Date: 25/6/2019 15:4
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Diana Chaser Breech Block, .177 Left-Handed

5.01 review
Diana Chaser Breech.

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Diana Chaser Breech Block .177, Left-Handed

  • Left-Handed Breech
  • .177 Caliber 
  • Bolt is on the right hand side for easy left handed operation


Diana leaves no lefty behind!  If you want to place your .177 caliber Diana Chaser's bolt on the right side of the pistol, use this part to customize your CO2 pistol.

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Item Code: DIA-1920231LH [PY-A-8747]

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5.0 5.0

4.0 4.0

By Rude Rick from USA on 2019-01-02
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5.01 rating

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Things I liked: Built exactly as the right-handed breach ......... works perfect.


What others should know: Firstly, to remove the origin breach, the pistol stock needs to be removed by removing the screw that holds the trigger guard on. Once you get the original breach off (see the proper method I received from Tyler in the question/answer section), there are a number of pieces on the original breach that need to be stripped off and reinstalled on the new breach. These include an o-ring and all the set-screws. On reassembly, be aware the bolt needs to be positioned correctly so that the cocking mechanism will function. Also be aware that under the second set- screw from the rear of the original breach there is a little rubber ball that you need to push out and reinstall on the new breach. It puts tension on the bolt to eliminate slop and needs to be adjusted before the breach is installed. Then move the magnet. Lastly, the screw under the gas port on the main body of the gun may need to be loosened in order to position and seat the brass bushing-connector properly on top of the o-ring.

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  • Rude Rick from USA asked:

    Hey Tyler, I'm having trouble getting the breach off the gun. I took out the screw at the pellet loading end of the breach and removed the bolt handle by unscrewing it from the bolt probe. I'm assuming to access the screw at the rear end of the breach you put an allen wrench through the last threaded hole at the end of the breach but the bolt probe won't slide out of the breach to access that screw. According to your initial response the bolt probe can't be removed from the breach until after the breach in removed. Whats the secret ????

    • Tyler from USA:

      To get the breech off of the gun, you need to first remove the screw from the base of the breech itself that is covered by the single shot tray. Then you'll need to remove the pistol grip from the gun and locate the screw on the underside of the hammer spring housing tube at the very back. This screw goes all the way up through the breech. Remove that screw carefully and the entire breech assembly (and barrel if still attached) will come off.

  • Rude Rick from USA asked:

    How do you mount and how do you remove/reinstall the bolt in the breech ... ????

    • Rude Rick from USA:

      Thanks Tyler, very much appreciated.

    • Tyler from USA:

      The bolt unscrews from the probe, then you need to pull the breech off of the gun. On the underside you will find a screw in the probe body that needs to be removed so you can pull the probe out of the breech. It's pretty easy to do, to re-install, just reverse those steps.

Compatible with Diana Chaser Breech Block, .177 Left-Handed

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