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Based in Hann. Mnden, Germany, H&N's history dates back to 1825, when the company's founders were in business producing milled lead and lead foil commonly used for lining tobacco tins and tea caddies. In 1847, Carl Georg August Natermann - today considered the "father" of H&N Sport - purchased a fortified tower in Hann. Mnden and converted it into a shot tower. From there, Natermann's company would produce lead shot through the 1980s under the brand name "Ltare." Apart from this, the company reports, bullets were manufactured since the 1890s.

Since the 1950s, H&N has been manufacturing a variety of different-caliber airgun pellets designed for a wide range of applications. The company also makes round balls for muzzle-loaders and bullets for large-caliber firearms.

H&N today pledges to deliver the same kind of quality and attention to detail to which August Natermann was committed.

"(Natermann) had a major goal: to manufacture products with outstanding quality," H&N states on its website. "We continue his legacy in controlling every step of manufacturing our products - from toolmaking to wire production to surface finishing - at our factory in Hann. Mnden. Everything we make is subjected to a rigorous quality assurance system. You can be certain that what you buy is the best it can be - approved by August Natermann."

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