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Daisy Avanti 853CM

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Daisy Avanti 853CM.

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The Avanti 853CM shoots 20 fps slower than the standard 853 Legend.

The classic NRA Junior competition rifle! Ideal for shooters 16 and up (with adult supervision) to learn to shoot in 10-meter competition. The rifle has a Monte Carlo synthetic stock that's capped with a removable buttpad to allow for the included insert spacers to adjust the length of pull for the shooter's size.

Most impressive is the crowned Lothar Walther barrel. It's precision-bored for .177 match pellets, has 12 lands and grooves, and a right-hand twist. It also has a double barrel weight. The front sight has interchangeable aperture inserts, and the rear diopter sight is micrometer adjustable. The included sling helps the shooter steady the rifle.

This competition model is so accurate that most shooters will not outgrow the rifle's potential. Although official competition rules do not allow scopes, the rifle has a dovetail scope mount in the diecast receiver in the event you want to use it for shooting other targets or just for fun.

You can convert this gun to a 5-shot repeater.

Click the AMMO link for our list of suggested pellets. Find official NRA 10-meter targets, safety glasses and other gear by clicking the ACCESSORIES link.
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Caliber0.177" (4.5mm)
Max Velocity490 fps
Barrel Length20.88"
Overall Length39.75"
Shot Capacity1
Cocking Effort25 lbs.
Front SightGlobe w/Aperture Inserts
Rear SightDiopter/micrometer adjustable
Scopeable11mm dovetail
Suggested forCompetition
Trigger Pull5.5 lbs
PowerplantSingle-stroke pneumatic
Body TypeRifle
Weight6.4 lbs
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By Ruslan from Canada on 2015-11-24
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Things I liked: A sporter gun is like a sports car. It needs to have the right parts and right balance to perform well. With that analogy in mind, I would characterize the 853CM as a "Want-to-be sports car that needs heavy tuning". In my opinion, the gun has an awesome power plant (precise barrel and consistent pump), and a great concept (single-stroke pneumatic). But, that is where the benefits start blurring away. The PLASTIC trigger is rather spongy and with long and uneven relatively hard pull. It was absolutely horrible at first and improved a bit after it broke in (after about 1000 shots or so). But even after a few months of use the parts inside seem to make light screeching noise sometimes, while pulling the trigger. It makes the gun feel cheap. I found the gun to be unbalanced, especially for the standing position. The double muzzle weight overweighs the light hollow polymer butt stock, and it is hard to find comfortable balanced rest position. It also increases fatigue.

Things I would have changed: Removing of the second muzzle weight has helped the situation. I do not see a compelling reason for installing of the second weight with such light weight stock. Next is reloading. I like the 5-shot clip concept. But without auto-advance it loses its effectiveness. It is like driving in the dark with the lights off. There are no visible markers on top of the flat rubber strips, and you have to guess how far you need to push the clip to align the pellet with the barrel. If you miss, the front of the pellet can get scratched and the skirt also can get bent during reloading. This can affect accuracy, especially with wadcutter pellets with less slanted top edges (e.g. Crosman Competition). I actually had to extract or shoot away a few heavily bent pellets. The reloading without auto advance also creates another problem. Fatigue. While you advance the clip, you would typically put most or all weight of the gun onto the slightly bent left arm.

What others should know: After about 1/2 hr of shooting or so your left arm can start feeling the fatigue, affecting accuracy and the joy of shooting. The sights have no luxury in the construction - metal and plastic. But, they do the job. My biggest complaint is about the placement of the diopter sight mounting screws. They are on the right-hand side and right above the bolt (BTW, the bolt is also made out of plastic). So, you constantly bump or scratch your fingers. Overall, I was expecting more from an air gun worth over $300. It feels CHEAP, not well thought out and consequently it under delivers. Yes, it has potential, but that requires a trigger mod, adding clip auto advance, removal of the second muzzle weight and making the stock butt heavier, at least. Using of plastic for the trigger, bolt and sights is simply unacceptable for this class of gun in this price range! I wish Daisy made another model (e.g. 854/954) with at minimum a two-stage metal trigger, bolt and sights.


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By Donald from USA on 2015-05-03
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Things I liked: Accuracy!!! I made this purchase to practice. As I tried several different pellets to see which would shoot best at 10 meters. None of my groups were bad, all of my groups had all 5 of the test shots connected. When I got to the H&N Sport Match Pistol (7gr.) I had a very good group of under.180". To make sure this was not a fluke I shot 4 more groups with the worst under .200" and the best of .125". I don't anyone can ask for better from a pellet rifle at this price point. other pellets such as the RWS R10 and RWS Misterkugeln (7.0gr.) were nearly as good. This was done with the provided diopter sight and stock trigger.

Things I would have changed: Trigger has along and gritty pull but I performed the easy Pilkington modification and all is right with the world.

What others should know: Use caution installing the front sight and don't over tighten the set screws, remember the barrel is a tube and may be damaged if you are too aggressive. I have been shooting and gunsmithing for 40 years and this rifle surprised me.


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By ahkell66 from USA on 2015-01-04
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Things I liked: It is light and well balanced. Very accurate rifle. I enjoy shooting it. Single shot adapter is handy and well designed so that the pellet rolls into position without any fiddling. The front sight broke when I assembled it. Pyramyd sent a new one right quick. I got a better fiber optic front globe and it is a good deal easier to hit the bull.

What others should know: It is a good sporting target rifle for the price and I enjoy it.


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  • AirPower from USA asked:

    What parts do I need to convert the 853CM to a 5-shot repeater? Daisy website says this is a repeater, Pyramyd said it wasn't, so I called Daisy customer service and explained the conflict. Daisy assured me it did auto-index just like the 853C. It doesn't. Should have believed Pyramid. Going to order parts from Daisy to convert, parts list suggests I only need items #40 & 41 (actuated, clip & bar actuator), but I also see that the receiver #6 might be different too. Can anyone out there provide guidance? I don't trust Daisy any more, and they don't even have a manual or parts list specific to the 853CM.

    Item Description

    Daisy-853CM [PY-1000-1867]
    10-meter competition rifle with black synthetic stock. Includes sling and removable buttpad with insert spacers.
    Caliber0.177" (4.5mm)
    Max Velocity490 fps

    Compatible with Daisy Avanti 853CM