by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

Seneca Dragonfly
Air Venturi Seneca Dragonfly multi-pump air rifle.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

This report covers:

  • The test
  • Sight-in
  • Qiang Yuan Training pellet
  • First attempt at pumping
  • RWS Superdomes
  • Air Arms Falcon pellet
  • The solution
  • The hold for pumping
  • Best pumping hold found
  • JSB Exact RS
  • Summary

This is the 25-yard test of the Seneca Dragonfly multi-pump pneumatic rifle. Today the rifle is scoped with the 3-12X32 UTG Bug Buster scope, and we will see what the Dragonfly can do.

Seneca Dragonfly scoped
The compact Bug Buster scope is a perfect compliment to the handy Dragonfly multi-pump.

The test

I shot 5 shots with each pellet from a rested rifle at 25 yards. That was because I was pumping the rifle 3 times for each shot, and with the scope occupying the place where I wanted to hold the rifle, pumping wasn’t convenient. I selected the best pellet from the 10-meter test and 3 new ones, since the others I tested at 10 meters didn’t do so well. At the end of the test I decided to select the best pellet and shoot one final 10-shot group.


The scope was pretty close to on when I mounted it, so sight-in only took a couple shots. The first was at 12 feet and the second was at 25 yards.

Qiang Yuan Training pellet

The first pellet tested was the wadcutter Qiang Yuan Training pellet. They loaded easily, though the scope was partially in the way. Five of them went into 0.707-inches at 25 yards. I think that is a great result from this rifle.

Seneca Dragonfly Chinese group 1
Five Chinese training pellets landed in this 0.707-inch group at 25 yards.

First attempt at pumping

I initially pumped the gun with my hand over the rear sight, which wasn’t pleasant. Because I was only pumping 3 times per shot it was tolerable, but I looked for something better.

RWS Superdomes

The second pellet I tried was the RWS Superdome. But when the second shot landed 2-1/2-inchs away from the first, I stopped. Superdomes were not for the Dragonfly. I will say that Superdomes loaded harder than any other pellet in this test. I suspect there was some damage caused as they were being loaded into the breech.

Air Arms Falcon pellet

Next up was the Air Arms Falcon pellet. I tried it because I really wanted a domed pellet for this rifle. I did discover a problem when loading these though.

The Dragonfly bolt probe goes way back into the receiver when the bolt handle is pulled all the way back. A short pellet like the Falcon can go back so far when loaded that its nose falls into the receiver. I did this and deformed the pellet.

Seneca Dragonfly bolt
When the bolt handle of the test Dragonfly is pulled all the way back, the bolt probe (arrow) goes back into the receiver so far that the noses of shorter pellets can fall into the receiver.

Seneca Dragonfly deformed pellet
This is a Falcon pellet that was deformed when the nose dropped into the receiver. When the bolt was pushed forward, the pellet’s nose jammed in the receiver.

The solution

This was a simple problem to fix. Just don’t pull the bolt back all the way. As long as a little of the probe sticks forward in the loading trough, all pellets will feed fine.

The hold for pumping

Holding at the rear sight wasn’t working for pumping so I switched to holding just behind the sight. It was awkward because of the scope, but at least the sight didn’t dig into my hand. For three pump strokes, it worked okay.

Falcons seemed to do okay for the first four shots, going into 1.298-inches at 25 yards. The final shot, though, landed 2-1/2 inches away from the center of the main group. Had that happened sooner I would have stopped testing this pellet. I must note that the final pellet did load harder than the first four, leading me to suspect a feeding issue.

Seneca Dragonfly Falcon group
The main group isn’t that bad, but shot five landed all the way over to the left. Group measures 2.689-inches between centers.

Best pumping hold found

For the rest of the test I tried holding the gun at the wrist as it was pumped. That worked the best of any hold I tried, so that was what I did for the rest of the test.

JSB Exact RS

The next group was shot with JSB Exact RS pellets. Like the other domes they did okay, putting 4 into 0.919-inches at 25 yards. But the last shot opened the group to 1.324-inches, which is a little larger than I would like.

Seneca Dragonfly JSB RS group
JSB Exact RS pellet put 4 in 0.919-inches but the fifth shot opened the group to 1.324-inches at 25 yards.

So there you have it. There is just one last thing to do — shoot a group of 10 shots with the best pellet in the test. That was the Chinese Qiang Yuan wadcutter. The five-shot group measured 0.707-inches between centers.

Ten Qiang Yuan Training pellets made a 0.885-inch group at 25 yards. That was a little better than expected and is certainly noteworthy. If I owned this rifle I would continue to search for a good domed pellet, but I would also remove the scope and shoot it with open sights, only.

Seneca Dragonfly Chinese group 2
The Dragonfly put 10 Qiang Yuan pellets into a 0.885-inch group at 25 yards.


I like the Dragonfly and I like the fact that it comes with a single shot tray. It has plenty of power and decent accuracy. And the trigger is good. I’m putting it on the best buy list for those wanting a good multi-pump.