Crosman Icon
Crosman’s Icon is a new precharged pneumatic (PCP) air rifle.

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This report covers:

  • The magazine
  • From Part 4
  • The test
  • Sight-in
  • Discharge sound
  • First group
  • Ten shots
  • Silencer
  • Report
  • Discussion
  • Summary

This is Memorial Day when we remember those who gave their lives to defend this nation. Heroes all. We are here because they aren’t.

Today is an accuracy test of the Crosman Icon. The Part 4 test wasn’t a real accuracy test. I was just searching for the best pellets — the ones the Icon likes. That was when we discovered the Icon likes just about anything you shoot in it. Feeding from the single shot tray is a problem, but the rifle is a solid performer in the accuracy department — at least when fired single shot.

The magazine

Today we discover if the Icon likes its 12-shot rotary magazine. Remember, this is a .177-caliber rifle. In .22 caliber the mag holds 10.

Icon mag
The Icon rotary magazine is different.

The magazine loads without rotating the clear plastic top cover. Just drop a pellet into the mag hole nose first and rotate to the next hole. Could it be any easier? I suppose if you could just dump a box of pellets into a hopper that would be easier, but for a rotary mag I think the Icon has it.

From Part 4

In Part 4 we learned beyond the shadow of a doubt that the 10.5-grain Crosman Premier pellet is best for the Icon. Five shots fired from the single-shot tray went into 0.106-inches at 10 meters. The next-smallest five-shot group was 0.26-inches.

Icon Premier heavy group
In Part 4 the Icon put 5 Crosman Premier heavies into a 0.108-inch group at 10 meters. The shots were fired single shot.

So all of today’s test will be shot with just this one pellet — the 10.5-grain Premier. I loaded 5 Premier Heavys into the magazine and proceeded to start shooting. I had messed with the rear sight since the last test to see how difficult it will be to mount a scope, but the elevation wheel was the only thing I touched. So the elevation could have been off but everything else should have been right on.

The test

I shot the Icon at 10 meters with the rifle rested directly on a sandbag rest. After sighting in I started with five shots for record and then switched to 10. I will tell you at each juncture.


The first pellet hit the target at the top center of the bull. I dialed the elevation wheel down three clicks and fired the remaining four shots. There were two failures to feed in these five shots, meaning the rotary magazine did not advance to the next pellet. I could tell by the louder sound at the muzzle that no pellet had fired. So I will have to watch the magazine to ensure that it advances every time.

Icon sight in
The first shot landed high on the bull and three clicks of the elevation wheel brought the group down.

I rediscovered the trigger during the sight in. It’s not crisp, yet I know when it’s going to break. It is a trigger I can use.

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Discharge sound

Since the Icon’s discharge disturbed my cat, Dale Evans, I measured it on my sound meter. I was shooting in my living room today instead of in my garage like I did in Part 2, so the some of the sound was absorbed by the carpet and furniture. The discharge registered 95.1 decibels, where in the garage in Part 2 it registered 99.4 decibels. Still, Dale was upset and threw up a hairball at my feet in protest, as she is sometimes wont to do.

Idcon discharge no silencer

First group

The first group was another five Premier Heavys. Once more the magazine failed to advance several times, only now I was watching for it. I believe the magazine is new and stiff and needs to be broken in.

These five shots went into 0.227-inches at 10 meters. They are in a horizontal but still somewhat roundish group that I find reassuring. 

Icon 5 shots
The Icon put five Crosman Premier Heavy pellets into a 0.227-inch group at 10 meters when fired from the rotary magazine.

In case you don’t think this group is good, please remember that I’m shooting with a huge front green fiberoptic dot sight that makes precision aiming difficult. When I scope the Icon I bet you’ll see better. I sure hope so. My plan is to mount the Meopta  MeoSport 3-15X50 scope that I’m testing, so that should take this rifle about as far as it can go.

Ten shots

We are still at 10 meters and using both the rotary magazine and the open sights the rifle comes with. Now we shot 10 of the Premier Heavys. Ten of them went into a group that measures 0.476-inches between centers. Let’s look.

Icon 10 shots
The Icon put ten Premier Heavys into 0.476-inches at 10 meters when fired from the magazine.


The Icon has a threaded barrel, so an airgun silencer can be attached. I threaded on my DonnyFL Ronin silencer and was pleased to note that I could still see the open sights above the 2-inch wide silencer body.

Icon silencer
The Icon wears the DonnyFL Ronin silencer quite well. The open sights can still be used.

Next I wanted to shoot a 10-shot group with the silencer mounted. Should prove interesting!


I shot the silenced Icon and nothing happened. Did it even fire? I wasn’t sure. Because I am using the rubber mulch-filled box as a pellet trap I also didn’t hear anything hit the box. Dale Evans was laying in front of me on the floor and she asked when I was going to start shooting. So I looked at the target through the spotting scope and saw a hole in the new bull. Apparently the Icon did fire and the pellet went where I intended. I had to get a sound meter recording of this.

The sound meter recorded an 82.3 decibel report, which is quieter than a cough. In the garage testing in Part 2 with the silencer the report was 86.6. Yep, it’s quieter in my living room.

Icon silenced report

Now I fired the remaining 9 pellets and got a group that measures 0.538-inches between centers. The first pellet is apart from the main group of nine that measures 0.297-inches between centers. I see great potential for accuracy there!

Icon silenced 10 shots
With the DonnyFL Ronin silencer attached the Crosman Icon put 10 Premier heavies into 0.538-inches with 9 in 0.297-inches at 10 meters.


The Icon magazine loads easily but may need a break in to work reliably. The rifle I’m testing seems to be incredibly accurate. The open sights are difficult to use because of the huge green dot up front, but they are also very precise when used correctly.

The trigger has a positive second stage stop, but then a mushy pull to the release. It is easy to get used to.


I find the Crosman Icon to be full of contradictions. Both the single shot tray and the rotary magazine require some thought and careful operation, but once mastered they work well. The trigger is anything but crisp, yet it always lets me know when the rifle will fire. The sights are not conducive to precision yet the accuracy is stunning! I think when I get a scope mounted we are going to see some incredible results!