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CO2 Umarex Fusion 2 CO2 rifle: Part 2

Umarex Fusion 2 CO2 rifle: Part 2

by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

Fusion 2
Umarex Fusion 2 CO2 repeater.

Part 1

This report covers:

  • A 2-cartridge CO2 reservoir
  • The test
  • RWS Hobby
  • JSB Exact RS
  • Didn’t work
  • The Umarex 12-gram adaptor?
  • Back to the original 12-gram cartridge adaptor
  • RWS Hobbys a second time
  • JSB Exact RS a second time
  • H&N Baracuda Match
  • Magazine troubles
  • Summary

Today we look at the velocity of the Umarex Fusion 2 CO2 rifle. I read the customer reviews before testing the rifle, which I usually don’t do. I did it to see if there was anything I should watch for. Well they were all over the place, with the most common complaints being about the 12-gram CO2 adaptor and a loose magazine that flops around. I will disregard the comments about CO2 costing too much. Guys — this rifle runs on CO2! What are you thinking?

But two comments mentioned the CO2 cartridges were hard to pierce, or they leaked down too fast. That I will watch for.

A 2-cartridge CO2 reservoir

What I’m about to say applies to all airguns that use two 12-gram CO2 cartridges. Most of them work the way they do in this Fusion 2. They go in nose-to-nose and the last cartridge you put in presses the first one down on a piercing pin. In the Fusion 2 manual the CO2 cartridge piercing assembly is called the “relief valve assembly” which is a confusing term to me, since piercing the cartridges is its primary function.

The test

I’m going to test the Fusion 2 with several pellets and there are already 9 shots on the two 12-gram cartridges that I installed 9 days ago. We will see how well the rifle holds CO2!

Since the magazine holds 9 pellets my strings will be 9 shots, rather than 10. Let’s get started.

RWS Hobby

The first pellet tested was the RWS Hobby. The average for 9 shots was 651 f.p.s. but I will show every shot.

9………….Nothing came out

As you can see, this isn’t a standard shot string. These are shots 10 through 18 on two fresh 12-gram cartridges installed the previous week. But the velocity should be stable — not falling constantly.

What about shot number 9? Well, On the first shot the pellet did not want to enter the breech. I later found that pellet had been deformed by the bolt probe and was drawn back into the bolt pathway, where it lodged for awhile. I will have more to say about this in a bit.

JSB Exact RS

Next up was the JSB Exact RS dome. I won’t give you an average but I will show the entire shot string.


Obviously the gun is running out of gas. I removed the CO2 cartridges and found that the last (top) one in had been pierced but the first (bottom) one had not been pierced. This is one of the complaints customers reported. These are both Umarex CO2 cartridges, as recommended.

Fusion 2 cartridges
Both Umarex cartridges were in the Fusion but the one on the right wasn’t pierced.

I know how to pierce 2-cartridges in a CO2 gun! I did everything right and it still didn’t work! Okay, the 2-cartridge adaptor doesn’t work very well — I’ll put in an 88-gram cartridge! I didn’t have Umarex cartridges but thankfully I did have a couple from Sig.  

Build a Custom Airgun

Didn’t work

This big cartridge just screws in until it is pierced, but it also failed to pierce when screwed down tight. I even used ChannellLock pliers to tighten it down as far as it would go, but no luck.

Fusion big cartridge
The 88-gram CO2 cartridge was not pierced. That round divot is where it was in contact with the piercing pin.

The Umarex 12-gram adaptor?

Umarex sent me a 2-cartridge adaptor for testing the Air Javelin. I gave that a try as well . Both cartridges pierced but the piercing pin inside the rifle did not open the valve in the adaptor.

Back to the original 12-gram cartridge adaptor

I was getting frustrated by this point, so I went back to the 12-gram adaptor that came with the Fusion 2. Umarex says not to use Crosman 12-gram cartridges because their necks are too small, but since Umarex cartridges didn’t work I tried them anyway. This time I had success piercing both cartridges. I’ll show that in a moment but first let’s look at velocities again, now that the rifle is charged.

RWS Hobbys a second time

This time Hobbys gave an average of 658 f.p.s. with a spread of 25 f.p.s. It’s large but acceptable. The low was 649 and the high was 674 f.p.s.

JSB Exact RS a second time

The second time with JSB RS pellets gave an average 665 f.p.s. The low was 662 the high was 672 f.p.s. I’ll take a 10 f.p.s. spread!

