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Ecotarget Ice Target Mold, 2 Target Sizes

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Ecotarget Ice Target

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  • Ice target mold
  • 2 target sizes (5 are 3"Wx4"H and 4 are 1.5"Wx2"H)
  • Fill mold with water, freeze, pop out targets and shoot
  • Shot targets produce an exciting shattering effect
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No cleanup or dangerous residue that could injure people, pets or wildlife
  • Cheap to make
  • User-adjustable for thickness and color
  • Use with pellet guns or firearms (never shoot steel BBs at these...they'll ricochet)
  • Made in USA

If you can turn on a faucet, you can make your own reactive targets. No technology, no special skills, no mess. ALWAYS wear safety glasses and remove all pets from the area as the targets will shatter in all directions.

  • Place empty mold in freezer
  • Fill cavities with water (soda bottle works well)
  • For 1/4" thickness, fill to witness mark found at apex of each target
  • For 3/8" thickness, fill to the top of the cavity
  • To remove targets from mold, remove mold from freezer & let rest on counter for 3-4 minutes at room temp
  • To unmold, hold mold upside down over a towel and gently twist at opposite corners
  • Store unmolded targets in freezer til you're ready to shoot

If you want to enhance your targets, add some food coloring. That also makes them easier to see. Get more than one mold and stack filled molds in your freezer. Fill and leave them in the freezer until you're ready to use them. That way, you'll always have some available whenever the mood strikes you to shoot.

In warmer weather, your ice targets may melt faster than you like. Inhibit fast melting by making pykrete, which is a mixture of 14% sawdust and 86% water (by weight...frozen). They'll last longer than dry ice but won't shatter as well as plain ice targets.

Item Code: ECO-H2001 [PY-A-4441]

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5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

By Jp from Canada on 2018-12-29
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Verified Purchase

Things I liked: Cheap and fun to shoot at

Things I would have changed: Get some other design such as silhouette


5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

By Robert from USA on 2018-11-17
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Things I liked: Like another reviewer, I thought this would be made of soft rubber. However, when following directions (lay face down on a towel at room temp), they just pop out on their own. I combine these with eco-ammo (non-plastic that eventually dissolves) and it's win-win: no bbs left and shattered targets that melt away. I used to make my own ice targets with soft rubber lids, but this is faster. The sale price of $9.99 make it a good deal.

Things I would have changed: I'm fine with it the way it is. Anything I could think of (eg, larger targets) would probably be impractical to find room in the freezer.

What others should know: You CAN try making your own first, to see if it's what you want to try ice targets, but with a sale price of 9.99, it's not too much of a loss if you end up not using it much.


5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

By Brian from USA on 2018-09-14
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Verified Purchase

Things I liked: Everything, these Ecotarget Ice Target Molds are Awesome!! The plastic that these molds are made out of are not that cheap, bend it just a little and it breaks plastic. So theyll most likely last a very long time. Id also like to add that, yea, the plastic is nice and thick, yet its bendable enough, you can bend the tray to release your ice targets with very little effort. If you decide to buy multiple trays they do stack up nicely in the freezer. The actual ice targets are nice and wide, which makes it very easy to set them up. I shot these ice targets with a very low FPS and they just disappeared, so much fun with absolutely no clean up, LOVE IT!! Also the price for these Ecotarget trays are more than fair!!

Things I would have changed: I wish I had a bigger freezer...

What others should know: Nothing


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