Date: 15/4/2021 20:32

Video: Air Venturi Air Bolt .35 Caliber

The Air Bolt by Air Venturi is a revolutionary, patent-pending ammunition system that transforms your .35 caliber PCP air rifle into a powerful archery tool!


Air Venturi Air Bolt .35 Caliber Video Transcript:

M.: Hey Tyler. 
TP: What's up? 
M.: They're here.
Tyler: No, they're here? Let's go dude. Thanks, that's good. Todd they're here! Yeah oh, that's alright we'll do it later. That's nice I'm working on one myself. Yeah we'll talk later. Oh boy, oh boy, oh yeah, .35 Cal Air Bolts. 

Alright guys, if you couldn't tell by my excitement, the .35 cal Air Bolts are here, they are ready to go, and we obviously have a smattering of .35 cal rifles to test them in, so we are gonna break it down across the board, we are gonna shoot just about everything we can get our hands on and see how these bolts perform in all of our .35 cal offerings. So real quick before we talk about some of the guns we're gonna shoot it in, let's check out the bolt itself. Now the .35 cal Air Bolt is obviously you can tell, a little bit different from the .50 caliber bolt but does share many of the same features. We do still have to knock at the back with that O-ring on there, and of course when we go ahead and load it we're gonna want to keep it greased up with some silicone grease or some silicone lube, either one's gonna be fine. It'll just keep that O-ring nice and preserved for the life of the bolt there. So moving up, this is where we get into the departure from the .50 caliber bolt. This is our, it's almost a Velcro-like stabilizer here at the back, and really that's just helping keep the bolt stable in flight, we don't actually need it to create any spin or anything like that. That is all happening being imparted from the barrel on the nock itself. This is just creating some extra drag there in the barrel and obviously in flight as well. You guys will also notice that we have this yellow band on there, that's how you know it's a .35 cal, so the yellow colored ones are gonna be the .35s, the box will also have the yellow labeling on it to let you know that you're buying .35 cal bolts, and again they come in six packs just like the .50s.

 Just like the .50, we have a full carbon layup shaft here on our bolts and it's a 23-inch overall length that does come into play for the barrel length to the rifle. You're gonna want at least a 21-22 inch barrel somewhere in there, if it's shorter than that like some of the Ebonics guns, you're simply not going to get good enough accuracy out of it. But overall, carbon fiber 23 inches that's what you guys need to know, and we still have that nice aluminum insert at the front that's gonna help you know when it's seated. We do have a hundred grain field point here, and obviously can be replaced with any standard broadhead, although the fit on some of these rifles is gonna be a little tricky with some of the shrouded guns, but we'll talk about that here later. Overall weight on this guy's 375 grains with that 100 grain tip, so obviously a pretty stout heavy bolt that is going to hopefully give us a lot of good energy downrange. Now in terms of loading I wanted to actually show you guys how to load these, because the .35s are a little bit different than the .50s and that we have some rifles that actually do have shrouded barrels that makes loading these a little bit tricky, but I'll show you what the easy ones are. 

Now moving to the Recluse here, we have our single tube model here, obviously also comes in a double tube variant, and you notice that we do have a nice quiver mount that actually will allow you to mount a bipod on this guy as well. Holds up to I think six or eight arrows on this quiver, a really nice unit obviously, and slaps right on there, doesn't add too much weight so you have them readily available, easy to access, pretty cool little unit. And that's gonna fit on the single and the double tube versions as well. But showing you guys how to load this, so we're just gonna take one of our bolts, very simple to do, you're just gonna insert it, this is just like the .50 here we're just gonna insert and push. Alright it's really really easy, now there's the last little bit that's kind of tricky, and obviously for those of you that are gonna be putting broadheads on this we wanted to make something that would make broadhead installation, as well as insertion into the guns, easy and safe, that's the big one. So Air Venturi created a broadhead wrench that's actually going to allow you not only to properly install a broadhead into the insert, but also insert the bolt into the gun without getting your fingers in the way. So it works like this, you simply place it over the top of the bolt. Go ahead and push it on down, and then one little tip I like to take the back end of the wrench, press it on, you can do this whether you have a broadhead or the traditional fuel point like we have here, and just push it down till it's fully seated, you're all good to go. So that's the relatively easy installation on the Recluse guns, they're gonna be super easy to load in any unshrouded gun with you know a 23-24 inch barrel is going to be no problem at least again 21-22 inches is what you're gonna want to be shooting for, at least on that barrel length. But super easy to load the unshrouded guns, moving over to a shrouded gun like this Benjamin Bulldog here. I'm actually really excited to shoot these bolts out of this Bulldog because obviously Benjamin has the Pioneer air bow and I am very curious to see how this compares with the bolts, compared to the velocities and the energies that the air bow puts out, and obviously being able to shoot a couple different types of ammunition is really cool in my opinion so. We're gonna go ahead and load it up the same way. You're just going to go ahead and in to knock in. Now you do have to kind of feel so I would recommend not just going ahead and shoving that in there. You're gonna go ahead and slowly insert and you'll feel when it catches the barrel. Then we're gonna just gonna push it down nice and slow there, now you can use the broadhead wrench, but here's the kicker, once you get past the shroud opening you're gonna have no way to continue to seat it, so what I would tell you to do you can either get a doll rod you can even like use a hollow pen or something like that. I just like to take the other end of the Air Bolt, you take that nock end and you just go ahead and push it until it seats flush and you are good to go, ready to shoot. So pretty easy to do but again you're probably going to want to keep something on you if not another Air Bolt to make loading into those shrouded guns a little bit easier. I am very sad to report that this is not gonna be a really good option for the AirForce Texan. Now obviously this was the one I was hoping that it was going to shoot out of the best. Reason being you have a 23 inch bolt in a 34 inch barrel, so we have a whole bunch of dead space there and the valve doesn't, the valve requires that back pressure from a pellet or a slug being loaded right there to keep the valve open long enough to actually push that projectile out with any serious force. So this Air Bolt, when you can get this to actually fire out of it, is only producing about a hundred to 150 feet per second, it's not even making it to a target at 30 yards, so sadly for those of you with a full-length AirForce Texan in .357, that's not gonna be a good option for that .35 cal Air Bolt. Alright guys now that we've gotten the specifics out of the way, let's head out to the range, get you some velocity numbers, some power figures, and see how accurate these bad boys are. Let's head out. 

