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Air Guns SigAir Super Target air pistol revisited: Part Three

SigAir Super Target air pistol revisited: Part Three

Sig Super Target
Sig Super Target air pistol.

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Part 1
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This report covers:

  • The test
  • Benjamin Bullseye
  • JSB Simply
  • Predator GTO
  • Olympia
  • Podium Basic wadcutters
  • Qiang Yuan Sports domes
  • Ten shots
  • More to come
  • Summary

Today we begin looking at the accuracy of the SigAir Super Target air pistol with some of the new .177-caliber pellets that have come to market since we last tested the pistol in 2019. There are too many new premium pellets to test, so I will select five, plus an older pellet I’ve never tried in this pistol.

The test

I shot the pistol from a sandbag rest placed 10 meters from the target. I shot five-shot groups so I could test more pellets. I resolved to shoot a 10-shot group with the most accurate pellet, but I messed that one up. I’ll tell you about it when we get there. I wore reading glasses with a 1.25+ diopter correction so I could see the front sight blade sharply.

Benjamin Bullseye

The 10.5-grain Benjamin Single Die pellet was the first up. It is a bit heavy for this pistol, but it is both new and accurate so I tried it. Five pellets made a group that measures 0.844-inches between centers. For this pistol that’s not that great unless I’m having a very bad day.

Sig Super Target Benj
The Super Target put five Benjamin Bullseyes into 0.844-inches at ten meters. It’s okay but nothing special. Sorry — the head of the pellet rolled into one of the holes in this picture and I didn’t catch it.

JSB Simply

Next to be tested was the new JSB Simply wadcutter. These worked well. Five went into 0.646-inches at 10 meters. That’s more like it!

Sig Super Target Simply
The Super Target put five JSB Simplys into 0.646-inches at 10 meters.

Predator GTO

The Predator GTO dome is the established pellet that I have never tested in this pistol. It’s also the pellet that caused me to make a mistake, but that comes later. And don’t forget — this is a lead-free pellet, which means it’s made of tin.

The Sig pistol put five GTO pellets into a 1.01-inch group at 10 meters. It’s hardly anything to brag about.

Sig Super Target GTO
The Sig Super Target put five GTO pellets into a 1.01-inch group at 10 meters.

Hunting Guide


The Olympia dome is another new pellet, and it’s also lead free. And this is where I made my mistake. Five of these domes went into 0.70-inches at 10 meters. But I called a pull on the third shot, and four of these are in 0.246-inches. I don’t know that the lone shot was the called pull because I didn’t look. But this group gives me hope I can do better. And the four pellets are centered in the bullseye!

Sig Super Target Olympia
Wow! This group is impressive! Five Olympia domes are in 0.70-inches at 10 meters with a called pull. Four are in 0.246-inches.

Podium Basic wadcutters

Podium Basic wadcutters are another new pellet I’m testing. They didn’t do that well in the Super Target  though, with five in 1.437-inches at 10 meters.

Sig Super Target Podium Basic
Five Podium Basic wadcutters went into 1.437-inches at 10 meters.

Qiang Yuan Sports domes

The last pellet I tested was the new Qiang Yuan dome. This company’s pellets often do very well in tests, but not today. The SigAir Super Target dome made the largest group of the test with five going into 1.801-inches at 10 meters.

Five Qiang Yuan domed pellets made this 1.801-inch group at 10 meters.

Ten shots

Now for my mistake. Because the lead-free Olympia dome did so well with five shots I wanted to try a group of ten. But instead I shot ten Predator GTO pellets that are also lead free domes. It was a mistake, pure and simple. Ten went into 1.255-inches at ten meters.

Sig SuperTarget ten GTC
Ten Predator GTO pellets made this 1.225-inch group at 10 meters.

More to come

There are at least four more pellets I want to test in the Super Target.

FX 10.3-grain dome
JTS 7.87-grain wadcutter
JTS 8.7-grain dome
JTS 10.4-grain dome

I also want to shoot a 10-shot group with the Olympia domes and perhaps another 10-shot group of the JSB Simply pellets.

After reading and then trying the Airgun Nation posting by Steveoo that failed to realized the promised boost, I became interested in this pistol again. Now I just have to know how good does this one get?


