Walther PPQ/P99 Q CO2 pistol: Part 3

by B.B. Pelletier

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Walther PPQ/P99 CO2 pistol

We’re going to finish the Walther P99 Q air pistol today with accuracy tests of both pellets and BBs. Several readers suggested that the double-action only trigger-pull would lead to larger groups, and I have to admit I thought so, too. A DAO pistol can be made to be very accurate, but it entails gunsmithing of the trigger that costs many times the price of this pistol. As they come from the factory, there are but a few DAO pistols, whether they’re air-powered or firearms, that have what I would call decent triggers.

The P99 Q trigger is one that “stacks” as it approaches the release. Much like a Colt revolver of the 1920s, the trigger-pull increases in weight dramatically just before the sear releases the hammer to fire the gun. Smith & Wesson found a way to overcome this and as a result they surpassed Colt as the world’s premier maker of revolvers before World War II. The stacking invariably causes the shooter to pull shots to the side opposite the shooting hand. A right-handed shooter will pull shots to the left while a lefty throws them to the right. This can be overcome with a lot of training, but it has to be practiced all the time, or you’ll revert to pulling your shots. read more

Walther PPQ/P99 Q CO2 pistol: Part 2

by B.B. Pelletier

Part 1

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I said last time that I would definitely talk about the trigger on this DAO Walther P99 Q air pistol and that time has come. When the pistol is functioning correctly, the trigger offers a smooth pull of about 12 lbs. However, the “functioning correctly” part can be a problem if you don’t load the clip the right way.

Don’t need no stinking manuals!
I began the test poorly, by assuming that I knew how the gun operates. Of course, I didn’t read the manual. And trouble came with the first clip. One good shot was all I got, followed by the remainder of the clip needing a trigger-pull in the neighborhood of 25-30 pounds. I opened the slide to see if something was jammed and there it was. One pellet had backed out of the clip and was now deformed from being dragged through the mechanism against its will. So, I loaded a second clip and started over. read more

Walther PPQ/P99 Q CO2 pistol: Part 1

by B.B. Pelletier

The new Walther PPQ/P99 CO2 pistol looks like the other CP99s, but it’s very different.

Today, we’ll begin our look at Walther’s P99 Q CO2 pistol. This is an Umarex pistol, and they’re one of the best-known names as far as realistic airguns are concerned. Their CP99 has long been a favorite of air pistol shooters, just as the P99 has been popular with European law enforcement agencies and, of course, James Bond. But the P99 Q adds something new to the mix. Because, besides shooting 8 pellets, it’s also a BB pistol that can hold and shoot 8 BBs just as easily.

The silver clip holds pellets, and the black plastic clip holds BBs. The owner’s manual states that you load the BBs from the side of the ratchets. This is incorrect, and Umarex is reprinting their manuals. Pyramyd Air’s product page also cites this correction to the manual. read more