by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

Part 1

Sig P226 X-Five
Sig’s X-Five pellet pistol.

This report covers:

  • X-Five P320 or P226?
  • Velocity — RWS Hobby
  • Velocity — SIG Match Ballistic Alloy
  • Velocity — JSB Exact RS
  • Will the X-Five shoot BBs?
  • Velocity — Dust Devils
  • Shot count
  • Trigger pull
  • Evaluation

Today we look at the velocity of the new Sig Sauer X-Five pellet pistol. I told you in Part 1 that the firearm version of this airgun is now on my bucket list. Here is why. The X-series Sig pistols have all been through Sig’s Custom Shop, where their triggers have been tuned to perfection and where their parts have been hand-fitted to achieve accuracy that was once just the claim of the legendary Sig P210.

Most readers know that I am a handgunner at heart. I grew up longing for the most accurate handguns available, and all my life the Sig P210 has been one of them. It rivals S&W and Colt revolvers and accurized 1911s. And they cost accordingly. The Sig X-Five will cost just under $1,700. That’s not cheap by any means, but compared to what a vintage P210 costs, it’s very reasonable.

X-Five P320 or P226?

In Part One I guessed the X-Five pellet pistol I am testing is a takeoff of Sig’s P226 X-Five. I guessed that because there is also a P320 X-Five. You see, the X-Five denotes a trip through the Custom Shop to have all those nice things done. It is not a model of its own — at least not in the Sig firearm line. But in the pellet pistols the X-Five is a standalone model.

So, X-Five, by itself, is correct terminology for the pellet pistol. However, I contacted Sig and was informed by Dani Navickas, Sig’s Airgun Product Manager, that the pellet pistol is indeed a copy of the German P226 X-Five. Here in the U.S. the P320 X-Five will be the pistol that’s seen, which is appropriate because our military and many U.S. law enforcement agencies around the nation are adopting the P320 as their primary carry arm.

Velocity — RWS Hobby

The first pellet tested was the RWS Hobby. It’s a light lead wadcutter that is often quite accurate. In the X-Five Hobbys averaged 340 f.p.s. The spread went from a low of 323 f.p.s. to a high of 359 f.p.s., which is 36 f.p.s. I did wait 10 seconds between shots, but to be fair, the fastest shot of 359 f.p.s. came immediately after a 5-minute phone call. The next-fastest shot was the first one, at 351 f.p.s.

Velocity — SIG Match Ballistic Alloy

Next up was the lead free SIG Match Ballistic Alloy pellet. These are also very accurate and in the X-Five they averaged 411 f.p.s. The low was 398 and the high was 423 f.p.s. So the range was 25 f.p.s. for 10 shots.

Velocity — JSB Exact RS

Next I tried JSB Exact RS. They averaged 326 f.p.s. with a spread from 316 to 341 f.p.s. That’s 25 f.p.s.

Will the X-Five shoot BBs?

Reader GunFun1 asked whether the X-Five will shoot BBs. So I asked Sig and was told that it wasn’t designed to, but the magazine does have a magnet, and BBs will work. So I tested Air Venturi Dust Devils next.

Velocity — Dust Devils

Dust Devils averaged 401 f.p.s. The spread went from a low of 374 to a high of 419 f.p.s. That’s a range of 45 f.p.s. So, they work, but it wasn’t planned.

Shot count

I had installed a fresh CO2 cartridge in Part 1 and fired it maybe 5 times to assess the blowback. Then I fired the 40 shots in this test. After I ran out of ammo on the BB test, I fired quickly 10 more times before the hammer failed to cock. Then, while testing the trigger, the slide began cocking the hammer once more a few times. I’m saying you can probably get three magazines of 60 shots if you fire slow and deliberate, or two mags with some left over if you shoot rapid fire.

Trigger pull

I answered this in Part 1, but once again, pulling the trigger does advance the belt in the magazine. You can feel it as you take up the slack but it isn’t hard. This is a single action only pistol, but there is a long takeup in the trigger to advance that magazine belt. Then the trigger stops and becomes crisp, breaking at 5 lbs. 3 oz.

Sig X-Five magazine
The pellets go into the belt that then advances by pulling the trigger. I used flash for this shot and the Sig pellets reflected a lot of light, compared to the Hobbys.


I sure hope this pistol is accurate, because in all other ways it has a lot going for it. Sig has forced me to examine the firearm this is based on, and now I want one. Either that or I win the lottery and get a vintage P210! But they tell me you have to play it to win, and that costs too much!