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Ammo Makarov firearm: Part 9

Makarov firearm: Part 9

Makarov firearm
Makarov firearm.

History of airguns

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This report covers:

  • To date
  • Cartridge
  • I like it!
  • Last box
  • Velocity
  • Accuracy
  • Summary for the firearm
  • Summary for Makarov BB pistols

Today is the last installment in this series on the Makarov pistol. Today we look at the performance of the Makarov firearm.

To date

Until now we have looked at the Makarov BB pistol, the Legends Makarov Ultra BB pistol and the Makarov BB pistol the Russians made from firearm parts. I have shown you quite a bit about all of these BB pistols, and today we turn our attention to their sire, the 9 mm Soviet Makarov firearm.


The 9 mm Makarov cartridge is an oddball, though I’m sure the Soviets didn’t view it that way. It is 9 mm — roughly, but in fact it’s larger than 9 mm. Just like a .38 Special bullet that is actually smaller than .36 caliber (0.357-inches), the 9X18 mm Mak bullet is actually 9.27 mm (0.365-inches) in diameter. A “standard” 9 mm would be the 9X19 mm Parabellum that everyone calls a 9 mm Luger. Its bullet is 9.01 mm in diameter (0.355-inches). And a .380 ACP (automatic Colt pistol) is a 9X17 with the same bullet diameter as the Parabellum, though the case is 2 mm shorter. Hence it’s also known by the name 9 mm Kurtz or 9 mm short.

Makarov cartridge
The 9 mm Makarov cartridge.

It’s possible to buy the parts to convert a Mak to .380 ACP and even to .22 rimfire if you like. So the oddball ammo thing doesn’t have to be a problem.

I like it!

Before I show you the performance let me tell you that until I saw and shot the 9 mm Sig P365 pistol that is now my concealed carry gun, the Makarov was my favorite pocket pistol. I have owned several Walther PPK/S pistols and none of them measured up to a Mak. The Mak is small, light, accurate, has a pleasant trigger pull and makes what I believe to be a fantastic sidearm for concealed carry. It’s easy to conceal and in fact fits in my Bullard concealed carry holster for my P365. The cartridge is on the small side, but if placed correctly it can be effective, and hollowpoint defense ammo is made for Makarovs.

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Last box

I am now down to my last box of Mak ammo. There were 35 unfired cartridges remaining. I never got the reloading equipment to reload for the Mak since Russian ammo used to be both cheap and plentiful and the cartridge was such an oddball. I reload for 9X19 mm and I used to reload for .380 ACP as well when I had a pistol in that caliber. The reloading dies and bullets for both of those cartridges are identical.

Mak ammo now sells for fifty cents a round, so the bargains are gone. And, with the government hiring 87,000 new IRS agents who are licensed to use deadly force (which means they will all be carrying guns), the government has been buying a lot of pistol ammo this year. That drives the price up even higher.

So, today’s report will be both a velocity test and an accuracy test. And I’m skimping on the shots to save just a little ammo for myself.


The cartridges I shot have a 94-grain bullet, so the energy will be based on that. I will now show you all five shots that were chronographed.


That’s an 87 f.p.s. difference between the low and high velocities. Compare that to what we see with many airguns and you’ll appreciate how consistent our airguns really are.

The average of this string is 987 f.p.s. At that speed the 94-grain jacketed bullet generates 203 foot-pounds of muzzle energy. It’s a trifle more than many .380 ACP rounds and less than a standard speed .38 Special. But make no mistake — it’s deadly when used correctly.


I did something I never do in an accuracy test. I shot to the center of the target instead of using a 6 o’clock hold. I did it because the Makarov is a concealed carry defense weapon. At least I did it for the first five shots. 

I shot with a 2-hand hold, standing about 21 feet from the target. The target was a 6-inch Shoot-N-C bullseye. Let’s now see how I did.

This is the target I shot from 21 feet away. For the first five shots I used a center hold. In other words I aimed at the center of the bullseye. That’s a formula for failure. For the second five shots that are at the bottom and center of the bull, I used a 6 o’clock hold.

The upper shots are spread out because I lost sight of the front sight as I shot. Remember how important that front sight is! That’s why two bullets went up and away from the 6-inch bullseye. But when I used a 6 o’clock hold for the second five, the bullets dropped down and stayed closer together. The thing is, in defense shooting we are taught to shoot to the center of mass, which is the center of the abdomen on a human target.

I know that 21 feet is super close for a handgun, but this is the distance “they” tell us to engage targets in defense situations. I feel stupid doing it, though I have to admit that as I age the two-hand hold is starting to look better all the time.

Summary for the firearm

The Makarov firearm is an iconic sidearm. It’s based on Walther’s PP pistol, but surpasses it in many ways. And it can be had in .380 ACP, whose ammo is more standardized in North America and therefore easier to acquire.

Summary for Makarov BB pistols

This series has really been about the Makarov BB pistols — both the one you can still buy and the others that you can’t. They are all excellent replica airguns, with the one that’s still available being perhaps the best of all.

