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    By Art from USA on 2015-10-16
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    Things I liked: This is my first gun from PA. My first spring gun from Winchester and my second Winchester to go with my pump 77. (1) It is light - feels like my 880. (2) It is quiet which is highly important in Suburbia. (3) Easy to cock (4) It has a metal trigger and crisp release. (5) 500 fps is enough zip for hunting.

    Things I would have changed: Nothing for this class of springer. I call it suburbia spring or sub spring. There is a break in period, so the barrell lock up gets smoother as you shoot more.

    What others should know: For ammo the Excite Spikes, Gamo magnums, and RWS pellets work best. Of course Crosman points and Destroyers are great. All right here at this site. Really the 500 Is not finicky with ammo. I like RWS chamber oil for lube needs - for this Winchester and in my 77 pump. This is the best sub spring I have shot so far. Good accuracy up to 15 yards. Perfect for backyard. Loc-tite on screws seems best but check with Pyramyd staff on such issues.