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    By M. from USA on 2018-08-10
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    Things I liked: Rifle design is very appealing. Enjoy shooting, not hard to use charge lever once getting a feel how it works. Power seems good; pest control penetration effective one shot. Noise level minimal, similar to a staple gun on wood. Weight of rifle is decent for better control, just needs better barrel to butt balance. Trigger has long pull before set to actually fire. Knowing that, fires easily with comfortable force on trigger. Actually, setting trigger and acquiring good cross hair site conveniently takes about same time to engage target.

    Things I would have changed: Front heavy vs balance. Iron sites, forget zeroing them; poorly adjust and rear comes loose after shooting. Scope with combo package, not best optics given a short range rifle. After acquiring a decent zero, brackets holding scope came loose and mounting bracket for rail mount. Had to start all over. Breaking in required the right pellet selection.

    What others should know: Air guns may throw a stray round vs rifling it to the target. Quality and selection of brand and type of pellet with definitely alter accuracy; zero your rifle with the pellet you plan to use and the distance you expect to be on target. Check your rifle fittings, mounts, etc. before use and after to help maintain your accuracy efforts. Safety is utmost knowing this rifle will damage what you shoot; choose your target wisely. Beyond that, know where your pellet will go if you miss the target, or a ricochet for that matter. Have fun, but know some ordinances do not allow air rifles.