H&N Baracuda Match

Now for Baracuda Match pellets. Instead of an average I’ll show the string.

5………….did not register

It seemed like the rifle was doing okay during this string, even though I missed the velocities of three of the nine shots. So I shot another 9-shot string of Hobbys, now that we have good data.


I think you can see that the rifle is running out of gas again — after just 36 shots! This rifle must be leaking pretty fast to run out of two 12-gram cartridges in only 36 shots at such low velocities. Let me show you the ends of the two Crosman cartridges.

Fusion Crosman carrtidges
The Fusion was able to pierce both Crosman 12-gram cartridges. The one on the right is difficult to see but I examined it with a magnifying glass and it does have a large hole.

Magazine troubles

What I haven’t mentioned yet is that while all this was happening I was also having problems with the rotary magazine. It doesn’t like to be inserted into the receiver and even when it is, it moves around as the bolt pushes pellets out of it. Remember that first string of only 8 shots? Here is what happened. As I tried to seat the mag the first pellet popped up and got mangled. Look here.

Fusion Mag jam
While inserting the magazine the first pellet popped up like this.

Clearing that jam tore the partition between two of the pellet chambers — ruining the magazine. I had to do this three times during today’s testing.

Fusion ruined mag
Clearing the jammed pellet(s) and magazine from the Fusion tore the partition between chambers 1 and 2.


This test disappoints me — not because there were problems with the test rifle, but because they are the same problems already reported by several owners. That tells me there is an entire shipment of Fusion 2 rifles that potentially have the same problems.

I will have to consider what to do next. I doubt I will ask for another rifle to test, because the possibility of the same things happening seems high. I could possibly test the accuracy of this rifle, which customers all agree is quite good. But I have to think about it.

One possibility, and this is a note to myself , is to try lubing the cartridges with ATF stop leak in hopes of repairing the seals inside the gun.

95 thoughts on “Umarex Fusion 2 CO2 rifle: Part 2”

  1. They have all the parts in house to allow a ninja bottle instead of co2. Why they are not making it an option on this rifle and the cheap air bow seems like a bean counter at work.

  2. Hey BB,

    To make sure the cartridges pierce, I stuck a dime in between them. Have to be careful not to over tighten the cap. My magazine seems to have a similar issue when the gun is pointed upward. It appears that the pellets were falling out of the magazine and jamming up the works. These issues are very irritating but hate to give it up because it is so darn accurate. Able to consistently bust aspirin tablets at 20 yards. Like CO2 guns for my limited shooting area in the backyard. Longest possible shot is 30 yards. Still getting only 1/2 the number of shots that Umarex suggested. Thought it might be leaking somewhere over time, but after leaving it overnight or longer still get the same number of shots. Disappointed to see you are having similar issues. I have been able to work around mine so far, but time will tell if the gun continues to function at all.

    Thanks for your efforts,


      • Your welcome,

        Been using mine to dispatch rodents in the back yard. I hoped the gun would be a good recommendation for others on a budget. A good first gun to teach your kids with, but based on your review and my experiences it does not look so hot. By the way, my 88 gram cartridges didn’t have a problem. They pierce fine. Prior to buying the gun, saw some reviews and heard no negatives on its performance. I appreciate your honest and thorough testing.

        Take care,


  3. B.B.,

    Looks like the QC guys dropped the ball on this one.

    I would appreciate if you can include my Father in your prayers. Right now he is diagnosed with severe Pneumonia suspected as COVID-19. Don’t know how he could have gotten it though as he hasn’t left the house since March and those living with him are fastidious regarding coming back inside after possible exposure outside.

    Thanks in advance.


  4. B.B
    I think that your comments about trying to guide/help “someone who is looking to buy his first, maybe single airgun”, if I remember correctly, should apply here.
    When Umarex brings a new shipment, passed from qc department, then you can give it a new chance. Until then it’s a no go product. That’s from someone who has more than one Umarex airguns.
    Good day to you all.

      • They could’ve (should’ve) branded these two under same name.
        I was so close to buy an HW77K but then found out that it lacked a beartrap mechanism. Still, I’m considering it; we’ll see.
        I just cannot visualize the whole holding the cocking arm practice to be a good enough safety precaution in case of a freak accident – as if there were any nonfreak ones. Accidents happen in the blink of an eye; although, I definately hold the cocking arm / barrel every single time – with or without beartraps – during loading process, I could see the arm slipping out my hand easily. Your hand can be sweaty, it could be a moment of weak grip, the rifle can slip, or what ever. I’ve even considered an HW57; it’s mechanism is as ‘idiot proof’ as it can get. I hardly see it aligning properly though.

