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    5.0 5.0

    5.0 5.0

    By christopher from USA on 2018-07-28
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    Things I liked: This gun has high end 10 Meter rifle features at a moderate price. It is highly adjustable, you get hundreds of shots per fill, the trigger is a dream and the accuracy is limited only by the shooter. It is a joy to shoot and, somewhat unfortunately, makes all my other airguns seem inadequate.

    Things I would have changed: The cocking lever is not is smoothest. Pulling it back feels a bit jerky. It feels like the first thing that will need maintenance or repair on this gun. Also, I found the need to move the COG back a bit; There is no good place to put additional weight and I don't see heavier aftermarket weights for this gun. Extra weight placement is manageable but awkward.

    What others should know: I've bench rest tested H&N Sport Finale Match Heavy, RWS Meisterkugeln 8.2gr and Crossman Premier Match Grade 7.9gr at 10 Meters. All three are an excellent choice and I found little practical difference between them. I did upload an image with the results. With a 9x scope you can pretty much put each pellet through the same hole. At 300 bar, the H&N pellets averaged 612 fps (5 shots); at 200 bar the average was 595; at 100 bar 569. The drop is very linear. In 10 shot test groups with the three pellets mentioned the greatest difference between min and max was 11 fps; standard deviation was consistently 2 fps for each type. This is what you get with a regulated PCP! By the way, using a 9x scope to fine tune your 10 Meter off hand technique is an excellent way to go. You get a lot of feedback on your technique that is just not available to the naked eye. The dovetail rail goes the whole length of the barrel on this gun so you can put that scope anywhere you want.