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Benjamin Trail NP, Nitro Piston, air rifle combo

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Benjamin Trail NP.

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  • Crosman's Nitro Piston.
    Crosman's Nitro Piston advantages include lighter weight; reduced noise; option to leave the rifle cocked for long periods.
  • Benjamin Trail NP (Nitro Piston)
  • Breakbarrel
  • Gas piston
  • Bull barrel
  • Ambidextrous thumbhole stock with twin raised cheekpieces
  • Textured grip & forearm
  • 70% quieter than most guns with metal mainsprings
  • Includes Weaver-style rings and unmounted CenterPoint Optics 3-9x40AO scope with mil-dot reticle
  • Sling swivel studs already mounted
  • Synthetic stock

If you shoot a lightweight pellet so its velocity exceeds the speed of sound, it could result in your pellet breaking the sound barrier and the gun being louder than expected! The speed of sound depends on humidity, temperature and altitude. Generally speaking, it's between 1,060 fps and 1,115 fps.

Here are the benefits of a gas-piston over a spring-piston air rifle:
  • Smoother cocking
  • Smoother shooting
  • No spring torque
  • No spring fatigue, even if you leave it cocked for hours
  • Functions perfectly in cold weather
  • Lasts longer than a metal spring

Browse below for recommended ammo for pellets & accessories for targets & more.

The Benjamin Trail NP all-weather air rifle features a black synthetic thumbhole stock. The ambi stock accommodates right-handed and left-handed shooters because it has raised cheekpieces on both sides of the buttstock. Use this air rifle for dispatching small garden pests, game such as rabbits and squirrels, and plinking.
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Caliber0.177" (4.5mm)
Max Velocity1200 fps
Muzzle Energy18 ft/lbs
Barrel Length15.25"
Overall Length43.0"
Shot Capacity1
Cocking Effort33 lbs.
Front Sightnone
Rear Sightnone
ButtplateVentilated rubber
Suggested forSmall game hunting/plinking
Trigger Pull3.5 lbs
ActionBreak barrel
Body TypeRifle
Fixed/adj. powerFixed
Weight8.0 lbs
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4.5 (160 reviews)

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4.0 4.0

4.0 4.0

2.0 2.0

By William from USA on 2016-04-11
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Things I liked: I like the design, the nitro piston, and the overall feel of it.

Things I would have changed: I'd find a way to stop barrel droop. There should be a latching mechanism that stabilizes the damn barrel in the correct position and keeps it there. You would just release the latch when you want to cock the gun.

What others should know: Don't bother paying $20 extra for the "20 shots for $20" scope sighting in service Pyramid offers. I paid for it and my rifle arrived nicely protected in the expensive gun case I bought but with the barrel sitting at a 10 degree angle below straight. You would think for $20 they would at least line the barrel up and put a couple drops of Loc-Tite on it to maintain the accuracy you paid for. It arrived just as useless as it would have been if I hadn't paid the $20. I had to redo everything I paid them to do. So, don't bother.


4.0 4.0

4.0 4.0

5.0 5.0

By TODD from USA on 2016-02-23
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Things I liked: Price

Things I would have changed: Nothing for me, but I'm new to air guns so I don't know much about them.

What others should know: I sighted this gun in at 50 yards, then handed it to my wife and her first time ever shooting a gun hit 3 out of 4 bulls eyes from this distance. This gun is a lot of fun.


5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

4.0 4.0

By Gary from USA on 2016-02-05
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Things I liked: I like this Trail NP2 just fine now, but I didn't when I initially purchased it. I couldn't get any accuracy or consistent grouping. Shots were all over. I ignored it and shot 500 pellets to break it in. Didn't help. Eventually the included scope went bad and I had to send it in for repair. Decided it was a bad purchase. Then I noticed there was some side play in the hinge where the barrel breaks open. I took the stock off and tightened the screw. Put on a new scope. Amazing difference. Under one inch shots at 25 yards. There is a small set screw that tightens against the hinge scew to keep it from turning loose. My set screw was not tightened down properly. My Trail NP likes H&N target trophy pellets. It groups best when I bench shoot with my hand resting on a bean bag and holding the rife with a light grip. I adjusted the trigger and love it now.

Things I would have changed: Needs a better scope. I use a Hammers 3-9x40 that is doing well so far.

What others should know: Pellet pens are great. Get accustomed to the kick. Check the srews often. You can print targets for free from several Internet sites.


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  • Ali from Kuwait asked:

    I think it is not easy to aim this gun .. what do u think ?? Specially 25 cal ... very disturbing recoil .. am i right?

    • Mike from USA asked:

      I have a benjamin trail N/P about 2 years old I have shot about a tin and a half threw it the barrel has locked up it is a break barrel 22 cal I can'nt cock it any one know what I can do ? I thought this gun would be better than this let me know if any one has any Idea's .

      • reene from USA asked:

        Gun don't shoot like it don't have enough power can it be fixed left that cock too long

        • Chevota from USA:

          Several things can cause power loss, but significant loss is almost always because the nitro spring has leaked. Contact Crosman for a new one, either free if under warranty or $26 if not. You can tell if it's the nitro by the peak cocking effort, which is typically 30-32lbs, so if below 28lbs it leaked by however much easier it is to cock. When cocked the pressure is higher and the seal is against a different part of the shaft so it's very possible leaving it cocked caused it, but likely it would've leaked sooner or later anyway.

        • Brian from USA:

          I have the same problem.. it means your nitro piston is wearing out ... i bought a new one and it fixed the problem ... i don't know who all carry them anymore but search cr nitro piston and you'll find one for sure :) i hope this helped you

        • Joe from USA:

          Might need to have nitro piston swapped, but it's unlikely due to it being left cocked. Call Crosman!

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      Item Description

      Benj-BT1K77SNP [PY-2049-4944]
      Includes unmounted CenterPoint Optics 3-9x40AO scope
      Caliber0.177" (4.5mm)
      Max Velocity1200 fps
      Muzzle Energy18 ft/lbs