      • TY, Kevin, this helped a lot. I’m glad you shared these links with me.
        Now, I don’t want either…
        95, FWB Sport, and Premium 34 with iron sights are left on my list – all .177.
        Easy to make a decision on 34, it’s out of stock on AoA – probably, soon to be discontinued.
        FWB sport, on paper, is the best. Being 18J, it has to have better balanced numbers compared to 95. It’s stock also appears to be iron sight friendly compared to 95 – by looking at the photos. Then again, these considerations are all my theories; is it really better than 95 in real life? I read B.B.’s reviews on both, and couldn’t come to a conclusion. I wish I could try them.

            • You do not want the new version of the FWB 124. VERY different gun from the original. The link I provided you is the original version of the FWB 124 that created the legend. The blue ribbon scope, beeman mounts and beeman muzzle brake on that gun are also period correct. It’s a fine set up.

                • 95% of the many airguns I’ve bought were used. Just make sure parts are available and you have good pictures of what you’re buying. If you’re not willing to buy a used airgun you’re missing out on some of the finest airguns ever made since they’re no longer in production. The original FWB 124 is a great example of this.

                  Maybe your link is the “solution to your little problem”. Consider this since these folks sponsor this blog and it’s less expensive than the other place you linked to:


                  Another option for you is a fully customized R9/HW95. Paul Watts is the best in the business and he has one on his site for sale now. Scroll down on the first page to his “DEALS & SPECIALS”:


                  • You’re right, R9 on PA is another good option. Even better, as I believe R9 has life time warranty and 95 has 1 yr…
                    The 95 on AoA is cheaper though, and I like the fact that it doesn’t have the globe with aperture inserts thingy. It’s as simple as it can get, which I like…

                    • No, when you consider shipping costs Pyramyd AIR has a better price. As you mature as a shooter you will appreciate a globe sight that accepts a variety of front inserts. DEFINATELY no insult intended. I’ve spent more time responding to you than any other airgunner in the past decade because you’re like me and tend to overthink and over analyze like me.

                      Know this…..you’re not going to find your ideal airgun this time around because you’ve graduated from a Diana 27 and you will continue to grow as an airgunner. Don’t worry too much about your choice. It won’t meet your needs for long. Sell it and move forward as your needs evolve. That’s life.

                  • Kevin,
                    I prefer PA when possible.
                    I don’t think I’ll ever find any value in inserts with a springer.
                    No worries, I don’t get insulted easily. You’re good. Actually, I enjoy reading your comments. Keep them coming.
                    I won’t be able to make time to any of my hobbies in the next six to nine months at least, so I’m in no rush. I was considering to buy the 77K in the past few days, because I thought it’d soon be discontinued in the US market. It’s already not available on PA site. I missed Diana 430, 34 pro, 34 premium, and a couple of other gems, because I waited too long. Well, I still had the 27 when 430 disappeared. Anyhow, lots of would’ve, could’ve, and should’ve here…
                    I think I have a good list of Dianas and Weihrauchs. I might even add a few of their magnums to my list. I don’t think any of these springers will disappoint me. If I buy one today, then it’ll collect dust in the closet. Instead, I’ll wait for 6-9 months and keep an eye on the prices. If a surprise deal happens with any of them in the near future, then I’ll let that deal make my decision.
                    Some deal like in this link for example will help me make up my mind right away:
                    In the meantime, I’ll keep following B.B.s blog when/if I can take a few mins breaks and comment on the rifles he talks about; I think I’ve gathered enough info about the springers I’m considering.

                    • Now a Diana 430L is in the mix? HOLY SMOKES you’re all over the map and I don’t have a compass. Good luck. Over and out.

  5. As a kid, I never understood why CO2. I could imagine a whole army of spent CO2 cartridges.

    My suggestion is to either send it back or throw it away. You could spend big bucks have a machine shop fix a little buck gun. Or send it back, if the new gun is also defective, send it back. At some point Umarex’s bean counters will realize that they are loosing money due to replacement costs! Then they will either fix the problem or discontinue the model.
    Once again, cheap airguns are destined for the landfill in 5 years or less. In this case much less!