The SigAir Super Target test is proceeding well in my opinion. And don’t forget — I am angling to get an FAS 604 to compare with it!

author avatar
Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

75 thoughts on “SigAir Super Target air pistol revisited: Part Three”

  1. B.B.,

    I’m sure enough about how good the SIG Super Target gets that i just pulled the trigger on 2,000 more RWS R10 Match Pistol 7.0 grain pellets from P AIR!
    I will include some groups tomorrow; got a HIIT workout tomorrow so going to bed.
    Hope the firecrackers die out shortly got my 3M earplugs on the nightstand.

    Enjoy the pistol testing all you can; this SIG is fun to shoot!


    • shootski,

      Those are the same pellet that my Izzy really likes.

      It was a bit noisy around here last night, but I slid off into Never-Never Land anywho.

      • RidgeRunner,

        Just got back from my HIIT workout: Three rounds of 12 reverse lunges (25lb dumbbells) with curl, 10 BOSU Ball burpees (with push-up) and 10 plate (15lb) swings to front and side in a wall sit. Glad the gym HVAC was working! Downing my Chocolate Milk/Protein RECOVERY shake.

        I hope to shoot some groups with my remaining RWS R10 7gr. wadcutters. I will see how my AV-46M likes them while i’m at it IF i’m ON today. I may try the one hand rested method Tom described: “… stretched out my shooting hand and just used that with the pistol still resting on the bag. That put the sights farther from my eyes which gave a sharper sight picture. The pistol was dead steady on the bag.” Always used a pistol rest or two hands or arms resting on a bag for sighting in or pellet grouping testing.

        I slept like a baby after i inserted the foam earplugs.

        Stay cool,


        • I really should exercise more. This old, fat, baldheaded geezer might live a little longer if he lost a few or fifty pounds. I do hate to sweat though.

          I know these “hills” are a bit much in the humidity level for most folks, but we do not have to worry about Boy Scouts brushing up against any trees when they go for a hike.

          • RidgeRunner,

            I have been a workout type all my life since my very life depended on it. I have a few friends who started in their late fifties and even sixties by simply walking. I got them to park their cars aways from the store and to us stairs instead of elevators/escalators for at least one or more floors; and pretty soon they were ready for the gym and Functional Fitness.

            At this point it is for quality of life. I pray that God lets me just wink out one day; no muss no fuss.


            • shootski,

              Your last two sentences apply to why I need to start walking more. I myself do hope He uses a lightning bolt or some such on me when it is time for me to go home.

            • shootski,

              I used to work out regularly, but I stopped weight lifting when my joints told me no more. I used to swim a LOT in the summers at my parents’ summer cottage on a lake in southern Wisconsin and sometimes when my great aunt lived on Lake Michigan’s western shore, but both properties are long gone today.

              I hate pools, but I keep thinking I should join a local health club that has a natatorium.


              • Michael,

                Walking is underated especially as we get older. Some body weight workout really adds to it if FREE weights or bands are out. Just STAY AWAY FROM THE WEIGHT MACHINES they are killers on our joints.
                I totally agree with your biases about swimming pools; most of them are not properly maintained and are closer to another pool; the Cess type. I worked and swam in swimming pools but Open Water is where i love to swim most of all.


  2. Tom,

    The target groups are still impressive (although I don’t know if your wrote this before or after your surgery). If after your surgery you can chalk up the mistaken tin due to the anesthesia.


  3. I think I figured out how free shipping with UPS works.
    The tracking system will report it “Out for delivery” a time or two just to tick you off and spoil any plans you may have had to leave your home. In reality, they deliver it whenever they feel like it.
    Or, they just want to leave it in the delivery truck for a few days to really test the strength of the packaging?

    Glad P/A is good at packaging. An air rifle can be bounced air borne a dozen times just driving down the dirt road to my home.

    Something needs to be done to reduce the selection of pellets or rate them somehow for performance.
    BB can now go back and retest every air gun he ever reported on because new pellets may have changed everything as far as their documented accuracy goes.

    I’m sure he will get ‘a round to it’ eventually’. We may need to send him some 😉
    Give him a month or so to change all those blogs!

    • Bob M,

      At least it eventually gets to you. Honest Bob sent me a package on June 20th by USPS. It has still not made it here. We are supposed to reelect this dude?

          • I would really love to see a change at the top of both tickets. They are both too old for the job. Since I am very close to both of them in age, I know where of I speak.

            We are starting to move into the realm of politics, it seems. I would really rather not go there,,, but I certainly know the way. But it is becoming very difficult to keep my thoughts to myself when others don’t seem to want to offer me the same curtesy.

