Date: 18/11/2018 22:56

Airsoft Magazines

Many Airsoft fans love the way these guns mimic major hunting firearms so closely. Realistic effects such as blowback (for gas-powered guns) and outstanding firing speeds (for AEGs) give the user a slice of true combat action, up to and including the satisfying click as each pellet drops into place. Manufacturers have embraced this niche market, spending a great deal of time to make sure new models resemble the weapons they are modeled after to a startling degree.

At Pyramyd Air, we're committed to Airsoft guns and accessories, bringing together countless big names and popular models under one roof. We carry every major type of Airsoft weapon here, including sidearms, handguns and powerful rifles--all the tools you need to take that next skirmish by storm. As always, the ammo we offer comes with the territory, giving each gun a better way to lock and load.

Generally, Airsoft guns are used with 6 mm plastic pellets--the perfect size and weight for considerable distance and accuracy without too much risk. Many of the top-selling guns in today's competitive market can match real guns shot-for-shot when it comes to automatic action, meaning the magazines that serve them must be built to exacting specifications.

Please feel free to use this site as a resource for future purchasing. With detailed product specs and lots of good advice in one place, we offer the Web's most comprehensive approach to all things Airsoft. Call or write anytime with questions.

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