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Are You a Left or Right Handed Archer

Compound bow designed for left and right handed shooters.
Are you a lefty or a righty?

It’s All About You

Differences, differences, differences, what’s the big deal? The big deal is it’s all about you! Am I wrong? The right answer is, “No.” Your differences are important to you and occasionally to others. Hence, why there are products available for left and right-handed archers. 

Do you use the right hand habitually and more easily than the left? Do you use the left hand habitually and more easily than the right? If you’re not sure what you are, go brush your teeth and comb your hair. Hey! Pay attention to what hand you use? That is your dominate hand. 

Now that you look presentable and have a clean smile there’s one more option. There are generally only two sides to a coin, in this case I’m adding a third dimension.  Some unhindered people are ambidextrous, meaning to use both hands with equal ease and dexterity. 

The Dominating Eye

One more time, go brush your teeth and hair again with the opposite hand, is it just as easy? Does it feel right? If so, that may mean you’re easy to please and you don’t require customized things to fit to you. How considerate you are, being ambidextrous and all! 

Have you ever heard of right or left eye dominate? That plays a role as well, for most people their hand and eye agree, if you’re right-handed, generally your right eye dominate. Then there are those of you that make life difficult, your left eye and left hand don’t agree, that’s called cross dominate. 

Giving Up Too Soon

I can guarantee some people have given up the shooting sport because they thought or had been told they’re not a good shooter. “You can’t hit the broadside of a barn even if you put the barrel on the it!” I bet; they’re cross dominate, that’s not a truth for everyone, be honest. Don’t give up so easy, get over yourself and ask for help. 

If you are cross dominate, things can be done to stop the bickering and bring one of your hands and eyes into agreement. That’s going to depend on how determined you are. No excuses, it’s up to you.

Different equipment for you special individuals. 

One would hope if you’re right-handed and right eye dominate, you’re not wondering what type of bow you’ll need to purchase. In this case it should be obvious, if by now you don’t know the answer to that question, you’re going to need more help than I can give you. 

What’s the difference between a left and right-handed bow? Your dominate hand will be the one required to pull bow string back so obviously the opposite hand will hold the bow by the grip. The arrow shelf and rest, for the left-handed shooter will be on the left side of the bow riser for a compound bow or limb for a recurve. You can expect the same for the sights

What manufacturers cater to such picky people? 

It would be asinine for a manufacture not to coddle the shooter and their favored hand. Here are some of the manufacturers that do.

A few examples. 

Crossbow Options

I hear you, now you’re looking for a crossbow to cater to your individual needs, see it’s all about you! A crossbow is like a rifle, most are ambidextrous. Do you want me to feel bad for you, you won’t get the opportunity to call to an expert and say, “I’m left-handed, I’m so special…” blah, blah, blah. Everything on a crossbow is generally centered to accommodate for both. 

Archer with crossbow. Most crossbows are ambidextrous.
Most Crossbows Are Ambidextrous

What are you waiting for? The rest is up to you, no more excuses! If you want to be like Robin Hood, well wait a minute, now I’m imagining you in tights, skip the Robin Hood analogy.  If you are determined to be an archer or a toxophilite, get off your rear, take advantage of someone thinking of your special needs and get yourself a bow! It’s shooting time!

2 thoughts on “Are You a Left or Right Handed Archer”

  1. A left-handed compound or recurve bow has the shelf and or rest on the right side of the bow unless you shoot using a thumb ring to draw the string. Which is a whole nother can of worms!

    • rk,

      Thank you for the correction, sometimes I get my right and left mixed up, I didn’t realize I did it while I was writing as well. Thanks for catching my mistake. 😉

      -The Bow Bully

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