    • Yogi,

      I like and want spent CO2 cartridges. Take a screw or eye bolt and run it down in the hole, paint it orange and hang it up with a string. Instant and cheap reactive target.

      Now as for the cheap airgun, landfill.

        • Yogi,

          And,…. WHAT would be sooooo wrong with that? 😉

          Keep in mind,.. this is coming from someone who has lived the majority of their life with the philosophy of,… if I can make it,… I don’t have to buy it. And of course,… being the genius that I am,.. I can make it better! LOL! 🙂

          Has that always worked? For the most part yes. There is of course those times when things did not work out exactly as planned and in the end,.. I had spent more time and money (doing a rev. 2,3,4) than if I had just bought something already made to begin with. Success or no success,… I always learned something (like “well,… that was stupid”,… or “don’t do THAT again”,….),… but I had fun. 😉


        • Yogi,

          Hey, that is not a bad idea! After Christmas you can leave them on the tree and just pitch it out in the front yard and shoot at the reactive targets hanging on the tree.

      • I started doing that a while ago, then I realized one major drawback, ricochets. Every time I heard a pellet go zinging off who knows where, I cringed. So I switched to wine corks. Hitting ten in a row at 40 yards is plenty satisfying.

        • Todd,

          I can see that. I am fortunate that my nearest neighbor is several hundred yards away. If you are hit by one of my ricochets, I will have you arrested for trespassing. 😉

          • I epoxy springs in the small end of the spent cartridges and then screw them to a board. Hits with a Red Ryder at 10yds. are quite satisfying. No close neighbors either.

          • Kevin,

            Those are good!
            I have posted this before favorite of mine.
            I prefer Teddy Grahams…the ones with their hands up i eat. The ones going for their gun I shoot…they make a nice puff if not stale. They also have an inny bellybutton that makes a great aimpoint.


            • Shootski,

              Shootski, Shootski, Shootski,…….. What are you thinking? How many sensitive groups did you just offend with that comment?

              “Hands up”? You are to treat them kindly. Do minimal processing and release them on the own goodwill 20 minutes later. You do NOT eat them!!!! I am sure that would violate the Anti-Cannibalism Reform Act of 1634 anyways.

              “Going for their gun”? How do you know that? Shoot them? Oh no! They could be reaching for their cell phone to call their Mommy to let her know that they will be home a little bit late. Surely they did not hear the repeated orders to stand down,… for the last 6 hours.

              “Teddy Grahams”? Teddy? That was a previous President,… was it not? I am pretty sure that this is now UN-acceptable and we should all lobby for the name to be changed to “Warm and Fuzzy Unicorn Rainbow Grahams”.

              Inny/outy? I am not sure who that offends,.. but I am sure it will be someone. Then again,… maybe there is a good chance that you will only offend 50% of the people? Not sure of my inny/outy stats.

              So,… after much thought,… I think you should just dump out all of your Teddy Grahams at the 50 yard line and just let them have a good ol’ run at things. Go back inside. It will be alright.

              Chris 😉

              • Chris USA,

                I’m WOKE!

                Have been for DECADES: The term refers to being aware of social movements Woke was officially added into the Oxford English Dictionary as an adjective in June 2017. The dictionary defines it as “originally: well-informed, up-to-date. Now chiefly: alert to racial or social discrimination and injustice”. I am ORIGINAL TEXT not some Johnny-Come-Lately that doesn’t know Sh__ from Shinola!

                OKAY BOOMER! LOL!!!!!


                • Shootski,

                  🙂 Well, I hope that you at least enjoyed the satire,.. or is it parody?,… or is it a tragedy? All the above?

                  I consider myself to be WOKE too. It sure ain’t easy staying there when all you ever see is one side, for the most part, which is more like asleep at the wheel. It takes a bit of digging to see (know) otherwise and stay Woke. Too many people drinking the Kool-Aid. I am original text too.


              • Kevin,

                Anytime! It is my pleasure to share such a simple target with a true student of FUN SMALL reactive targets that need no cleanup! I tie them to tooth picks stuck in a pre-drilled 1×1 and ask each one, for civilities sake, if they want to be blindfolded!


  6. BB,

    That is all too bad. If it were me, I would call it quits. It may be accurate,… but so what? These issues are beyond what anybody should have to endure. I am assuming that you are not lacking for stuff to review?,… new or old.

