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Accessories 2024 SHOT Show: Part 4

2024 SHOT Show: Part 4

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Media Day at the range, SHOT Show 2024
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This report covers:

  • Meopta
  • Umarex
  • What did we miss?
  • Big show


Today we finish our look at the 2024 SHOT Show. Let’s begin at the Meopta booth. They showed us three new riflescopes. The first is a MeoStar R 1-6X24. This one is small and bright — for hunters in the woods.

Meopta R 1-6X24
Ian peers through the Meopta MeoStar R 1-6X24.

A second scope we were shown is the Meopta MeoStar R 2.5-15X50 RD. This one has some power, and of course water-clear optics. It’s held by Shannon Jackson — Meopta’s American representative. Ian and I agreed she was more photogenic than either of us.

Meopta MeoStar R 2.5-15X50 RD.

And the last scope we saw was a Meostar R 4-24X56 RD. Like the first two this one is also a second focal plane scope and this one is also a MeoStar, which means the top of the line. I dangerously requested both the 2.5-15 and this one to test for you, and I say that because Meopta scopes have a habit of staying at my home when the test is completed.

Meopta MeoStar R 4-24X56 RD
Ian looks through the MeoStar R 4-24X56 RD.


Okay, time to move on to the company with more new products than any other this year — Umarex. Remember on Media day we already saw three of their new airguns out at the Boulder City ranges — the Primex, the AER16 and the AIRJAVELIN FishR. The first one we see today is actually their fourth new product for this year.

The Canex is a .177-caliber CO2 repeater that is small (39.37-inches overall) lightweight (3.5 pounds) and powerful (800 f.p.s.). 

Umarex Canex
The Umarex Canex.

The Walther PDP Compact OP is a CO2 BB pistol that Umarex calls .177 caliber. The slide does not blow back so the price is very affordable. It comes ready to mount optics.

Umarex Walther BB pistol
Walther PDP Compact OP.

There are also 6mm and .43-caliber versions of this pistol. Those pistols compliment this one.

Umarex Walther BB pistol sign
The sign says a lot about the pistol.

Umarex has upgraded the Synergis rifle that’s been around for several years to the Synergis Elite. A new magazine prevents double loading.

Umarex Synergis Elite
The new Umarex Synerguis Elite has a magazine that prevents double loading.

The Notos rifle was such a hit that Umarex has now brought out the 20-shot Zelos repeater — a big brother to the Notos. In both .22 and .25 calibers, the sidelever Zelos puts more power on the table. At a $599 price point the Zelos seems to be in competition with the Avenge-X.

Umarex Zelos
The Zelos fits me well.

And there was another inexpensive PCP in the Umarex booth. The .22-caliber Iconix will retail for just $189. It’s a sidelever repeater, so there are more features than the less expensive 3622/3677 Crosman PCP.

Umarex Iconix
Umarex Iconix.

Umarex teams up with Marlin this year to bring us a large lever BB gun whose name I did not catch. It has the look!

Umarex BB gun
Umarex BB gun.

In addition to all these airguns there were also less-lethal (not LESS THAN LETHAL — Less Lethal is a U.S. government-mandated title) handguns and long guns. They come in both .43 caliber and paintball .68 caliber. And many of the pellet guns had airsoft counterparts. So the Umarex booth was bursting with new products this year — more than any other company at the show.

What did we miss?

We missed the Barra booth, that’s for sure. And we didn’t visit the Beeman booth. Gamo, BSA and Daisy were not in attendance. They have been absent for several years now.

Big show

One thing was clear when Ian and I left the show — we should have stayed one more day. That will be my plan for 2025. I planned only two days at this year’s show because of all the recent pullouts, but now it looks like they are returning.

From what I saw it seems the airgun industry is doing well this year. As I mentioned to someone in the comments there are more new guns than I have time to evaluate, so I’ll try to hit the ones that are most unique.

59 thoughts on “2024 SHOT Show: Part 4”

  1. “The Canex is a .177-caliber CO2 repeater that is small (39.37-inches overall) lightweight (3.5 pounds) and powerful (800 f.p.s.).”

    That’s pretty powerful for such a lightweight package.
    I hope you choose to do a review of that one someday. 🙂
    Keep up the good work!
    Blessings to you,

      • Kevin,

        I have not looked at their offerings for some time now, but you are probably right. Snowpeak and Nova Liberty make most of the inexpensive airgun offerings we see these days. Umarex, Artemis, Air Venturi, Seneca, Diana, etcetera, all use these two companies offerings with their names on them.

