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    By Theophile from USA on 2017-10-19
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    Things I liked: Being the Bear River BOA is my first CO2 air gun, I found this 19 shot mag semi-auto .177 BB pistol a "blast" to shoot! I own two .177 pellet break-barrels and two .177 pellet SPPs pistols and enjoy those for their extreme accuracy. But for pure shooting fun and speed, the BOA is a lot of air gun. Got 400 rounds through it (2 CO2 cartridges) using Umarex precision steel 5.1g BB's and with a fresh CO2 cartridge, obtaining 409fps and over 400fps the first 2 clips. Even with the 10th 19-round full clip (190 bb's), velocity stayed up over 350fps, then dropped below 300 on the 11th full clip, with POI and penetration starting to suffer...Not Bad! I Quickly became accustomed to the long trigger 2-stage pull and was able to hand hold 19 shot groupings within 2" C to C at 10 yds with the open "plastic" sights. Function wise, all worked perfectly, including the two additional Beretta 19-Shot Stick Magazines (PY-A-2067) I added with the PA BOA purchase!!

    Things I would have changed: So far, shooting as is with the installed open sights. The 2nd stage trigger has too long a reset, but still able to pull quick subsequent follow-up shots and keep them on target! I'll probably add an under barrel laser sight for my indoor target POI acquisition accuracy!

    What others should know: Once the clip emptied, the following shot cycle had a Distinctly Different sound, letting me know to reload another clip...Nice! The plastic body is solid, however the rear sliding grip panel (backed up to install CO2 cartridges) is loose fitting. Removed and set the u-shaped grip panel in my workbench soft vise, slowly added some heat gun air and lightly re-formed the shroud to hold a tighter grip on the pistol grip housing.