Date: 6/6/2020 11:21
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Vortek PG2 Tune Kit 12 FPE, fits HW95, HW85, HW98, R9, R10, R11

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Vortek 12FPE Tune Kit for Weihrauch HW9, HW85, HW98 air rifles

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Price: $89.99

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Vortek PG2 Tune

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Vortek PG2 12FPE Tune Kit fits HW95  (Beeman R9), HW85 (Beeman R10), HW98 (Beeman R11)

  • For converting your air rifle to 12 FPE
  • Kit Includes:
  • Valve quality steel spring tempered wire
  • TopHat assembled
  • Lubrication for PG2, and all other parts of airgun

For Professional Installation Only

This Vortek PG2 Tuning Kit is designed to produce smoother shots and noise dampening for your HW95, HW85, or HW98 powerplant for power at 12 ft-lbs. Each kit includes the spring, PG2 Guide assembly and lubricant. With this kit, your air rifle will perform exceptionally smooth during lock-up, and quiet the close of the cycle.


To have your tuning kit installed on your personal air rifle, call Pyramyd Air's Customer Service line at 1-888-262-GUNS (4867) to arrange service and delivery. To have a kit installed on a new air rifle purchase, purchase a compatible rifle, the VortekTune Kit, and Tune Kit installation service (for an additional fee) to have your rifle arrive with the Vortek Kit installed.

Tuning Kits installed by Pyramyd Air carry Air Venturi's 1-year limited warranty.

Item Code: AV-P00260 [PY-A-7964]

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  • Steve from USA asked:

    I have a 1980s vintage Beeman R10. Does anyone know if the stock cocking shoe can be used with the 12 fpe kit?

    • Agustin from USA asked:

      Tyler, thank you. I guess I thought this tune kit added 12 FPE, but instead reduced the power as it came from the factory? In trade for smoother cocking and spring recoil? Am I correct with this assumption? One more question- the black plunger at the end of the spring that slips into the piston, does this have to be used? My factory piston entry has a small, machined ridge right at entry point, and for the life of me I cannot get the black plunger to slip past this ridge! Any advice on how to get it in there? Now Im wondering if I should have just gotten the factory mainspring instead of this $90 item Im having so much trouble with.

      • Dennis from USA:

        Had the same problem with the black plunger on a hw95. My gun has a very thin machined washer inside of the piston. If you manage to jam the black plunger in, you will probably not be able to remove it and it will cause the spring to be compressed considerably more if it works at all. I did manage to extract the plunger and set it aside and reassembled my gun exactly the way it came apart. The spacer washers on the other end will further increase the spring tension. I didn't use them either. These parts did not work with my gun. After re-assembly, my gun is shooting 8.6 H&N's at 890 FPS and 7.33 JSB's at 970. Hope this helps

      • Tyler from USA:

        That is correct. You reduce the power to sub 12 FPE. It will be easier to cock, smoother and produce less recoil. You likely do not have to use the black plunger, but if you have the ability to turn it down a bit so it slips past this ridge, that would be best. It will help reduce felt vibration having it there.

    • Agustin from USA asked:

      Just bought this kit for my Beeman R10. I have two questions- why is the original mainspring longer than the one in this kit by about 4"? Does a mainspring get longer with age? Second question, is the instructions are not too good. There are two thick washers that came with this kit, and nowhere in the instructions does it show their placement within the mainsprings chamber. Please assist

      • Tyler from USA:

        This is a 12 FPE kit, so the spring would be shorter. It's only a few FPE less than a factory R10. The washers do not necessarily need to be used. They can be placed inside the piston to increase the velocity if you're not satisfied with it running just the spring by itself.

    Compatible with Vortek PG2 Tune Kit 12 FPE, fits HW95, HW85, HW98, R9, R10, R11