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    By James from USA on 2018-10-18
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    Things I liked: The shape as I am 1911 go to guy, my favored model of choice from when I served in the Marines

    Things I would have changed: include a real hopup like the description says it has. I am an airsoft sniper. I bought this gun because it is a non-blowback version that is capable of being quieter than the gbb models which aides in concealment on the field.when I took it out of the box I loaded the mag that came with it and the extra mag I ordered with .28 gram bbs. I took it out in my backyard range. at 10 yrds the bbs very quickly dropped missing my target. I went to adjust the hopup and found that there isnt one!!!. As a skirmish weapon, in my role, this gun is basically useless to me if I cant adjust for accuracy to match the bbs I want to use. I will not use .20 gram bbs they are pointless on an airsoft field.. I would also make the gun FULL Metal. Whats the point of a hybrid polymer /metal setup?

    What others should know: If you are actually playing airsoft DO NOT BUY THIS. The lack of hopup will force you to use .20 gram or less bbs. As we all know in airsoft .20's are useless in the field with well accustomed accuracy issues. There is no manual available that explains exactly what the BAX system is or how to adjust it in this pistol. Some say its just a marketing name that cybergun made up. This is a non-gas blowback model. the barrel retaining clip is plastic which after repeatedly removing it for cleaning purposes will eventually break leaving the gun useless.