Date: 16/12/2018 6:43
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Top Air Pistols of 2017

Top Air Pistols of 2017

These were the most purchased air pistols of 2017! With top brands like the John Wayne Series, Crosman, Beeman, Beretta, Umarex, SIG Sauer and Remington, you'll be excited to see who made the cut!

John Wayne PeacemakersJohn Wayne 1911 Metal CO2 BB PistolBeretta 92A1 CO2 Full Auto BB PistolCrosman C11 CO2 BB GunSIG Sauer P320 CO2 PistolUmarex Uzi BB CarbineRemington 1875 CO2 Dual Ammo Replica RevolverBeeman P17Umarex Steel Storm CO2 GunCrosman 2240