    You have commented many times why you do not read reviews ahead of reviewing an air gun (you want it to be like a new, first time user would experience, without any idea of prior issues, if any or bias’). That is all well and fine. Personally, I do not think there is any thing wrong with looking at other reviews. You are more than capable of reading many reviews, still remain unbiased and conduct your usual thorough review. In this case, you learned of 2 things to look out for,.. that “may” be an issue,… which sure enough were. Having not looked prior, you would have questioned if you were doing something wrong or if the gun was bad,.. or if there was something that you had overlooked. This way,… you knew what to suspect the minute you started to see it.

    On top of that, it is all too easy for anyone to research a product before buying it (via internet). Even 1/2-1 hour will yield a lot of info.. There is really no excuse for not doing at least the bare minimum of due diligence. Those that do not think it is required or just find it too much bother,… will not ever be looking here (or anywhere else) to begin with. Well,…. until they have issues and find the blog and ask,… “BB,…. First time poster here. I bought the Fusion 2 co2 awhile back and have been having an awful time with,………..” 😉


  7. BB,

    If the dime works, are you going to recommend this air rifle to someone, most especially a newbie? “For best results, I recommend you insert a dime between the two CO2 cartridges.” Where do you put the dime for the 88 gram cartridge?

    What about the magazine issue? “When you are inserting the magazine or cocking the bolt, I would recommend that you point your Uamarex Fusion 2 downward to decrease the possibility of causing a jam which will likely break the magazine.”

    As for the shot count, really?

    I would not be surprised if you contacted PA to send it back, they would just tell you to throw it away.

    • RR,

      The price point might be a good first red flag. Then again, isn’t there cheaper Crosman and Daisy co2 rifles out there that work just fine? That said, maybe it is over priced.

      On cheaper guns,… I can see poor fit/finish. Maybe a lousy, hard trigger. Shotgun accuracy. More/all plastic,… etc., etc.. I would expect all of that,.. or at the least,… not be surprised. What should be “right” is the basic functioning, like co2 piercing and magazine function. Oh well.


      • The QB series of Crosman knock offs made in China work great. It’s pretty sad that Umarex has made this Fusion with an apparent lack of quality control. Looks wise youngsters would probably like it.

  8. BB, I think you’ve given this one a fair shake–especially if you’re coming at it through the eyes of a newcomer to the sport. Looks like they put it into production a bit too soon.

  9. Hi folks…

    I think I am pretty much done with the whole CO² thing.

    I have a Hämmerli S26 pistol which probably isn’t bad for what it is. It’s a variation on the “Umarex rotating 8-shot magazine” design.

    It looks and feels nice enough and the trigger is ok.

    At first, the “repeating” feature seems like fun, but for me the novelty wore off fairly quicky. The fiddling around with the magazines and CO² cartridges gets old pretty fast. Sometimes the cartridges don’t pierce correctly, the first shot is always much more powerful than the rest, double action is more powerful than single action and you’re never quite sure how much power you have left.

    I also generally became less interested in plinking and more interested in accuracy. Breaking stuff and making cans dance is alright, but what I really want to know is how small a group I can shoot.

    I think for “just shooting” I much prefer my Diana LP5G. It’s so quiet I could shoot it at night and nobody would notice. I prefer the grip and trigger and the micrometer sights are in a totally different league. I don’t really mind the cocking. In fact, I really enjoy the ultra-solid click it makes when the trigger engages the piston. It’s oddly hypnotic 🙂

    Most importantly, with a little technique (just holding it lightly), I generally hit what I’m aiming at (and if not, it’s my fault).

    As for this Fusion rifle… I guess at almost 40, I’m not the target demographic for tacticool airguns anymore. But it should still work reliably. If this experience is the first taste of airgunning that young people get, it might turn them off the hobby for good. And then they won’t buy that Walther LG400 from Umarex when they’re grown up and make real money…

    Kind regards,

  10. Folks, for $30. more you could get a Umarex Synergis. None of the problems of the Fusion,
    and it comes with a scope. My R10 doesn’t brag tooo loudly, as nice as it is, because the heavy cocking
    scratchy trigger (still not broken in yet..) and butt ugly rifle shoots nice groups all the way to fence line.
    And, it’s more powerfull than the R10 too. Never had a single jam with it either, if you can believe that.
    Umarex gets some things pretty good. They put gription on the outside of the magazines it uses, and
    it really helps too. Not a looker tho.