  2. Tom,

    My jaw dropped and saliva started pooling underneath with the offerings of Umarex. I thought the first report was it but it turns out just the tip of the iceberg. I hope their Very Low Cost PCP Iconix holds air for a long time and proves itself in your capable hands.

    Yup! The Enabler seems to be painting himself into a corner with those Meopta scopes.


  3. B.B.

    With Ms Jackson you say “Meopta MeoStar R 2.5-16X50 RD”.
    Next paragraph you say you might request the “2.5-15”? Max is 15 or 16?
    Do either of them have a Field Target Hunter Class friendly reticle? Please please convince them to make one!

    Are all these inexpensive airguns made in China? When will we learn NOT to do business with our main adversaries weapon industries????


      • YOGI: I really don’t much care what the wild child wants, but Communist China made Air Guns simply hold no ready alure to me at all. I just love American made rifles, mostly the sweet wooden ones made of quality woods and steel Now I truly love my walnut sided TX200, as well as my walnut Weihrauch 97K. I do have just one Chinese wood / metal gun, and that’s my Air Venturi Dragonfly MK2. I purchased it for my grandson and it’s just too fine to put away. Believe me that gun can shoot! With two sons serving in our armed services, Chinese guns are frowned at. When those Chinese decide to play with others nicely, then you can call upon me again. Until then let-em stay outta my stores of interest. I’m not interested in buying much of anything from a people who have absolutely NO respect for me, as an AMERICAN FIGHTING MAN to the 5th generation. Orv.

        • Yogi, Thank You and your family for your service. I too avoid China, when possible. I love bb guns and was so let down when Daisy & Crosman no longer made bb’s in the USA. In fact, I don’t know of a bb (that is available) that isn’t made in China.
          Speaking of China guns though, I’m glad you like your Dragonfly. That one really has me wanting to turn my head and buy one.


          • Doc:

            Chinese goods are as well made as their contracts and contract compliance are applied.

            The Chinese have the capacity for meticulous and intricate work as evidenced by their art.

            The problem is what domestic business executives do when they write specifications and whether they test for quality assurance and contract compliance. Having the Chinese as business partners is not necessarily a bad thing as it makes us their customers, and sane business leaders don’t willingly shoot their source of revenue.

            There is a problem with our business leaders who outsource jobs and industrial capacity at the expense of our economic and military stability. The death of the domestic steel industry in the Ohio Valley is case in point; it’s hard to make tanks when the steel mills have closed. Ohio, my home state, has at least initiated a bit of a comeback in the building of huge IC Chip plants east of Columbus. Perhaps, some industries need to be mandated to remain on shore for the sake of our national security?

            In terms of air guns, I have had a small number of re-branded Chinese pieces. My experience with them has been routinely bad. Filthy barrels, crude triggers, unrefined parts, and dubious accuracy. A couple of the pieces are left in the back of the arms locker waiting for a “buy back” program by local law enforcement. Was that the fault of the Chinese workers or the whole contracting process and lack of quality checks by the American corporate leaders? I suspect the latter.

            Like it or not, we are living in a time of international trade and investment. As customers, we need to research a lot and buy a little. One does, in the end “get what one pays for.” I have learned that my primary choices of air arms focus on Germany. I’ve had mixed results from Turkey, and pretty good results from Spain. Crosman, I’d rather buy from you, and do, but amp up your game a tad, will you????

    • Yogi,

      Yes, they are all made in China. We will learn when it becomes too late. It may be so now. Most products in this country are “Made In China”.

      With so many businesses in this country intertwined with China, there will always be stuff made in China in this country.

      Changes will have to come to China as they did with Japan, internally. Why are Xi and his thugs still enslaving their own people? Profit margins. The people of China want the good life also. They want nice homes, nice cars, nice clothes, nice food, etcetera. Xi and his thugs are slowly losing control of their country to the profit margin.

      This is the main reason they took Hong Kong and want to take Taiwan and Singapore. They see all of that money and want it for themselves. What they fail to realize is you have to let it make money on its own. If you try to force it into a mould, it will stagnate and collapse. They have not learned from Hong Kong yet. The “Left Coast” is just starting to learn that.

      Do not fear. China is collapsing as we “speak”. It will just take some time.

      Just a little side note. I do not have any of these “Made In China” airguns at RidgeRunner’s Home For Wayward Airguns, although I do suspect some of the parts for my newer PCPs made by TCFKAC came from there.