            I have come to the conclusion that my political philosophy is not that of most others here. How about I don’t talk about the felon and you guys don’t talk about the other old fool? This will be the last I speak of either.


          • Shootski, I had to suspend my campaign before it even really started due to the scandal surrounding the massive increase in JSB pellet prices.

            RR, I knew I should have hocked my watch or something to buy that IZH 46 from BB at the airgun show. Missed opportunity for sure.

            My name is Honest Bob, and I approve this message.

      • Sounds like daughter’s Father’s Day card which she mailed early, allowing plenty of time to arrive by that Day; took over 3 weeks to meander from Michigan to S Florida. Makes one want to go Postal…NOT!

        Remember one of the traditional Great Lies is – “I’m from the Government and I’m here to help you.”

        • FM,

          I remember and laugh about that one.

          I will be surprised if I see it at all. The real sad part is FedEx and Oops, I mean UPS, are not better. I have had packages become lost in North Carolina before, going back and forth between facilities.

          I should have just walked from here to OK and back. It would have been quicker. Bring back the Pony Express.

  4. BB,

    I hope your surgery went well.

    These Olympia Shot pellets give me strong H&N vibes. They even use identical pellet pictures for their stock photos.

    I guess they wouldn’t say “Made in Poland” if it weren’t true. Maybe H&N founded or bought the company?

    The other “Olympic” pellets didn’t work that well in this test it seems but I get the impression that old FWB barrels *really* like the Qiang Yuans.


    • I am getting the impression that the folks at WordPress celebrated the Fourth of July with a bit too much strong libation. 🙁


      What I had meant to say was that the Olympia tin does appear to be a screw on lid whereas the H&N does not. Now as for the pellets themselves, maybe the polish publishers just “borrowed” that part. Neither is true to scale. 😉

  5. You know, that Super Target would sure look good in the case with my Izzy. 😉

    I do have a Predom Lucznik that I got from Larry Hannusch a couple of years ago. You have not tested it since 2008. 😉

  6. An expensive and not-too-compelling plinking pistol. These groups aren’t particularly good. Can you put target grips on it? I wouldn’t call anything a target pistol that can’t shoot consistently in the 9 or 10 ring with at least one kind of pellet. I would suggest a test with some dedicated pistol competition pellets.

    RR, I don’t think this pistol has demonstrated that it’s worthy of being put in the same display case as your 46 yet,

    With this kind of performance, I’ll stick with my P-17.


      • RR,

        Carel has a used FWB100 on American Airguns classifieds for $795. He says it hasn’t seen much use. Don’t know if that’s down your alley or not.


        • Brent,

          Yeah, I have seen that myself. As I have just spent that much on a brand-new air rifle, I will have to pass on that thing for now. Mrs. RR will stand just so much extravagance on my part.

    • I have to agree with you Brent. In all of these ‘target pistol’ reviews, when it comes to accuracy…I do not ever really see anything that I can not match or top with my P17, not that I can recall anyway. Sure they LOOK a lot better but performance doesn’t match the looks. Makes me glad that my wallet won’t get hurt I guess.


      Welcome home BB!

        • Don’t tempt me, you enabler! It would probably get lost in the mail and wind up somewhere on the NE coast 2 weeks after it was due to arrive anyway.


          • LOL! First you would have to find one. For a bit AV was trying to get around the import ban, but I guess the administration finally caught on.

            I have had mine since 2010. It was not really cheap then, but these things will probably be shooting accurately one hundred years from now. They are that well made.

            You can still buy a Weihrauch. I understand they shoot pretty good.

  7. On the other, the Air Venturi V10 target pistol that you also blogged shot 5 R-10 Match pistol pellets into a .476 inch group. That’s pistol I’d spend my hard earned rubles on!


      • B.B.,

        Did you see my reply to RidgeRunner and the technique you used while testing the AV-46M?
        “… stretched out my shooting hand and just used that with the pistol still resting on the bag. That put the sights farther from my eyes which gave a sharper sight picture. The pistol was dead steady on the bag.”
        With my IOL replacements the front sight really is MUCH, MUCH more in focus.


  8. B.B.,

    Your one handed/rested hold worked for my my 10 shot group with my AV-46M shooting RWS R10 7gr. Match Pistol pellets.
    Thank you RidgeRunner.


    • I really like my Izzy.

