm. After the report on that one, maybe I’ll just have to make a bit more room for it, too. But . . . then there’d be no excuse not to complete a “terrible trio” with the Winchester version!

    But THEN there is that whole new blowback Makarov! Ahhhh! So many cool BB guns, so little time (and cash, and wife’s patience).

    B.B., as everyone knows, it never was green-lighted by the U.S. military, but if someone (Umarex, hint, hint) would come out with a bb version of the Ingram Mac-10 (with an extended hidden barrel inside the fake two-stage silencer, of course), I would be as happy as my two cats in a tuna cannery! Seriously, I would buy three immediately: one to stay in the box, a second for my left hand, and a third for my right hand. “Say hello to my little friends!”

    On the pipe-dream subject, how about Umarex producing an M-1 carbine either with the same revolving magazine they use in their pellet pistols? With blowback a la their Desert Eagle? In beech, at about the same price as their Walther Lever Action. Is there even one regular here who would not buy both of these rock ‘n’ roll machines?

    How about an Umarex Walther P38 pellet pistol and Luger pellet pistol? (Well, might those be too narrow for the circular mag?)


      • B.B.,

        Thanks much!

        That would be a Crosman I’d break down and buy :^)! But there has already been a respectable repeater bb gun of the M1, by them, of course. If Umarex did it, it should be based on the little metal 8 round circular magazine.

        If Crosman were to beat them to it, great, but it should be a CO2 powered pellet rifle. If they could make the 357W 10 round magazine fit, I’d love it.

        But personally, I’d rather pay $495.00 for an all wood and metal one than $99.00 for a mostly plastic one, which is why I was thinking Umarex rather than Crosman.


  23. G&G and Michael,
    I agree with you. Making these classic replicas in bb is such a shame! I would own the Lugar already if it was a pellet shooter with blow back! Only accurate guns are interesting to me. I own 2 action pistols and the both shoot pellets. Hatsan I see is making a Ruger 22 clone that can be disassembled but ruined it with with BBs!!!

  24. looks like edith n you are like a kid in a candy store. hey im not trying to plug any merchandise but google happy feet I have teir shoe pads and they are the greatest thing I have found yet. and they last too. anyway im just drooling over what you have posted so far b.b.

  25. if that Remington express is the same as the Remington express I looked at in academy ,its a very nice well built looking rifle. it has deep glossy blue and don’t show the grind stone marks on the barrel. it looks like they polished it real good before they blued it and the wood was very nice with great checkering. I somehow think 1 might have to find its way into my safe

    • Earl,

      The Fuel isn’t expected to be in stock until the end of July. I’m guessing the guns aren’t even in the country, yet. We’ve placed our order with Pyramyd AIR and should get one from the first shipment they receive.


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