      • RR
        As a side note. In 1990, the per capita income of Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, and Poland was about 1/2 the per capita income of the Soviet Union. In 2022, the per capital income of those Baltic States had risen 10 fold over 1990 numbers. In Russia it had only risen 3 fold in the same time period. Now the Baltic States have a 60% greater per capital income than Russians do.
        No wonder they want to remain free!!!!


        • Yogi,

          Indeed. Does that explain why the airgun companies west of the Mississippi charge such outrageous amounts for the “Eastern European” airguns? I do not think so. I think it is their own profit margins that are fixing those prices so high.

        • And no wonder Russia wants them back – so the neo-bolshevik putinites can plunder and loot them again. The common thread here is the communist/socialist system does not work. FM does his best not to support the economies of countries laboring under those systems; let’s not forget Lenin said he would sell the capitalists the rope he would use to hang them with later.

          Thankfully, and unlike the unfortunates living in places like Russia and China, we have choices including choices in airguns – which is why, for example, when it comes to “sproingers,” FM chooses Weihrauch. FM also notes those places do not seem to be SHOT Show-friendly venues. See? We can always make these civilized discussions circle back to airguns thus keeping it all relevant. 😉

    • Yogi, Hoppalong Doc, RidgeRunner and likeminded others,

      I think it is nice to see some bonding here in the comments section and yet, I feel the need to declare that I am one of those who holds rather different political views.

      Also, I was once asked to mislabel products with a false country of manufacture, ie as part of packaging items that had been made in England, I applied labels that said “Made in China”.
      I therefore say, never fully trust any label, especially one that says “Made in [country]”.
      For whoever may wish to know my political mind, I don’t have a fully developed one of my own and therefore refer you to the writings of Caitlin Johnstone with whom I almost completely agree.

        • thedavemyster,

          you too appear to have taken my comment seriously. Thank you.

          By the way, The Covid Games frightened and confused me. Looking for answers online, I got sidetracked and that’s how I happened upon Mrs Johnstone. 🙂

          Mentioning her is just my lazy way.
          Besides, criticising personal beliefs, I think is pointless but a reminder that there are others, I think is fair. 🙂

          • hihihi,

            My mother was born in the middle of the Spanish Flu Epidemic. So epidemics do not scare me.
            Also, many members of my extended family are scientists. When thousands and thousands of epidemiologists say the vaccine is safe and effective(within limits), I BELIEVE them. When a few NON epidemiologists say they are not, who should you believe?
            Please remember that lies spread 3 times faster than the truth on social media.
            Get your news from 3 different media sources. Except your airgun news, you only need this one for that!!!!
            Thank goodness,


            • Guys,
              My wife has MS and CLL, so she basically has NO immune system.
              On her doc’s recommendation, she got the Moderna vaccine.
              As her caregiver, they also vaccinated me.
              In total, we have each received 8 jabs of vaccine.
              Does it work?
              Well, one one visit to one of her doctors (I was out in the car as they were limiting access), she got unknowing exposed to Covid as the whole staff was infected with it, but we didn’t find that out till a couple of days later. Hence, my vaccinated wife got a breakthrough case of Covid. HOWEVER, the vaccine did exactly what it was supposed to do; it reduced her symptoms, it kept her out of the hospital, and it kept her off a ventilator.
              Hence, thanks be to God, my wife is still here with me. 🙂
              Peace & Blessings,

  4. Looks like they are taking full advantage of design and finish possibilities offered by using synthetics these days. I am very impressed with the attention to detail, especially in replicas and imitating wood. The plastic toy appearance can be totally avoided, when they want.
    Same with firearms.

    • Bob,

      About synthetics imitating wood.

      Recently I refinished a nice walnut stock for a friend with the high gloss finish he wanted.

      It looked ok (I prefer oil finishes) with the texture of the wood showing but he asked for a couple more coats of Polyurethane to have a completely smooth finish.

      His gun, his choice, I did what he asked and he is happy with a beautifully figured walnut stock… that looks like plastic 🙁

      Each to their own eh.


      • Hank,
        If the rest of the rifle is as highly polished, I think it’s safe to assume the stock would be considered the work of a fine wood craftsman who could make wood look like high gloss plastic.
        I refinished the stock of a nicely re-parkerized, or whatever, M1 Carbine to a clean semi-gloss and it looks great. Lost all the historical war finish, patina, but that happened when the Armory rebuilt and refinished it anyway and replacing the upper handguard just looked right. The term “Resto mod” sounds right.

