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Pellet Guns

Powerful & Accurate Pellet Pistols & Rifles

A pellet gun is any kind of airgun capable of shooting pellets through the use of pressurized air. There are two main types of pellet guns: a pellet gun pistol is an airgun that shoots pellets and is designed to look like a firearm pistol, while a pellet rifle is a long gun with rifling inside its barrel for improved accuracy and range. The oldest and most common pellet guns are the ones powered by a spring-piston or gas piston. Other types use CO2 or pump pneumatic power. Pump airguns use levers or pumps on the gun to pressurize an air tube on the gun, while precharged pneumatics (PCPs) use a high-pressure air source to fill the air cylinder. PCP airguns generally offer much more power than other types and use the newest technology.

These guns come in many shapes and styles, and people use them for backyard plinking (shooting at things like cans for fun), target shooting, pest control, and hunting. Some of the most powerful pellet rifles offered have sufficient power to hunt any game found in North America, up to and including black bears. Technology improves all the time, and people who are unfamiliar with these guns or who haven't experienced one in a while are often surprised at their power and versatility.

Pellet pistols and rifles shoot metal pellets generally made of lead, which is soft enough to obturate (expand to fill the bore of the airgun) under the pressure of firing, in order to seal the gun's bore and (on rifles) engage the rifling in the barrel. Simply put, the grooves inside a pellet rifle barrel cause the expanded pellet to spin, which makes the flight of the pellet more stable and improves accuracy compared to something like a BB that's shot out of a smoothbore (no grooves) barrel. No matter what type of pellet gun you want or what type of ammo you need, you'll find it at Pyramyd Air.

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