Date: 20/9/2017 16:43

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Air Guns

Whether you are participating in competitions or just want to protect your yard and garden from rodents and other pests, there are many air guns that may suit your needs. Air guns accept different types of ammunition, including pellets, BBs and round balls. It is important to purchase ammunition that is compatible with your specific air gun. Using the wrong type of ammunition can damage the barrel of the firearm and lead to inaccurate shooting. You can find air gun pellets and round balls ranging from .177 to .50 calibers.

Powerline Air Guns From Daisy

Among the most popular air guns available are models in the Powerline collection from Daisy. Some of the Powerline pistols, like the Daisy Powerline 15XT and Powerline 694, are designed to fire BBs. Users who are planning to participate in competitions may opt for the 693 TargetPro rifle, which includes front and rear fiber optic sights. Like most competition rifles, the 693 TargetPro uses the .177 caliber. The rifle needs to be cocked just once, making it ideal for younger competitors. Those looking for an air gun that has more power may opt for the Powerline 901 rifle. It can accept both BBs and .177-caliber pellets, and it can be pumped up to 10 times.

At Pyramyd Air, you'll find an extensive selection of air guns from manufacturers including AirForce, Beretta, Colt, Crosman and Daisy. We also maintain an inventory of ammunition and accessories, including sights, tactical gear, targets and cleaning supplies.