      I do have to admit that new Air Venturi Comp10 Match PCP Air Pistol looks interesting. It is made in China though. Scratch that.

      Speaking of Xi Land, are the Cheatin’ Chinese going to be allowed to cheat in the Summer Olympics in Paris this year?

      Why do we bother? Once upon a time, the Olympics meant something. Not anymore.

      I think I will just stay up on my hill. Y’all can have this mess.

      • Don’t get FM going on some of the “sports” that will be featured in this Olympiad. On the other hand, some of the sports that do require real skill, practice, dedication and hard work without the benefit of “enhancements” are getting little or no respect. Case in point is the International Olympic Committee’s and our own government’s apparent attitude towards the shooting competitions. The shooting athletes are not staying in the Olympic Village. The competitions are not in Paris but three hours away, at Chateauroux.

        For our USA Shooting team, this has posed a considerable financial burden and unlike other nation’s national teams, they are receiving NO funding from “our” government. This is a disgrace and is very telling about the attitude of our “minders” towards shooting sports in general. 🙁

        You can learn more about this travesty here – https://airgunwire.com/olympic-shooting-sports-in-paris/

        • FM,

          I will bet Uncle Xi supports the Chinese shooters, even though they cannot have guns at home.

          The other Chinese athletes will be getting their drug enhancements, and the French will look the other way like the Japanese did.

  9. B.B.,

    Not so much with the SIG ASP Super Target.
    I think the shorter sight radius and the “softened” sights on the SIG may have contributed to the vertical of this 10 shot group.


  10. My wife showed me a Facebook post from a proud mom that goes to our church. Her young son competed in the Daisy Nationals BB Gun Championship in Rogers, AR. He won 3rd place in the nation in the knelling position and 29th individual overall. He shot 90 or better in all 4 positions. Congratulations to Parker Aguilar!

    • RidgeRunner,

      Me too!

      As soon as my RWS R10 shipment from P Air finds my house i’m going to concentrate more on keeping the top of the front post and top of the rear sight horizontally lined up. The AV-46M benefits from front sight post width choices as well as being cut square and sharp edged. The side to side spacing in the rear sight slot is almost automatic on the 46M.
      I think with the shift in concentration on the SIG horizontal alignment i can reduce the verticality of my groups. I’m no pistol Target Shooter my training in pistol is Practical Shooting and Center Mass oriented.
      I know Tom thinks it is MV spread that caused his vertical groups but i had my LabRadar on and the ES (Extreme Spread) was never greater than 7 FPS; that isn’t going to be measurable at 10 Meters on a Target.


      • shootski,

        Center Mass is easy after you have been shooting target for some time. You just need some practice with that Sig.

        I am officially jealous, you know. You have all of those Sig airguns and I do not have one. They are all “collectable” now, which moves them out of my price range. All I can do now is wait for the present owners to start dying off with their next of kin being clueless as to what they own.

        • RidgeRunner,

          Center Mass is easy, an absolute fact, when the conditions are benign and the distances are not too great. That has never been what i was trained or training for with firearms.
          As far as my airgun “collecting” i have always had different ideas about airgun purchases than most. I only have three SIG airguns. I have been unbelievably lucky in my airgun choices so far in that i enjoy shooting them (all have shot well or better) simply put, owning them and keeping them running brings me joy. I believe my family have some clue about potential value; both price and the fun to be had in shooting them.
          Fortunately all my airguns get shot and none are NIB (New In Box) although they are all well cared for.


          • shootski,

            NIB? What’s that?

            As of this writing, there have been a couple of NIB here, but not for long. Recently a NIB BSA R10 SE did show up here, but it hardly arrived before it was pulled out and a scope was mounted on it.

            Here at RRHFWA, Mrs. RR and my grandson do indeed have an appreciation of the few airguns I have, but fortunately for me there are some out there who do not. I have also been blessed by those who realize that to pass these jewels onto someone who truly appreciates these for what they are and will do their best to restore and pass on to others.

            Am I looking for anymore? Not really. Will I appreciate if any more of these “old gals” decide they would like to live at RRHFWA for a bit? You betcha. I will also do my best to find a good home for them when the time comes, hopefully in the not too near future. I might even take the time to write about this or that “old gal” and let the world know how she likes to dance.

    • shootski,

      Okay. My back wound has stopped weeping blod and urine and I can now take showers. Other than not lifting weight or walking fast I’m doing fine.


