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Crosman Fire breakbarrel air rifle.

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This report covers:

  • To date
  • Shim the scope
  • The test
  • Second shot
  • Adjusted the scope
  • Adjusted the scope again
  • One more scope adjustment
  • First group
  • Loosey-goosey hold
  • Adjusted the scope up
  • Discussion
  • Final group
  • Back to BB

Today I try to get the Crosman Fire to hit where I’m aiming. Please remember what this report is. I’m breaking in the Fire and shooting it like a newbie, to show those new to airguns what works, and why. They may also get a bit of what doesn’t work.

To date

In Part Three I mounted the 4X32 scope that came with the rifle. I said I figured it would shoot low no matter what I did and I was right. At the end of Part Three I got it shooting as high as two inches below the aim point. The scope was adjusted as high as it would go. Now, I’m stepping into the character of the newbie who bought the rifle.

Shim the scope

I went on a forum and several guys told me I needed to shim the rear of the scope tube to bring the shots up to the aim point. They told me to cut a thin piece of flat plastic to put under the rear of the tube, above the rear ring, so that’s what I did.

Fire rear scope ring
This is the rear scope ring on the Fire. That hole is for the Allen wrench to adjust the depth of the scope stop screw.

Fire rear scope ring shim
A piece of an expired credit card made a good shim.

Then guys told me to not tighten the scope rings screws too tight or I would bend the scope tube with the shim in place.

The test

I’ll describe the things I did as we go. The first thing was to sight in the scope, now that it has been shimmed. I found this guy online who calls himself BB Pelletier and he said to start sighting in a scope at 10 feet. Well, I could shoot from 12 feet with a brace against the door jamb and I guess that’s close enough. My first shot hit the target just to the right of the bull I aimed at, so the elevation is fine. But BB said when I back up to 10 meters the pellet will go up. I hope so because as you remember, this scope is adjusted as high as it will go.

Oh, and BB told me to use the same pellets for all of this. I used Crosman Premier 10.5-grain domes for all of today’s test, just like I did in the last test.

Fire shimmed shot 1
The first shot hit top the right of the middle bull on the left that was my aim point. So far, so good.

Second shot

Since I was on paper, I backed up to 10 meters and rested the rifle on a sandbag for shot two. Wow! This Pelletier guy was right! It hit 4 inches higher and farther to the right. But it was still on the paper target.

Fire shimmed shot 2
The second shot from 10 meters hit four inches higher and more to the right (arrow).

Build a Custom Airgun

Adjusted the scope

Now I adjusted the Fire’s scope down three full turns of the elevation adjustment and about a half turn to the left. Then I shot the third shot. It did come down and also to the left, but it still wasn’t where I wanted it. It was about an inch and a half high and three-quarters of an inch to the right.

Fire shimmed shot 3
The third shot hit lower and more to the left but it still wasn’t where I wanted it (arrow).

Adjusted the scope again

I cranked the scope down about another half turn and put in a quarter turn of left adjustment. Shot four hit just above the center of the bull for elevation but too far to the left. Now this Pelletier guy said that the group is going to have some dispersion, so we don’t keep adjusting the scope until it hits the exact center of the bull. But I wanted the shots to at least be somewhere inside the bull.

Fire shimmed shot 4
The shot is probably low enough but now it’s too far left.

One more scope adjustment

I put in a couple clicks of down adjustment just to be sure, and about 6 clicks of right adjustment. The next shot hit at the bottom of the bull.

Fire shimmed shot 5
Now I’m in the bull and I’ll take it. I’m sighted in.

First group

I moved to a clean target and shot five of the same Premier pellets. They went into a group that measures 1.093-inches between centers. The group is in the right place but it’s too big for my tastes — especially when shot from only 10 meters! It’s also very vertical.

Fire group 1
Once sighted in the Fire put 5 Premier pellets into a 1.093-inch group at 10 meters. As you can see it’s very vertical.

The guys online said I should try something BB Pelletier calls the artillery hold. Why he calls it that I don’t know, but one of the forum guys told me to just hold the Fire as loose as a goose. So that’s what I’m calling it.

I had already seen a video of this artillery hold and I didn’t understand how it could work, but the guy has been right so far, so what the heck? I’ll try it.

Loosey-goosey hold

I’ll be darned! The 5-shot group fired when I held the rifle loosey-goosey measures 0.878-inches between centers It’s still in line with the center of the bull but it hit an inch and a half below the aim point. Who knew?

The second group with the rifle held loosey-goosey was smaller than the first one, measuring 0.878-inches between centers. I need to try this some more!

Adjusted the scope up

I adjusted the scope up 6 clicks and shot again. I was still holding the Fire loose, and now I was concentrating on doing it.

The next group did rise a bit, but was still below the bull I was aiming at. But it measured 0.499-inches between centers. Now I was getting somewhere.

Fire group 3
The third group measures 0.499-inches between centers. It’s still not high enough, but it’s the kind of accuracy I was after. The Fire can shoot!


Okay, all this crazy stuff BB Pelletier talks about really works. Some guys on the forum told me I needed to get a better scope or the Fire wouldn’t shoot for me. To them I say — IN YOUR FACE!

One guy told me that I shouldn’t sight to hit the center of the bullseye because I would shoot my aim point away, but since I can’t see the center of the bull clearly I don’t think that matters. Remember guys, this rifle is all I can afford, so this scope will have to do for now.

Final group

I adjusted the scope up another 6 clicks and shot a final group. This time some of the pellets went into the bottom of the bull. This last group measures 0.438 inches between centers and is the smallest group I have shot with the Fire so far.

The final group of Premiers was the best. Five shots in 0.438-inches at 10 meters

So — the Crosman Fire is an accurate pellet rifle — when you know how to set it up and shoot it. And BB Pelletier knows his stuff! I’m sold.

I will say that if I could see the target a little better I bet I could do a little better, too. So that new scope may be on my short list — not because this one doesn’t work but because this Fire is accurate enough to warrant the additional expense.

The guys on the forum also told me to try other pellets and I will, but BB said to stick to just one pellet to get this far. Either I lucked out in picking the Premier or the Fire is just an accurate air rifle.

Back to BB

See how it works, guys? We go stepwise through the parts of testing our new air rifle and lookie lookie, who’s got the cookie!