I would say this in conclusion. These are good BB pistols on their own, and they are excellent replicas for those who want them.

13 thoughts on “Makarov firearm: Part 9”

  1. B.B.,
    These Maks are great little pistols; and your report today reminded me of the good ol’ days in Florida when I still had my Mak (i.e. before I “got stupid” and sold it off). I was teaching my son’s friend to drive as she wanted to learn to drive a standard shift, and I was the only person she knew who had one. I took her out to a public hunting area (off season, but still permissible for me to be there as I had paid for access to all the state’s WMAs) as I figured it would be better to start her out on dirt roads where there was no one else for her to hit.
    She was still a little “iffy” on the clutch, and when a cop car came toward us on the narrow dirt road she got really nervous, and started swerving around. So, naturally, he backed up to see what was up. Now, she was totally freaked out; but when the cop got to her window, I yelled over, “Hi Officer; I’m just teaching my son’s friend to drive my standard-shift truck; I figured this was a good safe area for her to learn; as you can see, she’s still got a way to go with the clutch.” Officer: *chuckling* “OK; carry on.” He waved and took off.
    My son’s friend was barely able to hold her composure; hence, I figured it was not the time to tell her that she was sitting on top of a loaded Makarov with 2 extra magazines, all sitting in the pouch under the driver’s seat.
    I told my son later on that night, and he told her in high school the next day. She said it was good that I never told her about the Mak, as, had she known about it, she’d have had a complete meltdown when the cop pulled up next to her (as she is just a very nervous person in general, and scared of guns in particular).
    Thanks, B.B., for calling to mind memories of “the good ol’ days.” 🙂
    Wishing I still had that Mak,

  2. Not a bad little pop gun. I used to carry a 1938 Sauer & Sohn 7.65mm (.32 ACP). It was a nice little pop gun also. I still prefer the .45 ACP, but those small rounds can be quite effective if used properly.

    To date
    …and today we turn out (our) attention to their sire…

  3. My under standing is that it’s 87,000 over a ten year period. So 8700 a year. And it’s not all new positions. Some of the funding is for positions that are currently not filled and others that will become vacant in time. And it’s all positions incuding janitors, HR, secretaries, etc. But that’s just my understanding.

      • Siraniko,

        He is commenting on this in the report.

        “Mak ammo now sells for fifty cents a round, so the bargains are gone. And, with the government hiring 87,000 new IRS agents who are licensed to use deadly force (which means they will all be carrying guns), the government has been buying a lot of pistol ammo this year. That drives the price up even higher.”


        • B.B. and Readership,

          There is SO MUCH SPIN going on in the US Media and probably the US Government that in this morning’s shooting session the Coriolis Effect was reversed!
          I will wait for this allocation of Tax Payers money distribution to be DOCUMENTED before I believe a word of it.
          Newsweek is even saying that the New hire IRS Agents will not be required to agree to use deadly force….
          We now have government like they have in most drug exporting “Banana Republics” shame on US!

          Keep your powder dry! And, hold on to your Gold fillings!


          • Shootski

            I don’t have the same concern as you about whether or not any new IRS employees are willing to use deadly force. I would rather their hiring focus on those with the best accounting knowledge. If I have to have an audit,, I would prefer the agent to be more concerned with my bottom line than my center mass.

            The fact that IRS “agents” get to carry sidearms really doesn’t come into play anymore. Of course,, I would prefer if everyone was mandated to carry at all times,, if they wanted full citizenship,, but I may be pushing Heinlein’s narrative a bit with that.


  4. No place to continue with a reply to edlee above:
    “…pushing Heinlein’s narrative….”
    As in his reference to Hanlon’s razor: “never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.” Murphy’s Law Book Two.
    Heinlein wrote something similar for Doc to say in: Logic of Empire.


  5. Wouldn’t call it a beauty, but FM believes it to be “functionally handsome,” if that makes sense. Maybe not Shame about the pricey ammo but no more Russian rounds are allowed into USA for the time being helping create the tried and true “scarcity problem.”

    Next time the P38 pistol is taken out for some exercise will try your 6 o’clock aiming system instead of going for the center of the bull to group the hits. Last time FM used the “traditional?” aim for center of the target, results were lousy. Of course, FM is no youngster and even when he was he preferred 2-handed shooting – no Wyatt Earp here. Speaking of your SIG P365, there were some for sale at a recent gun show in W Palm Beach; was tempted to get one and make it the concealed-carry choice. Maybe next time. In a pinch, have a Mod 1934 7.65/32 ACP Mauser pistol which could fill that role but not sure one should trust an 80+ year-old pistol in a relatively weak caliber.

    Will be interesting to see how many of the IRS hires will be “pack and carry” agents. Definitely not everyone is cut out for that. We were friends with a couple years ago who were both IRS revenue agents and both packed. After a few years with the agency, the wife quit when, as she put it, she realized she wouldn’t be able to pull the trigger on say, a 6-foot-plus angry and threatening tax evader menacing her barely 5-foot frame.

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