      • B.B.,

        Thank you for the update.
        Pray that your RECOVERY trajectory remains as elevated as it has thus far…i know it doesn’t seem nearly fast enough to you.
        Prayers for your SPEEDY and complete RECOVERY continue!
        God IS great!


  11. BB,
    Also wishing you a speedy and complete recovery with minimal pain. I trust you’ll stay away from any upcoming Ninja Warrior competitions, at least until you get the bandages off ;). Thank you for this terrific blog that you write for us, it makes a difference.

  12. B.B., shootski and Everyone Else,

    In Part 2 I reported my chrony results for my SigAir Super Target. The results were slightly slower than shootski’s pistol, but not enough to suggest it was sick.

    Shootski replied that he looked up the humidity in my area (Chicago suburbs) and noted that the exceptionally muggy air might have affected my results. Yesterday I chonied my pistol in my air-conditioned basement which currently has roughly 60 percent humidity, significantly less than my backyard, which the other day was about as humid as 60 feet down in Lake Michigan!

    Yep, shootski was onto something — my pistol gained about (I didn’t crunch any numbers as they usually crunch me) 8-10 fps. in the drier air.

    Good call, shootski.


  13. B.B.,

    Many years ago my dad had some sort of invasive procedure to rid him of kidney stones. I don’t remember what the procedure was, but I do remember what one of my dad’s colleagues told him. It went something like this:

    “Bob, let me tell you how I get rid of kidney stones. It’s painful but it works for me, and there’s no deductible.

    First I draw a hot bath, about as hot as I can stand. Then I get in and relax. I have a bucket with ice and a cold, full bottle of gin next to the tub. I swig a couple ounces out of the gin bottle and then pour a couple shots of dry vermouth into it and give it a good shake, making it a huge martini.

    Then I gradually drink until I am ‘feeling no pain’ and am decidedly relaxed. After a while I pass the stone into the bath water.

    My wife knows I’m finished after she hears my scream, and she comes in, pulls the plug on the pool and takes the gin bottle away. Eventually I sober up, take a shower and am good until the next time.”


    I do not recommend that home healthcare procedure to anyone, but it is a good story, don’t you think? (Well, perhaps not presently.)


  14. BB,
    Since PyramydAir now sells firearm ammo have they been assigned a firearms retailer code ( Merchant Category Code ) that credit card companies report an individual’s purchase to the government for tracking?

    I understand that specific items purchased are not kept track of just the fact that you spent money at a coded firearms retailer, and it puts you on a list of suspicious persons to be tracked or registered as a possible firearm owner. Walmart or any other big box store may also fall into the same situation as ammo retailers?
    Why else would you purchase ammo? Oh, I forgot, it does not identify ammo but the amount of money you spend on anything they sell as a designated firearms retailer. Be it airsoft or outdoor gear you will be tracked as a person of interest connected with firearms.

    Evidently the idea for establishing these firearm dealer codes for credit card reporting was established by the –
    1. ISB – International Standards Body
    2. IOS – International Organization for Standards
    3. GSB – Global Standards Body

    Pick a name, but it may be a new name for the NWO – New World Order.
    Evidently, they also control world finances according to a recent news article. They work out of Geneva Switzerland.
    Just read that CA and a lot of other ‘Blue’ democratic states here in the US have initiated it for action. I believe it is already in effect in Europe, not positive on that.
    Just want to clear up some questions. Let’s face it, there may be a lot of home invasions by government agencies to confiscate all your Airsoft or outdoor equipment like sleeping bags. Heck, buying furniture may put you on the list if the store sells ammo and is assigned a specific retailers code?

    Let me be clear … all this is being done to put an end to the gun violence epidemic being committed by young people especially. Not clear if gang bangers are separated from young people.

    Just like how they are closing out small farmers from growing their own food or to sell at markets in the name of water protection and preservation unless they comply with stringent government codes at great expense and be under government supervision. DO you grow food in your back yard?
    They use drones.

  15. B.B. and Readership,

    Had some time this evening after dinner and got out the SIG Super Target to see if mostly letting the sights find center on their own and really concentrating on the horizontal alignment of the front and rear sights.
    It almost worked! I don’t know which shot left the group since i shot all ten before i looked but i felt one shot had less concentration on the horizontal than the rest.
    So it is probably on me more than the pistol.
    For the price of the pistol and its form being much closer to a duty pistol with a rear target sight the SIG CAN SHOOT with dedicated target pistols in my opinion.


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