  5. What did we miss?

    Since I’ve gotten home I’ve seen some videos on YouTube from some of the other Airgun content creators and apparently there’s a couple of new airgun companies I’ve never heard of before.

    Now that I’ve got an idea of what to look for within the SHOT Show app, maybe in 2025 we can visit some of these new startups if they’re still in operation.


      • Yes that is the desktop version I think, there is also a mobile app that can be downloaded.

        The location and directions are rather primitive, and clunky, so 20th century…

        You have to put in the name of the company you are near, and the name of booth number of where you want to go, and it will highlight you a path to where you want to go.

        But there are no help with orientation of the map in relation of where you want to go.

        They would be best suited with a Bluetooth indoor positioning and tracking system.

        They already have a dedicated Wi-Fi, for the show and when you are at the range, but the Bluetooth connection can give a “YOU ARE HERE” dot and show your orientation within the room, and your direction of travel.

        If you wants to find a booth that happened to be in a different building or floor the app would just tell you “not found.”

        Here is a basic overview of the show.
        Three main display areas, covering two floors, and a third one in a different building.


  6. B.B.,

    In Part 1 of your Shot Show reporting you said, “On day one I walked into the display floor at opening time and visited the Ounce Pistol booth first. I saw these last year and have intended buying one since then. I will report on it in this blog, though it is a firearm and not an airgun.”

    What did you learn about the Ounce Pistol production and ordering?

    • Kevin,

      I learned that last year the ounce pistol was a beta model. Production started very recently. I got the 59th pistol made.

      I learned that their website was poorly coded. They are with a different hosting company now and it works as it should.


    • Dave,
      Thanks for sharing that video. Tells me a lot. So I take it the velocity will be around maybe 650-700 fps with lead pellets? I do like it, may buy one, but I was hoping it was a little more, shall I say, higher end. But at around $70, could always just buy another if it failed.


      • Doc

        My Diana Chaser in rifle setup averages 656 fps with 7.0 gr Hobby pellets. Hoping Canex tests in the mid 700’s for BB with some lead pellet. Otherwise I don’t regard it being a major advance for CO2 rifles. Just my opinion.


        • Deck,
          Agreed, but isn’t the Canex a “semi auto” per say. Where as the Chaser isn’t, right? But the Chaser can become a pistol? Maybe not that comparable. If it is as cheap as claimed and since it’s semi and more powerful, would take sales from the Crosman 1077 for sure.


          • Doc

            I thank you for pointing out that the Diana Chaser isn’t a repeater. I didn’t think so either until today I discovered It shares the same magazine as the Dragonfly Mk2 and others. I just placed an order for one at PA.


            • Deck,
              Not at all Sir. I knew it had a magazine. Was trying to say it isn’t a semi auto is all. Like comparing a Ruger 10/22 to a Ruger American Bolt rifle. They both have magazines but one is semi auto. Oranges to apples.
              I do like the Chaser though.


              • Doc

                I got two 10 shot groups today at 25 yards with Chaser, both setting new records for it. Temp was up to 65* Fah so not bad for CO2. Mine likes JSB RS pellets. These groups are competitive with some of my favorites including my Feinwerkbau 300S.


                • Deck,
                  Wow that is great! Glad it doing well for you! Thanks for sharing that.
                  I would assume the Diana Trailscout will also shoot well. It looks to have a little longer barrel for a bit more velocity.

                  • Doc

                    As you know each barrel is different. Assuming these barrels are made in China and based on their accuracy performance in recent years (Avenger, JTS, my Diana Chaser) the standard is higher than it once was.


  7. So, has anyone seen the match Benjamin pellets in the wild, i.e., in a retail store? I bought the .177, couple of my rifles REALLY like them, but they aren’t cheap when you have to ship. I ordered the .22 today to try in the stable, but, >$30 for 400 pellets, woof. Been hoping some big box would be stocking them.

  8. I think the threshold for free shipping is $150. So once you find pellets that work well with your airguns, buy several tins with the 4 for 3 discount and get enough to meet that threshold, and you will have pellets for a while. Or be patient, eventually a coupon or promotion will come along that drops that threshold down a bit. Then save up a pellet fund as you shoot down your inventory.

    I just got my test pack of .22 Benjamin “bullseyes” shipping out today. It was part of a larger Christmas order that qualified for free shipping, but since it was out of stock at the time, I just waited until it was back in stock, and they are sending it with free shipping.

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