  11. It’s a shame about this rifle I had such high hopes for it.
    I had a GEN one fusion and other than the fiddly fill cap it was an excellent rifle, once I purchased replacement o rings that didn’t swell from co2 exposure, and then later, a bulk fill cap to replace the factory cap.
    after that I had no issues with the rifle, but not everyone has the option to bulk fill their CO2 rifle.

    It looks like it has either a deformed, or not completely finished piercing pin on the 88g piercing pin, and the same with 1 of the 12gram pins.

    Time to ask Mikeiniowa reader if the bulk fill cap from the gen 1 will fit this..

    We shouldn’t have to do that, but it is a work around.


  12. This is a bad rifle! Buy two rifles like this one, then you’ll have already wasted enough funds to purchase a 34. Buying cheap stuff does not help you save money.

  13. I wonder why Umarex chose to install the triangular silencer with one of the points sticking up? Seems to me that if a flat was is that position it would be less likely to show up in a low mounted scope. Those permanent mounted silencers are usually molded onto the barrel and don’t allow you to spin them.


    • Half,

      It is different. Different sells,.. at least to some degree. Look at all that engraving space! I see they have used that up. It appears to be a different color too. All in all,… someone thought it was a good idea. 😉 Me?,… give me something that goes on and comes off. Better yet, leave it off and give me the ability to put something on (like the Maximus, Hunter version).


    • You are right. And that triangular silencer has far less volume than a boring round one. It’s there to look space age.
      In effect, this thing is a Crosman 160 with plastic stuff glued to it, and a magazine that is not really impressive..

  14. There are quite a few CO2 airguns (oxymoron) that I have and recommend. They are fun as long as they are reliable. I have not had issues with the ones below.

    Sheridan/Crosman 2260 MB, have two, well wife has one, good quality, accurate easy to scope, fun to mod.
    Crosman 2240, fun to mod, have 2 or 3.
    Crosman 1077, can hold off a large hord of feral zombie aluminum cans. Have extra cylinders loaded and handy.
    Diana Chaser CO2 Air Rifle Kit, a lot of fun and accurate, bought one for a friend as his first airgun.
    Crosman Vigilante, used as practice gun for Colt 38 special.
    Daisy Powerline Model 1700, my most accurate BB pistol.

    I am sure there are many better ones out there. I would like to have a 10 meter CO2 airgun.

    Yogi, I think a shot counter may be useful on a CO2 gun. CO2 cartridges can contain a bit different amount of CO2 though. Also you loose a different amount on some guns when you pierce the cartridge.


    • Don,

      I mostly use bulk fill on my CO2 guns from a 20lb cylinder. I have a Quackenbush fabricated bulk fill for the 2250 and put it in the freezer just like my 7.5,13 & 22 oz cylinders. The key to all kinds of CO2 is to weigh them empty and then after they are filled. Both for SAFETY (overfill) and computing shot count by CO2 weight. So weigh that 88 or 12 after you empty it they all weigh close to the same from each manufacturer/lot.

      For those that question!
      CO2 certainly has downside but properly set up they can give truly amazing shot count and kinetics as long as it is relatively warm and cycle rate is moderate.

      All that said i do prefer AIR or HELIUM over CO2.


      • Shootski,

        For me weighing CO2 cartridges is like sorting pellets. My CO2 guns are used for plinking. When the shots start to hit low I increase the holdover for a few shots just for sport and then put in a new cartridge. I only use 12 oz cartridges, buy them in bulk. I appreciate you effort and diligence though.

        I remember Reb was working on a cylinder that would accept dry ice. I would for sure weigh that an overfill would be too easy. I miss Reb’s humor and wit. I think he would still be making comments if he could.


    • Benji-Don Got an ancient Hammerli Master pistol at the Findlay show. It is among the finest pistols I own. I either shoot 10s and Xs or I am way out with it. Strict discipline required!
      Back on point, that wasn’t the least complicated action in the world but was simple enough… WHY in today’s world, with modern CNC equipment couldn’t a company turn out a product that could function reliably? Profit is the driving force, but if you’re trying to turn out a product that draws more shooters in (as most new entries are), jeebus guys, it’s gotta work. There are all kinds useable designs to draw from? Trying to max out the profit may have lost them all of it on a product like this. Worse, it could turn off a newby shooter, young or old. Thanks for the review Tom.


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