Alright guys, so let's wrap this up. Looking at all of the guns in terms of how they shot as a whole, you're looking at the most energies out of your single tube Recluse and your dual tube Recluse, obviously with a single tube being a little bit more powerful due to the fact that it has a heavier hammer. But it doesn't have as much air capacity so you're not going to get as many good shots per fill out of it. That's netted over 215 foot-pounds of energy, it is slinging these arrows at some real speed with some real power and under an inch at 30 yards for 3 shots you're not getting a whole heck of a lot better than that, so that's gonna take the top spot. Obviously got the dual tanked Recluse after that, with similar accuracy just not as much energy. The surprise one for me was the Hatsan, you know coming in at about a hundred and forty foot pounds almost, and very accurate, three-quarters of an inch at 30 yards, but the gun’s super bulky and quite frankly not one I would take into the field. That's where that Benjamin Bulldog comes in, I like from a carrying perspective, that gun is a lot more friendly. You know with the shrouded barrel it's not quite as loud and still plenty of smackdown with a 121 foot-pounds. And for those of you guys that are just looking to, you know, have a little bit more fun or even produce you know similar to compound bow energies out of your gun, the Atamans sling them pretty well in terms of accuracy in just over an inch right around 300 feet per second means about 70 foot-pounds which you can expect out of a whole lot of compound bows, and certainly even some crossbows out there. So definitely really impressive numbers out of the Air Bolt across the board on a lot of these guns and some really big energies out of those Recluses.

Alright guys, so to wrap things up today I think you guys have probably at least at this point see why I was so excited about these .35 cal Air Bolts. They are so versatile, a ton of guns you could shoot them in. You're talking about like 70 foot-pounds in the Ataman all the way up to 230 plus foot-pounds out of the Recluse, so very very impressive numbers overall, and obviously it's got the accuracy to boot, everything pretty much shot at an inch or so for three shots at 30 yards, so this is going to get it done, not only in the field but if you want to shoot targets with it, whatever you want to do, these .35 cal Air Bolts are gonna give you the option to do that. One thing I will mention though, these little knocks on the back, we damaged a ton of them because these things are so accurate they just keep shooting right into one another, so definitely keep that in mind. I wouldn't shoot two at the same target if you can help it. Thanks for joining us today for the video guys on these .35 caliber Air Bolts, check them out on when you guys get a chance. For the Insyder, I'm Tyler Patner, see you guys the next one.

Thanks for tuning into today's video guys checking out these badass .35 cal Air Bolts. Definitely make sure you check out this brand new quiver setup and the mount set up for the Recluse and the Dragon Claw on Pyramyd Air when you guys get a second. In the meantime though, go ahead and hit that like button, subscribe to the channel to see more awesome videos, check out our .50 cal Air Bolt video, and don't forget to comment down below, we want to know what you guys think. 

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  • Jerald from USA asked:

    I have the mega moderator by pitbull. (Awesome by the way) will they still fit?

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      What was the exact model of single tank Recluse was used with the Air bolt in the video that produced 216 plus FPE?

      • Bryan H. from USA asked:

        Whatever happened to the .25 cal air bolt? It has been some 2-3 years now, Still have not finished them?

        • Mark from USA answered:

          At this time there is no 25 cal airbolt.

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