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Hatsan Torpedo 105X Vortex Air Rifle

2.04 reviews
Hatsan Torpedo 105X.

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  • TruGlo's fiber-optic front.
    TruGlo's fiber-optic front sight adjusts for elevation; rear sight adjusts for windage & elevation.
  • Hatsan's SAS (Shock.
    Hatsan's SAS (Shock Absorber System) reduces vibration and increases the life of the gun, optics, and accessories.
  • Hatsan's two-stage match.
    Hatsan's two-stage match trigger offers three-point adjustment to control the trigger load, firing cycle positions, and trigger travel.
  • Vortex Gas Pistons.
    Vortex Gas Pistons utilize regular air instead of any other type of gas. Hatsan offers 6 different types of Vortex Gas Pistons.
  • Hatsan Torpedo 105x vortex air rifle
  • Vortex Gas-piston
  • Underlever
  • Single-shot
  • Rifled steel barrel
  • 2-stage adjustable Quattro trigger (adj. for trigger-pull weight and travel)
  • 11mm & Weaver optics rail
  • Fixed TruGlo fiber optic front sight (red, 0.060")
  • Fully adjustable TruGlo fiber optic rear sight (green, 0.035")
  • Anti-beartrap mechanism
  • Manual safety
  • Textured pistol grip and forearm
  • SAS (shock absorber system) that reduces vibration
  • Rubber recoil pad
  • Advanced polymer stock with Monte Carlo cheekpiece

If you like fixed-barrel rifles, then the Hatsan Torpedo 105X might be the right airgun for you. Plus, the synthetic stock won't be sensitive to rough use while you're hunting. This is a powerful rifle, and Hatsan's unique Quattro trigger will make it easy to fine-tune it to your needs.

Ideal in any caliber for dispatching small, pesky rodents at short distances. Also fun for plinking, shooting spinners and popping paper targets.

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Caliber0.25" (6.35mm)
Max Velocity650 fps
Barrel Length17.0"
Overall Length47.2"
Shot Capacity1
Front SightFiber Optic
Rear SightFiber Optic
ScopeableWeaver & 11mm dovetails
TriggerTwo-stage adjustable
Suggested forSmall game hunting/plinking
Body TypeRifle
Weight8.6 lbs
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1.0 1.0

By David R from USA on 2016-04-29
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3.52 ratings

Things I liked: NOTHING

Things I would have changed: do away with the brass button it quit releasing after about 30 shots, tied 2 levers down inside groove on bottom of stock so we could keep shooting. do away with the button, it quit releasing after about 30 shots, had to tie 2 levers down in slot on bottom of stock to keep shooting. accuracy was terrible best group at 20 yds 2.5 in worst group at 20 yds 4 in. this is pathetic. these groups were shot after breakin and we confirmed no dieseling by shooting 20 shots over chronograph. and a message to all you arm chair experts who will think it was my technique, I hv been shooting off bench for at least 35 yrs, c.f. and r.f., and I know lots of hold techniques. I tried everything I could think of including loose artillery hold and nothing helped. this rifle was returned to Pyramid Air and I bought a Talon SS in 22. I know it is not fair to compare and piston gun to a pcp but so far I love the Talon. I will post a review after I hv done more testing

What others should know: I have a Gamo Accu in 177 that is accurate, trigger is acceptable and I have had no problems with it. It may be a little slower but at least you can hit what you're shooting at. if you want a underlever in this price range seriously consider the Gamo over the Hatsan. I purchased my Gamo at Pyramid Air.


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5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

By tyler from USA on 2016-02-24
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Things I liked: Power with accuracy as expected. I also have a hatsan 125 vortex in .22. This rifle also in .22. Comparatively they're pretty close with a 10 dollar difference in between the models I have, only the power plant and barrel systems being different. Doing some research hatsan has either 5 or 6 variants of the vortex powerplants. This particular configuration they've underrated greatly. I don't have a chrony but shooting lighter pellets they make that low whistle sound my 125 does, breaking in that mid 850's low 900 fps range. Impressive since it's rated 800fps. Though my 125 hits a little harder. The stock doesn't have the ambi cheek rest, the nice adjustable buttpad or the extra bit of checkering , I gain swivel studs and a innovative bolt/free floating styles barrel design that works well. Optimum compromise between the two rifles in 125 dropped a big 35 pound male coon with ease and this one has the ability to drop the other two smaller ones and I intend on it.

Things I would have changed: The retaining pin that holds the cocking arm in place sometimes unhindges from the recoil this rifle produces, maybe put a extra coil or two on the spring to tighten up the small amount of play maybe? And a ambidextrous stock!! I'm a south paw and I knew it was righty when buying it BUT it's be nice to have it across all your product line. Though I get by just fine so don't be discouraged about it you Lefties. The hindge pin unlatching is why I have 4 stars on the overall rating.

What others should know: For other hatsan owners out there I found the trigger on my particular rifle way, way lighter than the one on my 125. Whether hatsan made it as so or I got lucky with a good one I figured it's worth mentioning. I'd say my trigger is easily two pounds while the other rifles is as advertised 3 pounds. Don't let the free floating barrel design discourage you as it securely bolts shut. In my own stupidity I set the rifle in a way where it slid off the wall and landed bolt first on my concrete floor. My rifle merely laughed and hasn't been hurt what so ever that and a accidental dry fire all have been shrugged off. Very well built. The design also allows you to have a pellet loaded and ready to go without cocking the rifle for you hunters. No more pellet fumbling, cock and shoot. It LOVES H&N ammo. No surprise since I learned hatsan now distributes it. Didn't like any jsb ammo EXCEPT the monsters which have a 2 inch higher poi over any other pellet at 20 yards which I found very odd.


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4.0 4.0

4.0 4.0

By Craig from USA on 2016-01-03
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2.52 ratings

Things I liked: Under lever cocking, weaver type rail

Things I would have changed: Weight, and length, both the stock length, and barrel length. This is a heavy gun, reminds me of what they used to call a wall gun, you didnt carry it, you shot it from a mount on the wall! Lol. It would be better in a carbine size I think

What others should know: Unless you shoot from a bench, this probably is not the rifle you want. Way too heavy, and long to carry in the field For most people, unless you want a gun, club, combo


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  • james from USA asked:

    What's the cocking force please?

    • Stanley from USA:

      Not listed i would imagine 35 to 40 pounds at least?

  • james from USA asked:

    Is this vortex or spring piston?

    • Stanley from USA:


Item Description

H-HG105X25VORT [PY-3642-7032]
Underlever, includes barrel-clamp bipod
Caliber0.25" (6.35mm)
Max Velocity650 fps